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1This files describes API changes in /cache/stores/* - cache store plugins.
2Information provided here is intended especially for developers.
4=== 3.8 ===
5* The Redis cache store can now make use of the Zstandard compression algorithm (see MDL-66428).
7=== 3.7 ===
8* Upgraded MongoDB cache store to use the new lower level PHP-driver and MongoDB PHP Library.
9* The mongodb extension has replaced the old mongo extension. The mongodb pecl extension >= 1.5 must be installed to use MongoDB
10cache store.
12=== 3.6 ===
13* The `cache::now()` function now takes an optional boolean parameter to indicate that the cache should return a more
14 accurate time, generated by the PHP `microtime` function.
66619627 15* The memcache store was removed as it is not compatible with PHP 7.0.
0a197875 16
17=== 3.3 ===
18* Identifiers and invalidation events have been explictly been marked as incompatible and will
19 throw a coding exception. Unexpected results would have occurred if the previous behaviour was attempted.
20* Identifiers are now part of loaded caches, so identifiers can only be set at cache::make()
21 a coding_exception will be thrown if attempts are made at other times.
22 Multiple calls to cache::make with different identifiers will produce 2 caches instead of changing the
23 keyspace of a single cache.
25=== 3.2 ===
26* The following methods have been finally deprecated and should no longer be used.
27 - cache_definition::should_be_persistent()
28 - cache_definition::get_persistent_max_size()
29 - cache::is_using_persist_cache()
30 - cache::is_in_persist_cache()
31 - cache::get_from_persist_cache()
32 - cache::set_in_persist_cache()
33 - cache::delete_from_persist_cache()
34 - cache_store::cleanup()
35* cachestore_dummy::cleanup() has been deprecated.
36* cachestore_dummy::instance_deleted() implemented in lieu of cachestore_dummy::cleanup().
37* Added cache_store::unit_test_configuration() to calculate unit testing configuration.
38* Remove cache_store:initialise_unit_test_instance() as it is incompatible with cache_helper purge functions.
329642b9 39
40=== 3.1 ===
41* Cache stores has a new feature DEREFERENCES_OBJECTS.
42 This allows the cache loader to decide if it needs to handle dereferencing or whether the data
43 coming directly to it has already had references resolved.
44 - see supports_dereferencing_objects in store.php.
46=== 2.9 ===
47* Cache data source aggregation functionality has been removed. This functionality was found to be broken and unused.
48 It was decided that rather than fixing it it should be removed.
49 As well as the processing code being removed the following API changes have been made.
50 The following changes have come about because of it:
51 - cache_definition::$datasourceaggregate is deprecated an unused.
52 - cache_definition::load Argument 3 (final arg) is now unused.
53 - cache_factory::create_cache_from_definition Argument 4 (final arg) is now unused.
54 - cache::make Argument 4 (final arg) is now unused.
45a8db7f 55* cache_config_phpunittest has been renamed to cache_config_testing
63b159d0 56* New method cache_store::ready_to_be_used_for_testing() that returns true|false if the store is suitable and ready for use as the primary store during unit and acceptance tests.
7fa57e03 57* cache_helper::get_stats structure we changed to include the cache mode.
83bee881 58
59=== 2.7 ===
60* cache_store::is_ready is no longer abstract, calling cache_store::are_requirements_met by default.
62=== 2.6 ===
63* All cache instances are recorded and subsequent requests are given a reference to the original instance.
64* The persistent option for the cache definition has been deprecated. Please use the staticacceleration option instead.
65* There is a new static acceleration option. If enabled data passing through the cache is held onto.
66* The persistentmaxsize option has been renamed to staticaccelerationsize. It does the same thing.
67* cache_definition::should_be_persistent has been deprecated. Please call cache_definition::use_static_acceleration instead.
68* cache_definition::get_persistent_max_size has been deprecated. Please call cache_definition::get_static_acceleration_size instead.
69* cache::is_using_persist_cache() has been deprecated. Please call cache::use_static_acceleration()
70* cache::is_in_persist_cache() has been deprecated. Please call cache::static_acceleration_has()
71* cache::get_from_persist_cache() has been deprecated. Please call cache::static_acceleration_get()
72* cache::set_in_persist_cache() has been deprecated. Please call cache::static_acceleration_set()
73* cache::delete_from_persist_cache() has been deprecated. Please call cache::static_acceleration_delete()
74* If you have any custom cache loaders you will need to rename these methods if you have overriden them and adjust any calls you may have made to them.
d074fb09 75
76=== 2.5 ===
77* cleanup method renamed to instance_deleted.
78 It is now called when the store is deleted as all comments suggested anyway.
79* instance_created method added.
63b159d0 80 It is called when the store is created for the very first time.