MDL-58268 enrol_ldap: Remove enrol/ldap/cli/sync deprecated in 3.3
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30c8dd34 1<?php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
31ac2aef 18 * Strings for component 'enrol_ldap', language 'en'.
30c8dd34 19 *
31ac2aef 20 * @package enrol_ldap
21 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
22 * @copyright 2010 Iñaki Arenaza <>
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
30c8dd34 24 */
49aafb90 25
26$string['assignrole'] = "Assigning role '{\$a->role_shortname}' to user '{\$a->user_username}' into course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})";
27$string['assignrolefailed'] = "Failed to assign role '{\$a->role_shortname}' to user '{\$a->user_username}' into course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})\n";
28$string['autocreate'] = '<p>Courses can be created automatically if there are enrolments to a course that doesn\'t yet exist in Moodle</p><p>If you are using automatic course creation, it is recommended that you remove the following capabilities: moodle/course:changeidnumber, moodle/course:changeshortname, moodle/course:changefullname and moodle/course:changesummary, from the relevant roles to prevent modifications of the four course fields specified above (ID number, shortname, fullname and summary).</p>';
29$string['autocreate_key'] = 'Auto create';
30$string['autocreation_settings'] = 'Automatic course creation settings';
d8a55f59 31$string['autoupdate_settings'] = 'Automatic course update settings';
e094614d 32$string['autoupdate_settings_desc'] = '<p>Select fields to update when synchronisation scheduled task for LDAP Enrolments is running (enrol_ldap\task\sync_enrolments).</p><p>When at least one field is selected an update will occur.</p>';
33$string['bind_dn'] = 'If you want to use a bind user to search users, specify it here. Someting like \'cn=ldapuser,ou=public,o=org\'';
34$string['bind_dn_key'] = 'Bind user distinguished name';
35$string['bind_pw'] = 'Password for the bind user';
36$string['bind_pw_key'] = 'Password';
37$string['bind_settings'] = 'Bind settings';
38$string['cannotcreatecourse'] = 'Cannot create course: missing required data from the LDAP record!';
39$string['cannotupdatecourse'] = "Cannot update course: missing required data from the LDAP record! Course idnumber: '{\$a->idnumber}'";
40$string['cannotupdatecourse_duplicateshortname'] = "Cannot update course: Duplicate short name. Skipping course with idnumber '{\$a->idnumber}'...";
41$string['courseupdated'] = "Course with idnumber '{\$a->idnumber}' was successfully updated.";
42$string['courseupdateskipped'] = "Course with idnumber '{\$a->idnumber}' does not require updating. Skipping...";
43$string['category'] = 'The category for auto-created courses';
44$string['category_key'] = 'Category';
45$string['contexts'] = 'LDAP contexts';
46$string['couldnotfinduser'] = "Could not find user '{\$a}', skipping\n";
47$string['coursenotexistskip'] = "Course '{\$a}' does not exist and autocreation disabled, skipping\n";
48$string['course_fullname'] = 'Optional: LDAP attribute to get the full name from';
49$string['course_fullname_key'] = 'Full name';
c9636ddd 50$string['course_fullname_updateonsync'] = 'Update full name during synchronisation script';
d8a55f59 51$string['course_fullname_updateonsync_key'] = 'Update full name';
52$string['course_idnumber'] = 'LDAP attribute to get the course ID number from. Usually \'cn\' or \'uid\'.';
53$string['course_idnumber_key'] = 'ID number';
54$string['course_search_sub'] = 'Search group memberships from subcontexts';
55$string['course_search_sub_key'] = 'Search subcontexts';
56$string['course_settings'] = 'Course enrolment settings';
57$string['course_shortname'] = 'Optional: LDAP attribute to get the shortname from';
58$string['course_shortname_key'] = 'Short name';
c9636ddd 59$string['course_shortname_updateonsync'] = 'Update short name during synchronisation script';
d8a55f59 60$string['course_shortname_updateonsync_key'] = 'Update short name';
