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27806552 1<?php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Language file for 'badges' component
19 *
bb554eb4 20 * @package core_badges
21 * @subpackage badges
22 * @copyright 2012 onwards Totara Learning Solutions Ltd {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 * @author Yuliya Bozhko <>
25 */
27$string['actions'] = 'Actions';
28$string['activate'] = 'Enable access';
29$string['activatesuccess'] = 'Access to the badges was successfully enabled.';
f94786e0 30$string['addalignment'] = 'Add external skill or standard';
700522ba 31$string['addbadge'] = 'Add badges';
a7370e0d 32$string['addbadge_help'] = 'Select all badges that should be added to this badge requirement. Hold CTRL key to select multiple items.';
33$string['addcompetency'] = 'Add competency';
34$string['addcompetency_help'] = 'Select all competencies that should be added to this badge requirement. Hold CTRL key to select multiple items.';
35$string['addbadgecriteria'] = 'Add badge criteria';
36$string['addcriteria'] = 'Add criteria';
aae219ac 37$string['addbackpack'] = 'Add backpack';
9f3e0968 38$string['addcriteriatext'] = 'To start adding criteria, please select one of the options from the drop-down menu.';
39$string['addcohort'] = 'Add cohort';
40$string['addcohort_help'] = 'Select all cohorts that should be added to this badge requirement. Hold CTRL key to select multiple items.';
41$string['addcourse'] = 'Add courses';
42$string['addcourse_help'] = 'Select all courses that should be added to this badge requirement. Hold CTRL key to select multiple items.';
d363a5c2 43$string['addrelated'] = 'Add related badge';
27806552 44$string['addtobackpack'] = 'Add to backpack';
aae219ac 45$string['addedtobackpack'] = 'Added badge to backpack';
9f3e0968 46$string['adminonly'] = 'This page is restricted to site administrators only.';
47$string['after'] = 'after the date of issue.';
48$string['aggregationmethod'] = 'Aggregation method';
f94786e0 49$string['alignment'] = 'Alignment';
50$string['all'] = 'All';
51$string['allmethod'] = 'All of the selected conditions are met';
52$string['allmethodactivity'] = 'All of the selected activities are complete';
a7370e0d 53$string['allmethodbadges'] = 'All of the selected badges have been earned';
abc07b53 54$string['allmethodcohort'] = 'Membership in all the selected cohorts';
f94786e0 55$string['allmethodcompetencies'] = 'All of the selected competencies have been completed';
56$string['allmethodcourseset'] = 'All of the selected courses are complete';
57$string['allmethodmanual'] = 'All of the selected roles award the badge';
58$string['allmethodprofile'] = 'All of the selected profile fields have been completed';
59$string['allowcoursebadges'] = 'Enable course badges';
9f3e0968 60$string['allowcoursebadges_desc'] = 'Allow badges to be created and awarded in the course context.';
61$string['allowexternalbackpack'] = 'External backpack connection';
62$string['allowexternalbackpack_desc'] = 'If enabled, users can connect to an external backpack and share their badges from this site. Users may also choose to display any public badge collections from their external backpack on their profile page on this site. It is recommended to leave this option disabled if your site is not accessible from the Internet.';
63$string['any'] = 'Any';
64$string['anymethod'] = 'Any of the selected conditions is met';
65$string['anymethodactivity'] = 'Any of the selected activities is complete';
a7370e0d 66$string['anymethodbadges'] = 'Any of the selected badges have been earned';
abc07b53 67$string['anymethodcohort'] = 'Membership in any of the selected cohorts';
f94786e0 68$string['anymethodcompetencies'] = 'Any of the selected competencies have been completed';
69$string['anymethodcourseset'] = 'Any of the selected courses is complete';
70$string['anymethodmanual'] = 'Any of the selected roles awards the badge';
71$string['anymethodprofile'] = 'Any of the selected profile fields has been completed';
aae219ac 72$string['apiversion'] = 'API version supported';
73$string['archivebadge'] = 'Would you like to delete badge \'{$a}\', but keep existing issued badges?';
74$string['archiveconfirm'] = 'Delete and keep existing issued badges';
75$string['archivehelp'] = '<p>This option means that the badge will be marked as "retired" and will no longer appear in the list of badges. Users will no longer be able to earn this badge, however existing badge recipients will still be able to display this badge on their profile page and push it to their external backpacks.</p>
61a79e01 76<p>If you would like your users to retain access to the earned badges it is important to select this option instead of fully deleting badges.</p>';
27806552 77$string['attachment'] = 'Attach badge to message';
cd492e2e 78$string['attachment_help'] = 'If enabled, an issued badge will be attached to the recipient\'s email for download. (Attachments must be enabled in Site administration / Server / Email / Outgoing mail configuration to use this option.)';
79$string['award'] = 'Award badge';
80$string['awardedtoyou'] = 'Issued to me';
81$string['awardoncron'] = 'Access to the badges was successfully enabled. Too many users can instantly earn this badge. To ensure site performance, this action will take some time to process.';
82$string['awards'] = 'Recipients';
83$string['backpackavailability'] = 'External badge verification';
aae219ac 84$string['backpackneedsupdate'] = 'The backpack connected to this profile does not match the backpack for the site. You need to disconnect and reconnect the backpack.';
9f3e0968 85$string['backpackavailability_help'] = 'For badge recipients to be able to prove they earned their badges from you, an external backpack service should be able to access your site and verify badges issued from it. Your site does not currently appear to be accessible, which means that badges you have already issued or will issue in the future cannot be verified.
