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6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
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31ac2aef 18 * Strings for component 'enrol_imsenterprise', language 'en'.
30c8dd34 19 *
31ac2aef 20 * @package enrol_imsenterprise
21 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
30c8dd34 23 */
8c25f6f2 24
304d08f0 25$string['aftersaving...'] = 'Once you have saved your settings, you may wish to';
26$string['allowunenrol'] = 'Allow the IMS data to <strong>unenrol</strong> students/teachers';
90aa178a 27$string['allowunenrol_desc'] = 'If enabled, course enrolments will be removed when specified in the Enterprise data.';
8c25f6f2 28$string['basicsettings'] = 'Basic settings';
29$string['categoryidnumber'] = 'Allow category idnumber';
30$string['categoryidnumber_desc'] = 'If enabled IMS Enterprise will create category with idnumber';
b61b9273 31$string['categoryseparator'] = 'Category separator character';
cc6b9248 32$string['categoryseparator_desc'] = 'Required when "Category idnumber" is enabled. Character to separate the category name and idnumber.';
8c25f6f2 33$string['coursesettings'] = 'Course data options';
304d08f0 34$string['createnewcategories'] = 'Create new (hidden) course categories if not found in Moodle';
90aa178a 35$string['createnewcategories_desc'] = 'If the <org><orgunit> element is present in a course\'s incoming data, its content will be used to specify a category if the course is to be created from scratch. The plugin will NOT re-categorise existing courses.
37If no category exists with the desired name, then a hidden category will be created.';
304d08f0 38$string['createnewcourses'] = 'Create new (hidden) courses if not found in Moodle';
90aa178a 39$string['createnewcourses_desc'] = 'If enabled, the IMS Enterprise enrolment plugin can create new courses for any it finds in the IMS data but not in Moodle\'s database. Any newly-created courses are initially hidden.';
8c25f6f2 40$string['createnewusers'] = 'Create user accounts for users not yet registered in Moodle';
90aa178a 41$string['createnewusers_desc'] = 'IMS Enterprise enrolment data typically describes a set of users. If enabled, accounts can be created for any users not found in Moodle\'s database.
43Users are searched for first by their "idnumber", and second by their Moodle username. Passwords are not imported by the IMS Enterprise plugin. The use of an authentication plugin is recommended for authenticating users.';
304d08f0 44$string['cronfrequency'] = 'Frequency of processing';
8c25f6f2 45$string['deleteusers'] = 'Delete user accounts when specified in IMS data';
90aa178a 46$string['deleteusers_desc'] = 'If enabled, IMS Enterprise enrolment data can specify the deletion of user accounts (if the "recstatus" flag is set to 3, which represents deletion of an account). As is standard in Moodle, the user record isn\'t actually deleted from Moodle\'s database, but a flag is set to mark the account as deleted.';
304d08f0 47$string['doitnow'] = 'perform an IMS Enterprise import right now';
66dad719 48$string['emptyattribute'] = 'Leave it empty';
30c8dd34 49$string['filelockedmail'] = 'The text file you are using for IMS-file-based enrolments ({$a}) can not be deleted by the cron process. This usually means the permissions are wrong on it. Please fix the permissions so that Moodle can delete the file, otherwise it might be processed repeatedly.';
304d08f0 50$string['filelockedmailsubject'] = 'Important error: Enrolment file';
8c25f6f2 51$string['fixcasepersonalnames'] = 'Change personal names to Title Case';
304d08f0 52$string['fixcaseusernames'] = 'Change usernames to lower case';
aa533474 53$string['imsenterprisecrontask'] = 'Enrolment file processing';
6b78b55c 54$string['imsenterprise:config'] = 'Configure IMS Enterprise enrol instances';
304d08f0 55$string['imsrolesdescription'] = 'The IMS Enterprise specification includes 8 distinct role types. Please choose how you want them to be assigned in Moodle, including whether any of them should be ignored.';
8c25f6f2 56$string['location'] = 'File location';
304d08f0 57$string['logtolocation'] = 'Log file output location (blank for no logging)';
8c25f6f2 58$string['mailadmins'] = 'Notify admin by email';
304d08f0 59$string['mailusers'] = 'Notify users by email';
12188796 60$string['messageprovider:imsenterprise_enrolment'] = 'IMS Enterprise enrolment messages';
