MDL-68406 tool_mobile: Allow users to log-out from the app
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2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'tool_mobile', language 'en'
19 *
20 * @package tool_mobile
21 * @copyright 2016 Juan Leyva
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
66a159f8 25$string['adodbdebugwarning'] = 'ADOdb debugging is enabled. It should be disabled in the external database authentication or external database enrolment plugin settings.';
26$string['androidappid'] = 'Android app\'s unique identifier';
27$string['androidappid_desc'] = 'This setting may be left as default unless you have a custom Android app.';
28$string['apppolicy'] = 'App policy URL';
29$string['apppolicy_help'] = 'The URL of a policy for app users which is listed on the About page in the app. If the field is left empty, the site policy URL will be used instead.';
2b34a55d 30$string['apprequired'] = 'This functionality is only available when accessed via the Moodle mobile or desktop app.';
89db57ca 31$string['autologinkeygenerationlockout'] = 'Auto-login key generation is blocked. You need to wait 6 minutes between requests.';
7f6accd4 32$string['autologinnotallowedtoadmins'] = 'Auto-login is not allowed for site admins.';
30fccfcd 33$string['cachedef_plugininfo'] = 'This stores the list of plugins with mobile addons';
33dbc582 34$string['cachedef_subscriptiondata'] = 'This stores the Moodle app subscription information.';
2e80ff16 35$string['clickheretolaunchtheapp'] = 'Click here if the app does not open automatically.';
0c6c8664 36$string['configmobilecssurl'] = 'A CSS file to customise your mobile app interface.';
37$string['customlangstrings'] = 'Custom language strings';
38$string['customlangstrings_desc'] = 'Words and phrases displayed in the app can be customised here. Enter each custom language string on a new line with format: string identifier, custom language string and language code, separated by pipe characters. For example:
bae88061 43For a complete list of string identifiers, see the documentation.';
63d142e2 44$string['custommenuitems'] = 'Custom menu items';
45$string['custommenuitems_desc'] = 'Additional items can be added to the app\'s main menu by specifying them here. Enter each custom menu item on a new line with format: item text, link URL, link-opening method and language code (optional, for displaying the item to users of the specified language only), separated by pipe characters.
47Link-opening methods are: app (for linking to an activity supported by the app), inappbrowser (for opening a link in a browser without leaving the app), browser (for opening the link in the device default browser outside the app) and embedded (for displaying the link in an iframe in a new page in the app).
49When items are missing a translation for a given language, they will use other languages as fallback unless "_only" is appended to the language code.
7698619b 51For example:
63d142e2 52<pre>
53App help||inappbrowser
54My grades||embedded|en
55Mis calificaciones||embedded|es
a753f4f9 56You will only see this in English||browser|en_only
7698619b 57</pre>';
887f7a96 58$string['darkmode'] = 'Dark mode';
59$string['disabledfeatures'] = 'Disabled features';
60$string['disabledfeatures_desc'] = 'Select here the features you want to disable in the Mobile app for your site. Please note that some features listed here could be already disabled via other site settings. You will have to log out and log in again in the app to see the changes.';
66a159f8 61$string['displayerrorswarning'] = 'Display debug messages (debugdisplay) is enabled. It should be disabled.';
62$string['downloadcourse'] = 'Download course';
63$string['downloadcourses'] = 'Download courses';
e8eb8893 64$string['enablesmartappbanners'] = 'Enable App Banners';
7698619b 65$string['enablesmartappbanners_desc'] = 'If enabled, a banner promoting the mobile app will be displayed when accessing the site using a mobile browser.';
66$string['filetypeexclusionlist'] = 'File type exclusion list';
67$string['filetypeexclusionlist_desc'] = 'List of file types that we don\'t want users to try and open in the app. These files will still be listed on the app\'s course screen, but attempting to open them on iOS or Android would display a warning to the user indicating that this file type is not intended for use on a mobile device. They can then either cancel the open, or ignore the warning and open anyway.';
