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[moodle.git] / availability / upgrade.txt
1a7049af 1This files describes API changes in /availability/*.
3The information here is intended only for developers.
5=== 2.9 ===
7* Condition plugins can now implement a new include_after_restore function to
8 indicate that they should be removed during the restore process. (This is
9 implemented so that group and grouping conditions are removed if groups are
10 not restored.)
1a7049af 12=== 2.8 ===
14* There is a new API function in the info_module/info_section objects (and
15 related functions in internal API): get_user_list_sql. This returns SQL code
16 that does roughly the same as filter_user_list to return a list of users who
17 should be shown as having access to the module or section.
19* Any third-party availability plugins which return true to
20 is_applied_to_user_lists (and therefore previously implemented
21 filter_user_list) should now also implement get_user_list_sql. If not
22 implemented, a debugging warning will occur when anybody calls
23 get_user_list_sql if the affected plugin is in use, and that user list will
24 not be filtered by the plugin.