27806552 86
d9a4f529 87**Why am I seeing this message?**
27806552 88
9f3e0968 89It may be that your firewall prevents access from users outside your network, your site is password protected, or you are running the site on a computer that is not available from the Internet (such as a local development machine).
27806552 90
d9a4f529 91**Is this a problem?**
27806552 92
9f3e0968 93You should fix this issue on any production site where you are planning to issue badges, otherwise the recipients will not be able to prove they earned their badges from you. If your site is not yet live you can create and issue test badges, as long as the site is accessible before you go live.
27806552 94
d9a4f529 95**What if I can\'t make my whole site publicly accessible?**
97The only URL required for verification is [your-site-url]/badges/assertion.php so if you are able to modify your firewall to allow external access to that file, badge verification will still work.';
98$string['backpackbadgessummary'] = 'You have {$a->totalbadges} badge(s) displayed from {$a->totalcollections} collection(s).';
99$string['backpackbadgessettings'] = 'Change backpack settings';
091eaab0 100$string['backpackcannotsendverification'] = 'Cannot send verification email';
e2805314 101$string['backpackconnection'] = 'Backpack connection';
f7153769 102$string['backpackconnection_help'] = 'Connecting to a backpack enables you to share your badges from this site, and display public badge collections from your backpack on your profile page on this site.';
091eaab0 103$string['backpackconnectioncancelattempt'] = 'Connect using a different email address';
06d0aa44 104$string['backpackconnectionconnect'] = 'Connect to backpack';
091eaab0 105$string['backpackconnectionresendemail'] = 'Resend verification email';
106$string['backpackconnectionunexpectedresult'] = 'There was a problem connecting to your backpack. Please check the credentials and try again.';
107$string['backpackconnectionunexpectedmessage'] = 'The backpack returned the error: "{$a}".';
27806552 108$string['backpackdetails'] = 'Backpack settings';
e2805314 109$string['backpackemail'] = 'Email address';
f6ebcd34 110$string['backpackemail_help'] = 'The email address associated with your backpack. While you are connected, any badges earned on this site will be associated with this email address.';
111$string['backpackemailverificationpending'] = 'Verification pending';
112$string['backpackemailverifyemailbody'] = 'Hi,
7ee90659 114A new connection to your badges backpack has been requested from \'{$a->sitename}\' using your email address.
091eaab0 115
06d0aa44 116To confirm and activate the connection to your backpack, please go to
120In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link which you can just click on. If that doesn\'t work, then cut and paste the address into the address line at the top of your web browser.
122If you need help, please contact the site administrator,
7ee90659 124$string['backpackemailverifyemailsubject'] = '{$a}: Badges backpack email verification';
091eaab0 125$string['backpackemailverifypending'] = 'A verification email has been sent to <strong>{$a}</strong>. Click on the verification link in the email to activate your Backpack connection.';
06d0aa44 126$string['backpackemailverifysuccess'] = 'Thanks for verifying your email address. You are now connected to your backpack.';
091eaab0 127$string['backpackemailverifytokenmismatch'] = 'The token in the link you clicked does not match the stored token. Make sure you clicked the link in most recent email you received.';
e2805314 128$string['backpackimport'] = 'Badge import settings';
4887d152 129$string['backpackimport_help'] = 'After the backpack connection is successfully established, badges from your backpack can be displayed on your badges page and your profile page.
131In this area, you can select collections of badges from your backpack that you would like to display in your profile.';
132$string['backpacksettings'] = 'Backpack settings';
133$string['backpackapiurl'] = 'Backpack API URL';
f7153769 134$string['backpackweburl'] = 'Backpack URL';
b19cc4ef 135$string['badges'] = 'Badges';
136$string['badgedetails'] = 'Badge details';
137$string['badgeimage'] = 'Image';
138$string['badgeimage_help'] = 'This is an image that will be used when this badge is issued.
140To add a new image, browse and select an image (in JPG or PNG format) then click "Save changes". The image will be cropped to a square and resized to match badge image requirements. ';
e2805314 142$string['badgeprivacysetting'] = 'Badge privacy settings';
9f3e0968 143$string['badgeprivacysetting_help'] = 'Badges you earn can be displayed on your account profile page. This setting allows you to automatically set the visibility of the newly earned badges.
e2805314 144
4887d152 145You can still control individual badge privacy settings on your badges page.';
e2805314 146$string['badgeprivacysetting_str'] = 'Automatically show badges I earn on my profile page';
da6ecfd8 147$string['badgesalt'] = 'Salt for hashing the recipient\'s email address';
148$string['badgesalt_desc'] = 'Using a hash allows backpack services to confirm the badge earner without having to expose their email address. This setting should only use numbers and letters.