304d08f0 61$string['miscsettings'] = 'Miscellaneous';
62$string['nestedcategories'] = 'Allow nested categories';
63$string['nestedcategories_desc'] = 'If enabled IMS Enterprise will create nested categories';
64$string['pluginname'] = 'IMS Enterprise file';
65$string['pluginname_desc'] = 'This method will repeatedly check for and process a specially-formatted text file in the location that you specify. The file must follow the IMS Enterprise specifications containing person, group, and membership XML elements.';
8c25f6f2 66$string['processphoto'] = 'Add user photo data to profile';
67$string['processphotowarning'] = 'Warning: Image processing is likely to add a significant burden to the server. You are recommended not to activate this option if large numbers of students are expected to be processed.';
8c25f6f2 68$string['restricttarget'] = 'Only process data if the following target is specified';
90aa178a 69$string['restricttarget_desc'] = 'An IMS Enterprise data file could be intended for multiple "targets" - different LMSes, or different systems within a school/university. It\'s possible to specify in the Enterprise file that the data is intended for one or more named target systems, by naming them in <target> tags contained within the <properties> tag.
71In general you don\'t need to worry about this. Leave the setting blank and Moodle will always process the data file, no matter whether a target is specified or not. Otherwise, fill in the exact name that will be output inside the <target> tag.';
72$string['settingfullname'] = 'IMS description tag for the course full name';
73$string['settingfullnamedescription'] = 'The full name is a required course field so you have to define the selected description tag in your IMS Enterprise file';
74$string['settingshortname'] = 'IMS description tag for the course short name';
75$string['settingshortnamedescription'] = 'The short name is a required course field so you have to define the selected description tag in your IMS Enterprise file';
76$string['settingsummary'] = 'IMS description tag for the course summary';
77$string['settingsummarydescription'] = 'Is an optional field, select \'Leave it empty\' if you dont\'t want to specify a course summary';
0c19b2c8 78$string['sourcedidfallback'] = 'Use the \'sourcedid\' for a user\'s userid if the \'userid\' field is not found';
90aa178a 79$string['sourcedidfallback_desc'] = 'In IMS data, the <sourcedid> field represents the persistent ID code for a person as used in the source system. The <userid> field is a separate field which should contain the ID code used by the user when logging in. In many cases these two codes may be the same - but not always.
81Some student information systems fail to output the <userid> field. If this is the case, you should enable this setting to allow for using the <sourcedid> as the Moodle user ID. Otherwise, leave this setting disabled.';
304d08f0 82$string['truncatecoursecodes'] = 'Truncate course codes to this length';
90aa178a 83$string['truncatecoursecodes_desc'] = 'In some situations you may have course codes which you wish to truncate to a specified length before processing. If so, enter the number of characters in this box. Otherwise, leave the box blank and no truncation will occur.';
84$string['updatecourses'] = 'Update course';
85$string['updatecourses_desc'] = 'If enabled, the IMS Enterprise enrolment plugin can update course full and short names (if the "recstatus" flag is set to 2, which represents an update).';
86$string['updateusers'] = 'Update user accounts when specified in IMS data';
87$string['updateusers_desc'] = 'If enabled, IMS Enterprise enrolment data can specify changes to user accounts (if the "recstatus" flag is set to 2, which represents an update).';
0c19b2c8 88$string['usecapitafix'] = 'Tick this box if using Capita (as their XML format is slightly different)';
90aa178a 89$string['usecapitafix_desc'] = 'The student data system produced by Capita has been found to have one slight error in its XML output. If you are using Capita you should enable this setting - otherwise leave it un-ticked.';
304d08f0 90$string['usersettings'] = 'User data options';
91$string['zeroisnotruncation'] = '0 indicates no truncation';
92$string['roles'] = 'Roles';
93$string['ignore'] = 'Ignore';
94$string['importimsfile'] = 'Import IMS Enterprise file';
a5591614 95$string['privacy:metadata'] = 'The IMS Enterprise file enrolment plugin does not store any personal data.';