MDL-4782 course: Allow activities in the "stealth" mode
[moodle.git] / blocks / site_main_menu / tests / behat / add_url.feature
1@block @block_main_menu
2Feature: Add URL to main menu block
3 In order to add helpful resources for students
4 As a admin
5 I need to add URLs to the main menu block and check it works.
7 @javascript
8 Scenario: Add a URL in menu block and ensure it appears
9 Given I log in as "admin"
10 And I am on site homepage
11 And I navigate to "Turn editing on" node in "Front page settings"
ba5c5083 12 And I add the "Main menu" block
13 When I add a "URL" to section "0" and I fill the form with:
14 | Name | google |
15 | Description | gooooooooogle |
16 | External URL | |
17 | id_display | In pop-up |
18 Then "google" "link" should exist in the "Main menu" "block"
19 And "Add an activity or resource" "link" should exist in the "Main menu" "block"