150Note: For recipient verification purposes, please avoid changing this setting once you start issuing badges.';
151$string['badgesdisabled'] = 'Badges are not enabled on this site.';
152$string['badgesearned'] = 'Number of badges earned: {$a}';
153$string['badgesettings'] = 'Badges settings';
154$string['badgestatus_0'] = 'Not available to users';
155$string['badgestatus_1'] = 'Available to users';
156$string['badgestatus_2'] = 'Not available to users';
157$string['badgestatus_3'] = 'Available to users';
158$string['badgestatus_4'] = 'Archived';
159$string['badgestoearn'] = 'Number of badges available: {$a}';
160$string['badgesview'] = 'Course badges';
161$string['badgeurl'] = 'Issued badge link';
162$string['bawards'] = 'Recipients ({$a})';
163$string['bcriteria'] = 'Criteria';
164$string['bdetails'] = 'Edit details';
d363a5c2 165$string['bendorsement'] = 'Endorsement';
166$string['bmessage'] = 'Message';
167$string['boverview'] = 'Overview';
d363a5c2 168$string['brelated'] = 'Related badges ({$a})';
f94786e0 169$string['balignment'] = 'Alignments ({$a})';
27806552 170$string['bydate'] = ' complete by';
d363a5c2 171$string['imagecaption'] = 'Image caption';
cd492e2e 172$string['imagecaption_help'] = 'If specified, an image caption is displayed on the badge page.';
d363a5c2 173$string['claim'] = 'Claim';
cd492e2e 174$string['claimcomment'] = 'Endorsement comment';
d363a5c2 175$string['claimid'] = 'Claim URL';
27806552 176$string['clearsettings'] = 'Clear settings';
9f3e0968 177$string['completionnotenabled'] = 'Course completion is not enabled for this course, so it cannot be included in badge criteria. Course completion may be enabled in the course settings.';
27806552 178$string['completioninfo'] = 'This badge was issued for completing: ';
7ac4c9c1 179$string['configenablebadges'] = 'If enabled, this feature lets you create badges and award them to site users.';
27806552 180$string['configuremessage'] = 'Badge message';
181$string['connect'] = 'Connect';
182$string['connected'] = 'Connected';
f6ebcd34 183$string['connecting'] = 'Connecting...';
184$string['contact'] = 'Contact';
185$string['contact_help'] = 'An email address associated with the badge issuer.';
186$string['copyof'] = 'Copy of {$a}';
85d7399e 187$string['coursebadgesdisabled'] = 'Course badges are not enabled on this site.';
77fc81f3 188$string['coursecompletion'] = 'Users must complete this course.';
189$string['coursebadges'] = 'Badges';
190$string['create'] = 'New badge';
191$string['createbutton'] = 'Create badge';
192$string['creatorbody'] = '<p>{$a->user} has completed all badge requirements and has been awarded the badge. View issued badge at {$a->link} </p>';
193$string['creatorsubject'] = '\'{$a}\' has been awarded!';
194$string['criteriasummary'] = 'Criteria summary';
195$string['criteriacreated'] = 'Badge criteria successfully created';
196$string['criteriadeleted'] = 'Badge criteria successfully deleted';
197$string['criteriaupdated'] = 'Badge criteria successfully updated';
77fc81f3 198$string['criteria_descr'] = 'Users are awarded this badge when they complete the following requirement:';
199$string['criteria_descr_bydate'] = ' by <em>{$a}</em> ';
200$string['criteria_descr_grade'] = ' with minimum grade of <em>{$a}</em> ';
201$string['criteria_descr_short0'] = 'Complete <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
202$string['criteria_descr_short1'] = 'Complete <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
203$string['criteria_descr_short2'] = 'Awarded by <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
204$string['criteria_descr_short4'] = 'Complete the course ';
205$string['criteria_descr_short5'] = 'Complete <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
206$string['criteria_descr_short6'] = 'Complete <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
a7370e0d 207$string['criteria_descr_short7'] = 'Complete <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
75653a30 208$string['criteria_descr_short8'] = 'Cohort membership in <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
f94786e0 209$string['criteria_descr_short9'] = 'Complete <strong>{$a}</strong> of: ';
210$string['criteria_descr_single_short1'] = 'Complete: ';
211$string['criteria_descr_single_short2'] = 'Awarded by: ';
212$string['criteria_descr_single_short4'] = 'Complete the course ';
213$string['criteria_descr_single_short5'] = 'Complete: ';
214$string['criteria_descr_single_short6'] = 'Complete: ';
a7370e0d 215$string['criteria_descr_single_short7'] = 'Complete: ';
75653a30 216$string['criteria_descr_single_short8'] = 'Membership in: ';
f94786e0 217$string['criteria_descr_single_short9'] = 'Complete: ';
218$string['criteria_descr_single_1'] = 'The following activity has to be completed:';
219$string['criteria_descr_single_2'] = 'This badge has to be awarded by a user with the following role:';
77fc81f3 220$string['criteria_descr_single_4'] = 'Users must complete the course';
221$string['criteria_descr_single_5'] = 'The following course has to be completed:';
222$string['criteria_descr_single_6'] = 'The following user profile field has to be completed:';
a7370e0d 223$string['criteria_descr_single_7'] = 'The following badge has to be earned:';
75653a30 224$string['criteria_descr_single_8'] = 'Membership in the following cohort is required:';
f94786e0 225$string['criteria_descr_single_9'] = 'The following competencies have to be completed:';
77fc81f3 226$string['criteria_descr_0'] = 'Users are awarded this badge when they complete <strong>{$a}</strong> of the listed requirements.';
227$string['criteria_descr_1'] = '<strong>{$a}</strong> of the following activities are completed:';
228$string['criteria_descr_2'] = 'This badge has to be awarded by the users with <strong>{$a}</strong> of the following roles:';
77fc81f3 229$string['criteria_descr_4'] = 'Users must complete the course';
