MDL-13114 tool_uploadcourse: Unit tests for introduced classes
[moodle.git] / admin / tool / uploadcourse / lang / en / tool_uploadcourse.php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'tool_uploadcourse', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_22_STABLE'
19 *
20 * @package tool_uploadcourse
21 * @subpackage uploadcourse
22 * @copyright 2011 Petr Skoda {@link}
23 * @copyright 2011 Piers Harding
24 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
25 */
27$string['csvfileerror'] = 'There is something wrong with the format of the CSV file - please check the number of headings and columns match, and that the delimiter and file encoding are correct (don\t use comma-quoted as Moodle does not support it): {$a}';
28$string['allowdeletes'] = 'Allow deletes';
29$string['allowrenames'] = 'Allow renames';
30$string['csvdelimiter'] = 'CSV delimiter';
31$string['defaultvalues'] = 'Default values';
32$string['deleteerrors'] = 'Delete errors';
33$string['encoding'] = 'Encoding';
34$string['errors'] = 'Errors';
35$string['invalidinput'] = 'You must specify a valid combination of --action and --mode';
36$string['nochanges'] = 'No changes';
37$string['pluginname'] = 'Course upload';
38$string['renameerrors'] = 'Rename errors';
39$string['requiredtemplate'] = 'Required. You may use template syntax here (%l = lastname, %f = firstname, %u = coursename). See help for details and examples.';
40$string['rowpreviewnum'] = 'Preview rows';
41$string['uploadpicture_badcoursefield'] = 'The course attribute specified is not valid. Please, try again.';
42$string['uploadpicture_cannotmovezip'] = 'Cannot move zip file to temporary directory.';
43$string['uploadpicture_cannotprocessdir'] = 'Cannot process unzipped files.';
44$string['uploadpicture_cannotsave'] = 'Cannot save picture for course {$a}. Check original picture file.';
45$string['uploadpicture_cannotunzip'] = 'Cannot unzip pictures file.';
46$string['uploadpicture_invalidfilename'] = 'Picture file {$a} has invalid characters in its name. Skipping.';
47$string['uploadpicture_overwrite'] = 'Overwrite existing course pictures?';
48$string['uploadpicture_coursefield'] = 'Course attribute to use to match pictures:';
49$string['uploadpicture_coursenotfound'] = 'Course with a \'{$a->coursefield}\' value of \'{$a->coursevalue}\' does not exist. Skipping.';
50$string['uploadpicture_courseskipped'] = 'Skipping course {$a} (already has a picture).';
51$string['uploadpicture_courseupdated'] = 'Picture updated for course {$a}.';
52$string['uploadpictures'] = 'Upload course pictures';
53$string['uploadpictures_help'] = 'Course pictures can be uploaded as a zip file of image files. The image files should be named chosen-course-attribute.extension, for example course1234.jpg for a course with coursename course1234.';
54$string['uploadcourses'] = 'Upload courses';
55$string['uploadcourses_help'] = 'Courses may be uploaded (and optionally enrolled in courses) via text file. The format of the file should be as follows:
57* Each line of the file contains one record
58* Each record is a series of data separated by commas (or other delimiters)
59* The first record contains a list of fieldnames defining the format of the rest of the file
60* Required fieldnames are coursename, password, firstname, lastname, email';
61$string['uploadcoursespreview'] = 'Upload courses preview';
62$string['uploadcoursesresult'] = 'Upload courses results';
63$string['courseupdated'] = 'Course updated';
64$string['courseuptodate'] = 'Course up-to-date';
65$string['coursedeleted'] = 'Course deleted';
66$string['courserenamed'] = 'Course renamed';
67$string['coursescreated'] = 'Courses created';
68$string['coursesdeleted'] = 'Courses deleted';
69$string['coursesrenamed'] = 'Courses renamed';
70$string['coursesskipped'] = 'Courses skipped';
