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6431903a 1<?php
3// This file is part of Moodle - http://moodle.org/
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
19 * Strings for component 'admin', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package admin
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link http://moodle.com}
23 * @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
685fcb3e 26$string['accessdenied'] = 'Access denied';
996a5f8d 27$string['accounts'] = 'Accounts';
28$string['additionalhtml'] = 'Additional HTML';
29$string['additionalhtml_heading'] = 'Additional HTML to be added to every page.';
743fff98 30$string['additionalhtml_desc'] = 'These settings allow you to specify HTML that you want added to every page. You can set HTML that will be added within the HEAD tag for the page, immediately after the BODY tag has been opened, or immediately before the body tag is closed.<br />Doing this allows you add custom headers or footers on every page, or add support for services like Google Analytics very easily and independent of your chosen theme.';
31$string['additionalhtmlhead'] = 'Within HEAD';
32$string['additionalhtmlhead_desc'] = 'Content here will be added to the bottom of the HEAD tag for every page.';
33$string['additionalhtmltopofbody'] = 'When BODY is opened';
743fff98 34$string['additionalhtmltopofbody_desc'] = 'Content here will be added in to every page immediately after the opening body tag.';
35$string['additionalhtmlfooter'] = 'Before BODY is closed';
36$string['additionalhtmlfooter_desc'] = 'Content here will be added in to every page right before the body tag is closed.';
83f78f8d 37$string['admincategory'] = 'Category: {$a}';
5735fefc 38$string['adminseesall'] = 'Admins see all';
49aafb90 39$string['adminseesallevents'] = 'Administrators see all events';
40$string['adminseesownevents'] = 'Administrators are just like other users';
f94824db 41$string['advancedfeatures'] = 'Advanced features';
7409013e 42$string['allcountrycodes'] = 'All country codes';
30c8dd34 43$string['allowbeforeblock'] = 'Allowed list will be processed first';
fe6b274c 44$string['allowbeforeblockdesc'] = 'By default, entries in the blocked IPs list are matched first. If this option is enabled, entries in the allowed IPs list are processed before the blocked list.';
d2c394f3 45$string['allowblockstodock'] = 'Allow blocks to use the dock';
a907c540 46$string['allowcategorythemes'] = 'Allow category themes';
304d08f0 47$string['allowcoursethemes'] = 'Allow course themes';
4e639121 48$string['allowediplist'] = 'Allowed IP list';
304d08f0 49$string['allowemailaddresses'] = 'Allowed email domains';
50$string['allowframembedding'] = 'Allow frame embedding';
51$string['allowframembedding_help'] = 'Allow embedding of this site in frames on external sites. Enabling of this feature is not recommended for security reasons.';
110831ce 52$string['allowguestmymoodle'] = 'Allow guest access to My Moodle';
304d08f0 53$string['allowobjectembed'] = 'Allow EMBED and OBJECT tags';
b7009474 54$string['allowthemechangeonurl'] = 'Allow theme changes in the URL';
304d08f0 55$string['allowuserblockhiding'] = 'Allow users to hide blocks';
ff08798b 56$string['allowuserswitchrolestheycantassign'] = 'Allow users without the assign roles capability to switch roles';
304d08f0 57$string['allowuserthemes'] = 'Allow user themes';
58$string['antivirus'] = 'Anti-Virus';
59$string['appearance'] = 'Appearance';
60$string['aspellpath'] = 'Path to aspell';
61$string['authentication'] = 'Authentication';
2c7a9147 62$string['authpreventaccountcreation'] = 'Prevent account creation when authenticating';
3ae79749 63$string['authpreventaccountcreation_help'] = 'When a user authenticates, an account on the site is automatically created if it doesn\'t yet exist. If an external database, such as LDAP, is used for authentication, but you wish to restrict access to the site to users with an existing account only, then this option should be enabled. New accounts will need to be created manually or via the upload users feature. Note that this setting doesn\'t apply to MNet authentication.';
220a90c5 64$string['authsettings'] = 'Manage authentication';
3f6ba95b 65$string['autolang'] = 'Language autodetect';
304d08f0 66$string['autologinguests'] = 'Auto-login guests';
4b600aa0 67$string['availableto'] = 'Available to';
79bb9d2d 68$string['availablelicenses'] = 'Available licences';
004bd0cc 69$string['backgroundcolour'] = 'Transparent colour';
304d08f0 70$string['backups'] = 'Backups';
66150286 71$string['backup_shortname'] = 'Use course name in backup filename';
e2aebdc9 72$string['backup_shortnamehelp'] = 'Use the course name as part of the backup filename.';
49aafb90 73$string['badwordsconfig'] = 'Enter your list of bad words separated by commas.';
74$string['badwordsdefault'] = 'If the custom list is empty, a default list from the language pack will be used.';
004bd0cc 75$string['badwordslist'] = 'Custom bad words list';
4e639121 76$string['blockediplist'] = 'Blocked IP List';
49aafb90 77$string['blockinstances'] = 'Instances';
78$string['blockmultiple'] = 'Multiple';
79$string['blockprotect'] = 'Protect instances';
80$string['blockprotect_help'] = 'If you lock a particular type of block, then no-one will be able to add or delete instances. (You can, of course, unlock again if you need to edit instances.)
82This is intended to protect blocks like the navigation and settings which are very hard to get back if accidentally deleted.';
28e63a9d 83$string['blockunprotect'] = 'Unprotect';
220a90c5 84$string['blocksettings'] = 'Manage blocks';
cae83708 85$string['bloglevel'] = 'Blog visibility';
304d08f0 86$string['bookmarkadded'] = 'Bookmark added.';
87$string['bookmarkalreadyexists'] = 'You have already bookmarked this page.';
88$string['bookmarkdeleted'] = 'Bookmark deleted.';
89$string['bookmarkthispage'] = 'bookmark this page';
dddfc692 90$string['cachejs'] = 'Cache Javascript';
2181eb8f 91$string['cachejs_help'] = 'Javascript caching and compression greatly improves page loading performance. it is strongly recommended for production sites. Developers will probably want to disable this feature.';
49aafb90 92$string['cachetext'] = 'Text cache lifetime';
b20c6318 93$string['calendarexportsalt'] = 'Calendar export salt';
49aafb90 94$string['calendarsettings'] = 'Calendar';
5735fefc 95$string['calendar_weekend'] = 'Weekend days';
30c8dd34 96$string['cannotdeletemodfilter'] = 'You cannot uninstall the \'{$a->filter}\' because it is part of the \'{$a->module}\' module.';
3776335c 97$string['cannotuninstall'] = '{$a} can not be uninstalled.';
98$string['cfgwwwrootslashwarning'] = 'You have defined $CFG->wwwroot incorrectly in your config.php file. You have included a \'/\' character at the end. Please remove it, or you will experience strange bugs like <a href=\'http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-11061\'>MDL-11061</a>.';
99$string['cfgwwwrootwarning'] = 'You have defined $CFG->wwwroot incorrectly in your config.php file. It does not match the URL you are using to access this page. Please correct it, or you will experience strange bugs like <a href=\'http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-11061\'>MDL-11061</a>.';
304d08f0 100$string['clamfailureonupload'] = 'On clam AV failure';
101$string['cleanup'] = 'Cleanup';
b8523467 102$string['clianswerno'] = 'n';
103$string['cliansweryes'] = 'y';
30c8dd34 104$string['cliincorrectvalueerror'] = 'Error, incorrect value "{$a->value}" for "{$a->option}"';
c31d94e8 105$string['cliincorrectvalueretry'] = 'Incorrect value, please retry';
cfe33215 106$string['clistatusdisabled'] = 'Status: disabled';
107$string['clistatusenabled'] = 'Status: enabled';
48e114a5 108$string['clistatusenabledlater'] = 'status: CLI maintenance mode will be enabled on {$a}';
c31d94e8 109$string['clitypevalue'] = 'type value';
30c8dd34 110$string['clitypevaluedefault'] = 'type value, press Enter to use default value ({$a})';
2b4e3545 111$string['cliunknowoption'] = 'Unrecognised options:
30c8dd34 112 {$a}
c944495e 113Please use --help option.';
926378ce 114$string['cliupgradefinished'] = 'Command line upgrade completed successfully.';
91c038f9 115$string['cliupgradenoneed'] = 'No upgrade needed for the installed version {$a}. Thanks for coming anyway!';
b8523467 116$string['cliyesnoprompt'] = 'type y (means yes) or n (means no)';
cf456fbf 117$string['commentsperpage'] = 'Comments displayed per page';
dcdf3b29 118$string['commonfiltersettings'] = 'Common filter settings';
220a90c5 119$string['commonsettings'] = 'Common settings';
5735fefc 120$string['componentinstalled'] = 'Component installed';
121$string['computedfromlogs'] = 'Computed from logs since {$a}.';
122$string['condifmodeditdefaults'] = 'The values you set here define the default values that are used in the activity settings form when you create a new activity. You can also configure which activity settings are considered advanced.';
304d08f0 123$string['confeditorhidebuttons'] = 'Select the buttons that should be hidden in the HTML editor.';
adea0621 124$string['configallcountrycodes'] = 'This is the list of countries that may be selected in various places, for example in a user\'s profile. If blank (the default) the list in countries.php in the standard English language pack is used. That is the list from ISO 3166-1. Otherwise, you can specify a comma-separated list of codes, for example \'GB,FR,ES\'. If you add new, non-standard codes here, you will need to add them to countries.php in \'en\' and your language pack.';
21090e44 125$string['configallowassign'] = 'You can allow people who have the roles on the left side to assign some of the column roles to other people';
8568b24f 126$string['configallowblockstodock'] = 'If enabled and supported by the selected theme users can choose to move blocks to a special dock.';
a907c540 127$string['configallowcategorythemes'] = 'If you enable this, then themes can be set at the category level. This will affect all child categories and courses unless they have specifically set their own theme. WARNING: Enabling category themes may affect performance.';
49aafb90 128$string['configallowcoursethemes'] = 'If you enable this, then courses will be allowed to set their own themes. Course themes override all other theme choices (site, user, or session themes)';
0e0c6c94 129$string['configallowemailaddresses'] = 'If you want to restrict all new email addresses to particular domains, then list them here separated by spaces. All other domains will be rejected. To allow subdomains add the domain with a preceding \'.\'. eg <strong>ourcollege.edu.au .gov.au</strong>';
110831ce 130$string['configallowguestmymoodle'] = 'If enabled guests can access My Moodle, otherwise guests are redirected to the site front page.';
49aafb90 131$string['configallowobjectembed'] = 'As a default security measure, normal users are not allowed to embed multimedia (like Flash) within texts using explicit EMBED and OBJECT tags in their HTML (although it can still be done safely using the mediaplugins filter). If you wish to allow these tags then enable this option.';
21090e44 132$string['configallowoverride'] = 'You can allow people with the roles on the left side to override some of the column roles';
3a0c6cca 133$string['configallowoverride2'] = 'Select which role(s) can be overridden by each role in the left column.<br />Note that these settings only apply to users who have either the capability moodle/role:override or the capability moodle/role:safeoverride allowed.';
c468795c 134$string['configallowswitch'] = 'Select which roles a user may switch to, based on which roles they already have. In addition to an entry in this table, a user must also have the moodle/role:switchroles capability to be able to switch.<br />Note that it is only possible to switch to roles that have the moodle/course:view capability, and that do not have the moodle/site:doanything capability, so some columns in this table are disabled.';
b87ac386 135$string['configallowthemechangeonurl'] = 'If enabled, the theme can be changed by adding either:<br />?theme=themename to any Moodle URL (eg: mymoodlesite.com/?theme=afterburner ) or <br />&theme=themename to any internal Moodle URL (eg: mymoodlesite.com/course/view.php?id=2&theme=afterburner ).';
49aafb90 136$string['configallowuserblockhiding'] = 'Do you want to allow users to hide/show side blocks throughout this site? This feature uses Javascript and cookies to remember the state of each collapsible block, and only affects the user\'s own view.';
137$string['configallowuserswitchrolestheycantassign'] = 'By default, moodle/role:assign is required for users to switch roles. Enabling this setting removes this requirement, and results in the roles available in the "Switch role to" dropdown menu being determined by settings in the "Allow role assignments" table only.