230$string['criteria_descr_5'] = '<strong>{$a}</strong> of the following courses have to be completed:';
231$string['criteria_descr_6'] = '<strong>{$a}</strong> of the following user profile fields have to be completed:';
a7370e0d 232$string['criteria_descr_7'] = '<strong>{$a}</strong> of the following badges have to be earned:';
75653a30 233$string['criteria_descr_8'] = 'Membership in <strong>{$a}</strong> of the following cohorts is required:';
f94786e0 234$string['criteria_descr_9'] = '<strong>{$a}</strong> of the following competencies have to be completed:';
235$string['criteria_0'] = 'This badge is awarded when...';
236$string['criteria_1'] = 'Activity completion';
237$string['criteria_1_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded to users based on the completion of a set of activities within a course.';
238$string['criteria_2'] = 'Manual issue by role';
239$string['criteria_2_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded manually by users who have a particular role within the site or course.';
240$string['criteria_3'] = 'Social participation';
241$string['criteria_3_help'] = 'Social';
242$string['criteria_4'] = 'Course completion';
243$string['criteria_4_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded to users who have completed the course. This criterion can have additional parameters such as minimum grade and date of course completion.';
244$string['criteria_5'] = 'Completing a set of courses';
245$string['criteria_5_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded to users who have completed a set of courses. Each course can have additional parameters such as minimum grade and date of course completion. ';
246$string['criteria_6'] = 'Profile completion';
247$string['criteria_6_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded to users for completing certain fields in their profile. You can select from default and custom profile fields that are available to users. ';
248$string['criteria_7'] = 'Awarded badges';
249$string['criteria_7_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded to users based on the other badges thay have earned.';
75653a30 250$string['criteria_8'] = 'Cohort membership';
970c1a4b 251$string['criteria_8_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded to users based on cohort membership.';
f94786e0 252$string['criteria_9'] = 'Competencies';
f1264719 253$string['criteria_9_help'] = 'Allows a badge to be awarded to users based on the competencies they have completed.';
27806552 254$string['criterror'] = 'Current parameters issues';
77fc81f3 255$string['criterror_help'] = 'This fieldset shows all parameters that were initially added to this badge requirement but are no longer available. It is recommended that you un-check such parameters to make sure that users can earn this badge in the future.';
256$string['currentimage'] = 'Current image';
257$string['currentstatus'] = 'Current status: ';
258$string['dateawarded'] = 'Date issued';
259$string['dateearned'] = 'Date: {$a}';
260$string['day'] = 'Day(s)';
261$string['deactivate'] = 'Disable access';
262$string['deactivatesuccess'] = 'Access to the badges was successfully disabled.';
263$string['defaultissuercontact'] = 'Badge issuer email address';
264$string['defaultissuercontact_desc'] = 'An email address associated with the badge issuer. For an Open Badges v2.0 backpack, this is used for authentication when publishing badges to a backpack.';
265$string['defaultissuerpassword'] = 'Badge issuer password';
f7153769 266$string['defaultissuerpassword_help'] = 'An account is required on the backpack site with email address as specified in the badge issuer email address setting in Site administration / Badges / Badges settings. The password for the account should be entered here.';
aae219ac 267$string['defaultissuername'] = 'Badge issuer name';
27806552 268$string['defaultissuername_desc'] = 'Name of the issuing agent or authority.';
455d13b7 269$string['delbadge'] = 'Would you like to delete badge \'{$a}\' and remove all existing issued badges?';
aae219ac 270$string['delexternalbackpackconfirm'] = 'Delete site backpack \'{$a}\'?';
271$string['delconfirm'] = 'Delete and remove existing issued badges';
272$string['deletehelp'] = '<p>Fully deleting a badge means that all its information and criteria records will be permanently removed. Users who have earned this badge will no longer be able to access it and display it on their profile pages.</p>
273<p>Note: Users who have earned this badge and have already pushed it to their external backpack, will still have this badge in their external backpack. However, they will not be able to access criteria and evidence pages linking back to this web site.</p>';
274$string['delcritconfirm'] = 'Are you sure that you want to delete this criterion?';
275$string['delparamconfirm'] = 'Are you sure that you want to delete this parameter?';
276$string['description'] = 'Description';
e2805314 277$string['disconnect'] = 'Disconnect';
278$string['donotaward'] = 'Currently, this badge is not active, so it cannot be awarded to users. If you would like to award this badge, please set its status to active.';
279$string['editsettings'] = 'Edit settings';
280$string['enablebadges'] = 'Enable badges';
d363a5c2 281$string['endorsement'] = 'Endorsement';
282$string['error:backpackdatainvalid'] = 'The data return from the backpack was invalid.';
283$string['error:backpackemailnotfound'] = 'The email \'{$a}\' is not associated with a backpack. You need to <a href="">create a backpack</a> for that account or sign in with another email address.';
9f3e0968 284$string['error:backpacknotavailable'] = 'Your site is not accessible from the Internet, so any badges issued from this site cannot be verified by external backpack services.';
2c910861 285$string['error:backpackproblem'] = 'There was a problem connecting to your backpack service provider. Please try again later.';
