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30c8dd34 1<?php
304d08f0 2
3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
2650f44d 19 * Strings for core subsystem 'blog'
30c8dd34 20 *
21 * @package core
22 * @subpackage blog
23 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
24 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
30c8dd34 25 */
b37a5f51 26
25a78406 27$string['addnewentry'] = 'Add a new entry';
8397492b 28$string['addnewexternalblog'] = 'Register an external blog';
b73d1ca4 29$string['assocdescription'] = 'If you are writing about a course and/or activity modules, select them here.';
30$string['associated'] = 'Associated {$a}';
31$string['associatewithcourse'] = 'Blog about course {$a->coursename}';
32$string['associatewithmodule'] = 'Blog about {$a->modtype}: {$a->modname}';
1c7b8b93 33$string['association'] = 'Association';
cae83708 34$string['associations'] = 'Associations';
b68af035 35$string['associationunviewable'] = 'This entry cannot be viewed by others until a course is associated with it or the \'Publish to\' field is changed';
36$string['autotags'] = 'Add these tags';
37$string['autotags_help'] = 'Enter one or more local tags (separated by commas) that you want to automatically add to each blog entry copied from the external blog into your local blog.';
5a2ae4d0 38$string['backupblogshelp'] = 'If enabled then blogs will be included in SITE automated backups';
1884fec6 39$string['blockexternalstitle'] = 'External blogs';
4852ab88 40$string['blocktitle'] = 'Blog tags block title';
6479f657 41$string['blog'] = 'Blog';
30c8dd34 42$string['blogaboutthis'] = 'Blog about this {$a->type}';
43$string['blogaboutthiscourse'] = 'Add an entry about this course';
44$string['blogaboutthismodule'] = 'Add an entry about this {$a}';
23677261 45$string['blogadministration'] = 'Blog administration';
f77f2406 46$string['blogdeleteconfirm'] = 'Delete this blog entry?';
cae83708 47$string['blogdisable'] = 'Blogging is disabled!';
48$string['blogentries'] = 'Blog entries';
49$string['blogentriesabout'] = 'Blog entries about {$a}';
50$string['blogentriesbygroupaboutcourse'] = 'Blog entries about {$a->course} by {$a->group}';
51$string['blogentriesbygroupaboutmodule'] = 'Blog entries about {$a->mod} by {$a->group}';
52$string['blogentriesbyuseraboutcourse'] = 'Blog entries about {$a->course} by {$a->user}';
27bad0a6 53$string['blogentriesbyuseraboutmodule'] = 'Blog entries about this {$a->mod} by {$a->user}';
30c8dd34 54$string['blogentrybyuser'] = 'Blog entry by {$a}';
304d08f0 55$string['blogpreferences'] = 'Blog preferences';
b37a5f51 56$string['blogs'] = 'Blogs';
57$string['blogscourse'] = 'Course blogs';
58$string['blogssite'] = 'Site blogs';
b68af035 59$string['blogtags'] = 'Blog tags';
fd968fb1 60$string['cannotviewcourseblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to view blogs in this course';
61$string['cannotviewcourseorgroupblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to view blogs in this course/group';
cae83708 62$string['cannotviewsiteblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to view all site blogs';
63$string['cannotviewuserblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to read user blogs';
64$string['configexternalblogcrontime'] = 'How often Moodle checks the external blogs for new entries.';
cae83708 65$string['configmaxexternalblogsperuser'] = 'The number of external blogs each user is allowed to link to their Moodle blog.';
66$string['configuseblogassociations'] = 'Enables the association of blog entries with courses and course modules.';
6413bae7 67$string['configuseexternalblogs'] = 'Enables users to specify external blog feeds. Moodle regularly checks these blog feeds and copies new entries to the local blog of that user.';
30c8dd34 68$string['courseblog'] = 'Course blog: {$a}';
6413bae7 69$string['courseblogdisable'] = 'Course blogs are not enabled';
304d08f0 70$string['courseblogs'] = 'Users can only see blogs for people who share a course';