138It is recommended that the settings in the "Allow role assignments" table do not allow users to switch to a role with more capabilities than their existing role.';
49aafb90 139$string['configallowuserthemes'] = 'If you enable this, then users will be allowed to set their own themes. User themes override site themes (but not course themes)';
30c8dd34 140$string['configallusersaresitestudents'] = 'For activities on the front page of the site, should ALL users be considered as students? If you answer "Yes", then any confirmed user account will be allowed to participate as a student in those activities. If you answer "No", then only users who are already a participant in at least one course will be able to take part in those front page activities. Only admins and specially assigned teachers can act as teachers for these front page activities.';
0a788db7 141$string['configauthenticationplugins'] = 'Please choose the authentication plugins you wish to use and arrange them in order of failthrough.';
3f6ba95b 142$string['configautolang'] = 'Detect default language from browser setting, if disabled site default is used.';
49aafb90 143$string['configautologinguests'] = 'Should visitors be logged in as guests automatically when entering courses with guest access?';
648539c5 144$string['configbloglevel'] = 'This setting allows you to restrict the level to which user blogs can be viewed on this site. Note that they specify the maximum context of the VIEWER not the poster or the types of blog posts. Blogs can also be disabled completely if you don\'t want them at all.';
49aafb90 145$string['configcachetext'] = 'For larger sites or sites that use text filters, this setting can really speed things up. Copies of texts will be retained in their processed form for the time specified here. Setting this too small may actually slow things down slightly, but setting it too large may mean texts take too long to refresh (with new links, for example).';
af5d990b 146$string['configcalendarcustomexport'] = 'Enable custom date range export of calendar';
b20c6318 147$string['configcalendarexportsalt'] = 'This random text is used for improving of security of authentication tokens used for exporting of calendars. Please note that all current tokens are invalidated if you change this hash salt.';
49aafb90 148$string['configclamactlikevirus'] = 'Treat files like viruses';
149$string['configclamdonothing'] = 'Treat files as OK';
4de3322d 150$string['configclamfailureonupload'] = 'If you have configured clam to scan uploaded files, but it is configured incorrectly or fails to run for some unknown reason, how should it behave? If you choose \'Treat files like viruses\', they\'ll be moved into the quarantine area, or deleted. If you choose \'Treat files as OK\', the files will be moved to the destination directory like normal. Either way, admins will be alerted that clam has failed. If you choose \'Treat files like viruses\' and for some reason clam fails to run (usually because you have entered an invalid pathtoclam), ALL files that are uploaded will be moved to the given quarantine area, or deleted. Be careful with this setting.';
cf4e7548 151$string['configconvertformat'] = 'If <i>latex</i>, <i>dvips</i> and <i>convert</i> are available, the images are created using the specified format. If it is not, mimeTeX will be used and it will create GIF images.';
4ea8df21 152$string['configcookiehttponly'] = 'Enables new PHP 5.2.0 feature - browsers are instructed to send cookie with real http requests only, cookies should not be accessible by scripting languages. This is not supported in all browsers and it may not be fully compatible with current code. It helps to prevent some types of XSS attacks.';
114201c8 153$string['configcookiesecure'] = 'If server is accepting only https connections it is recommended to enable sending of secure cookies. If enabled please make sure that web server is not accepting http:// or set up permanent redirection to https:// address. When <em>wwwroot</em> address does not start with https:// this setting is turned off automatically.';
49aafb90 154$string['configcountry'] = 'If you set a country here, then this country will be selected by default on new user accounts. To force users to choose a country, just leave this unset.';
e452210a 155$string['configcourserequestnotify'] = 'Type username of user to be notified when new course requested.';
4413941f 156$string['configcourserequestnotify2'] = 'Users who will be notified when a course is requested. Only users who can approve course requests are listed here.';
157$string['configcoursesperpage'] = 'Enter the number of courses to be displayed per page in a course listing.';
158$string['configcourseswithsummarieslimit'] = 'The maximum number of courses to display in a course listing including summaries before falling back to a simpler listing.';
159$string['configcronclionly'] = 'If this is set, then the cron script can only be run from the command line instead of via the web. This overrides the cron password setting below.';
160$string['configcronremotepassword'] = 'This means that the cron.php script cannot be run from a web browser without supplying the password using the following form of URL:<pre>
161 http://site.example.com/admin/cron.php?password=opensesame
162</pre>If this is left empty, no password is required.';
5430f05b 163$string['configcurlcache'] = 'Time-to-live for cURL cache, in seconds.';
164$string['configcustommenuitems'] = 'You can configure a custom menu here to be shown by themes. Each line consists of some menu text, a link URL (optional) and a tooltip title (optional), separated by pipe characters. You can specify a structure using hyphens. For example:
166Moodle community|http://moodle.org
167-Moodle free support|http://moodle.org/support
168-Moodle development|http://moodle.org/development
169--Moodle Tracker|http://tracker.moodle.org
170--Moodle Docs|http://docs.moodle.org
171-Moodle News|http://moodle.org/news
172Moodle company
173-Moodle commercial hosting|http://moodle.com/hosting
174-Moodle commercial support|http://moodle.com/support
1c55ce74 176$string['configdbsessions'] = 'If enabled, this setting will use the database to store information about current sessions. This is especially useful for large/busy sites or sites built on cluster of servers. For most sites this should probably be left disabled so that the server disk is used instead. Note that changing this setting now will log out all current users (including you). If you are using MySQL please make sure that \'max_allowed_packet\' in my.cnf (or my.ini) is at least 4M.';
49aafb90 177$string['configdebug'] = 'If you turn this on, then PHP\'s error_reporting will be increased so that more warnings are printed. This is only useful for developers.';
47b8b9eb 178$string['configdebugdisplay'] = 'Set to on, the error reporting will go to the HTML page. This is practical, but breaks XHTML, JS, cookies and HTTP headers in general. Set to off, it will send the output to your server logs, allowing better debugging. The PHP setting error_log controls which log this goes to.';
360dde50 179$string['configdebugpageinfo'] = 'Enable if you want page information printed in page footer.';
854f5ef0 180$string['configdebugsmtp'] = 'Enable verbose debug information during sending of email messages to SMTP server.';
7b353810 181$string['configdebugvalidators'] = 'Enable if you want to have links to external validator servers in page footer. You may need to create new user with username <em>w3cvalidator</em>, and enable guest access. These changes may allow unauthorized access to server, do not enable on production sites!';
4766a50c 182$string['configdefaulthomepage'] = 'This determines the home page for logged in users';
304d08f0 183$string['configdefaultrequestcategory'] = 'Courses requested by users will be automatically placed in this category.';
49aafb90 184$string['configdefaultrequestedcategory'] = 'Default category to put courses that were requested into, if they\'re approved.';
82053cb1 185$string['configdefaultuserroleid'] = 'All logged in users will be given the capabilities of the role you specify here, at the site level, in ADDITION to any other roles they may have been given. The default is the Authenticated user role. Note that this will not conflict with other roles they have unless you prohibit capabilities, it just ensures that all users have capabilities that are not assignable at the course level (eg post blog entries, manage own calendar, etc).';
a4a57da9 186$string['configdeleteincompleteusers'] = 'After this period, old not fully setup accounts are deleted.';
49aafb90 187$string['configdeleteunconfirmed'] = 'If you are using email authentication, this is the period within which a response will be accepted from users. After this period, old unconfirmed accounts are deleted.';
0e0c6c94 188$string['configdenyemailaddresses'] = 'To deny email addresses from particular domains list them here in the same way. All other domains will be accepted. To deny subdomains add the domain with a preceding \'.\'. eg <strong>hotmail.com yahoo.co.uk .live.com</strong>';
850d2db8 189$string['configenableblogs'] = 'This switch provides all site users with their own blog.';
37959dd4 190$string['configenabledevicedetection'] = 'Enables detection of mobiles, smartphones, tablets or default devices (desktop PCs, laptops, etc) for the application of themes and other features.';
5c6f918f 191$string['configdisableuserimages'] = 'Disable the ability for users to change user profile images.';
49aafb90 192$string['configdisplayloginfailures'] = 'This will display information to selected users about previous failed logins.';
f684250b 193$string['configdndallowtextandlinks'] = 'Enable or disable the dragging and dropping of text and links onto a course page, alongside the dragging and dropping of files. Note that the dragging of text into Firefox or between different browsers is unreliable and may result in no data being uploaded, or corrupted text being uploaded.';
02ea78f8 194$string['configdocroot'] = 'Defines the path to the Moodle Docs. You can change this if you wish to have your own custom online documentation. However, if you do that make sure that the paths in your documentation follow the same format as http://docs.moodle.org.';
805962b1 195$string['configdoctonewwindow'] = 'If you enable this, then links to Moodle Docs will be shown in a new window.';
42424a46 196$string['configeditordictionary'] = 'This value will be used if aspell doesn\'t have dictionary for users own language.';
30c8dd34 197$string['configeditorfontlist'] = 'Select the fonts that should appear in the editor\'s drop-down list.';
d6ace123 198$string['configemailchangeconfirmation'] = 'Require an email confirmation step when users change their email address in their profile.';
3b0ba40a 199$string['configenableajax'] = 'This setting controls the use of AJAX across the site. AJAX is required for certain functionality such as drag and drop.';
dbf9d4cb 200$string['configenablecalendarexport'] = 'Enable exporting or subscribing to calendars.';
1bcb7eb5 201$string['configenablecomments'] = 'Enable comments';
30c8dd34 202$string['configenablecourserequests'] = 'This will allow any user to request a course be created.';
a6dca314 203$string['configenablegroupmembersonly'] = 'If enabled, access to activities can be restricted to group members only. This may result in an increased server load. In addition, gradebook categories must be set up in a certain way to ensure that activities are hidden from non-group members.';
c1b65883 204$string['configenablemobilewebservice'] = 'Enable mobile service for the official Moodle app or other app requesting it. For more information, read the {$a}';
49aafb90 205$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable RSS feeds from across the site. To actually see any change you will need to enable RSS feeds in the individual modules too - go to the Modules settings under Admin Configuration.';
304d08f0 206$string['configenablerssfeedsdisabled'] = 'It is not available because RSS feeds are disabled in all the Site. To enable them, go to the Variables settings under Admin Configuration.';
220a90c5 207$string['configenablerssfeedsdisabled2'] = 'RSS feeds are disabled at the server level. You need to enable them first in Server/RSS.';
7d4dfc48 208$string['configenablesafebrowserintegration'] = 'This adds the choice \'Require Safe Exam Browser\' to the \'Browser security\' field on the quiz settings form. See http://www.safeexambrowser.org/ for more information.';
49aafb90 209$string['configenablestats'] = 'If you choose \'yes\' here, Moodle\'s cronjob will process the logs and gather some statistics. Depending on the amount of traffic on your site, this can take awhile. If you enable this, you will be able to see some interesting graphs and statistics about each of your courses, or on a sitewide basis.';
4de3322d 210$string['configenabletrusttext'] = 'By default Moodle will always thoroughly clean text that comes from users to remove any possible bad scripts, media etc that could be a security risk. The Trusted Content system is a way of giving particular users that you trust the ability to include these advanced features in their content without interference. To enable this system, you need to first enable this setting, and then grant the Trusted Content permission to a specific Moodle role. Texts created or uploaded by such users will be marked as trusted and will not be cleaned before display.';
8a9b7606 211$string['configenablewebservices'] = 'Web services enable other systems to log in to this Moodle and perform operations. For extra security this feature should be disabled unless you are really using it.';
9ef728d6 212$string['configenablewsdocumentation'] = 'Enable auto-generation of web services documentation. A user can access to his own documentation on his security keys page {$a}. It displays the documentation for the enabled protocols only.';
49aafb90 213$string['configerrorlevel'] = 'Choose the amount of PHP warnings that you want to be displayed. Normal is usually the best choice.';
214$string['configexportlookahead'] = 'Days to look ahead during export';
215$string['configexportlookback'] = 'Days to look back during export';
30c8dd34 216$string['configextendedusernamechars'] = 'Enable this setting to allow students to use any characters in their usernames (note this does not affect their actual names). The default is "false" which restricts usernames to be alphanumeric lowercase characters, underscore (_), hyphen (-), period (.) or at symbol (@).';
c6e1d6af 217$string['configextramemorylimit'] = 'Some scripts like search, backup/restore or cron require more memory. Set higher values for large sites.';
49aafb90 218$string['configfilterall'] = 'Filter all strings, including headings, titles, navigation bar and so on. This is mostly useful when using the multilang filter, otherwise it will just create extra load on your site for little gain.';
304d08f0 219$string['configfiltermatchoneperpage'] = 'Automatic linking filters will only generate a single link for the first matching text instance found on the complete page. All others are ignored.';
49aafb90 220$string['configfiltermatchonepertext'] = 'Automatic linking filters will only generate a single link for the first matching text instance found in each item of text (e.g., resource, block) on the page. All others are ignored. This setting is ignored if the one per page setting is <i>yes</i>.';
741f827a 221$string['configfilteruploadedfiles'] = 'Process all uploaded HTML and text files with the filters before displaying them, only uploaded HTML files or none at all.';
49aafb90 222$string['configforcelogin'] = 'Normally, the front page of the site and the course listings (but not courses) can be read by people without logging in to the site. If you want to force people to log in before they do ANYTHING on the site, then you should enable this setting.';
9900dddd 223$string['configforceloginforprofiles'] = 'This setting forces people to login as a real (non-guest) account before viewing any user\'s profile. If you disabled this setting, you may find that some users post advertising (spam) or other inappropriate content in their profiles, which is then visible to the whole world.';
304d08f0 224$string['configfrontpage'] = 'The items selected above will be displayed on the site\'s front page.';
225$string['configfrontpageloggedin'] = 'The items selected above will be displayed on the site\'s front page when a user is logged in.';
6e56d9dc 226$string['configfullnamedisplay'] = 'This defines how names are shown when they are displayed in full. For most mono-lingual sites the most efficient setting is "First name + Surname", but you may choose to hide surnames altogether, or to leave it up to the current language pack to decide (some languages have different conventions).';
49aafb90 227$string['configgdversion'] = 'Indicate the version of GD that is installed. The version shown by default is the one that has been auto-detected. Don\'t change this unless you really know what you\'re doing.';
b7e96b0a 228$string['configgeoipfile'] = 'Location of GeoIP City binary data file. This file is not part of Moodle distribution and must be obtained separately from <a href="http://www.maxmind.com/">MaxMind</a>. You can either buy a commercial version or use the free version.<br />Simply download <a href="http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCity.dat.gz" >http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCity.dat.gz</a> and extract it into "{$a}" directory on your server.';
1baac464 229$string['configgetremoteaddrconf'] = 'If your server is behind a reverse proxy, you can use this setting to specify which HTTP headers can be trusted to contain the remote IP address. The headers are read in order, using the first one that is available.';
304d08f0 230$string['configgradebookroles'] = 'This setting allows you to control who appears on the gradebook. Users need to have at least one of these roles in a course to be shown in the gradebook for that course.';
30c8dd34 231$string['configgradeexport'] = 'Choose which gradebook export formats are your primary methods for exporting grades. Chosen plugins will then set and use a "last exported" field for every grade. For example, this might result in exported records being identified as being "new" or "updated". If you are not sure about this then leave everything unchecked.';
4de3322d 232$string['confighiddenuserfields'] = 'Select which user information fields you wish to hide from other users other than course teachers/admins. This will increase student privacy. Hold CTRL key to select multiple fields.';
49aafb90 233$string['configidnumber'] = 'This option specifies whether (a) Users are not be asked for an ID number at all, (b) Users are asked for an ID number but can leave it blank or (c) Users are asked for an ID Number and cannot leave it blank. If given the User\'s ID number is displayed in their Profile.';
234$string['configintro'] = 'On this page you can specify a number of configuration variables that help make Moodle work properly on your server. Don\'t worry too much about it - the defaults will usually work fine and you can always come back to this page later and change these settings.';