286$string['error:badgeawardnotfound'] = 'Cannot verify this awarded badge. This badge may have been revoked.';
287$string['error:badgenotfound'] = 'Badge not found';
288$string['error:cannotact'] = 'Cannot activate the badge. ';
289$string['error:cannotawardbadge'] = 'Cannot award badge to a user.';
b7374fac 290$string['error:cannotrevokebadge'] = 'Cannot revoke badge from a user.';
3784d3be 291$string['error:cannotdeletecriterion'] = 'This criterion cannot be deleted. ';
f6ebcd34 292$string['error:connectionunknownreason'] = 'The connection was unsuccessful but no reason was given.';
293$string['error:clone'] = 'Cannot clone the badge.';
294$string['error:duplicatename'] = 'Badge with such name already exists in the system.';
2d3c0fae 295$string['error:externalbadgedoesntexist'] = 'Badge not found';
3193b97e 296$string['error:guestuseraccess'] = 'You are currently using guest access. To see badges you need to log in with your user account.';
297$string['error:invalidcriteriatype'] = 'Invalid criteria type.';
298$string['error:invalidexpiredate'] = 'Expiry date has to be in the future.';
299$string['error:invalidexpireperiod'] = 'Expiry period cannot be negative or equal 0.';
a7370e0d 300$string['error:invalidparambadge'] = 'Badge does not exist. ';
27806552 301$string['error:noactivities'] = 'There are no activities with completion criteria enabled in this course.';
700522ba 302$string['error:nobadges'] = 'There are no course or site badges with access enabled to be added as criteria.';
303$string['error:invalidparamcohort'] = 'Cohort does not exist. ';
304$string['error:noactivities'] = 'There are no activities with completion criteria enabled in this course.';
305$string['error:nocohorts'] = 'No cohorts';
9f3e0968 306$string['error:nocourses'] = 'Course completion is not enabled for any of the courses in this site, so none can be displayed. Course completion may be enabled in the course settings.';
aae219ac 307$string['error:nogroupssummary'] = '<p>There are no public collections of badges available in your backpack. </p>';
f7153769 308$string['error:nogroupslink'] = '<p>Only public collections are shown. <a href="{$a}" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Visit your backpack</a> to create some public collections.</p>';
309$string['error:nopermissiontoview'] = 'You have no permissions to view badge recipients';
310$string['error:nosuchbadge'] = 'Badge with id {$a} does not exist.';
abc07b53 311$string['error:nosuchcohort'] = 'Warning: This cohort is no longer available.';
312$string['error:nosuchcourse'] = 'Warning: This course is no longer available.';
313$string['error:nosuchfield'] = 'Warning: This user profile field is no longer available.';
314$string['error:nosuchmod'] = 'Warning: This activity is no longer available.';
315$string['error:nosuchrole'] = 'Warning: This role is no longer available.';
9f3e0968 316$string['error:nosuchuser'] = 'User with this email address does not have an account with the current backpack provider.';
317$string['error:notifycoursedate'] = 'Warning: Badges associated with course and activity completions will not be issued until the course start date.';
318$string['error:parameter'] = 'Warning: At least one parameter should be selected to ensure correct badge issuing workflow.';
319$string['error:requesttimeout'] = 'The connection request timed out before it could complete.';
320$string['error:requesterror'] = 'The connection request failed (error code {$a}).';
d363a5c2 321$string['error:relatedbadgedoesntexist'] = 'There is no public badge with this identifier';
27806552 322$string['error:save'] = 'Cannot save the badge.';
762b2a6b 323$string['error:userdeleted'] = '{$a->user} (This user no longer exists in {$a->site})';
a0e13871 324$string['eventbadgearchived'] = 'Badge archived';
483cfd76 325$string['eventbadgeawarded'] = 'Badge awarded';
326$string['eventbadgecreated'] = 'Badge created';
327$string['eventbadgecriteriacreated'] = 'Badge criteria created';
328$string['eventbadgecriteriadeleted'] = 'Badge criteria deleted';
329$string['eventbadgecriteriaupdated'] = 'Badge criteria updated';
330$string['eventbadgedeleted'] = 'Badge deleted';
331$string['eventbadgedisabled'] = 'Badge disabled';
332$string['eventbadgeduplicated'] = 'Badge duplicated';
333$string['eventbadgeenabled'] = 'Badge enabled';
2ce8cf62 334$string['eventbadgelistingviewed'] = 'Badge listing viewed';
b7374fac 335$string['eventbadgerevoked'] = 'Badge revoked';
a0e13871 336$string['eventbadgeupdated'] = 'Badge updated';
2ce8cf62 337$string['eventbadgeviewed'] = 'Badge viewed';
338$string['evidence'] = 'Evidence';
339$string['existingrecipients'] = 'Existing badge recipients';
340$string['expired'] = 'Expired';
341$string['expiredate'] = 'This badge expires on {$a}.';
342$string['expireddate'] = 'This badge expired on {$a}.';
343$string['expireperiod'] = 'This badge expires {$a} day(s) after being issued.';
344$string['expireperiodh'] = 'This badge expires {$a} hour(s) after being issued.';
345$string['expireperiodm'] = 'This badge expires {$a} minute(s) after being issued.';
346$string['expireperiods'] = 'This badge expires {$a} second(s) after being issued.';
347$string['expirydate'] = 'Expiry date';
348$string['expirydate_help'] = 'Optionally, badges can expire on a specific date, or the date can be calculated based on the date when the badge was issued to a user. ';
aae219ac 349$string['existsinbackpack'] = 'Badge already exists in backpack';
e2805314 350$string['externalconnectto'] = 'To display external badges you need to <a href="{$a}">connect to a backpack</a>.';
351$string['externalbadges'] = 'My badges from other web sites';
352$string['externalbadgesp'] = 'Badges from other web sites:';
e2805314 353$string['externalbadges_help'] = 'This area displays badges from your external backpack.';
