MDL-25290 cache: Added cache locking plugin and converted locking implementations...
[moodle.git] / lang / en / cache.php
3$string['actions'] = 'Actions';
4$string['addinstance'] = 'Add instance';
5$string['addstore'] = 'Add {$a} store';
6$string['addstoresuccess'] = 'Successfully added a new {$a} store.';
7$string['area'] = 'Area';
8$string['caching'] = 'Caching';
9$string['cacheadmin'] = 'Cache administration';
10$string['cacheconfig'] = 'Configuration';
11$string['cachedef_config'] = 'Config settings';
12$string['cachedef_databasemeta'] = 'Database meta information';
13$string['cachedef_eventinvalidation'] = 'Event invalidation';
14$string['cachedef_locking'] = 'Locking';
15$string['cachedef_string'] = 'Language string cache';
f23fbfd8 16$string['cachestores'] = 'Cache stores';
17$string['component'] = 'Component';
18$string['confirmstoredeletion'] = 'Confirm store deletion';
19$string['defaultmappings'] = 'Default mappings';
20$string['defaultmappings_help'] = 'These are the default stores that will be used if you don\'t map one or more stores to the cache definition.';
21$string['defaultstoreactions'] = 'Default stores cannot be modified';
22$string['default_application'] = 'Default application store';
23$string['default_locking'] = 'Default store for locking';
24$string['default_request'] = 'Default request store';
25$string['default_session'] = 'Default session store';
26$string['definition'] = 'Definition';
27$string['definitionsummaries'] = 'Definition summaries';
28$string['delete'] = 'Delete';
29$string['deletestore'] = 'Delete store';
30$string['deletestoreconfirmation'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the "{$a}" store?';
31$string['deletestorehasmappings'] = 'You cannot delete this store because it has mappings. Please delete all mappings before deleting the store';
32$string['deletestoresuccess'] = 'Successfully deleted the cache store';
33$string['editmappings'] = 'Edit mappings';
34$string['editstore'] = 'Edit store';
35$string['editstoresuccess'] = 'Succesfully edited the cache store.';
36$string['editdefinitionmappings'] = '{$a} definition store mappings';
37$string['ex_configcannotsave'] = 'Unable to save the cache config to file.';
34c84c72 38$string['ex_nodefaultlock'] = 'Unable to find a default lock instance.';
39$string['ex_unabletolock'] = 'Unable to acquire a lock for caching.';
40$string['gethit'] = 'Get - Hit';
41$string['getmiss'] = 'Get - Miss';
42$string['invalidplugin'] = 'Invalid plugin';
43$string['invalidstore'] = 'Invalid cache store provided';
44$string['mappings'] = 'Store mappings';
45$string['mappingdefault'] = '(default)';
46$string['mappingprimary'] = 'Primary store';
47$string['mappingfinal'] = 'Final store';
48$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
49$string['modes'] = 'Modes';
50$string['mode_1'] = 'Application';
51$string['mode_2'] = 'Session';
52$string['mode_4'] = 'Request';
53$string['none'] = 'None';
54$string['plugin'] = 'Plugin';
55$string['pluginsummaries'] = 'Plugin summaries';
56$string['purge'] = 'Purge';
57$string['requestcount'] = 'Test with {$a} requests';
58$string['rescandefinitions'] = 'Rescan definitions';
59$string['result'] = 'Result';
60$string['set'] = 'Set';
61$string['storeconfiguration'] = 'Store configuration';
62$string['storename'] = 'Store name';
63$string['storename_help'] = 'This sets the store name. It is used to identify the store within the system and can only consist of a-z A-Z 0-9 -_ and spaces. It also must be unique. If you attempt to use a name that has already been used you will recieve an error.';
64$string['storenamealreadyused'] = 'You must choose a unique name for this store.';
65$string['storenameinvalid'] = 'Invalid store name. You can only use a-z A-Z 0-9 -_ and spaces.';
66$string['storeperformance'] = 'Cache store performance reporting - {$a} unique requests per operation.';
67$string['storeready'] = 'Ready';
68$string['storeresults_application'] = 'Store requests when used as an application cache.';
69$string['storeresults_request'] = 'Store requests when used as a request cache.';
70$string['storeresults_session'] = 'Store requests when used as a session cache.';
71$string['stores'] = 'Stores';
72$string['store_default_application'] = 'Default file store for application caches';
73$string['store_default_locking'] = 'Default file store for locking';
74$string['store_default_request'] = 'Default static store for request caches';
75$string['store_default_session'] = 'Default session store for session caches';
76$string['storesummaries'] = 'Store summaries';
77$string['supports'] = 'Supports';
78$string['supports_multipleidentifiers'] = 'multiple identifiers';
79$string['supports_dataguarantee'] = 'data guarantee';
80$string['supports_nativettl'] = 'ttl';
81$string['supports_nativelocking'] = 'locking';
82$string['supports_keyawareness'] = 'key awareness';
83$string['tested'] = 'Tested';
84$string['testperformance'] = 'Test performance';
85$string['unsupportedmode'] = 'Unsupported mode';
86$string['untestable'] = 'Untestable';