235$string['configintroadmin'] = 'On this page you should configure your main administrator account which will have complete control over the site. Make sure you give it a secure username and password as well as a valid email address. You can create more admin accounts later on.';
8f8ed475 236$string['configintrosite'] = 'This page allows you to configure the front page and name of this new site. You can come back here later to change these settings any time using the Administration menus.';
304d08f0 237$string['configiplookup'] = 'When you click on an IP address (such as, such as in the logs, you are shown a map with a best guess of where that IP is located. There are different plugins for this that you can choose from, each has benefits and disadvantages.';
98b5789d 238$string['configkeeptagnamecase'] = 'Check this if you want tag names to keep the original casing as entered by users who created them';
8339a019 239$string['configlang'] = 'Choose a default language for the whole site. Users can override this setting using the language menu or the setting in their personal profile.';
e641b745 240$string['configlangstringcache'] = 'Caches all the language strings into compiled files in the data directory. If you are translating Moodle or changing strings in the Moodle source code then you may want to switch this off. Otherwise leave it on to see performance benefits.';
49aafb90 241$string['configlanglist'] = 'Leave this blank to allow users to choose from any language you have in this installation of Moodle. However, you can shorten the language menu by entering a comma-separated list of language codes that you want. For example: en,es_es,fr,it';
242$string['configlangmenu'] = 'Choose whether or not you want to display the general-purpose language menu on the home page, login page etc. This does not affect the user\'s ability to set the preferred language in their own profile.';
195e90f9 243$string['configlatinexcelexport'] = 'Choose the encoding for Excel exports.';
be933850 244$string['configlocale'] = 'Choose a sitewide locale - this will override the format and language of dates for all language packs (though names of days in calendar are not affected). You need to have this locale data installed on your operating system (eg for linux en_US.UTF-8 or es_ES.UTF-8). In most cases this field should be left blank.';
49aafb90 245$string['configloginhttps'] = 'Turning this on will make Moodle use a secure https connection just for the login page (providing a secure login), and then afterwards revert back to the normal http URL for general speed. CAUTION: this setting REQUIRES https to be specifically enabled on the web server - if it is not then YOU COULD LOCK YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR SITE.';
cea67da0 246$string['configloglifetime'] = 'This specifies the length of time you want to keep logs about user activity. Logs that are older than this age are automatically deleted. It is best to keep logs as long as possible, in case you need them, but if you have a very busy server and are experiencing performance problems, then you may want to lower the log lifetime. Values lower than 30 are not recommended because statistics may not work properly.';
4de3322d 247$string['configlookahead'] = 'Days to look ahead';
4de3322d 248$string['configmaxbytes'] = 'This specifies a maximum size that uploaded files can be throughout the whole site. This setting is limited by the PHP settings post_max_size and upload_max_filesize, as well as the Apache setting LimitRequestBody. In turn, maxbytes limits the range of sizes that can be chosen at course level or module level. If \'Server Limit\' is chosen, the server maximum allowed by the server will be used.';
30c8dd34 249$string['configmaxconsecutiveidentchars'] = 'Passwords must not have more than this number of consecutive identical characters. Use 0 to disable this check.';
49aafb90 250$string['configmaxeditingtime'] = 'This specifies the amount of time people have to re-edit forum postings, glossary comments etc. Usually 30 minutes is a good value.';
304d08f0 251$string['configmaxevents'] = 'Events to Lookahead';
49aafb90 252$string['configmessaging'] = 'Should the messaging system between site users be enabled?';
84f533b3 253$string['configmessagingallowemailoverride'] = 'Allow users to have email message notifications sent to an email address other than the email address in their profile';
a813a748 254$string['configmessaginghidereadnotifications'] = 'Hide read notifications of events like forum posts when viewing messaging history';
212badff 255$string['configmessagingdeletereadnotificationsdelay'] = 'Read notifications can be deleted to save space. How long after a notification is read can it be deleted?';
83022298 256$string['configminpassworddigits'] = 'Passwords must have at least these many digits.';
257$string['configminpasswordlength'] = 'Passwords must be at least these many characters long.';
258$string['configminpasswordlower'] = 'Passwords must have at least these many lower case letters.';
259$string['configminpasswordnonalphanum'] = 'Passwords must have at least these many non-alphanumeric characters.';
260$string['configminpasswordupper'] = 'Passwords must have at least these many upper case letters.';
5252ec82 261$string['configmobilecssurl'] = 'A CSS file to customise your mobile app interface.';
945a81a9 262$string['configmodchooserdefault'] = 'Should the activity chooser be presented to users by default?';
f54217e0 263$string['configmycoursesperpage'] = 'Maximum number of courses to display in any list of a user\'s own courses';
3b27b0fe 264$string['configmymoodleredirect'] = 'This setting forces redirects to /my on login for non-admins and replaces the top level site navigation with /my';
03d9401e 265$string['configmypagelocked'] = 'This setting prevents the default page from being edited by any non-admins';
4766a50c 266$string['confignavcourselimit'] = 'Limits the number of courses shown to the user when they are either not logged in or are not enrolled in any courses.';
89eee2f3 267$string['confignavshowallcourses'] = 'If enabled users will see courses they are enrolled in both within the My Courses branch and the course structure. When disabled users with enrolments will only see the My Courses branch of the navigaiton. The number of course shown would still be limited by "Course limit(navcourselimit)" setting when user is either not logged in or not enrolled in any course.';
ba2789c1 268$string['confignavshowcategories'] = 'Show course categories in the navigation bar and navigation blocks. This does not occur with courses the user is currently enrolled in, they will still be listed under mycourses without categories.';
49aafb90 269$string['confignotifyloginfailures'] = 'If login failures have been recorded, email notifications can be sent out. Who should see these notifications?';
270$string['confignotifyloginthreshold'] = 'If notifications about failed logins are active, how many failed login attempts by one user or one IP address is it worth notifying about?';
304d08f0 271$string['confignotloggedinroleid'] = 'Users who are not logged in to the site will be treated as if they have this role granted to them at the site context. Guest is almost always what you want here, but you might want to create roles that are less or more restrictive. Things like creating posts still require the user to log in properly.';
49aafb90 272$string['configopentogoogle'] = 'If you enable this setting, then Google will be allowed to enter your site as a Guest. In addition, people coming in to your site via a Google search will automatically be logged in as a Guest. Note that this only provides transparent access to courses that already allow guest access.';
220a90c5 273$string['configoverride'] = 'Defined in config.php';
30c8dd34 274$string['configpasswordpolicy'] = 'Turning this on will make Moodle check user passwords against a valid password policy. Use the settings below to specify your policy (they will be ignored if you set this to \'No\').';
49aafb90 275$string['configpathtoclam'] = 'Path to clam AV. Probably something like /usr/bin/clamscan or /usr/bin/clamdscan. You need this in order for clam AV to run.';
276$string['configpathtodu'] = 'Path to du. Probably something like /usr/bin/du. If you enter this, pages that display directory contents will run much faster for directories with a lot of files.';
277$string['configperfdebug'] = 'If you turn this on, performance info will be printed in the footer of the standard theme';
30c8dd34 278$string['configprofileroles'] = 'List of roles that are visible on user profiles and participation page.';
acd0d53e 279$string['configprofilesforenrolledusersonly'] = 'To prevent misuse by spammers, profile descriptions of users who are not yet enrolled in any course are hidden. New users must enrol in at least one course before they can add a profile description.';
43149d3a 280$string['configprotectusernames'] = 'By default forget_password.php does not display any hints that would allow guessing of usernames or email addresses.';
9bc760f2 281$string['configproxybypass'] = 'Comma separated list of (partial) hostnames or IPs that should bypass proxy (e.g., 192.168., .mydomain.com)';
5f8bdc17 282$string['configproxyhost'] = 'If this <b>server</b> needs to use a proxy computer (eg a firewall) to access the Internet, then provide the proxy hostname here. Otherwise leave it blank.';
283$string['configproxypassword'] = 'Password needed to access internet through proxy if required, empty if none (PHP cURL extension required).';
304d08f0 284$string['configproxyport'] = 'If this server needs to use a proxy computer, then provide the proxy port here.';
5f8bdc17 285$string['configproxytype'] = 'Type of web proxy (PHP5 and cURL extension required for SOCKS5 support).';
30c8dd34 286$string['configproxyuser'] = 'Username needed to access internet through proxy if required, empty if none (PHP cURL extension required).';
253051dc 287$string['configquarantinedir'] = 'If you want clam AV to move infected files to a quarantine directory, enter it here. It must be writable by the webserver. If you leave this blank, or if you enter a directory that doesn\'t exist or isn\'t writable, infected files will be deleted. Do not include a trailing slash.';
288$string['configrecaptchaprivatekey'] = 'String of characters used to communicate between your Moodle server and the recaptcha server. Obtain one for this site by visiting http://www.google.com/recaptcha';
289$string['configrecaptchapublickey'] = 'String of characters used to display the reCAPTCHA element in the signup form. Generated by http://www.google.com/recaptcha';
59b9a140 290$string['configrequestcategoryselection'] = 'Allow the selection of a category when requesting a course.';
49aafb90 291$string['configrequestedstudentname'] = 'Word for student used in requested courses';
292$string['configrequestedstudentsname'] = 'Word for students used in requested courses';
304d08f0 293$string['configrequestedteachername'] = 'Word for teacher used in requested courses';
294$string['configrequestedteachersname'] = 'Word for teachers used in requested courses';
30c8dd34 295$string['configrequiremodintro'] = 'Disable this option if you do not want to force users to enter description of each activity.';
304d08f0 296$string['configrunclamavonupload'] = 'When enabled, clam AV will be used to scan all uploaded files.';
49aafb90 297$string['configrunclamonupload'] = 'Run clam AV on file upload? You will need a correct path in pathtoclam for this to work. (Clam AV is a free virus scanner that you can get from http://www.clamav.net/)';
7bab5279 298$string['configuserquota'] = 'The maximum number of bytes that a user can store in their own private file area. {$a->bytes} bytes == {$a->displaysize}';
49aafb90 299$string['configsectioninterface'] = 'Interface';
300$string['configsectionmail'] = 'Mail';
301$string['configsectionmaintenance'] = 'Maintenance';
302$string['configsectionmisc'] = 'Miscellaneous';
004bd0cc 303$string['configsectionoperatingsystem'] = 'Operating system';
49aafb90 304$string['configsectionpermissions'] = 'Permissions';
305$string['configsectionrequestedcourse'] = 'Course requests';
306$string['configsectionsecurity'] = 'Security';
307$string['configsectionstats'] = 'Statistics';
308$string['configsectionuser'] = 'User';
309$string['configsecureforms'] = 'Moodle can use an additional level of security when accepting data from web forms. If this is enabled, then the browser\'s HTTP_REFERER variable is checked against the current form address. In a very few cases this can cause problems if the user is using a firewall (eg Zonealarm) configured to strip HTTP_REFERER from their web traffic. Symptoms are getting \'stuck\' on a form. If your users are having problems with the login page (for example) you might want to disable this setting, although it might leave your site more open to brute-force password attacks. If in doubt, leave this set to \'Yes\'.';
310$string['configsessioncookie'] = 'This setting customises the name of the cookie used for Moodle sessions. This is optional, and only useful to avoid cookies being confused when there is more than one copy of Moodle running within the same web site.';
e6e13284 311$string['configsessioncookiedomain'] = 'This allows you to change the domain that the Moodle cookies are available from. This is useful for Moodle customisations (e.g. authentication or enrolment plugins) that need to share Moodle session information with a web application on another subdomain. <strong>WARNING: it is strongly recommended to leave this setting at the default (empty) - an incorrect value will prevent all logins to the site.</strong>';
29d218ce 312$string['configsessioncookiepath'] = 'If you need to change where browsers send the Moodle cookies, you can change this setting to specify a subdirectory of your web site. Otherwise the default \'/\' should be fine.';
49aafb90 313$string['configsessiontimeout'] = 'If people logged in to this site are idle for a long time (without loading pages) then they are automatically logged out (their session is ended). This variable specifies how long this time should be.';
e73b527c 314$string['configshowicalsource'] = 'Show source information for ical events.';
db954aba 315$string['configshowcommentscount'] = 'Show comments count, it will cost one more query when display comments link';
304d08f0 316$string['configshowsiteparticipantslist'] = 'All of these site students and site teachers will be listed on the site participants list. Who shall be allowed to see this site participants list?';
317$string['configsitedefaultlicense'] = 'Default site licence';
318$string['configsitedefaultlicensehelp'] = 'The default licence for publishing content on this site';
5735fefc 319$string['configsitemaxcategorydepth'] = 'Maximum category depth';
30c8dd34 320$string['configsitemaxcategorydepthhelp'] = 'This specifies the maximum depth of child categories shown';
848917d1 321$string['configslasharguments'] = 'Files (images, uploads etc) are provided via a script using \'slash arguments\'. This method allows files to be more easily cached in web browsers, proxy servers etc. Unfortunately, some PHP servers don\'t allow this method, so if you have trouble viewing uploaded files or images (eg user pictures), disable this setting.';
24c66531 322$string['configsmartpix'] = 'With this on, icons are served through a PHP script that searches the current theme, then all parent themes, then the Moodle /pix folder. This reduces the need to duplicate image files within themes, but has a slight performance cost.';
6d746b98 323$string['configstartwday'] = 'Start of week';
49aafb90 324$string['configstatsfirstrun'] = 'This specifies how far back the logs should be processed <b>the first time</b> the cronjob wants to process statistics. If you have a lot of traffic and are on shared hosting, it\'s probably not a good idea to go too far back, as it could take a long time to run and be quite resource intensive. (Note that for this setting, 1 month = 28 days. In the graphs and reports generated, 1 month = 1 calendar month.)';
325$string['configstatsmaxruntime'] = 'Stats processing can be quite intensive, so use a combination of this field and the next one to specify when it will run and how long for.';
5e7206a8 326$string['configstatsmaxruntime2'] = 'Stats processing can be quite intensive, specify maximum time allowed for gathering of one day of statistics. Maximum number of days processed in one cron execution is 31.';
327$string['configstatsmaxruntime3'] = 'Specify the maximum time allowed to calculate the statistics for one day, bearing in mind that stats processing can put a big load on the server. The maximum number of days processed in one cron can be specified below.';
328$string['configstatsruntimedays'] = 'Specify the maximum number of days processed in each stats execution. When stats are up-to-date, only one day will be processed, so adjust this value depending of your server load, reducing it if shorter cron executions are needed.';
61460dd6 329$string['configstatsruntimestart'] = 'What time should the cronjob that does the stats processing <b>start</b>? Please specify different times if there are multiple Moodles on one physical server.';
6d746b98 330$string['configstatsuserthreshold'] = 'This setting specifies the minimum number of enrolled users for a course to be included in statistics calculations.';
7b5702b6 331$string['configstrictformsrequired'] = 'If enabled, users are prevented from entering a space or line break only in required fields in forms.';
07e853e9 332$string['configstripalltitletags'] = 'Uncheck this setting to allow HTML tags in activity and resource names.';
dceaf5bf 333$string['configsupportemail'] = 'This email address will be published to users of this site as the one to email when they need general help (for example, when new users create their own accounts). If this email is left blank then no such helpful email address is supplied.';
334$string['configsupportname'] = 'This is the name of a person or other entity offering general help via the support email or web address.';
335$string['configsupportpage'] = 'This web address will be published to users of this site as the one to go to when they need general help (for example, when new users create their own accounts). If this address is left blank then no link will be supplied.';
6c2e2008 336$string['configthemedesignermode'] = 'Normally all theme images and style sheets are cached in browsers and on the server for a very long time, for performance. If you are designing themes or developing code then you probably want to turn this mode on so that you are not served cached versions. Warning: this will make your site slower for all users! Alternatively, you can also reset the theme caches manually from the Theme selection page.';
770fef0a 337$string['configthemelist'] = 'Leave this blank to allow any valid theme to be used. If you want to shorten the theme menu, you can specify a comma-separated list of names here (Don\'t use spaces!).