27806552 354$string['fixed'] = 'Fixed date';
aae219ac 355$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
9f3e0968 356$string['hiddenbadge'] = 'Unfortunately, the badge owner has not made this information available.';
d363a5c2 357$string['imageauthoremail'] = 'Image author\'s email';
cd492e2e 358$string['imageauthoremail_help'] = 'If specified, the email address of the badge image author is displayed on the badge page.';
d363a5c2 359$string['imageauthorname'] = 'Image author\'s name';
cd492e2e 360$string['imageauthorname_help'] = 'If specified, the name of the badge image author is displayed on the badge page.';
d363a5c2 361$string['imageauthorurl'] = 'Image author\'s URL';
cd492e2e 362$string['imageauthorurl_help'] = 'If specified, a link to the badge image author\'s website is displayed on the badge page. The URL should have a prefix http:// or https://.';
d363a5c2 363$string['invalidurl'] = 'Invalid URL';
364$string['issuedbadge'] = 'Issued badge information';
365$string['issuancedetails'] = 'Badge expiry';
366$string['issuerdetails'] = 'Issuer details';
d363a5c2 367$string['issueremail'] = 'Email';
cd492e2e 368$string['issueremail_help'] = 'A contact email address of the organisation issuing the endorsement.';
369$string['issuername'] = 'Issuer name';
370$string['issuername_help'] = 'Name of the issuing agent or authority.';
cd492e2e 371$string['issuername_endorsement'] = 'Endorser name';
d363a5c2 372$string['issuername_endorsement_help'] = 'The name of the endorser.';
27806552 373$string['issuerurl'] = 'Issuer URL';
cd492e2e 374$string['issuerurl_help'] = 'The website of the organisation issuing the endorsement. The URL should have a prefix http:// or https://.';
d363a5c2 375$string['language'] = 'Language';
cd492e2e 376$string['language_help'] = 'The language used on the badge page.';
aae219ac 377$string['listbackpacks'] = 'List of backpacks';
e2805314 378$string['localconnectto'] = 'To share these badges outside this web site you need to <a href="{$a}">connect to a backpack</a>.';
379$string['localbadges'] = 'My badges from {$a} web site';
380$string['localbadgesh'] = 'My badges from this web site';
381$string['localbadgesh_help'] = 'All badges earned within this web site by completing courses, course activities, and other requirements.
383You can manage your badges here by making them public or private for your profile page.
385You can download all of your badges or each badge separately and save them on your computer. Downloaded badges can be added to your external backpack service.';
386$string['localbadgesp'] = 'Badges from {$a}:';
387$string['makeprivate'] = 'Make private';
388$string['makepublic'] = 'Make public';
389$string['managebadges'] = 'Manage badges';
aae219ac 390$string['managebackpacks'] = 'Manage backpacks';
27806552 391$string['message'] = 'Message body';
480fca77 392$string['messagebody'] = '<p>You have been awarded the badge "%badgename%"!</p>
393<p>More information about this badge can be found on the %badgelink% badge information page.</p>
394<p>You can manage and download the badge from your {$a} page.</p>';
395$string['messagesubject'] = 'Congratulations! You just earned a badge!';
396$string['method'] = 'This criterion is complete when...';
397$string['mingrade'] = 'Minimum grade required';
398$string['month'] = 'Month(s)';
399$string['mybadges'] = 'My badges';
400$string['mybackpack'] = 'My backpack settings';
401$string['never'] = 'Never';
402$string['newbadge'] = 'Add a new badge';
403$string['newimage'] = 'New image';
f94786e0 404$string['noalignment'] = 'This badge does not have any external skills or standards specified.';
405$string['noawards'] = 'This badge has not been earned yet.';
406$string['nobackpack'] = 'There is no backpack service connected to this account.<br/>';
407$string['nobackpackbadgessummary'] = 'There are no badges in the collections you have selected.';
408$string['nobackpackcollectionssummary'] = 'No badge collections have been selected.';
409$string['nobackpacks'] = 'There are no backpacks available';
27806552 410$string['nobadges'] = 'There are no badges available.';
f94786e0 411$string['nocompetencies'] = 'No competencies selected.';
27806552 412$string['nocriteria'] = 'Criteria for this badge have not been set up yet.';
d363a5c2 413$string['noendorsement'] = 'This badge does not have an endorsement.';
414$string['noexpiry'] = 'This badge does not have an expiry date.';
415$string['noparamstoadd'] = 'There are no additional parameters available to add to this badge requirement.';
cd492e2e 416$string['norelated'] = 'This badge does not have any related badges.';
417$string['notacceptedrole'] = 'Your current role assignment is not among the roles that can manually issue this badge.<br/>
418If you would like to see users who have already earned this badge, you can visit {$a} page. ';
e2805314 419$string['notconnected'] = 'Not connected';
f94786e0 420$string['notealignment'] = 'External skills or standards, which the badge is aligned with, may be specified. Any external skills or standards are displayed on the badge page.';
421$string['noteendorsement'] = 'An endorsement from a third party may be used to add value to the badge. For example, a badge issued by a teacher may be endorsed by the school, or a badge issued by a local awarding body may be endorsed by the national awarding body.';
422$string['noterelated'] = 'Badges with a connection may be marked as related. For example, badges with the same criteria which are displayed in different languages may be marked as related. Any related badges are displayed on the badge page.';
423$string['nothingtoadd'] = 'There are no available criteria to add.';
424$string['notification'] = 'Notify badge creator';
425$string['notification_help'] = 'This setting manages notifications sent to a badge creator to let them know that the badge has been issued.