1c7b8b93 71$string['deleteblogassociations'] = 'Delete blog associations';
6413bae7 72$string['deleteblogassociations_help'] = 'If ticked then blog entries will no longer be associated with this course or any course activities or resources. The blog entries themselves will not be deleted.';
8397492b 73$string['deleteexternalblog'] = 'Unregister this external blog';
6413bae7 74$string['deleteotagswarn'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove these tags from all blog posts and remove it from the system?';
75$string['description'] = 'Description';
76$string['description_help'] = 'Enter a sentence or two summarising the contents of your external blog. (If no description is supplied, the description recorded in your external blog will be used).';
cae83708 77$string['donothaveblog'] = 'You do not have your own blog, sorry.';
78$string['editentry'] = 'Edit a blog entry';
1c7b8b93 79$string['editexternalblog'] = 'Edit this external blog';
304d08f0 80$string['emptybody'] = 'Blog entry body can not be empty';
cae83708 81$string['emptyrssfeed'] = 'The URL you entered does not point to a valid RSS feed';
1c7b8b93 82$string['emptytitle'] = 'Blog entry title can not be empty';
6413bae7 83$string['emptyurl'] = 'You must specify a URL to a valid RSS feed';
25a78406 84$string['entrybody'] = 'Blog entry body';
85$string['entrybodyonlydesc'] = 'Entry description';
b37a5f51 86$string['entryerrornotyours'] = 'This entry is not yours';
4f162918 87$string['entrysaved'] = 'Your entry has been saved';
25a78406 88$string['entrytitle'] = 'Entry title';
3049780a 89$string['evententryadded'] = 'Blog entry added';
6c66b7f3 90$string['evententrydeleted'] = 'Blog entry deleted';
32dea439 91$string['evententryupdated'] = 'Blog entry updated';
cae83708 92$string['externalblogcrontime'] = 'External blog cron schedule';
93$string['externalblogdeleteconfirm'] = 'Unregister this external blog?';
94$string['externalblogdeleted'] = 'External blog unregistered';
30c8dd34 95$string['externalblogs'] = 'External blogs';
96$string['feedisinvalid'] = 'This feed is invalid';
97$string['feedisvalid'] = 'This feed is valid';
cae83708 98$string['filterblogsby'] = 'Filter entries by...';
99$string['filtertags'] = 'Filter tags';
100$string['filtertags_help'] = 'You can use this feature to filter the entries you want to use. If you specify tags here (separated by commas) then only entries with these tags will be copied from the external blog.';
30c8dd34 101$string['groupblog'] = 'Group blog: {$a}';
fd968fb1 102$string['groupblogdisable'] = 'Group blog is not enabled';
30c8dd34 103$string['groupblogentries'] = 'Blog entries associated with {$a->coursename} by group {$a->groupname}';
304d08f0 104$string['groupblogs'] = 'Users can only see blogs for people who share a group';
fd968fb1 105$string['incorrectblogfilter'] = 'Incorrect blog filter type specified';
cae83708 106$string['intro'] = 'This RSS feed was automatically generated from one or more blogs.';
b73d1ca4 107$string['invalidgroupid'] = 'Invalid group ID';
cae83708 108$string['invalidurl'] = 'This URL is unreachable';
109$string['linktooriginalentry'] = 'Link to original blog entry';
110$string['maxexternalblogsperuser'] = 'Maximum number of external blogs per user';
111$string['name'] = 'Name';
112$string['name_help'] = 'Enter a descriptive name for your external blog. (If no name is supplied, the title of your external blog will be used).';
6887074b 113$string['noentriesyet'] = 'No visible entries here';
b37a5f51 114$string['noguestpost'] = 'Guest can not post blogs!';
1c7b8b93 115$string['nopermissionstodeleteentry'] = 'You lack the permissions required to delete this blog entry';
30c8dd34 116$string['norighttodeletetag'] = 'You have no rights to delete this tag - {$a}';
cae83708 117$string['nosuchentry'] = 'No such blog entry';
b37a5f51 118$string['notallowedtoedit'] = 'You are not allowed to edit this entry';
30c8dd34 119$string['numberofentries'] = 'Entries: {$a}';
4852ab88 120$string['numberoftags'] = 'Number of tags to display';