49aafb90 338For example: standard,orangewhite.';
30c8dd34 339$string['configtimezone'] = 'You can set the default timezone here. This is the only the DEFAULT timezone for displaying dates - each user can override this by setting their own in their profile. "Server time" here will make Moodle default to the server\'s operating system setting, but "Server time" in the user profile will make the user default to this timezone setting. Cronjobs that depend on a time of day to run will use this timezone.';
30c8dd34 340$string['configuseblogassociations'] = 'Should users be able to organize their blog by associating entries with courses and course modules?';
47932f49 341$string['configuseexternalyui'] = 'Instead of using local files, use online files available on Yahoo&#145;s servers. WARNING: This requires an internet connection, or no AJAX will work on your site. This setting is not compatible with sites using https.';
016ba638 342$string['configusesitenameforsitepages'] = 'If enabled the site\'s shortname will be used for the site pages node in the navigation rather than the string \'Site pages\'';
9db103e9 343$string['configusetags'] = 'Should tags functionality across the site be enabled?';
49aafb90 344$string['configvariables'] = 'Variables';
bff34a67 345$string['configverifychangedemail'] = 'Enables verification of changed email addresses using allowed and denied email domains settings. If this setting is disabled the domains are enforced only when creating new users.';
30c8dd34 346$string['configvisiblecourses'] = 'Display courses in hidden categories normally';
49aafb90 347$string['configwarning'] = 'Be careful modifying these settings - strange values could cause problems.';
84d6e832 348$string['configyuicomboloading'] = 'This options enables combined file loading optimisation for YUI libraries. This setting should be enabled on production sites for performance reasons.';
49aafb90 349$string['confirmation'] = 'Confirmation';
34e20eb4 350$string['confirmdeletecomments'] = 'You are about to delete comments, are you sure?';
30c8dd34 351$string['confirmed'] = 'Confirmed';
cf4e7548 352$string['convertformat'] = '<i>convert</i> output format';
4ea8df21 353$string['cookiehttponly'] = 'Only http cookies';
354$string['cookiesecure'] = 'Secure cookies only';
304d08f0 355$string['country'] = 'Default country';
356$string['coursecontact'] = 'Course contacts';
357$string['coursecontact_desc'] = 'This setting allows you to control who appears on the course description. Users need to have at least one of these roles in a course to be shown on the course description for that course.';
358$string['courselistshortnames'] = 'Display extended course names';
359$string['courselistshortnames_desc'] = 'When showing lists of courses, or when referring to courses on administration screens, show the course short name as well as the full name. In fact, when you turn this setting on, the display uses the \'courseextendednamedisplay\' language string, so you can changewhat is displayed using Language customisation.';
304d08f0 360$string['coursemgmt'] = 'Add/edit courses';
361$string['courseoverview'] = 'Course overview';
e452210a 362$string['courserequestnotify'] = 'Course request notification';
30c8dd34 363$string['courserequestnotifyemail'] = 'User {$a->user} requested a new course at {$a->link}';
5735fefc 364$string['courserequests'] = 'Course requests';
e452210a 365$string['courserequestspending'] = 'Pending course requests';
304d08f0 366$string['courses'] = 'Courses';
367$string['coursesperpage'] = 'Courses per page';
3b7bfbb5 368$string['courseswithsummarieslimit'] = 'Courses with summaries limit';
5e992f56 369$string['creatornewroleid'] = 'Creators\' role in new courses';
25b355b6 370$string['creatornewroleid_help'] = 'If the user does not already have the permission to manage the new course, the user is automatically enrolled using this role.';
371$string['cron'] = 'Cron';
372$string['cron_help'] = 'The cron.php maintenance script assists some of Moodle\'s modules to perform tasks on a scheduled basis, such as mailing out copies of new forum posts. A mechanism is required to run the script regularly e.g. every 5 minutes.';
373$string['cron_link'] = 'admin/cron';
e08df351 374$string['cronclionly'] = 'Cron execution via command line only';
375$string['cronerrorclionly'] = 'Sorry, internet access to this page has been disabled by the administrator.';
376$string['cronerrorpassword'] = 'Sorry, you have not provided a valid password to access this page';
377$string['cronremotepassword'] = 'Cron password for remote access';
30c8dd34 378$string['cronwarning'] = 'The <a href="cron.php">cron.php maintenance script</a> has not been run for at least 24 hours.';
bbbfc057 379$string['ctyperecommended'] = 'Installing the optional ctype PHP extension is highly recommended in order to improve site performance, particularly if your site is supporting non-latin languages.';
380$string['ctyperequired'] = 'The ctype PHP extension is now required by Moodle, in order to improve site performance and to offer multilingual compatibility.';
5430f05b 381$string['curlcache'] = 'cURL cache TTL';
5f8bdc17 382$string['curlrecommended'] = 'Installing the optional cURL library is highly recommended in order to enable Moodle Networking functionality.';
2b4e3545 383$string['curlrequired'] = 'The cURL PHP extension is now required by Moodle, in order to communicate with Moodle repositories.';
384$string['curltimeoutkbitrate'] = 'Bitrate to use when calculating cURL timeouts (Kbps)';
385$string['curltimeoutkbitrate_help'] = 'This setting is used to calculate an appropriate timeout during large cURL requests. As part of this calculation an HTTP HEAD request is made to determine the size of the content. Setting this to 0 disables this request from being made.';
604cb179 386$string['currenttheme'] = 'Current theme';
5735fefc 387$string['customcheck'] = 'Other checks';
388$string['custommenu'] = 'Custom menu';
389$string['custommenuitems'] = 'Custom menu items';
bba0beae 390$string['datarootsecurityerror'] = '<p><strong>SECURITY WARNING!</strong></p><p>Your dataroot directory is in the wrong location and is exposed to the web. This means that all your private files are available to anyone in the world, and some of them could be used by a cracker to obtain unauthorised administrative access to your site!</p>
391<p>You <em>must</em> move dataroot directory ({$a}) to a new location that is not within your public web directory, and update the <code>$CFG->dataroot</code> setting in your config.php accordingly.</p>';
392$string['datarootsecuritywarning'] = 'Your site configuration might not be secure. Please make sure that your dataroot directory ({$a}) is not directly accessible via web.';
5735fefc 393$string['dbmigrate'] = 'Moodle database migration';
cb8229d0 394$string['dbmigrateconnecerror'] = 'Could not connect to the database specified.';
395$string['dbmigrateencodingerror'] = 'The database specified has encoding {$a} rather than required UNICODE/UTF8.<br />Please specify another.';
396$string['dbmigratepostgres'] = 'It seems that you are using PostgreSQL as the database server. To continue the migration process you need to manually create a new database with encoding "UNICODE"(PostgreSQL 7) or "UTF8" (PostgreSQL 8) to store the migrated data. Please enter your new database connection settings below to continue:';
4de3322d 397$string['dbmigratewarning'] = 'Please make sure that you have backed up your Moodle database before commencing this procedure. If you are unsure of how to do that, please contact your system admin. Your Moodle site will be put under maintenance mode after you start the migration process';
304d08f0 398$string['dbmigratewarning2'] = '<b>Warning: You are about to start the database migration process. Please be very sure that your entire Moodle database is backed up.</b>';
399$string['dbmigrationdeprecateddb'] = '<font color="#ff0000">This database is migrated to a new UTF8 database and deprecated. Please edit your config.php and use the new database for this moodle.</font>';
400$string['dbmigrationdupfailed'] = 'Database duplication failed with possible error:<font color="#ff0000"><pre>{$a}</pre></font>';
304d08f0 401$string['dbsessions'] = 'Use database for session information';
402$string['debug'] = 'Debug messages';
7eb0b60a 403$string['debugall'] = 'ALL: Show all reasonable PHP debug messages';
404$string['debugdeveloper'] = 'DEVELOPER: extra Moodle debug messages for developers';
30c8dd34 405$string['debugdisplay'] = 'Display debug messages';
304d08f0 406$string['debugging'] = 'Debugging';
407$string['debugminimal'] = 'MINIMAL: Show only fatal errors';
408$string['debugnone'] = 'NONE: Do not show any errors or warnings';
409$string['debugnormal'] = 'NORMAL: Show errors, warnings and notices';
360dde50 410$string['debugpageinfo'] = 'Show page information';
411$string['debugsmtp'] = 'Debug email sending';
412$string['debugstringids'] = 'Show origin of languages strings';
2e98ae02 413$string['debugstringids_desc'] = 'This option is designed to help translators. When this option is enabled, if you add the parameter strings=1 to a request URL, it will show the language file and string id beside each string that is output.';
360dde50 414$string['debugvalidators'] = 'Show validator links';
415$string['defaultcity'] = 'Default city';
416$string['defaultcity_help'] = 'A city entered here will be the default city when creating new user accounts.';
3776335c 417$string['defaultformatnotset'] = 'Error determining default course format. Please check site settings.';
4766a50c 418$string['defaulthomepage'] = 'Default home page for users';
304d08f0 419$string['defaultrequestcategory'] = 'Default category for course requests';
30c8dd34 420$string['defaultsettinginfo'] = 'Default: {$a}';
304d08f0 421$string['defaultuserroleid'] = 'Default role for all users';
422$string['deletefilterareyousure'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the filter \'{$a}\'';
423$string['deletefilterareyousuremessage'] = 'You are about to completely delete the filter \'{$a}\'. Are you sure you want to uninstall it?';
424$string['deletefilterfiles'] = 'All data associated with the filter \'{$a->filter}\' has been deleted from the database. To complete the deletion (and to prevent the filter from re-installing itself), you should now delete this directory from your server: {$a->directory}';
a4a57da9 425$string['deleteincompleteusers'] = 'Delete incomplete users after';
426$string['deleteunconfirmed'] = 'Delete not fully setup users after';
38d2d43b 427$string['deleteuser'] = 'Delete user';
30c8dd34 428$string['deletingfilter'] = 'Deleting filter \'{$a}\'';
49aafb90 429$string['density'] = 'Density';
304d08f0 430$string['denyemailaddresses'] = 'Denied email domains';
b032b490 431$string['development'] = 'Development';
432$string['devicedetectregex'] = 'Device detection regular expressions';
433$string['devicedetectregex_desc'] = '<p>By default, Moodle can detect devices of the type default (desktop PCs, laptops, etc), mobile (phones and small hand held devices), tablet (iPads, Android tablets) and legacy (Internet Explorer 6 users). The theme selector can be used to apply separate themes to all of these. This setting allows regular expressions that allow the detection of extra device types (these take precedence over the default types).</p>
1d16e927 434<p>For example, you could enter the regular expression \'/(MIDP-1.0|Maemo|Windows CE)/\' to detect some commonly used feature phones add the return value \'featurephone\'. This adds \'featurephone\' on the theme selector that would allow you to add a theme that would be used on these devices. Other phones would still use the theme selected for the mobile device type.</p>';
435$string['devicedetectregexexpression'] = 'Regular expression';
436$string['devicedetectregexvalue'] = 'Return value';
437$string['devicetype'] = 'Device type';
7bab5279 438$string['disableuserimages'] = 'Disable user profile images';
b3732604 439$string['displayerrorswarning'] = 'Enabling the PHP setting <em>display_errors</em> is not recommended on production sites because some error messages may reveal sensitive information about your server.';
304d08f0 440$string['displayloginfailures'] = 'Display login failures to';
1ddc3d1f 441$string['dndallowtextandlinks'] = 'Drag and drop upload of text/links';
304d08f0 442$string['docroot'] = 'Moodle Docs document root';
443$string['doctonewwindow'] = 'Open in new window';
49aafb90 444$string['download'] = 'Download';
445$string['edithelpdocs'] = 'Edit help documents';
1510efa2 446$string['editingnoncorelangfile'] = 'You are trying to modify translation of an add-on module/plugin. You can save translation of 3rd party modules in your _local folder only. You may want to move the file with translation into the module\'s lang directory and/or send it to the maintainer of the add-on module.';
2dbc40f4 447$string['editlang'] = '<b>Edit</b>';
304d08f0 448$string['editorbackgroundcolor'] = 'Background color';
42424a46 449$string['editordictionary'] = 'Editor dictionary';
304d08f0 450$string['editorfontfamily'] = 'Font family';
451$string['editorfontlist'] = 'Font list';
452$string['editorfontsize'] = 'Font size';
453$string['editorhidebuttons'] = 'Hidden buttons';
454$string['editorkillword'] = 'Word format filter';
42424a46 455$string['editorspelling'] = 'Editor spelling';
30c8dd34 456$string['editorspellinghelp'] = 'Enable or disable spell-checking. When enabled, <strong>aspell</strong> must be installed on the server.';
1bfb0c61 457$string['editstrings'] = 'Edit words or phrases';
d6ace123 458$string['emailchangeconfirmation'] = 'Email change confirmation';
459$string['emoticontext'] = 'Text';
460$string['emoticonimagename'] = 'Image name';
461$string['emoticonalt'] = 'Alternative text';
462$string['emoticoncomponent'] = 'Image component';
93c61c18 463$string['emoticons'] = 'Emoticons';
464$string['emoticons_desc'] = 'This form defines the emoticons (or smileys) used at your site. To remove a row from the table, save the form with an empty value in any of the required fields. To register a new emoticon, fill the fields in the last blank row. To reset all the fields into default values, follow the link above.
466* Text (required) - This text will be replaced with the emoticon image. It must be at least two characters long.
467* Image name (required) - The emoticon image file name without the extension, relative to the component pix folder.
468* Image component (required) - The component providing the icon.