427The following options are available:
429* **NEVER** – Do not send notifications.
431* **EVERY TIME** – Send a notification every time this badge is awarded.
433* **DAILY** – Send notifications once a day.
435* **WEEKLY** – Send notifications once a week.
437* **MONTHLY** – Send notifications once a month.';
438$string['notifydaily'] = 'Daily';
439$string['notifyevery'] = 'Every time';
440$string['notifymonthly'] = 'Monthly';
441$string['notifyweekly'] = 'Weekly';
442$string['numawards'] = 'This badge has been issued to <a href="{$a->link}">{$a->count}</a> user(s).';
443$string['numawardstat'] = 'This badge has been issued {$a} user(s).';
444$string['overallcrit'] = 'of the selected criteria are complete.';
445$string['openbadgesv1'] = 'Open Badges v1.0';
446$string['openbadgesv2'] = 'Open Badges v2.0';
27806552 447$string['potentialrecipients'] = 'Potential badge recipients';
4e1f6047 448$string['preferences'] = 'Badge preferences';
449$string['privacy:metadata:backpack'] = 'A record of user\'s backpacks';
450$string['privacy:metadata:backpack:backpackuid'] = 'The backpack unique identifier';
7444ba74 451$string['privacy:metadata:backpack:externalbackpackid'] = 'The ID of the backpack';
452$string['privacy:metadata:backpack:email'] = 'The email associated with the backpack';
453$string['privacy:metadata:backpack:userid'] = 'The ID of the user whose backpack it is';
454$string['privacy:metadata:badge'] = 'A collection of badges';
455$string['privacy:metadata:badge:timecreated'] = 'The time when the badge was created';
456$string['privacy:metadata:badge:timemodified'] = 'The time when the badge was last modified';
457$string['privacy:metadata:badge:usercreated'] = 'The ID of the user who created the badge';
458$string['privacy:metadata:badge:usermodified'] = 'The ID of the user who modified the badge';
459$string['privacy:metadata:criteriamet'] = 'A collection of criteria which have been met';
460$string['privacy:metadata:criteriamet:datemet'] = 'The date when the criteria was met';
461$string['privacy:metadata:criteriamet:userid'] = 'The ID of the user who has met the criteria';
462$string['privacy:metadata:external:backpacks'] = 'Information shared when users submit their badges to an external backpack';
463$string['privacy:metadata:external:backpacks:badge'] = 'The name of the badge';
464$string['privacy:metadata:external:backpacks:description'] = 'The description of the badge';
465$string['privacy:metadata:external:backpacks:image'] = 'The image of the badge';
466$string['privacy:metadata:external:backpacks:issuer'] = 'Some information about the issuer';
467$string['privacy:metadata:external:backpacks:url'] = 'The Moodle URL where the issued badge information can be seen';
468$string['privacy:metadata:issued'] = 'A record of badges awarded';
24a29d72 469$string['privacy:metadata:issued:dateexpire'] = 'The date when the badge expires';
470$string['privacy:metadata:issued:dateissued'] = 'The date of the award';
471$string['privacy:metadata:issued:userid'] = 'The ID of the user who was awarded a badge';
472$string['privacy:metadata:manualaward'] = 'A record of manual awards';
a5591614 473$string['privacy:metadata:manualaward:datemet'] = 'The date when the user was awarded the badge';
474$string['privacy:metadata:manualaward:issuerid'] = 'The ID of the user awarding the badge';
475$string['privacy:metadata:manualaward:issuerrole'] = 'The role of the user awarding the badge';
476$string['privacy:metadata:manualaward:recipientid'] = 'The ID of the user who is manually awarded a badge';
27806552 477$string['recipients'] = 'Badge recipients';
478$string['recipientdetails'] = 'Recipient details';
479$string['recipientidentificationproblem'] = 'Cannot find a recipient of this badge among the existing users.';
480$string['recipientvalidationproblem'] = 'Current user cannot be verified as a recipient of this badge.';
27806552 481$string['relative'] = 'Relative date';
d363a5c2 482$string['relatedbages'] = 'Related badges';
b7374fac 483$string['revoke'] = 'Revoke badge';
abc07b53 484$string['requiredcohort'] = 'At least one cohort should be added to the cohort criterion.';
43f1c8e2 485$string['requiredcompetency'] = 'At least one competency should be added to the competency criterion.';
27806552 486$string['requiredcourse'] = 'At least one course should be added to the courseset criterion.';
a7370e0d 487$string['requiredbadge'] = 'At least one badge should be added to the badge criterion.';
488$string['reviewbadge'] = 'Changes in badge access';
489$string['reviewconfirm'] = '<p>This will make your badge visible to users and allow them to start earning it.</p>
491<p>It is possible that some users already meet this badge\'s criteria and will be issued this badge immediately after you enable it.</p>
493<p>Once a badge has been issued it will be <strong>locked</strong> - certain settings including the criteria and expiry settings can no longer be changed.</p>
495<p>Are you sure you want to enable access to the badge \'{$a}\'?</p>';
496$string['save'] = 'Save';
497$string['searchname'] = 'Search by name';
71fd443b 498$string['selectaward'] = 'Please select the role you would like to use to award this badge: ';
f7153769 499$string['selectgroup_end'] = 'Only public collections are shown. <a href="{$a}">Visit your backpack</a> to create more public collections.';
e2805314 500$string['selectgroup_start'] = 'Select collections from your backpack to display on this site:';
501$string['selecting'] = 'With selected badges...';
502$string['setup'] = 'Set up connection';
5c159cb3 503$string['sitebackpack'] = 'Active external backpack';
c9e526a4 504$string['sitebackpack_help'] = 'The external backpack that users can connect to from this site. Note that changing this setting after users have connected their backpacks will require each user to go to their backpack settings page and disconnect then reconnect.';
505$string['sitebackpackverify'] = 'Backpack connection';
506$string['sitebackpackwarning'] = 'Could not connect to backpack. <br/><br/>Check that the "Badge issuer email address" admin setting is the valid email for an account on the backpack website. <br/><br/>Check that the "Badge issuer password" on the <a href="{$a->url}">site backpack settings page</a>, is the correct password for the account on the backpack website. <br/><br/>The backpack returned: "{$a->warning}"';
27806552 507$string['sitebadges'] = 'Site badges';
9f3e0968 508$string['sitebadges_help'] = 'Site badges can only be awarded to users for site-related activities. These include completing a set of courses or parts of user profiles. Site badges can also be issued manually by one user to another.
