MDL-29509 new admin tool manager UI
[moodle.git] / admin / settings / unsupported.php
11b749ca 1<?php
c9a49cea 2
3// This file defines settingpages and externalpages in the "unsupported" hidden category, use wisely!
a559f630 5if ($hassiteconfig) { // speedup for non-admins, add all caps used on this page
64874c5a 7 $ADMIN->add('unsupported', new admin_externalpage('purgemoodledata', 'Purge moodledata', $CFG->wwwroot.'/'.$CFG->admin.'/delete.php', 'moodle/site:config', true));
64874c5a 8 $ADMIN->add('unsupported', new admin_externalpage('replace', 'Search and replace', $CFG->wwwroot.'/'.$CFG->admin.'/replace.php', 'moodle/site:config', true));
c9a49cea 9
a559f630 10} // end of speedup