469* Alternative text (optional) - String identifier and component of the alternative text of the emoticon.';
470$string['emoticonsreset'] = 'Reset emoticons setting to default values';
220a90c5 471$string['emptysettingvalue'] = 'Empty';
304d08f0 472$string['enableajax'] = 'Enable AJAX';
850d2db8 473$string['enableblogs'] = 'Enable blogs';
dbf9d4cb 474$string['enablecalendarexport'] = 'Enable calendar export';
1bcb7eb5 475$string['enablecomments'] = 'Enable comments';
30c8dd34 476$string['enablecourserequests'] = 'Enable course requests';
6bbd4858 477$string['enablecssoptimiser'] = 'Enable CSS optimiser';
42e4100b 478$string['enablecssoptimiser_desc'] = 'When enabled CSS will be run through an optimisation process before being cached. The optimiser processes the CSS removing duplicate rules and styles, as well as white space removable and reformatting. Please note turning this on at the same time as theme designer mode is awful for performance but will help theme designers create optimised CSS.';
37959dd4 479$string['enabledevicedetection'] = 'Enable device detection';
480$string['enablegravatar'] = 'Enable Gravatar';
481$string['enablegravatar_help'] = 'When enabled Moodle will attempt to fetch a user profile picture from Gravatar if the user has not uploaded an image.';
98da6021 482$string['enablegroupmembersonly'] = 'Enable group members only';
61935d8e 483$string['enablemobilewebservice'] = 'Enable web services for mobile devices';
7bab5279 484$string['enablerecordcache'] = 'Enable record cache';
304d08f0 485$string['enablerssfeeds'] = 'Enable RSS feeds';
7d4dfc48 486$string['enablesafebrowserintegration'] = 'Enable Safe Exam Browser integration';
304d08f0 487$string['enablestats'] = 'Enable statistics';
7bab5279 488$string['enabletrusttext'] = 'Enable trusted content';
884f46c9 489$string['enablewebservices'] = 'Enable web services';
7886efc4 490$string['enablewsdocumentation'] = 'Web services documentation';
491$string['enrolinstancedefaults'] = 'Enrolment instance defaults';
492$string['enrolinstancedefaults_desc'] = 'Default enrolment settings in new courses.';
51471f2a 493$string['enrolmultipleusers'] = 'Enrol the users';
49aafb90 494$string['environment'] = 'Environment';
495$string['environmenterrortodo'] = 'You must solve all the environmental problems (errors) found above before proceeding to install this Moodle version!';
c3c56974 496$string['environmenterrorupgrade'] = 'Warning: you should solve all the environmental problems (errors) found above before proceeding to upgrade this Moodle version! Upgrading without fixing these requirements could cause problems such as data loss. Are you sure you want to continue with the upgrade?';
f404df92 497$string['environmentmustfixsetting'] = 'PHP setting must be changed.';
29461961 498$string['environmentok'] = 'Your server environment meets all minimum requirements.';
ce5f4578 499$string['environmentrecommendcustomcheck'] = 'if this test fails, it indicates a potential problem';
500$string['environmentrecommendinstall'] = 'should be installed and enabled for best results';
30c8dd34 501$string['environmentrecommendversion'] = 'version {$a->needed} is recommended and you are running {$a->current}';
ce5f4578 502$string['environmentrequirecustomcheck'] = 'this test must pass';
503$string['environmentrequireinstall'] = 'must be installed and enabled';
504$string['environmentrequireversion'] = 'version {$a->needed} is required and you are running {$a->current}';
505$string['environmentsettingok'] = 'recommended setting detected';
506$string['environmentshouldfixsetting'] = 'PHP setting should be changed.';
507$string['environmentxmlerror'] = 'Error reading environment data ({$a->error_code})';
508$string['errordeletingconfig'] = 'An error occurred while deleting the configuration records for plugin \'{$a}\'.';
304d08f0 509$string['errorsetting'] = 'Could not save setting:';
220a90c5 510$string['errorwithsettings'] = 'Some settings were not changed due to an error.';
30c8dd34 511$string['everyonewhocan'] = 'Everyone who can \'{$a}\'';
4b600aa0 512$string['exceptions'] = 'exceptions';
304d08f0 513$string['experimental'] = 'Experimental';
3b49f849 514$string['experimentalsettings'] = 'Experimental settings';
304d08f0 515$string['extendedusernamechars'] = 'Allow extended characters in usernames';
c6e1d6af 516$string['extramemorylimit'] = 'Extra PHP memory limit';
a825fec7 517$string['fatalmagicquotesruntime'] = '<p>Serious configuration error detected, please notify server administrator.</p><p> To operate properly, Moodle requires that administrator changes PHP settings.</p><p><code>magic_quotes_runtime</code> must be set to <code>off</code>.</p><p>This setting is controlled by editing <code>php.ini</code>, Apache/IIS <br />configuration or <code>.htaccess</code> file on the server.</p>';
30c8dd34 518$string['fatalsessionautostart'] = '<p>Serious configuration error detected, please notify server administrator.</p><p> To operate properly, Moodle requires that administrator changes PHP settings.</p><p><code>session.auto_start</code> must be set to <code>off</code>.</p><p>This setting is controlled by editing <code>php.ini</code>, Apache/IIS <br />configuration or <code>.htaccess</code> file on the server.</p>';
5d6993b1 519$string['filecreated'] = 'New file created';
520$string['filestoredin'] = 'Save file into folder :';
521$string['filestoredinhelp'] = 'Where the file will be stored';
49aafb90 522$string['filterall'] = 'Filter all strings';
523$string['filtermatchoneperpage'] = 'Filter match once per page';
524$string['filtermatchonepertext'] = 'Filter match once per text';
0f74bb01 525$string['filters'] = 'Filters';
220a90c5 526$string['filtersettings'] = 'Manage filters';
527$string['filtersettingsgeneral'] = 'General filter settings';
49aafb90 528$string['filteruploadedfiles'] = 'Filter uploaded files';
304d08f0 529$string['forcelogin'] = 'Force users to login';
530$string['forceloginforprofileimage'] = 'Force users to login to view user pictures';
531$string['forceloginforprofileimage_help'] = 'If enabled, users must login in order to view user profile pictures and the default user picture will be used in all notification emails.';
304d08f0 532$string['forceloginforprofiles'] = 'Force users to login for profiles';
533$string['forcetimezone'] = 'Force default timezone';
534$string['formatuninstallwithcourses'] = 'There are {$a->count} courses using {$a->format}. Their format will be changed to {$a->defaultformat} (default format for this site). Some format-specific data may be lost. Are you sure you want to proceed?';
535$string['formatuninstallconfirm'] = '{$a} will be uninstalled. No courses currently use it. Continue?';
536$string['formatuninstalled'] = 'All data associated with the format plugin \'{$a->plugin}\' has been deleted from the database. To complete the deletion (and prevent the plugin re-installing itself), you should now delete this directory from your server: {$a->directory}';
537$string['frontpage'] = 'Front page';
538$string['frontpagebackup'] = 'Front page backup';
8e5da17a 539$string['frontpagedefaultrole'] = 'Default frontpage role';
0f74bb01 540$string['frontpagefilters'] = 'Front page filters';
304d08f0 541$string['frontpageloggedin'] = 'Front page items when logged in';
542$string['frontpageoverrides'] = 'Front page permission overrides';
543$string['frontpagequestions'] = 'Front page questions';
544$string['frontpagerestore'] = 'Front page restore';
545$string['frontpageroles'] = 'Front page roles';
546$string['frontpagesettings'] = 'Front page settings';
547$string['fullnamedisplay'] = 'Full name format';
3ad2bfed 548$string['gdrecommended'] = 'GD extension is used for conversion of images, some features such as user profile images will not be available if missing.';
304d08f0 549$string['gdversion'] = 'GD version';
550$string['generalsettings'] = 'General settings';
7bab5279 551$string['geoipfile'] = 'GeoIP city data file';
62ea712f 552$string['getremoteaddrconf'] = 'Logged IP address source';
49aafb90 553$string['globalsquoteswarning'] = '<p><strong>Security Warning</strong>: to operate properly, Moodle requires <br />that you make certain changes to your current PHP settings.<p/><p>You <em>must</em> set <code>register_globals=off</code> and/or <code>magic_quotes_gpc=on</code>. <br />If possible, you should set <code>register_globals=off</code> to improve general <br /> server security, setting <code>magic_quotes_gpc=on</code> is also recommended.<p/><p>These settings are controlled by editing your <code>php.ini</code>, Apache/IIS <br />configuration or <code>.htaccess</code> file.</p>';
bba0beae 554$string['globalswarning'] = '<p><strong>SECURITY WARNING!</strong></p><p> To operate properly, Moodle requires <br />that you make certain changes to your current PHP settings.</p><p>You <em>must</em> set <code>register_globals=off</code>.</p><p>This setting is controlled by editing your <code>php.ini</code>, Apache/IIS <br />configuration or <code>.htaccess</code> file.</p>';
555$string['groupenrolmentkeypolicy'] = 'Group enrolment key policy';
556$string['groupenrolmentkeypolicy_desc'] = 'Turning this on will make Moodle check group enrolment keys against a valid password policy.';
557$string['googlemapkey3'] = 'Google Maps API V3 key';
558$string['googlemapkey3_help'] = 'You need to enter a special key to use Google Maps for IP address lookup visualization. You can obtain the key free of charge at <a href="https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key" target="_blank">https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key</a>';
5d6993b1 559$string['gotofirst'] = 'Go to first missing string';
304d08f0 560$string['gradebook'] = 'Gradebook';
561$string['gradebookroles'] = 'Graded roles';
562$string['gravatardefaulturl'] = 'Gravatar default image URL';
563$string['gravatardefaulturl_help'] = 'Gravatar needs a default image to display if it is unable to find a picture for a given user. Provide a full URL for an image. If you leave this setting empty, Moodle will attempt to use the most appropriate default image for the page you are viewing. Note also that Gravatar has a number of codes which can be used to <a href="https://en.gravatar.com/site/implement/images/#default-image">generate default images</a>.';
6ba3d875 564$string['gradeexport'] = 'Primary grade export methods';
ebce32b5 565$string['guestroleid'] = 'Role for guest';
f0a25c37 566$string['guestroleid_help'] = 'This role is automatically assigned to the guest user. It is also temporarily assigned to not enrolled users that enter the course via guest enrolment plugin.';
49aafb90 567$string['helpadminseesall'] = 'Do admins see all calendar events or just those that apply to themselves?';
568$string['helpcalendarsettings'] = 'Configure various calendar and date/time-related aspects of Moodle';
569$string['helpcalendarcustomexport'] = 'Enable custom date range export option in calendar exports. Calendar exports must be enabled before this is effective.';
570$string['helpexportlookahead'] = 'How many days in the future does the calendar look for events during export for the custom export option?';
571$string['helpexportlookback'] = 'How many days in the past does the calendar look for events during export for the custom export option?';
49aafb90 572$string['helpforcetimezone'] = 'You can allow users to individually select their timezone, or force a timezone for everyone.';
e73b527c 573$string['helpshowicalsource'] = 'Enable this setting if you want to show the ical subscription name and link for ical imported events.';
49aafb90 574$string['helpsitemaintenance'] = 'For upgrades and other work';
575$string['helpstartofweek'] = 'Which day starts the week in the calendar?';
576$string['helpupcominglookahead'] = 'How many days in the future does the calendar look for upcoming events by default?';
577$string['helpupcomingmaxevents'] = 'How many (maximum) upcoming events are shown to users by default?';
30c8dd34 578$string['helpweekenddays'] = 'Which days of the week are treated as "weekend" and shown with a different colour?';
304d08f0 579$string['hiddenuserfields'] = 'Hide user fields';
d91f99a6 580$string['hidefromall'] = 'Hide from all users';
581$string['hidefromnone'] = 'Hide from nobody';
582$string['hidefromstudents'] = 'Hide from students';
1c63e174 583$string['htmleditor'] = 'HTML editor';
1d295d6c 584$string['htmleditorsettings'] = 'HTML editor settings';
8eb1d25f 585$string['htmlsettings'] = 'HTML settings';
304d08f0 586$string['http'] = 'HTTP';
587$string['httpsecurity'] = 'HTTP security';
b3245b75 588$string['hubs'] = 'Hubs';
30c8dd34 589$string['change'] = 'change';
590$string['checkboxno'] = 'No';
591$string['checkboxyes'] = 'Yes';
592$string['choosefiletoedit'] = 'Choose file to edit';
4de3322d 593$string['iconvrecommended'] = 'Installing the optional ICONV library is highly recommended in order to improve site performance, particularly if your site is supporting non-Latin languages.';
30d75d40 594$string['iconvrequired'] = 'Installing ICONV extension is required.';
ad0cf519 595$string['ignore'] = 'Ignore';
304d08f0 596$string['includemoduleuserdata'] = 'Include module user data';
688e209c 597$string['incompatibleblocks'] = 'Incompatible blocks';
df997f84 598$string['installhijacked'] = 'Installation must be finished from the original IP address, sorry.';
88582df4 599$string['installsessionerror'] = 'Can not initialise PHP session, please verify that your browser accepts cookies.';
8b0846f7 600$string['intlrecommended'] = 'Intl extension is used to improve internationalization support, such as locale aware sorting.';
601$string['invalidsection'] = 'Invalid section.';
602$string['invaliduserchangeme'] = 'Username "changeme" is reserved -- you cannot create an account with it.';
5035228f 603$string['ipblocked'] = 'This site is not available currently.';
604$string['ipblocker'] = 'IP blocker';
605$string['ipblockersyntax'] = 'Put every entry on one line. Valid entries are either full IP address (such as <b></b>) which matches a single host; or partial address (such as <b>192.168.</b>) which matches any address starting with those numbers; or CIDR notation (such as <b></b>); or a range of IP addresses (such as <b></b>) where the range applies to the last part of the address. Text domain names (like \'example.com\') are not supported. Blank lines are ignored.';
304d08f0 606$string['iplookup'] = 'IP address lookup';
8c6136a8 607$string['iplookupgeoplugin'] = '<a href="http://www.geoplugin.com">geoPlugin</a> service is currently being used to look up geographical information. For more accurate results we recommend installing a local copy of the MaxMind GeoLite database.';
30c8dd34 608$string['iplookupinfo'] = 'By default Moodle uses the free online NetGeo (The Internet Geographic Database) server to lookup location of IP addresses, unfortunately this database is not maintained anymore and may return <em>wildly incorrect</em> data.
7c09710c 609It is recommended to install local copy of free GeoLite City database from MaxMind.<br />
610IP address location is displayed on simple map or using Google Maps. Please note that you need to have a Google account and apply for free Google Maps API key to enable interactive maps.';
30c8dd34 611$string['iplookupmaxmindnote'] = 'This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from <a href="http://www.maxmind.com/">http://www.maxmind.com/</a>.';
98b5789d 612$string['keeptagnamecase'] = 'Keep tag name casing';
304d08f0 613$string['lang'] = 'Default language';
304d08f0 614$string['langcache'] = 'Cache language menu';
a9cbd19b 615$string['langcache_desc'] = 'Cache the language menu. If enabled, the list of available translations is cached. The cache is automatically refreshed when you install or delete a language pack via the in-built language packs management tool. If you install a new language pack manually, you have to use Purge all caches feature to refresh the cached list.';
304d08f0 616$string['langlist'] = 'Languages on language menu';
617$string['langmenu'] = 'Display language menu';
e3c21e8c 618$string['langpackwillbeupdated'] = 'NOTE: Moodle will try to download updates for your language packs during the upgrade.';
e641b745 619$string['langstringcache'] = 'Cache all language strings';
304d08f0 620$string['languagesettings'] = 'Language settings';
688e209c 621$string['latexpreamble'] = 'LaTeX preamble';
622$string['latexsettings'] = 'LaTeX renderer Settings';
195e90f9 623$string['latinexcelexport'] = 'Excel encoding';
624$string['legacyfilesinnewcourses'] = 'Legacy course files in new courses';
625$string['legacyfilesinnewcourses_help'] = 'By default legacy course files areas are available only in upgraded courses. Please note some features like single activity backup/restore are not compatible with this settings.';
79bb9d2d 626$string['licensesettings'] = 'Licence settings';
627$string['linkadmincategories'] = 'Link admin categories';
628$string['linkadmincategories_help'] = 'If enabled admin setting categories will be displayed as links in the navigation and will lead to the admin category pages.';
233b6ff9 629$string['loading'] = 'Loading';
304d08f0 630$string['localetext'] = 'Sitewide locale';
98240e51 631$string['localstringcustomization'] = 'Local string customization';
304d08f0 632$string['location'] = 'Location';
633$string['locationsettings'] = 'Location settings';
61ebef8f 634$string['locked'] = 'locked';
635$string['lockoutduration'] = 'Account lockout duration';
636$string['lockoutduration_desc'] = 'Locked out account is automatically unlocked after this duration.';
637$string['lockoutemailbody'] = 'Your account with username {$a->username} on server \'{$a->sitename}\'
638was locked out after multiple invalid login attempts.
640To unlock the account immediately go to the following address
644In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
645which you can just click on. If that doesn\'t work,
be5a3168 646then copy and paste the address into the address
647line at the top of your web browser window.