27806552 509
9f3e0968 510Badges for course-related activities must be created at the course level. Course badges can be found under Course Administration > Badges.';
511$string['statusmessage_0'] = 'This badge is currently not available to users. Enable access if you want users to earn this badge. ';
512$string['statusmessage_1'] = 'This badge is currently available to users. Disable access to make any changes. ';
513$string['statusmessage_2'] = 'This badge is currently not available to users, and its criteria are locked. Enable access if you want users to earn this badge. ';
514$string['statusmessage_3'] = 'This badge is currently available to users, and its criteria are locked. ';
9f3e0968 515$string['statusmessage_4'] = 'This badge is currently archived.';
516$string['status'] = 'Badge status';
517$string['status_help'] = 'Status of a badge determines its behaviour in the system:
519* **AVAILABLE** – Means that this badge can be earned by users. While a badge is available to users, its criteria cannot be modified.
521* **NOT AVAILABLE** – Means that this badge is not available to users and cannot be earned or manually issued. If such badge has never been issued before, its criteria can be changed.
523Once a badge has been issued to at least one user, it automatically becomes **LOCKED**. Locked badges can still be earned by users, but their criteria can no longer be changed. If you need to modify details or criteria of a locked badge, you can duplicate this badge and make all the required changes.
525*Why do we lock badges?*
527We want to make sure that all users complete the same requirements to earn a badge. Currently, it is not possible to revoke badges. If we allowed badges requirements to be modified all the time, we would most likely end up with users having the same badge for meeting completely different requirements.';
528$string['subject'] = 'Message subject';
529$string['targetname'] = 'Name';
530$string['targetname_help'] = 'The external skill or standard which the badge is aligned with.';
d363a5c2 531$string['targeturl'] = 'URL';
f94786e0 532$string['targeturl_help'] = 'A link to a page describing the external skill or standard. The URL should have a prefix http:// or https://.';
d363a5c2 533$string['targetdescription'] = 'Description';
f94786e0 534$string['targetdescription_help'] = 'Short description of the external skill or standard.';
d363a5c2 535$string['targetframework'] = 'Framework';
f94786e0 536$string['targetframework_help'] = 'The name of the external skill or standard framework.';
d363a5c2 537$string['targetcode'] = 'Code';
f94786e0 538$string['targetcode_help'] = 'A unique string identifier for referencing the external skill or standard within its framework.';
d363a5c2 539$string['type'] = 'Type';
27806552 540$string['variablesubstitution'] = 'Variable substitution in messages.';
5a255660 541$string['variablesubstitution_help'] = 'In a badge message, certain variables can be inserted into the subject and/or body of a message so that they will be replaced with real values when the message is sent. The variables should be inserted into the text exactly as they are shown below. The following variables can be used:
5a255660 544: This will be replaced by the badge\'s full name.
5a255660 547: This will be replaced by the recipient\'s full name.
5a255660 550: This will be replaced by the public URL with information about the issued badge.';
551$string['viewbadge'] = 'View issued badge';
552$string['visible'] = 'Visible';
d363a5c2 553$string['version'] = 'Version';
cd492e2e 554$string['version_help'] = 'The version field may be used to keep track of the badge\'s development. If specified, the version is displayed on the badge page.';
555$string['warnexpired'] = ' (This badge has expired!)';
556$string['year'] = 'Year(s)';
c78cf06d 557
558// Deprecated since Moodle 3.6.
559$string['error:invalidbadgeurl'] = 'Invalid issuer URL format. The URL should have a prefix http:// or https://.';
aae219ac 560$string['backpackbadges'] = 'You have {$a->totalbadges} badge(s) displayed from {$a->totalcollections} collection(s). <a href="mybackpack.php">Change backpack settings</a>.';
08a114cf 561$string['error:nogroups'] = '<p>There are no public collections of badges available in your backpack. </p> <p>Only public collections are shown. <a href="">Visit your backpack</a> to create some public collections.</p>';
562$string['nobackpackbadges'] = 'There are no badges in the collections you have selected. <a href="mybackpack.php">Add more collections</a>.';
563$string['nobackpackcollections'] = 'No badge collections have been selected. <a href="mybackpack.php">Add collections</a>.';