71$string['coursesupdated'] = 'Courses updated';
72$string['coursenotadded'] = 'Course not added - already exists';
73$string['coursenotaddederror'] = 'Course not added - error';
74$string['coursenotdeletederror'] = 'Course not deleted - error';
75$string['coursenotdeletedmissing'] = 'Course not deleted - missing';
76$string['coursenotdeletedoff'] = 'Course not deleted - delete off';
77$string['coursenotdeletedadmin'] = 'Course not deleted - no admin access';
78$string['coursenotupdatederror'] = 'Course not updated - error';
79$string['coursenotupdatednotexists'] = 'Course not updated - does not exist';
80$string['coursenotupdatedadmin'] = 'Course not updated - no admin';
81$string['coursenotrenamedexists'] = 'Course not renamed - target exists';
82$string['coursenotrenamedmissing'] = 'Course not renamed - source missing';
83$string['coursenotrenamedoff'] = 'Course not renamed - renaming off';
84$string['coursenotrenamedadmin'] = 'Course not renamed - no admin';
85$string['invalidvalue'] = 'Invalid value for field {$a}';
86$string['shortnamecourse'] = 'Shortname';
87$string['shortnamecourse_help'] = 'The short name of the course is displayed in the navigation. You may use template syntax here (%f = fullname, %i = idnumber), or enter an initial value that is incremented. See help for details and examples.';
88$string['idnumbernotunique'] = 'idnumber is not unique';
89$string['ccbulk'] = 'Select for bulk operations';
90$string['ccbulkall'] = 'All courses';
91$string['ccbulknew'] = 'New courses';
92$string['ccbulkupdated'] = 'Updated courses';
93$string['cccsvline'] = 'CSV line';
94$string['cclegacy1role'] = '(Original Student) typeN=1';
95$string['cclegacy2role'] = '(Original Teacher) typeN=2';
96$string['cclegacy3role'] = '(Original Non-editing teacher) typeN=3';
97$string['ccnoemailduplicates'] = 'Prevent email address duplicates';
98$string['ccoptype'] = 'Upload type';
99$string['ccoptype_addinc'] = 'Add all, append number to shortnames if needed';
100$string['ccoptype_addnew'] = 'Add new only, skip existing courses';
101$string['ccoptype_addupdate'] = 'Add new and update existing courses';
102$string['ccoptype_update'] = 'Update existing courses only';
103$string['ccpasswordcron'] = 'Generated in cron';
104$string['ccpasswordnew'] = 'New course password';
105$string['ccpasswordold'] = 'Existing course password';
106$string['reset'] = 'Reset course after upload';
107$string['ccstandardshortnames'] = 'Standardise shortnames';
108$string['ccupdateall'] = 'Override with file and defaults';
109$string['ccupdatefromfile'] = 'Override with file';
110$string['ccupdatemissing'] = 'Fill in missing from file and defaults';
111$string['ccupdatetype'] = 'Existing course details';
112$string['ccshortnametemplate'] = 'Shortname template';
113$string['ccfullnametemplate'] = 'Fullname template';
114$string['ccidnumbertemplate'] = 'Idnumber template';
115$string['missingtemplate'] = 'Template not found';
116$string['missing'] = 'missing';
117$string['incorrectformat'] = 'Invalid format specified';
118$string['incorrecttemplatefile'] = 'Template file not found';
119$string['invalidenrolmethod'] = 'Invalid enrolment method';
120$string['invalidcsvfile'] = 'Invalid input CSV file';
121$string['invalidaction'] = 'Invalid action selected';
122$string['invalidmode'] = 'Invalid mode selected';
123$string['invalidtemplatefile'] = 'Invalid template file';
124$string['invalidencoding'] = 'Invalid encoding';
125$string['invalidcategory'] = 'Invalid category';
126$string['coursetemplatename'] = 'Course template shortname';
127$string['coursetemplatename_help'] = 'Select an existing course shortname to use as a template for the creation of all courses.';
128$string['templatefile'] = 'Template backup file';
129$string['invalidbackupfile'] = 'Invalid backup file';