61$string['course_summary'] = 'Optional: LDAP attribute to get the summary from';
62$string['course_summary_key'] = 'Summary';
c9636ddd 63$string['course_summary_updateonsync'] = 'Update summary during synchronisation script';
d8a55f59 64$string['course_summary_updateonsync_key'] = 'Update summary';
65$string['createcourseextid'] = 'CREATE User enrolled to a non-existing course \'{$a->courseextid}\'';
66$string['createnotcourseextid'] = 'User enrolled to a non-existing course \'{$a->courseextid}\'';
5704585c 67$string['creatingcourse'] = 'Creating course \'{$a}\'...';
fdb04f62 68$string['duplicateshortname'] = "Course creation failed. Duplicate short name. Skipping course with idnumber '{\$a->idnumber}'...";
69$string['editlock'] = 'Lock value';
70$string['emptyenrolment'] = "Empty enrolment for role '{\$a->role_shortname}' in course '{\$a->course_shortname}'\n";
304d08f0 71$string['enrolname'] = 'LDAP';
72$string['enroluser'] = "Enrol user '{\$a->user_username}' into course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})";
73$string['enroluserenable'] = "Enabled enrolment for user '{\$a->user_username}' in course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})";
74$string['explodegroupusertypenotsupported'] = "ldap_explode_group() does not support selected user type: {\$a}\n";
75$string['extcourseidinvalid'] = 'The course external id is invalid!';
76$string['extremovedsuspend'] = "Disabled enrolment for user '{\$a->user_username}' in course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})";
77$string['extremovedsuspendnoroles'] = "Disabled enrolment and removed roles for user '{\$a->user_username}' in course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})";
78$string['extremovedunenrol'] = "Unenrol user '{\$a->user_username}' from course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})";
79$string['failed'] = "Failed!\n";
6cb66ae0 80$string['general_options'] = 'General options';
81$string['group_memberofattribute'] = 'Name of the attribute that specifies which groups a given user or group belongs to (e.g., memberOf, groupMembership, etc.)';
82$string['group_memberofattribute_key'] = '\'Member of\' attribute';
83$string['host_url'] = 'Specify LDAP host in URL-form like \'ldap://\' or \'ldaps://\'';
84$string['host_url_key'] = 'Host URL';
7698619b 85$string['idnumber_attribute'] = 'If the group membership contains distinguished names, specify the same attribute you have used for the user \'ID Number\' mapping in the LDAP authentication settings.';
6cb66ae0 86$string['idnumber_attribute_key'] = 'ID number attribute';
87$string['ldap_encoding'] = 'Specify encoding used by LDAP server. Most probably utf-8, MS AD v2 uses default platform encoding such as cp1252, cp1250, etc.';
88$string['ldap_encoding_key'] = 'LDAP encoding';
89$string['ldap:manage'] = 'Manage LDAP enrol instances';
90$string['memberattribute'] = 'LDAP member attribute';
7698619b 91$string['memberattribute_isdn'] = 'If the group membership contains distinguished names, you need to specify them here. If so, you also need to configure the remaining settings in this section.';
92$string['memberattribute_isdn_key'] = 'Member attribute uses dn';
93$string['nested_groups'] = 'Do you want to use nested groups (groups of groups) for enrolment?';
94$string['nested_groups_key'] = 'Nested groups';
95$string['nested_groups_settings'] = 'Nested groups settings';
96$string['nosuchrole'] = "No such role: '{\$a}'\n";
97$string['objectclass'] = 'objectClass used to search courses. Usually \'group\' or \'posixGroup\'';
98$string['objectclass_key'] = 'Object class';
99$string['ok'] = "OK!\n";
7698619b 100$string['opt_deref'] = 'If the group membership contains distinguished names, specify how aliases are handled during a search. Select one of the following values: \'No\' (LDAP_DEREF_NEVER) or \'Yes\' (LDAP_DEREF_ALWAYS).';
5704585c 101$string['opt_deref_key'] = 'Dereference aliases';