68$string['filetypeexclusionlistplaceholder'] = 'Mobile file type exclusion list';
d4985a77 69$string['forcedurlscheme'] = 'If you want to allow only your custom branded app to be opened via a browser window, then specify its URL scheme here. If you want to allow only the official app, then set the default value. Leave the field empty if you want to allow any app.';
c951f1fe 70$string['forcedurlscheme_key'] = 'URL scheme';
71$string['forcelogout'] = 'Force log out';
72$string['forcelogout_desc'] = 'If enabled, the app option \'Change site\' is replaced by \'Log out\'. This results in the user being completely logged out. They must then re-enter their password the next time they wish to access the site.';
2ccdc21b 73$string['h5poffline'] = 'View H5P content offline';
961c9549 74$string['httpsrequired'] = 'HTTPS required';
75$string['insecurealgorithmwarning'] = 'It seems that the HTTPS certificate uses an insecure algorithm for signing (SHA-1). Please try updating the certificate.';
76$string['invalidcertificatechainwarning'] = 'It seems that the certificate chain is invalid.';
77$string['invalidcertificateexpiredatewarning'] = 'It seems that the HTTPS certificate for the site has expired.';
78$string['invalidcertificatestartdatewarning'] = 'It seems that the HTTPS certificate for the site is not yet valid (with a start date in the future).';
961c9549 79$string['invalidprivatetoken'] = 'Invalid private token. Token should not be empty or passed via GET parameter.';
970c1a4b 80$string['invaliduserquotawarning'] = 'The user quota (userquota) is set to an invalid number. It should be set to a valid number (an integer value) in Site security settings.';
e8eb8893 81$string['iosappid'] = 'iOS app\'s unique identifier';
c9636ddd 82$string['iosappid_desc'] = 'This setting may be left as default unless you have a custom iOS app.';
83$string['loginintheapp'] = 'Via the app';
84$string['logininthebrowser'] = 'Via a browser window (for SSO plugins)';
85$string['loginintheembeddedbrowser'] = 'Via an embedded browser (for SSO plugins)';
3dc820a0 86$string['logoutconfirmation'] = 'Are you sure you want to log out from the mobile app on your mobile devices? By logging out, you will then need to re-enter your username and password in the mobile app on all devices where you have the app installed.';
b2551b4c 87$string['mainmenu'] = 'Main menu';
2562b9f3 88$string['managefiletypes'] = 'Manage file types';
7ac4c9c1 89$string['minimumversion'] = 'If an app version is specified (3.8.0 or higher), any users using an older app version will be prompted to upgrade their app before being allowed access to the site.';
4bf08f5b 90$string['minimumversion_key'] = 'Minimum app version required';
0c6c8664 91$string['mobileapp'] = 'Mobile app';
f08d4da5 92$string['mobileappenabled'] = 'This site has mobile app access enabled.<br /><a href="{$a}">Download the mobile app</a>.';
0c6c8664 93$string['mobileappearance'] = 'Mobile appearance';
33dbc582 94$string['mobileappsubscription'] = 'Moodle app subscription';
95$string['mobileauthentication'] = 'Mobile authentication';
96$string['mobilecssurl'] = 'CSS';
fb0add04 97$string['mobilefeatures'] = 'Mobile features';
7ee90659 98$string['mobilenotificationsdisabledwarning'] = 'Mobile notifications are not enabled. They should be enabled in Notification settings.';
0c6c8664 99$string['mobilesettings'] = 'Mobile settings';
e624a2c8 100$string['moodleappsportalfeatureswarning'] = 'Please note that some features may be restricted depending on your Moodle app subscription. For details, visit the <a href="{$a}" target="_blank">Moodle Apps Portal</a>.';
101$string['notifications'] = 'Notifications';
102$string['notificationsactivedevices'] = 'Active devices';
103$string['notificationsignorednotifications'] = 'Notifications not sent';
104$string['notificationslimitreached'] = 'The monthly active user devices limit has been exceeded. Notifications for some users will not be sent. It is recommended that you upgrade your app plan in the <a href="{$a}" target="_blank">Moodle Apps Portal</a>.';
82d5547b 105$string['notificationsmissingwarning'] = 'Moodle app notification statistics could not be retrieved. This is most likely because mobile notifications are not yet enabled on the site. You can enable them in Site Administration / Messaging / Mobile.';
106$string['notificationsnewdevices'] = 'New devices';
