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30c8dd34 1<?php
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3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'blog', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package blog
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
b37a5f51 25
25a78406 26$string['addnewentry'] = 'Add a new entry';
1c7b8b93 27$string['addnewexternalblog'] = 'Register an external blog...';
b73d1ca4 28$string['assocdescription'] = 'If you are writing about a course and/or activity modules, select them here.';
29$string['associated'] = 'Associated {$a}';
30$string['associatewithcourse'] = 'Blog about course {$a->coursename}';
31$string['associatewithmodule'] = 'Blog about {$a->modtype}: {$a->modname}';
1c7b8b93 32$string['association'] = 'Association';
cae83708 33$string['associations'] = 'Associations';
34$string['associationunviewable'] = 'This entry cannot be viewed by others until a course is associated with it or the \'Publish To\' field is changed';
1c7b8b93 35$string['autotags'] = 'Tags associated with each imported blog entry';
5a2ae4d0 36$string['backupblogshelp'] = 'If enabled then blogs will be included in SITE automated backups';
cae83708 37$string['blockexternalstitle'] = 'External Blogs';
4852ab88 38$string['blocktitle'] = 'Blog tags block title';
6479f657 39$string['blog'] = 'Blog';
30c8dd34 40$string['blogaboutthis'] = 'Blog about this {$a->type}';
41$string['blogaboutthiscourse'] = 'Add an entry about this course';
42$string['blogaboutthismodule'] = 'Add an entry about this {$a}';
23677261 43$string['blogadministration'] = 'Blog administration';
772c5260 44$string['blogdeleteconfirm'] = 'Delete this blog?';
cae83708 45$string['blogdisable'] = 'Blogging is disabled!';
46$string['blogentries'] = 'Blog entries';
47$string['blogentriesabout'] = 'Blog entries about {$a}';
48$string['blogentriesbygroupaboutcourse'] = 'Blog entries about {$a->course} by {$a->group}';
49$string['blogentriesbygroupaboutmodule'] = 'Blog entries about {$a->mod} by {$a->group}';
50$string['blogentriesbyuseraboutcourse'] = 'Blog entries about {$a->course} by {$a->user}';
27bad0a6 51$string['blogentriesbyuseraboutmodule'] = 'Blog entries about this {$a->mod} by {$a->user}';
30c8dd34 52$string['blogentrybyuser'] = 'Blog entry by {$a}';
304d08f0 53$string['blogpreferences'] = 'Blog preferences';
b37a5f51 54$string['blogs'] = 'Blogs';
332135ef 55$string['blogtags'] = 'Blog Tags';
fd968fb1 56$string['cannotviewcourseblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to view blogs in this course';
57$string['cannotviewcourseorgroupblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to view blogs in this course/group';
cae83708 58$string['cannotviewsiteblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to view all site blogs';
59$string['cannotviewuserblog'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to read user blogs';
60$string['configexternalblogcrontime'] = 'How often Moodle checks the external blogs for new entries.';
cae83708 61$string['configmaxexternalblogsperuser'] = 'The number of external blogs each user is allowed to link to their Moodle blog.';
62$string['configuseblogassociations'] = 'Enables the association of blog entries with courses and course modules.';
1c7b8b93 63$string['configuseexternalblogs'] = 'Enables users to add links to external blogs. Moodle regularly checks if these blogs, then copies new entries to the blog of the Moodle user.';
30c8dd34 64$string['courseblog'] = 'Course blog: {$a}';
fd968fb1 65$string['courseblogdisable'] = 'Course blogs is not enabled';
304d08f0 66$string['courseblogs'] = 'Users can only see blogs for people who share a course';
1c7b8b93 67$string['deleteblogassociations'] = 'Delete blog associations';
8ab91a5b 68$string['deleteotagswarn'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove this / these tags <br />from all blog posts and remove it from the system?';
304d08f0 69$string['disableblogs'] = 'Disable blog system completely';
cae83708 70$string['donothaveblog'] = 'You do not have your own blog, sorry.';
71$string['editentry'] = 'Edit a blog entry';
1c7b8b93 72$string['editexternalblog'] = 'Edit this external blog';
304d08f0 73$string['emptybody'] = 'Blog entry body can not be empty';
cae83708 74$string['emptyrssfeed'] = 'The URL you entered does not point to a valid RSS feed';
1c7b8b93 75$string['emptytitle'] = 'Blog entry title can not be empty';
25a78406 76$string['entrybody'] = 'Blog entry body';
77$string['entrybodyonlydesc'] = 'Entry description';
b37a5f51 78$string['entryerrornotyours'] = 'This entry is not yours';
4f162918 79$string['entrysaved'] = 'Your entry has been saved';
25a78406 80$string['entrytitle'] = 'Entry title';
81$string['entryupdated'] = 'Blog entry updated';
cae83708 82$string['externalblogcrontime'] = 'External blog cron schedule';
83$string['externalblogdeleteconfirm'] = 'Unregister this external blog?';
84$string['externalblogdeleted'] = 'External blog unregistered';
30c8dd34 85$string['externalblogs'] = 'External blogs';
86$string['feedisinvalid'] = 'This feed is invalid';