b34a1b5b 121$string['pagesize'] = 'Blog entries per page';
a814fc66 122$string['permalink'] = 'Permalink';
304d08f0 123$string['personalblogs'] = 'Users can only see their own blog';
23677261 124$string['preferences'] = 'Preferences';
25a78406 125$string['publishto'] = 'Publish to';
126$string['publishto_help'] = 'There are 3 options:
128* Yourself (draft) - Only you and the administrators can see this entry
129* Anyone on this site - Anyone who is registered on this site can read this entry
130* Anyone in the world - Anyone, including guests, could read this entry';
cae83708 131$string['publishtocourse'] = 'Users sharing a course with you';
132$string['publishtocourseassoc'] = 'Members of the associated course';
30c8dd34 133$string['publishtocourseassocparam'] = 'Members of {$a}';
cae83708 134$string['publishtogroup'] = 'Users sharing a group with you';
135$string['publishtogroupassoc'] = 'Your group members in the associated course';
30c8dd34 136$string['publishtogroupassocparam'] = 'Your group members in {$a}';
25a78406 137$string['publishtonoone'] = 'Yourself (draft)';
138$string['publishtosite'] = 'Anyone on this site';
139$string['publishtoworld'] = 'Anyone in the world';
b73d1ca4 140$string['readfirst'] = 'Read this first';
1c7b8b93 141$string['relatedblogentries'] = 'Related blog entries';
30c8dd34 142$string['retrievedfrom'] = 'Retrieved from';
c000545d 143$string['rssfeed'] = 'Blog RSS feed';
30c8dd34 144$string['searchterm'] = 'Search: {$a}';
1c7b8b93 145$string['settingsupdatederror'] = 'An error has occurred, blog preference setting could not be updated';
30c8dd34 146$string['siteblog'] = 'Site blog: {$a}';
fd968fb1 147$string['siteblogdisable'] = 'Site blog is not enabled';
304d08f0 148$string['siteblogs'] = 'All site users can see all blog entries';
4852ab88 149$string['tagdatelastused'] = 'Date tag was last used';
30c8dd34 150$string['tagparam'] = 'Tag: {$a}';
cae83708 151$string['tags'] = 'Tags';
4852ab88 152$string['tagsort'] = 'Sort the tag display by';
153$string['tagtext'] = 'Tag text';
1c7b8b93 154$string['timefetched'] = 'Time of last sync';
4852ab88 155$string['timewithin'] = 'Display tags used within this many days';
25a78406 156$string['updateentrywithid'] = 'Updating entry';
06aad19c 157$string['url'] = 'RSS feed URL';
1884fec6 158$string['url_help'] = 'Enter the RSS feed URL for your external blog.';
cae83708 159$string['useblogassociations'] = 'Enable blog associations';
160$string['useexternalblogs'] = 'Enable external blogs';
161$string['userblog'] = 'User blog: {$a}';
162$string['userblogentries'] = 'Blog entries by {$a}';
1c7b8b93 163$string['valid'] = 'Valid';
30c8dd34 164$string['viewallblogentries'] = 'All entries about this {$a}';
165$string['viewallmodentries'] = 'View all entries about this {$a->type}';
166$string['viewallmyentries'] = 'View all of my entries';
167$string['viewentriesbyuseraboutcourse'] = 'View entries about this course by {$a}';
30c8dd34 168$string['viewblogentries'] = 'Entries about this {$a->type}';
cae83708 169$string['viewblogsfor'] = 'View all entries for...';
27bad0a6 170$string['viewcourseblogs'] = 'View all entries for this course';
cae83708 171$string['viewgroupblogs'] = 'View entries for group...';
172$string['viewgroupentries'] = 'Group entries';
173$string['viewmodblogs'] = 'View entries for module...';
174$string['viewmodentries'] = 'Module entries';
175$string['viewmyentries'] = 'My entries';
176$string['viewmyentriesaboutmodule'] = 'View my entries about this {$a}';
177$string['viewmyentriesaboutcourse'] = 'View my entries about this course';
178$string['viewsiteentries'] = 'View all entries';
179$string['viewuserentries'] = 'View all entries by {$a}';
44abf704 180$string['worldblogs'] = 'The world can read entries set to be world-accessible';
cae83708 181$string['wrongpostid'] = 'Wrong blog post id';
182$string['page-blog-edit'] = 'Blog editing pages';
183$string['page-blog-index'] = 'Blog listing pages';
184$string['page-blog-x'] = 'All blog pages';