649If you need help, please contact the site administrator,
651$string['lockoutemailsubject'] = 'Your account on {$a} was locked out';
652$string['lockouterrorunlock'] = 'Invalid account unlock information supplied.';
653$string['lockoutthreshold'] = 'Account lockout threshold';
654$string['lockoutthreshold_desc'] = 'Select number of failed login attempts that result in account lockout. This feature may be abused in denial of service attacks.';
655$string['lockoutwindow'] = 'Account lockout observation window';
656$string['lockoutwindow_desc'] = 'Observation time for lockout threshold, if there are no failed attempts the threshold counter is reset after this time.';
304d08f0 657$string['log'] = 'Logs';
658$string['logguests'] = 'Log guest access';
659$string['logguests_help'] = 'This setting enables logging of actions by guest account and not logged in users. High profile sites may want to disable this logging for performance reasons. It is recommended to keep this setting enabled on production sites.';
304d08f0 660$string['loginhttps'] = 'Use HTTPS for logins';
661$string['loginpageautofocus'] = 'Autofocus login page form';
662$string['loginpageautofocus_help'] = 'Enabling this option improves usability of the login page, but automatically focusing fields may be considered an accessibility issue.';
4eaee2c8 663$string['loginpasswordautocomplete'] = 'Prevent password autocompletion on login form';
aa30d3e8 664$string['loginpasswordautocomplete_help'] = 'Having this off will let users save their account password in their browser. Switching this setting on will result in your site no longer following XHTML strict validation rules.';
304d08f0 665$string['loglifetime'] = 'Keep logs for';
c581c003 666$string['longtimewarning'] = '<b>Please note that this process can take a long time.</b>';
5735fefc 667$string['maintenancemode'] = 'In maintenance mode';
48e114a5 668$string['maintenancemodeisscheduled'] = 'Site is switching to maintenance mode in {$a} minutes';
49aafb90 669$string['maintfileopenerror'] = 'Error opening maintenance files!';
670$string['maintinprogress'] = 'Maintenance is in progress...';
671$string['manageformats'] = 'Manage course formats';
672$string['manageformatsgotosettings'] = 'Default format can be changed in {$a}';
4ed70f1b 673$string['managelang'] = 'Manage';
79bb9d2d 674$string['managelicenses'] = 'Manage licences';
fde4560d 675$string['manageqbehaviours'] = 'Manage question behaviours';
4b600aa0 676$string['manageqtypes'] = 'Manage question types';
677$string['maturity50'] = 'Alpha';
678$string['maturity100'] = 'Beta';
679$string['maturity150'] = 'Release candidate';
680$string['maturity200'] = 'Stable version';
2da7fbc0 681$string['maturityallowunstable'] = 'Hint: You may want to run this script with --allow-unstable option';
682$string['maturitycoreinfo'] = 'Your site is currently running unstable "{$a}" development code.';
683$string['maturitycorewarning'] = 'The version of Moodle that you are about to install or upgrade to contains
684unstable "{$a}" development code that is not suitable for use on most production
685sites. If this is not what you wanted then you should make sure you are updating
686from a STABLE branch of the Moodle code. See Moodle Docs for more details.';
304d08f0 687$string['maxbytes'] = 'Maximum uploaded file size';
30c8dd34 688$string['maxconsecutiveidentchars'] = 'Consecutive identical characters';
304d08f0 689$string['maxeditingtime'] = 'Maximum time to edit posts';
4de3322d 690$string['mbstringrecommended'] = 'Installing the optional MBSTRING library is highly recommended in order to improve site performance, particularly if your site is supporting non-Latin languages.';
49aafb90 691$string['mediapluginavi'] = 'Enable .avi filter';
692$string['mediapluginflv'] = 'Enable .flv filter';
30c8dd34 693$string['mediapluginimg'] = 'Enable auto-embedding of linked images';
49aafb90 694$string['mediapluginmov'] = 'Enable .mov filter';
49aafb90 695$string['mediapluginmpg'] = 'Enable .mpg filter';
30c8dd34 696$string['mediapluginmp3'] = 'Enable .mp3 filter';
697$string['mediapluginogg'] = 'Enable .ogg filter';
698$string['mediapluginogv'] = 'Enable .ogv filter';
a68dc796 699$string['mediapluginram'] = 'Enable .ram filter';
304d08f0 700$string['mediapluginrm'] = 'Enable .rm filter';
6fe1db7e 701$string['mediapluginrpm'] = 'Enable .rpm filter';
304d08f0 702$string['mediapluginswf'] = 'Enable .swf filter';
aa2d0152 703$string['mediapluginswfnote'] = 'As a default security measure, normal users should not be allowed to embed swf flash files.';
49aafb90 704$string['mediapluginwmv'] = 'Enable .wmv filter';
30c8dd34 705$string['mediapluginyoutube'] = 'Enable YouTube links filter';
304d08f0 706$string['messaging'] = 'Enable messaging system';
84f533b3 707$string['messagingallowemailoverride'] = 'Notification email override';
a813a748 708$string['messaginghidereadnotifications'] = 'Hide read notifications';
212badff 709$string['messagingdeletereadnotificationsdelay'] = 'Delete read notifications';
83022298 710$string['minpassworddigits'] = 'Digits';
7bab5279 711$string['minpasswordlength'] = 'Password length';
83022298 712$string['minpasswordlower'] = 'Lowercase letters';
713$string['minpasswordnonalphanum'] = 'Non-alphanumeric characters';
714$string['minpasswordupper'] = 'Uppercase letters';
304d08f0 715$string['misc'] = 'Miscellaneous';
43f853c9 716$string['mnetrestore_extusers'] = '<strong>Note:</strong> This backup file contains remote Moodle Network user accounts which will be restored as part of the process.';
0d125cbe 717$string['mnetrestore_extusers_admin'] = '<strong>Note:</strong> This backup file seems to come from a different Moodle installation and contains remote Moodle Network user accounts. The restore process will try to match the Moodle Network hosts for all created users. Those not matching will be automatically switched to internal authentication (instead of mnet one). The restore log will inform you about that.';
43f853c9 718$string['mnetrestore_extusers_mismatch'] = '<strong>Note:</strong> This backup file apparently originates from a different Moodle installation and contains remote Moodle Network user accounts that may fail to restore. This operation is unsupported. If you are certain that it was created on this Moodle installation, or you can ensure that all the needed Moodle Network Hosts are configured, you may want to still try the restore.';
0d125cbe 719$string['mnetrestore_extusers_noadmin'] = '<strong>Note:</strong> This backup file seems to come from a different Moodle installation and contains remote Moodle Network user accounts. You are not allowed to execute this type of restore. Contact the administrator of the site or, alternatively, restore this course without any user information (modules, files...)';
30c8dd34 720$string['mnetrestore_extusers_switchuserauth'] = 'Remote Moodle Network user {$a->username} (coming from {$a->mnethosturl}) switched to local {$a->auth} authenticated user.';
721$string['mobile'] = 'Mobile';
722$string['mobilecssurl'] = 'CSS';
945a81a9 723$string['modchooserdefault'] = 'Activity chooser default';
aa54ed7b 724$string['modeditdefaults'] = 'Default values for activity settings';
220a90c5 725$string['modsettings'] = 'Manage activities';
304d08f0 726$string['modulesecurity'] = 'Module security';
30c8dd34 727$string['multilangforceold'] = 'Force old multilang syntax: &lt;span&gt; without the class="multilang" and &lt;lang&gt;';
304d08f0 728$string['mustenablestats'] = 'Stats have not yet been enabled on this site.';
f54217e0 729$string['mycoursesperpage'] = 'Number of courses';
03d9401e 730$string['mydashboard'] = 'System default dashboard';
304d08f0 731$string['mymoodle'] = 'My Moodle';
732$string['mymoodleredirect'] = 'Force users to use My Moodle';
03d9401e 733$string['mypage'] = 'Default My Moodle page';
7bab5279 734$string['myprofile'] = 'Default profile page';
03d9401e 735$string['mypagelocked'] = 'Lock default page';
49aafb90 736$string['mysql416bypassed'] = 'However, if your site is using iso-8859-1 (latin) languages ONLY, you may continue using your currently installed MySQL 4.1.12 (or higher).';
737$string['mysql416required'] = 'MySQL 4.1.16 is the minimum version required for Moodle 1.6 in order to guarantee that all data can be converted to UTF-8 in the future.';
738$string['navadduserpostslinks'] = 'Add links to view user posts';
739$string['navadduserpostslinks_help'] = 'If enabled two links will be added to each user in the navigation to view discussions the user has started and posts the user has made in forums throughout the site or in specific courses.';
2972166b 740$string['navigationupgrade'] = 'This upgrade introduces two new navigation blocks that will replace these blocks: Administration, Courses, Activities and Participants. If you had set any special permissions on those blocks you should check to make sure everything is behaving as you want it.';
4766a50c 741$string['navcourselimit'] = 'Course limit';
742$string['navshowfullcoursenames'] = 'Show course full names';
743$string['navshowfullcoursenames_help'] = 'If enabled courses in the navigation will be shown with using their full name rather than their short name.';
4037098e 744$string['navshowfrontpagemods'] = 'Show front page activities in the navigation';
0970ac7d 745$string['navshowfrontpagemods_help'] = 'If enabled, front page activities will be shown on the navigation under site pages.';
ba2789c1 746$string['navshowallcourses'] = 'Show all courses';
30c8dd34 747$string['navshowcategories'] = 'Show course categories';
748$string['navshowmycoursecategories'] = 'Show my course categories';
749$string['navshowmycoursecategories_help'] = 'If enabled courses in the users my courses branch will be shown in categories.';
6af80cae 750$string['neverdeleteruns'] = 'Never delete runs';
304d08f0 751$string['nobookmarksforuser'] = 'You do not have any bookmarks.';
4b600aa0 752$string['nodatabase'] = 'No database';
c1b65883 753$string['nohttpsformobilewarning'] = 'It is recommended to enable HTTPS with a valid certificate. The Moodle app will always try to use a secured connection first.';
98240e51 754$string['nomissingstrings'] = 'No missing strings';
304d08f0 755$string['nonewsettings'] = 'No new settings were added during this upgrade.';
756$string['nonexistentbookmark'] = 'The bookmark you requested does not exist.';
304d08f0 757$string['noresults'] = 'No results found.';
4b600aa0 758$string['noroles'] = 'No roles';
304d08f0 759$string['notifications'] = 'Notifications';
760$string['notifyloginfailures'] = 'Email login failures to';
761$string['notifyloginthreshold'] = 'Threshold for email notifications';
762$string['notloggedinroleid'] = 'Role for visitors';
763$string['numberofmissingstrings'] = 'Number of missing strings: {$a}';
764$string['numberofstrings'] = 'Total number of strings: {$a->strings}<br />Missing: {$a->missing} ({$a->missingpercent}&nbsp;%)';
765$string['numcoursesincombo'] = 'Maximum number of courses in combo list';
766$string['numcoursesincombo_help'] = 'The combo list doesn\'t work well with large numbers of courses. When the total number of courses in the site is higher than this setting then a link to the dedicated course listing will be shown instead of trying to display all the courses on the front page.';
81243438 767$string['opensslrecommended'] = 'Installing the optional OpenSSL library is highly recommended -- it enables Moodle Networking functionality.';
304d08f0 768$string['opentogoogle'] = 'Open to Google';
48aab749 769$string['optionalmaintenancemessage'] = 'Optional maintenance message';
49aafb90 770$string['order1'] = 'First';
771$string['order2'] = 'Second';
772$string['order3'] = 'Third';
b245d2e7 773$string['order4'] = 'Fourth';
7bab5279 774$string['passwordpolicy'] = 'Password policy';
49aafb90 775$string['pathconvert'] = 'Path of <i>convert</i> binary';
304d08f0 776$string['pathdvips'] = 'Path of <i>dvips</i> binary';
49aafb90 777$string['pathlatex'] = 'Path of <i>latex</i> binary';
304d08f0 778$string['pathtoclam'] = 'clam AV path';
779$string['pathtodot'] = 'Path to dot';
780$string['pathtodot_help'] = 'Path to dot. Probably something like /usr/bin/dot. To be able to generate graphics from DOT files, you must have installed the dot executable and point to it here. Note that, for now, this only used by the profiling features (Development->Profiling) built into Moodle.';
304d08f0 781$string['pathtodu'] = 'Path to du';
9c9aeef1 782$string['pathtopgdump'] = 'Path to pg_dump';
783$string['pathtopgdumpdesc'] = 'This is only necessary to enter if you have more than one pg_dump on your system (for example if you have more than one version of postgresql installed)';
784$string['pathtopgdumpinvalid'] = 'Invalid path to pg_dump - either wrong path or not executable';
785$string['pathtopsql'] = 'Path to psql';
786$string['pathtopsqldesc'] = 'This is only necessary to enter if you have more than one psql on your system (for example if you have more than one version of postgresql installed)';
787$string['pathtopsqlinvalid'] = 'Invalid path to psql - either wrong path or not executable';
6c0e5cd1 788$string['pcreunicodewarning'] = 'It is strongly recommended to use PCRE PHP extension that is compatible with Unicode characters.';
304d08f0 789$string['perfdebug'] = 'Performance info';
790$string['performance'] = 'Performance';
cb8229d0 791$string['pgcluster'] = 'PostgreSQL Cluster';
9c9aeef1 792$string['pgclusterdescription'] = 'PostgreSQL version/cluster parameter for command line operations. If you only have one postgresql on your system or you are not sure what this is, leave this blank.';
39f2bbf3 793$string['php533warning'] = 'PHP 5.3.3 and upwards is recommended';
30c8dd34 794$string['phpfloatproblem'] = 'Detected unexpected problem in handling of PHP float numbers - {$a}';
93e779c2 795$string['php50restricted'] = 'PHP 5.0.x has a number of known problems, please upgrade to 5.1.x or downgrade to 4.3.x or 4.4.x';
30c8dd34 796$string['pleaserefreshregistration'] = 'Your site has been registered with moodle.org, please consider updating the registration if significant changes happened since your last update, on {$a}';
304d08f0 797$string['pleaseregister'] = 'Please register your site to remove this button';
cc93c7da 798$string['plugin'] = 'Plugin';
ff4b9fcb 799$string['plugins'] = 'Plugins';
39f15cc7 800$string['pluginscheck'] = 'Plugin dependencies check';
f1753a5b 801$string['pluginscheckfailed'] = 'Dependencies check failed for {$a->pluginslist}';
faadd326 802$string['pluginschecktodo'] = 'You must solve all the plugin requirements before proceeding to install this Moodle version!';
b9934a17 803$string['pluginsoverview'] = 'Plugins overview';
966bd785 804$string['pluginsoverviewsee'] = 'See <a href="{$a->url}">plugins overview</a> page for more details.';
f1ab51b7 805$string['profilecategory'] = 'Category';
806$string['profilecategoryname'] = 'Category name (must be unique)';
807$string['profilecategorynamenotunique'] = 'This category name is already in use';
808$string['profilecommonsettings'] = 'Common settings';
809$string['profileconfirmcategorydeletion'] = 'There is/are {$a} field/s in this category which will be moved into the category above (or below if in the top category).<br />Do you still wish to delete this category?';
810$string['profileconfirmfielddeletion'] = 'There is/are {$a} user record/s for this field which will be deleted.<br />Do you still wish to delete this field?';
f1ab51b7 811$string['profilecreatecategory'] = 'Create a new profile category';
30c8dd34 812$string['profilecreatefield'] = 'Create a new profile field:';
1f18fd5e 813$string['profilecreatenewcategory'] = 'Creating a new category';
7b453756 814$string['profilecreatenewfield'] = 'Creating a new \'{$a}\' profile field';
d687cb9e 815$string['profiledefaultcategory'] = 'Other fields';
f1ab51b7 816$string['profiledefaultdata'] = 'Default value';