87$string['feedisvalid'] = 'This feed is valid';
cae83708 88$string['filterblogsby'] = 'Filter entries by...';
1c7b8b93 89$string['filtertags'] = 'External tags';
30c8dd34 90$string['groupblog'] = 'Group blog: {$a}';
fd968fb1 91$string['groupblogdisable'] = 'Group blog is not enabled';
30c8dd34 92$string['groupblogentries'] = 'Blog entries associated with {$a->coursename} by group {$a->groupname}';
304d08f0 93$string['groupblogs'] = 'Users can only see blogs for people who share a group';
fd968fb1 94$string['incorrectblogfilter'] = 'Incorrect blog filter type specified';
cae83708 95$string['intro'] = 'This RSS feed was automatically generated from one or more blogs.';
b73d1ca4 96$string['invalidgroupid'] = 'Invalid group ID';
cae83708 97$string['invalidurl'] = 'This URL is unreachable';
98$string['linktooriginalentry'] = 'Link to original blog entry';
99$string['maxexternalblogsperuser'] = 'Maximum number of external blogs per user';
1c7b8b93 100$string['modulename'] = 'Blog';
cae83708 101$string['mustassociatecourse'] = 'If you are publishing to course or group members, you must associate a course with this entry';
6887074b 102$string['noentriesyet'] = 'No visible entries here';
b37a5f51 103$string['noguestpost'] = 'Guest can not post blogs!';
1c7b8b93 104$string['nopermissionstodeleteentry'] = 'You lack the permissions required to delete this blog entry';
30c8dd34 105$string['norighttodeletetag'] = 'You have no rights to delete this tag - {$a}';
cae83708 106$string['nosuchentry'] = 'No such blog entry';
b37a5f51 107$string['notallowedtoedit'] = 'You are not allowed to edit this entry';
30c8dd34 108$string['numberofentries'] = 'Entries: {$a}';
4852ab88 109$string['numberoftags'] = 'Number of tags to display';
25a78406 110$string['pagesize'] = 'Number of blog entries per Page';
a814fc66 111$string['permalink'] = 'Permalink';
304d08f0 112$string['personalblogs'] = 'Users can only see their own blog';
23677261 113$string['preferences'] = 'Preferences';
25a78406 114$string['publishto'] = 'Publish to';
cae83708 115$string['publishtocourse'] = 'Users sharing a course with you';
116$string['publishtocourseassoc'] = 'Members of the associated course';
30c8dd34 117$string['publishtocourseassocparam'] = 'Members of {$a}';
cae83708 118$string['publishtogroup'] = 'Users sharing a group with you';
119$string['publishtogroupassoc'] = 'Your group members in the associated course';
30c8dd34 120$string['publishtogroupassocparam'] = 'Your group members in {$a}';
25a78406 121$string['publishtonoone'] = 'Yourself (draft)';
122$string['publishtosite'] = 'Anyone on this site';
123$string['publishtoworld'] = 'Anyone in the world';
b73d1ca4 124$string['readfirst'] = 'Read this first';
1c7b8b93 125$string['relatedblogentries'] = 'Related blog entries';
126$string['retrievedfrom'] = 'Retrieved from';
127$string['searchterm'] = 'Search: {$a}';
1c7b8b93 128$string['settingsupdatederror'] = 'An error has occurred, blog preference setting could not be updated';
30c8dd34 129$string['siteblog'] = 'Site blog: {$a}';
fd968fb1 130$string['siteblogdisable'] = 'Site blog is not enabled';
304d08f0 131$string['siteblogs'] = 'All site users can see all blog entries';
4852ab88 132$string['tagdatelastused'] = 'Date tag was last used';
30c8dd34 133$string['tagparam'] = 'Tag: {$a}';
cae83708 134$string['tags'] = 'Tags';
4852ab88 135$string['tagsort'] = 'Sort the tag display by';
136$string['tagtext'] = 'Tag text';
1c7b8b93 137$string['timefetched'] = 'Time of last sync';
4852ab88 138$string['timewithin'] = 'Display tags used within this many days';
25a78406 139$string['updateentrywithid'] = 'Updating entry';
cae83708 140$string['useblogassociations'] = 'Enable blog associations';
141$string['useexternalblogs'] = 'Enable external blogs';
142$string['userblog'] = 'User blog: {$a}';
143$string['userblogentries'] = 'Blog entries by {$a}';
1c7b8b93 144$string['valid'] = 'Valid';
30c8dd34 145$string['viewallblogentries'] = 'All entries about this {$a}';
146$string['viewallmodentries'] = 'View all entries about this {$a->type}';
147$string['viewallmyentries'] = 'View all of my entries';
148$string['viewentriesbyuseraboutcourse'] = 'View entries about this course by {$a}';
30c8dd34 149$string['viewblogentries'] = 'Entries about this {$a->type}';
cae83708 150$string['viewblogsfor'] = 'View all entries for...';
27bad0a6 151$string['viewcourseblogs'] = 'View all entries for this course';
cae83708 152$string['viewgroupblogs'] = 'View entries for group...';
153$string['viewgroupentries'] = 'Group entries';
154$string['viewmodblogs'] = 'View entries for module...';
155$string['viewmodentries'] = 'Module entries';
156$string['viewmyentries'] = 'My entries';
157$string['viewmyentriesaboutmodule'] = 'View my entries about this {$a}';
158$string['viewmyentriesaboutcourse'] = 'View my entries about this course';
159$string['viewsiteentries'] = 'View all entries';
160$string['viewuserentries'] = 'View all entries by {$a}';
44abf704 161$string['worldblogs'] = 'The world can read entries set to be world-accessible';
cae83708 162$string['wrongpostid'] = 'Wrong blog post id';