MDL-38178 behat: Adding find_all and step to expand all form's fieldsets
[moodle.git] / admin / tool / behat / tests / behat / manipulate_forms.feature
1@tool_behat @core_form
2Feature: Forms manipulation
3 In order to interact with Moodle
4 As a user
5 I need to set forms values
7 @javascript
8 Scenario: Basic forms manipulation
9 Given I log in as "admin"
10 And I follow "Admin User"
11 And I follow "Edit profile"
12 When I fill in "First name" with "Field value"
13 And I select "Use standard web forms" from "When editing text"
14 And I check "Unmask"
15 Then the "First name" field should match "Field value" value
16 And the "When editing text" select box should contain "Use standard web forms"
17 And the "Unmask" checkbox should be checked
18 And I uncheck "Unmask"
19 And the "Unmask" checkbox should not be checked
20 And I press "Update profile"