107$string['notificationsseemore'] = 'Note: Moodle app usage statistics are not calculated in real time. To access more detailed statistics, including data from previous months, please log in to the <a href="{$a}" target="_blank">Moodle Apps Portal</a>.';
108$string['notificationssentnotifications'] = 'Notifications sent';
109$string['notificationscurrentactivedevices'] = 'Devices receiving notifications this month';
29aeab4e 110$string['oauth2identityproviders'] = 'OAuth 2 identity providers';
3c8de97d 111$string['offlineuse'] = 'Offline use';
1d6683bb 112$string['openusingembeddedbrowser'] = 'Open using embedded browser';
24a29d72 113$string['pluginname'] = 'Moodle app tools';
3c8de97d 114$string['pluginnotenabledorconfigured'] = 'Plugin not enabled or configured.';
115$string['qrcodedisabled'] = 'Access via QR code disabled';
116$string['qrcodeformobileappaccess'] = 'QR code for mobile app access';
117$string['qrcodeformobileapploginabout'] = 'Scan the QR code with your mobile app and you will be automatically logged in. The QR code will expire in {$a} minutes.';
118$string['qrcodeformobileappurlabout'] = 'Scan the QR code with your mobile app to fill in the site URL in your app.';
119$string['qrsiteadminsnotallowed'] = 'For security reasons login via QR code is not allowed for site administrators or if you are logged in as another user.';
120$string['qrcodetype'] = 'QR code access';
1019a2b5 121$string['qrcodetype_desc'] = 'A QR code can be provided for mobile app users to scan. This can be used to fill in the site URL, or where the site is secured using HTTPS, to automatically log the user in without having to enter their username and password.';
122$string['qrcodetypeurl'] = 'QR code with site URL';
123$string['qrcodetypelogin'] = 'QR code with automatic login';
f1264719 124$string['readingthisemailgettheapp'] = 'Reading this in an email? <a href="{$a}">Download the mobile app and receive notifications on your mobile device</a>.';
3c8de97d 125$string['remoteaddons'] = 'Remote add-ons';
1d6683bb 126$string['scanqrcode'] = 'Scan QR code';
66a159f8 127$string['selfsignedoruntrustedcertificatewarning'] = 'It seems that the HTTPS certificate is self-signed or not trusted. The mobile app will only work with trusted sites.';
f08d4da5 128$string['setuplink'] = 'App download page';
7ac4c9c1 129$string['setuplink_desc'] = 'URL of page with options to download the mobile app from the App Store and Google Play. The app download page link is displayed in the page footer and in a user\'s profile. Leave blank to not display a link.';
e8eb8893 130$string['smartappbanners'] = 'App Banners';
131$string['subscription'] = 'Subscription';
132$string['subscriptioncreated'] = 'Start date';
133$string['subscriptionerrorrequest'] = 'There was an unexpected error when trying to retrieve your Moodle app subscription information.';
134$string['subscriptionexpiration'] = 'Expiry date';
135$string['subscriptionfeaturenotapplied'] = 'This feature is configured on your site but it is not included in your Moodle app plan. Thus, the setting will have no effect.';
136$string['subscriptionfeatures'] = 'Subscription features';
137$string['subscriptionlimitsurpassed'] = 'Subscription limit exceeded';
138$string['subscriptionregister'] = 'For details of the various app plans, and to access Moodle app usage statistics, please visit the <a href="{$a}" target="_blank">Moodle Apps Portal</a>.';
139$string['subscriptionsseemore'] = 'Note: The information displayed is not updated in real time. You may need to log out and log in again to see updates. For information on upgrading your app plan, please log in to the <a href="{$a}" target="_blank">Moodle Apps Portal</a>.';
c951f1fe 140$string['typeoflogin'] = 'Type of login';
ad5b7d26 141$string['typeoflogin_desc'] = 'If the site uses a SSO authentication method, then select via a browser window or via an embedded browser. An embedded browser provides a better user experience, though it doesn\'t work with all SSO plugins.';
7698619b 142$string['getmoodleonyourmobile'] = 'Get the mobile app';
30e44bfc 143$string['privacy:metadata:preference:tool_mobile_autologin_request_last'] = 'The date of the last auto-login key request. Between each request 6 minutes are required.';
144$string['privacy:metadata:core_userkey'] = 'User\'s keys used to create auto-login key for the current user.';
bf258846 145$string['responsivemainmenuitems'] = 'Responsive menu items';
9df51510 146$string['viewqrcode'] = 'View QR code';
148// Deprecated since Moodle 3.10.
149$string['mobileappconnected'] = 'Mobile app connected';