0762b758 102$string['phpldap_noextension'] = '<em>The PHP LDAP module does not seem to be present. Please ensure it is installed and enabled if you want to use this enrolment plugin.</em>';
103$string['pluginname'] = 'LDAP enrolments';
104$string['pluginname_desc'] = '<p>You can use an LDAP server to control your enrolments. It is assumed your LDAP tree contains groups that map to the courses, and that each of those groups/courses will have membership entries to map to students.</p><p>It is assumed that courses are defined as groups in LDAP, with each group having multiple membership fields (<em>member</em> or <em>memberUid</em>) that contain a uniqueidentification of the user.</p><p>To use LDAP enrolment, your users <strong>must</strong> to have a valid idnumber field. The LDAP groups must have that idnumber in the member fields for a user to be enrolled in the course. This will usually work well if you are already using LDAP Authentication.</p><p>Enrolments will be updated when the user logs in. You can also run a script to keep enrolments in synch. Look in <em>enrol/ldap/cli/sync.php</em>.</p><p>This plugin can also be set to automatically create new courses when new groups appear in LDAP.</p>';
105$string['pluginnotenabled'] = 'Plugin not enabled!';
65d70aa8 106$string['role_mapping'] = '<p>For each role, you need to specify all LDAP contexts where the groups that represent the courses are located. Separate different contexts with a semicolon (;).</p><p>You also need to specify the attribute your LDAP server uses to hold the members of a group. This is usually \'member\' or \'memberUid\'.</p>';
107$string['role_mapping_attribute'] = 'LDAP member attribute for {$a}';
108$string['role_mapping_context'] = 'LDAP contexts for {$a}';
109$string['role_mapping_key'] = 'Map roles from LDAP ';
110$string['roles'] = 'Role mapping';
6cb66ae0 111$string['server_settings'] = 'LDAP server settings';
38dc5b96 112$string['syncenrolmentstask'] = 'Synchronise LDAP enrolments task';
113$string['synccourserole'] = "== Synching course '{\$a->idnumber}' for role '{\$a->role_shortname}'\n";
114$string['template'] = 'Optional: auto-created courses can copy their settings from a template course';
115$string['template_key'] = 'Template';
116$string['unassignrole'] = "Unassigning role '{\$a->role_shortname}' to user '{\$a->user_username}' from course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})\n";
117$string['unassignroleid'] = "Unassigning role id '{\$a->role_id}' to user id '{\$a->user_id}'\n";
118$string['unassignrolefailed'] = "Failed to unassign role '{\$a->role_shortname}' to user '{\$a->user_username}' from course '{\$a->course_shortname}' (id {\$a->course_id})\n";
119$string['updatelocal'] = 'Update local data';
7698619b 120$string['user_attribute'] = 'If the group membership contains distinguished names, specify the attribute used to name/search for users. If you are using LDAP authentication, this value should match the attribute specified in the \'ID Number\' mapping in the LDAP authentication plugin.';
6cb66ae0 121$string['user_attribute_key'] = 'ID number attribute';
7698619b 122$string['user_contexts'] = 'If the group membership contains distinguished names, specify the list of contexts where users are located. Separate different contexts with a semi-colon (;). For example: \'ou=users,o=org; ou=others,o=org\'.';
5704585c 123$string['user_contexts_key'] = 'Contexts';
7698619b 124$string['user_search_sub'] = 'If the group membership contains distinguished names, specify if the search for users is done in sub-contexts too.';
125$string['user_search_sub_key'] = 'Search subcontexts';
126$string['user_settings'] = 'User lookup settings';
127$string['user_type'] = 'If the group membership contains distinguished names, specify how users are stored in LDAP';
128$string['user_type_key'] = 'User type';
129$string['version'] = 'The version of the LDAP protocol your server is using';
130$string['version_key'] = 'Version';
980e85cd 131$string['privacy:metadata'] = 'The LDAP enrolments plugin does not store any personal data.';