30c8dd34 817$string['profiledefaultchecked'] = 'Checked by default';
1f18fd5e 818$string['profiledeletecategory'] = 'Deleting a category';
7b453756 819$string['profiledeletefield'] = 'Deleting field \'{$a}\'';
f1ab51b7 820$string['profiledescription'] = 'Description of the field';
821$string['profiledscript'] = 'This script has been profiled';
822$string['profiledscriptview'] = 'View profiling information for this script';
823$string['profileeditcategory'] = 'Editing category: {$a}';
824$string['profileeditfield'] = 'Editing profile field: {$a}';
7bab5279 825$string['profilefield'] = 'Profile field';
551022a5 826$string['profilefieldcolumns'] = 'Columns';
30c8dd34 827$string['profilefieldispassword'] = 'Is this a password field?';
410fc5a2 828$string['profilefieldlink'] = 'Link';
90f4a43a 829$string['profilefieldlink_help'] = 'To transform the text into a link, enter a URL containing $$, where $$ will be replaced with the text. For example, to transform a Twitter ID to a link, enter http://twitter.com/$$.';
410fc5a2 830$string['profilefieldlinktarget'] = 'Link target';
30c8dd34 831$string['profilefieldmaxlength'] = 'Maximum length';
551022a5 832$string['profilefieldrows'] = 'Rows';
f1ab51b7 833$string['profilefields'] = 'User profile fields';
834$string['profilefieldsize'] = 'Display size';
c1d1549f 835$string['profileforceunique'] = 'Should the data be unique?';
f1ab51b7 836$string['profileinvaliddata'] = 'Invalid value';
837$string['profilelocked'] = 'Is this field locked?';
838$string['profilemenudefaultnotinoptions'] = 'The default value is not one of the options';
839$string['profilemenunooptions'] = 'No menu options supplied';
840$string['profilemenuoptions'] = 'Menu options (one per line)';
841$string['profilemenutoofewoptions'] = 'You must provide at least 2 options';
842$string['profilename'] = 'Name';
d687cb9e 843$string['profilenofieldsdefined'] = 'No fields have been defined';
30c8dd34 844$string['profilerequired'] = 'Is this field required?';
4f0c2d00 845$string['profileroles'] = 'Profile visible roles';
30c8dd34 846$string['profilesforenrolledusersonly'] = 'Profiles for enrolled users only';
f1ab51b7 847$string['profileshortname'] = 'Short name (must be unique)';
848$string['profileshortnamenotunique'] = 'This short name is already in use';
c1d1549f 849$string['profilesignup'] = 'Display on signup page?';
f1ab51b7 850$string['profilespecificsettings'] = 'Specific settings';
30c8dd34 851$string['profilevisible'] = 'Who is this field visible to?';
165c9f1f 852$string['profilevisible_help'] = '* Not visible - For private data only viewable by administrators
853* Visible to user - For private data only viewable by the user and by administrators
854* Visible to everyone';
f1ab51b7 855$string['profilevisibleall'] = 'Visible to everyone';
856$string['profilevisiblenone'] = 'Not visible';
857$string['profilevisibleprivate'] = 'Visible to user';
858$string['profiling'] = 'Profiling';
859$string['profilingallowall'] = 'Continuous profiling';
860$string['profilingallowall_help'] = 'If you enable this setting, then, at any moment, you can use the PROFILEALL parameter anywhere (PGC) to enable profiling for all the executed scripts along the Moodle session life. Analogously, you can use the PROFILEALLSTOP parameter to stop it.';
861$string['profilingallowme'] = 'Selective profiling';
862$string['profilingallowme_help'] = 'If you enable this setting, then, selectively, you can use the PROFILEME parameter anywhere (PGC) and profiling for that script will happen. Analogously, you can use the DONTPROFILEME parameter to prevent profiling to happen';
863$string['profilingautofrec'] = 'Automatic profiling';
864$string['profilingautofrec_help'] = 'By configuring this setting, some request (randomly, based on the frecuency specified - 1 of XXX) will be picked and automatically profiled, storing results for further analysis. Note that this way of profiling observes the include/exclude settings. Set it to 0 to disable automatic profiling.';
865$string['profilingenabled'] = 'Enable profiling';
866$string['profilingenabled_help'] = 'If you enable this setting, then profiling will be available in this site and you will be able to define its behavior by configuring the next options.';
867$string['profilingexcluded'] = 'Exclude profiling';
868$string['profilingexcluded_help'] = 'List of (comma separated, absolute skipping wwwroot, callable) URLs that will be excluded from being profiled from the ones defined by \'Profile these\' setting.';
869$string['profilingincluded'] = 'Profile these';
870$string['profilingincluded_help'] = 'List of (comma separated, absolute skipping wwwroot, callable) URLs that will be automatically profiled. Examples: /index.php, /course/view.php. Also accepts the * wildchar at any position. Examples: /mod/forum/*, /mod/*/view.php.';
871$string['profilinglifetime'] = 'Keep profiling runs';
872$string['profilinglifetime_help'] = 'Specify the time you want to keep information about old profiling runs. Older ones will be pruned periodically. Note that this excludes any profiling run marked as \'reference run\'.';
304d08f0 873$string['protectusernames'] = 'Protect usernames';
9bc760f2 874$string['proxybypass'] = 'Proxy bypass hosts';
304d08f0 875$string['proxyhost'] = 'Proxy host';
5f8bdc17 876$string['proxypassword'] = 'Proxy password';
30c8dd34 877$string['proxyport'] = 'Proxy port';
5f8bdc17 878$string['proxytype'] = 'Proxy type';
30c8dd34 879$string['proxyuser'] = 'Proxy username';
3bee1ead 880$string['qtyperqpwillberemoved'] = 'During the upgrade, the RQP question type will be removed. You were not using this question type, so you should not experience any problems.';
881$string['qtyperqpwillberemovedanyway'] = 'During the upgrade, the RQP question type will be removed. You have some RQP questions in your database, and these will stop working unless you reinstall the code from http://moodle.org/mod/data/view.php?d=13&amp;rid=797 before continuing with the upgrade.';
304d08f0 882$string['quarantinedir'] = 'Quarantine directory';
3bee1ead 883$string['question'] = 'Question';
fde4560d 884$string['questionbehaviours'] = 'Question behaviours';
30c8dd34 885$string['questioncwqpfscheck'] = 'One or more \'random\' questions in a quiz are set up to select questions from a mixture of shared and unshared question categories. There is a more detailed report <a href="{$a->reporturl}">here</a> and see Moodle Docs page <a href="{$a->docsurl}">here</a>.';
3bee1ead 886$string['questioncwqpfsok'] = 'Good. There are no \'random\' questions in your quizzes that are set up to select questions from a mixture of shared and unshared question categories.';
4b600aa0 887$string['questiontype'] = 'Question type';
888$string['questiontypes'] = 'Question types';
5d6308d4 889$string['recaptchaprivatekey'] = 'ReCAPTCHA private key';
30c8dd34 890$string['recaptchapublickey'] = 'ReCAPTCHA public key';
891$string['register'] = 'Register your site';
892$string['registermoodleorg'] = 'When you register your site with {$a}';
893$string['registermoodleorgli1'] = 'You are added to a low-volume mailing list for important notifications such as security alerts and new releases of Moodle.';
894$string['registermoodleorgli2'] = 'Statistics about your site will be added to the {$a} of the worldwide Moodle community.';
3c97ce24 895$string['registermoodleorgli3'] = 'Your site is also registered with the Moodle.org Open Community Hub ({$a}), allowing users with the publish courses capability (by default only managers) the option of publishing courses to MOOCH.';
b3245b75 896$string['registerwithmoodleorg'] = 'Register with Moodle.org';
f94824db 897$string['registration'] = 'Registration';
898$string['registration_help'] = 'It is recommended to register on Moodle.org to receive security email alerts, to contribute to the Moodle growth and statistics, or to be able to share courses on MOOCH.';
899$string['registrationwarning'] = 'Your site is not yet registered.';
30c8dd34 900$string['releasenoteslink'] = 'For information about this version of Moodle, please see the online <a target="_blank" href="{$a}">Release Notes</a>';
901$string['rememberusername'] = 'Remember username';
902$string['rememberusername_desc'] = 'Enable if you want to store permanent cookies with usernames during user login. Permanent cookies may be considered a privacy issue if used without consent.';
903$string['reportsmanage'] = 'Manage reports';
904$string['reportsdeleteconfirm'] = 'You are about to completely delete the report \'{$a}\'. This will completely delete everything in the database associated with this plugin. Are you SURE you want to continue?';
c6084d0e 905$string['requiredentrieschanged'] = '<strong>IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ<br/>(This warning message will only be displayed during this upgrade)</strong><br/>Due to a bug fix, the behaviour of database activities using the \'Required entries\' and \'Required entries before viewing settings\' settings will change. A more detailed explanation of the changes can be read on <a href="http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=110928" target="_blank">the database module forum</a>. The expected behavior of these settings can also be read on <a href="http://docs.moodle.org/en/Adding/editing_a_database#Required_entries" target="_blank">Moodle Docs</a>.
30c8dd34 906<br/><br/>This change affects the following databases in your system: (Please save this list now, and after the upgrade, check that these activities still work the way that the teacher intends.)<br/><strong>{$a->text}</strong><br/>';
aa54ed7b 907$string['requiremodintro'] = 'Require activity description';
4b600aa0 908$string['requires'] = 'Requires';
f87eab7e 909$string['purgecaches']= 'Purge all caches';
ba6c97ee 910$string['purgecachesconfirm']= 'Moodle can cache themes, javascript, language strings, filtered text, rss feeds and many other pieces of calculated data. Purging these caches will delete that data from the server and force browsers to refetch data, so that you can be sure you are seeing the most up-to-date values produced by the current code. There is no danger in purging caches, but your site may appear slower for a while until the server and clients calculate new information and cache it.';
f87eab7e 911$string['purgecachesfinished']= 'All caches were purged.';
59b9a140 912$string['requestcategoryselection'] = 'Enable category selection';
913$string['restorernewroleid'] = 'Restorers\' role in courses';
914$string['restorernewroleid_help'] = 'If the user does not already have the permission to manage the newly restored course, the user is automatically assigned this role and enrolled if necessary. Select "None" if you do not want restorers to be able to manage every restored course.';
62ea712f 915$string['reverseproxy'] = 'Reverse proxy';
304d08f0 916$string['riskconfig'] = 'Users could change site configuration and behaviour';
b38d1d9b 917$string['riskconfigshort'] = 'Configuration risk';
faf75fe7 918$string['riskdataloss'] = 'Users could destroy large amounts of content or information';
919$string['riskdatalossshort'] = 'Data loss risk';
304d08f0 920$string['riskmanagetrust'] = 'Users could change trust settings of other users';
b38d1d9b 921$string['riskmanagetrustshort'] = 'Manage trusts';
304d08f0 922$string['riskpersonal'] = 'Users could gain access to private information of other users';
b38d1d9b 923$string['riskpersonalshort'] = 'Privacy risk';
304d08f0 924$string['riskspam'] = 'Users could send spam to site users or others';
b38d1d9b 925$string['riskspamshort'] = 'Spam risk';
304d08f0 926$string['riskxss'] = 'Users could add files and texts that allow cross-site scripting (XSS)';
b38d1d9b 927$string['riskxssshort'] = 'XSS risk';
30c8dd34 928$string['roleswithexceptions'] = '{$a->roles}, with {$a->exceptions}';
220a90c5 929$string['rssglobaldisabled'] = 'Disabled at server level';
304d08f0 930$string['runclamavonupload'] = 'Use clam AV on uploaded files';
dcdf3b29 931$string['save'] = 'Save';
5735fefc 932$string['savechanges'] = 'Save changes';
304d08f0 933$string['search'] = 'Search';
93741e67 934$string['searchinsettings'] = 'Search in settings';
935$string['searchresults'] = 'Search results';
936$string['sectionerror'] = 'Section error!';
304d08f0 937$string['secureforms'] = 'Use additional form security';
938$string['security'] = 'Security';
939$string['selectdevice'] = 'Select device';
940$string['selecttheme'] = 'Select theme for {$a} device';
304d08f0 941$string['server'] = 'Server';
942$string['serverchecks'] = 'Server checks';
943$string['serverlimit'] = 'Server limit';
30c8dd34 944$string['sessionautostartwarning'] = '<p>Serious configuration error detected, please notify server administrator.</p><p> To operate properly, Moodle requires that administrator changes PHP settings.</p><p><code>session.auto_start</code> must be set to <code>off</code>.</p><p>This setting is controlled by editing <code>php.ini</code>, Apache/IIS <br />configuration or <code>.htaccess</code> file on the server.</p>';
304d08f0 945$string['sessioncookie'] = 'Cookie prefix';
e6e13284 946$string['sessioncookiedomain'] = 'Cookie domain';
304d08f0 947$string['sessioncookiepath'] = 'Cookie path';
1369948c 948$string['sessionhandling'] = 'Session handling';
304d08f0 949$string['sessiontimeout'] = 'Timeout';
3b818618 950$string['settingfileuploads'] = 'File uploading is required for normal operation, please enable it in PHP configuration.';
c808379e 951$string['settingmemorylimit'] = 'Insufficient memory detected, please set higher memory limit in PHP settings.';
30c8dd34 952$string['settingsafemode'] = 'Moodle is not fully compatible with safe mode, please ask server administrator to turn it off. Running Moodle under safe mode is not supported, please expect various problems if you do so.';
db954aba 953$string['showcommentscount'] = 'Show comments count';
4b600aa0 954$string['showdetails'] = 'Show details';
5c60a847 955$string['showuseridentity'] = 'Show user identity';
4ca04fb5 956$string['showuseridentity_desc'] = 'When selecting or searching for users, and when displaying lists of users, these fields may be shown in addition to their full name. The fields are only shown to users who have the moodle/site:viewuseridentity capability; by default, teachers and managers. (This option makes most sense if you choose one or two fields that are mandatory at your institution.)';
b004fca1 957$string['simplexmlrequired'] = 'The SimpleXML PHP extension is now required by Moodle.';
49aafb90 958$string['sitemaintenance'] = 'The site is undergoing maintenance and is currently not available';
959$string['sitemaintenancemode'] = 'Maintenance mode';
960$string['sitemaintenanceoff'] = 'Maintenance mode has been disabled and the site is running normally again';
961$string['sitemaintenanceon'] = 'Your site is currently in maintenance mode (only admins can log in or use the site).';
48e114a5 962$string['sitemaintenanceoncli'] = 'Your site is currently in CLI maintenance mode, no web access is allowed.';
963$string['sitemaintenancewarning'] = 'Your site is currently in maintenance mode (only admins can log in). To return this site to normal operation, <a href="maintenance.php">disable maintenance mode</a>.';
964$string['sitemaintenancewarning2'] = 'Your site is currently in maintenance mode (only admins can log in). To return this site to normal operation, <a href="{$a}">disable maintenance mode</a>.';
304d08f0 965$string['sitepolicies'] = 'Site policies';
966$string['sitepolicy'] = 'Site policy URL';
967$string['sitepolicy_help'] = 'If you have a site policy that all registered users must see and agree to before using this site, then specify the URL to it here, otherwise leave this field blank. This setting can contain any public URL.';
968$string['sitepolicyguest'] = 'Site policy URL for guests';
