MDL-64557 tool_behat: fix broken test
[moodle.git] / admin / tool / behat / tests / behat / manipulate_forms.feature
550d842e 1@tool @tool_behat
2Feature: Forms manipulation
3 In order to interact with Moodle
4 As a user
5 I need to set forms values
7 @javascript
8 Scenario: Basic forms manipulation
9 Given I log in as "admin"
353e7876 10 And I open my profile in edit mode
f083d614 11 When I set the field "First name" to "Field value"
8e94fae9 12 And I set the field "Select a country" to "Japan"
39946dc1 13 And I set the field "New password" to "TestPass"
f083d614 14 Then the field "First name" matches value "Field value"
8e94fae9 15 And the "Select a country" select box should contain "Japan"
39946dc1 16 And the field "New password" matches value "TestPass"
b3502be3 17 And I take focus off "Update profile" "button"
bf4fa299 18 And I press "Update profile"
20 @javascript
21 Scenario: Expand all fieldsets and advanced elements
759b323e 22 Given the following "courses" exist:
23 | fullname | shortname | category |
24 | Course 1 | C1 | 0 |
25 And I log in as "admin"
fdeeaff9 26 And I am on "Course 1" course homepage with editing mode on
5bc7cd92 27 And I add a "Quiz" to section "1"
2b6287b7 28 When I expand all fieldsets
5bc7cd92 29 Then I should see "Close the quiz"
371b7fc3 30 And I should see "Group mode"
c5ec8db4 31 And I should see "ID number"
5df9e40c 32 And I should not see "Show more..." in the "region-main" "region"
2b6287b7 33 And I should see "Show less..."