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1This files describes API changes for course formats
3Overview of this plugin type at
5=== 2.3 ===
7* The new $course->coursedisplay option was introduced, users can now choose to display
8 a section at a time if the course formats support it:
9 - COURSE_DISPLAY_SINGLEPAGE indicates the teacher has chosen to display all sections on one page
10 - COURSE_DISPLAY_MULTIPAGE indicates the teacher has chose to have seperate pages with each section.
12* The parameter for 'currently active section' was standardised in core:
13 - The course format is passed the currently live section through the $displaysection varaible to format.php
14 - A 'section' paramter is the standardised way to pass around the current section in a course
15 - Navigation no longer looks for custom parameters defined in callback_format_request_key