969$string['sitepolicyguest_help'] = 'If you have a site policy that all guests must see and agree to before using this site, then specify the URL to it here, otherwise leave this field blank. This setting can contain any public URL. Note: access of not-logged-in users may be prevented with forcelogin setting.';
304d08f0 970$string['sitesectionhelp'] = 'If selected, a topic section will be displayed on the site\'s front page.';
971$string['slasharguments'] = 'Use slash arguments';
30c8dd34 972$string['smartpix'] = 'Smart pix search';
621c6464 973$string['soaprecommended'] = 'Installing the optional soap extension is useful for web services and some contrib modules.';
7a856a93 974$string['spellengine'] = 'Spell engine';
ad6fbb60 975$string['spelllanguagelist'] = 'Spell language list';
1f409159 976$string['splrequired'] = 'The SPL PHP extension is now required by Moodle.';
304d08f0 977$string['stats'] = 'Statistics';
978$string['statsfirstrun'] = 'Maximum processing interval';
979$string['statsmaxruntime'] = 'Maximum runtime';
b3245b75 980$string['statsmoodleorg'] = 'statistics';
5e7206a8 981$string['statsruntimedays'] = 'Days to process';
304d08f0 982$string['statsruntimestart'] = 'Run at';
983$string['statsuserthreshold'] = 'User threshold';
49aafb90 984$string['stickyblocks'] = 'Sticky blocks';
304d08f0 985$string['stickyblockscourseview'] = 'Course page';
49aafb90 986$string['stickyblocksduplicatenotice'] = 'If any block you add here is already present in a particular page, it will result in a duplicate.<br />Only the pinned block will be non-editable, the duplicate will still be editable.';
4de3322d 987$string['stickyblocksmymoodle'] = 'My Moodle';
49aafb90 988$string['stickyblockspagetype'] = 'Page type to configure';
7b5702b6 989$string['strictformsrequired'] = 'Strict validation of required fields';
07e853e9 990$string['stripalltitletags'] = 'Remove HTML tags from all activity names';
2f2137fc 991$string['supportcontact'] = 'Support contact';
dceaf5bf 992$string['supportemail'] = 'Support email';
993$string['supportname'] = 'Support name';
994$string['supportpage'] = 'Support page';
4ad72c28 995$string['suspenduser'] = 'Suspend user account';
fc935b30 996$string['switchlang'] = 'Switch lang directory';
1369948c 997$string['systempaths'] = 'System paths';
cc93c7da 998$string['tablenosave'] = 'Changes in table above are saved automatically.';
999$string['tablesnosave'] = 'Changes in tables above are saved automatically.';
a2c07cfe 1000$string['tabselectedtofront'] = 'On tables with tabs, should the row with the currently selected tab be placed at the front';
304d08f0 1001$string['tabselectedtofronttext'] = 'Bring selected tab row to front';
78946b9b 1002$string['themedesignermode'] = 'Theme designer mode';
304d08f0 1003$string['themelist'] = 'Theme list';
37959dd4 1004$string['themenoselected'] = 'No theme selected';
a67f829e 1005$string['themeresetcaches'] = 'Clear theme caches';
604cb179 1006$string['themeselect'] = 'Change theme';
3cc8a905 1007$string['themeselector'] = 'Theme selector';
304d08f0 1008$string['themesettings'] = 'Theme settings';
49aafb90 1009$string['therewereerrors'] = 'There were errors in your data';
304d08f0 1010$string['timezone'] = 'Default timezone';
49aafb90 1011$string['timezoneforced'] = 'This is forced by the site administrator';
1012$string['timezoneisforcedto'] = 'Force all users to use';
1013$string['timezonenotforced'] = 'Users can choose their own timezone';
44537915 1014$string['tokenizerrecommended'] = 'Installing the optional PHP Tokenizer extension is recommended -- it improves Moodle Networking functionality.';
1015$string['tools'] = 'Admin tools';
1016$string['toolsdeleteconfirm'] = 'You are about to completely delete the admin tool \'{$a}\'. This will completely delete everything in the database associated with this plugin. Are you SURE you want to continue?';
1017$string['toolsmanage'] = 'Manage admin tools';
371a32e3 1018$string['unattendedoperation'] = 'Unattended operation';
4de3322d 1019$string['unbookmarkthispage'] = 'Unbookmark this page';
89c5cbc5 1020$string['unicoderecommended'] = 'Storing all your data in Unicode (UTF-8) is recommended. New installations should be performed into databases that have their default character set as Unicode. If you are upgrading, you should perform the UTF-8 migration process (see the Admin page).';
814c77c6 1021$string['unicoderequired'] = 'It is required that you store all your data in Unicode format (UTF-8). New installations must be performed into databases that have their default character set as Unicode. If you are upgrading, you should perform the UTF-8 migration process (see the Admin page).';
cc93c7da 1022$string['uninstallplugin'] = 'Uninstall';
b28247fe 1023$string['unlockaccount'] = 'Unlock account';
bff67f49 1024$string['unsettheme'] = 'Unset theme';
c9a49cea 1025$string['unsupported'] = 'Unsupported';
4ad72c28 1026$string['unsuspenduser'] = 'Activate user account';
304d08f0 1027$string['updateaccounts'] = 'Update existing accounts';
5735fefc 1028$string['updatecomponent'] = 'Update component';
55585f3a 1029$string['updateavailable'] = 'There is a newer Moodle version available!';
1030$string['updateavailabledetailslink'] = 'See {$a->url} for more details';
1031$string['updateavailableforplugin'] = 'There is a newer version for some of your plugins available!';
1032$string['updateavailable_moreinfo'] = 'More info...';
1033$string['updateavailable_release'] = 'Moodle {$a}';
1034$string['updateavailable_version'] = 'Version {$a}';
7683e550 1035$string['updateavailableinstall'] = 'Install this update';
cb1c3291 1036$string['updateavailablenot'] = 'Your Moodle code is up-to-date!';
2f5904d9 1037$string['updatenotifications'] = 'Update notifications';
dd1c2f5a 1038$string['updatenotificationfooter'] = 'Your Moodle site {$a->siteurl} is configured to automatically check for available updates. You are receiving this message as the administrator of the site. You can disable automatic checks for available updates in the Site administration section of the Administration block. You can customize the delivery of this message via your personal Messaging setting in the My profile settings section.';
2399585f 1039$string['updatenotificationsubject'] = 'Moodle updates are available ({$a->siteurl})';
2f5904d9 1040$string['updateautocheck'] = 'Automatically check for available updates';
18e55c29 1041$string['updateautocheck_desc'] = 'If enabled, your site will automatically check for available updates for both Moodle code and all additional plugins. If there is a new update available, a notification will be sent to site admins.';
1042$string['updateautodeploy'] = 'Enable updates deployment';
1043$string['updateautodeploy_desc'] = 'If enabled, you will be able to download and install available updates directly from Moodle administration pages. Note that your web server process has to have write access into folders with Moodle installation to make this work. That can be seen as a potential security risk.';
2f5904d9 1044$string['updateminmaturity'] = 'Required code maturity';
18e55c29 1045$string['updateminmaturity_desc'] = 'Notify about available updates only if the available code has the selected maturity level at least. Updates for plugins that do not declare their code maturity level are always reported regardless this setting.';
2f5904d9 1046$string['updatenotifybuilds'] = 'Notify about new builds';
18e55c29 1047$string['updatenotifybuilds_desc'] = 'If enabled, the available update for Moodle code is also reported when a new build for the current version is available. Builds are continuous improvements of a given Moodle version. They are generally released every week. If disabled, the available update will be reported only when there is a higher version of Moodle released. Checks for plugins are not affected by this setting.';
1048$string['upgradestart'] = 'Upgrade Moodle database now';
1049$string['upgradepluginsfirst'] = 'You have to download and install available updates manually';
1050$string['upgradepluginsinfo'] = 'Updating plugins';
1051$string['upgradepluginsinfo_help'] = 'There are available updates for some of your plugins. Moodle does not update them automatically yet. You have to download the update and install it at your server manually.';
1052$string['upgradepluginsinfo_link'] = 'admin/upgradepluginsinfo';
1053$string['upgradeerror'] = 'Unknown error upgrading {$a->plugin} to version {$a->version}, can not continue.';
1054$string['upgradeforumread'] = 'A new feature has been added in Moodle 1.5 to track read/unread forum posts.<br />To use this functionality you need to <a href="{$a}">update your tables</a>.';
49aafb90 1055$string['upgradeforumreadinfo'] = 'A new feature has been added in Moodle 1.5 to track read/unread forum posts. To use this functionality you need to update your tables with all the tracking information for existing posts. Depending on the size of your site this can take a long time (hours) and can be quite taxing on the database, so it\'s best to do it during a quiet period. However, your site will continue functioning during this upgrade and users won\'t be affected. Once you start this process you should let it finish (keep your browser window open). However, if you stop the process by closing the window: don\'t worry, you can start over.<br /><br />Do you want to start the upgrading process now?';
30c8dd34 1056$string['upgradelogs'] = 'For full functionality, your old logs need to be upgraded. <a href="{$a}">More information</a>';
49aafb90 1057$string['upgradelogsinfo'] = 'Some changes have recently been made in the way logs are stored. To be able to view all of your old logs on a per-activity basis, your old logs need to be upgraded. Depending on your site this can take a long time (eg several hours) and can be quite taxing on the database for large sites. Once you start this process you should let it finish (by keeping the browser window open). Don\'t worry - your site will work fine for other people while the logs are being upgraded.<br /><br />Do you want to upgrade your logs now?';
304d08f0 1058$string['upgradesettings'] = 'New settings';
4de3322d 1059$string['upgradesettingsintro'] = 'The settings shown below were added during your last Moodle upgrade. Make any changes necessary to the defaults and then click the &quot;Save changes&quot; button at the bottom of this page.';
1060$string['upgradestalefiles'] = 'Mixed Moodle versions detected, upgrade cannot continue';
1061$string['upgradestalefilesinfo'] = 'The Moodle update process has been paused because PHP scripts from at least two major versions of Moodle have been detected in the Moodle directory.
1063This can cause significant problems later, so in order to continue you must ensure that the Moodle directory contains only files for a single version of Moodle.
1065The recommended way to clean your Moodle directory is as follows:
1067* rename the current Moodle directory to "moodle_old"
1068* create a new Moodle directory containing only files from either a standard Moodle package download, or from the Moodle CVS or GIT repositories
1069* move the original config.php file and any non-standard plugins from the "moodle_old" directory to the new Moodle directory
1071When you have a clean Moodle directory, refresh this page to resume the Moodle update process.
1073This warning is often caused by unzipping a standard Moodle package over a previous version of Moodle. While this is OK for minor upgrades, it is strongly discouraged for major Moodle upgrades.
1075This warning can also be caused by an incomplete checkout or update operation from a CVS, SVN or GIT repository, in which case you may just have to wait for the operation complete, or perhaps run the appropriate clean up command and retry the operation.
1077You can find more information in upgrade documentation at <a href="{$a}">{$a}</a>';
402e1a96 1078$string['upgradesure'] = 'Your Moodle files have been changed, and you are about to automatically upgrade your server to this version: <br /><br />
30c8dd34 1079<strong>{$a}</strong> <br /><br />
402e1a96 1080Once you do this you can not go back again. <br /><br />
935c40d8 1081Please note that this process can take a long time. <br /><br />
402e1a96 1082Are you sure you want to upgrade this server to this version?';
775f811a 1083$string['upgradetimedout'] = 'Upgrade timed out, please restart the upgrade.';
30c8dd34 1084$string['upgrade197notice'] = '<p>Moodle 1.9.7 contains a number of security fixes to user passwords and backups to protect the user data on your site. As a result some of your settings and permissions relating to backups may have changed.<br />
43d26e6d 1085See the <a href="http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_1.9.7_release_notes" target="_blank">Moodle 1.9.7 release notes</a> for full details.</p>';
1086$string['upgrade197noticesubject'] = 'Moodle 1.9.7 upgrade security notices';
1087$string['upgrade197salt'] = 'To reduce the risk of password theft, you are strongly recommended to set a password salt.<br />See the <a href="{$a}" target="_blank">password salting documentation</a> for details.';
49aafb90 1088$string['upgradingdata'] = 'Upgrading data';
1089$string['upgradinglogs'] = 'Upgrading logs';
1c82b3f2 1090$string['upgradingversion'] = 'Upgrading to new version';
304d08f0 1091$string['upwards'] = 'upwards';
30c8dd34 1092$string['useblogassociations'] = 'Enable associations';
b958e941 1093$string['useexternalyui'] = 'Use online YUI libraries';
304d08f0 1094$string['usehtmleditor'] = 'Use HTML editor';
ad0cf519 1095$string['user'] = 'User';
68853d0d 1096$string['userbulk'] = 'Bulk user actions';
304d08f0 1097$string['userlist'] = 'Browse list of users';
4766a50c 1098$string['userpreference'] = 'User preference';
304d08f0 1099$string['userpolicies'] = 'User policies';
304d08f0 1100$string['users'] = 'Users';
ea1780ad 1101$string['userquota'] = 'User quota';
016ba638 1102$string['usesitenameforsitepages'] = 'Use site name for site pages';
9db103e9 1103$string['usetags'] = 'Enable tags functionality';
304d08f0 1104$string['validateerror'] = 'This value was not valid:';
bff34a67 1105$string['verifychangedemail'] = 'Restrict domains when changing email';
30c8dd34 1106$string['warningcurrentsetting'] = 'Invalid current value: {$a}';
0aff15c2 1107$string['warningiconvbuggy'] = 'Your version of the iconv library does not support the //IGNORE modifier. You should install the mbstring extension which can be used instead for cleaning strings containing invalid UTF-8 characters.';
5f8bdc17 1108$string['webproxy'] = 'Web proxy';
1109$string['webproxyinfo'] = 'Fill in following options if your Moodle server can not access internet directly. Internet access is required for download of environment data, language packs, RSS feeds, timezones, etc.<br /><em>PHP cURL extension is highly recommended.</em>';
ff7dd386 1110$string['xmlrpcrecommended'] = 'The xmlrpc extension is needed for hub communication, and useful for web services and Moodle networking';
84d6e832 1111$string['yuicomboloading'] = 'YUI combo loading';
ed94cb66 1112$string['ziprequired'] = 'The Zip PHP extension is now required by Moodle, info-ZIP binaries or PclZip library are not used anymore.';
1115$string['caching'] = 'Caching';
1116$string['cachesettings'] = 'Cache settings';
1117$string['cacherequest'] = 'Request cache';
1118$string['cacherequesthelp'] = 'User specific cache that expires when the request is complete. Designed to replace areas where we are using the static stores.';
1119$string['cachesession'] = 'Session cache';
1120$string['cachesessionhelp'] = 'User specific cache that expires when the users session ends. Designed to aleviate session bloat/strain.';
1121$string['cacheapplication'] = 'Application cache';
1122$string['cacheapplicationhelp'] = ' Cached items are shared amoung all users and expire by a determined ttl.';