MDL-59750 core_calendar: better handling of event subscription
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30c8dd34 1<?php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'calendar', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
19 *
bb554eb4 20 * @package core_calendar
21 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
304d08f0 24
ea185313 25$string['advancedoptions'] = 'Advanced options';
30c8dd34 26$string['allday'] = 'All day';
494a6389 27$string['addevent'] = 'Add events';
b5a52acd 28$string['annually'] = 'Annually';
984355ce 29$string['activityevent'] = 'Activity event';
49aafb90 30$string['calendar'] = 'Calendar';
30c8dd34 31$string['calendarheading'] = '{$a} Calendar';
36dc3b71 32$string['calendarpreferences'] = 'Calendar preferences';
b404b1f4 33$string['calendartypes'] = 'Calendar types';
d52777b4 34$string['calendarurl'] = 'Calendar URL: {$a}';
49aafb90 35$string['clickhide'] = 'click to hide';
36$string['clickshow'] = 'click to show';
4c349ad7 37$string['colcalendar'] = 'Calendar';
e30390a0 38$string['collastupdated'] = 'Last updated';
ca084ef1 39$string['colpoll'] = 'Update';
4c349ad7 40$string['colactions'] = 'Actions';
ea185313 41$string['commontasks'] = 'Options';
11edf09c 42$string['confirmeventdelete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the "{$a}" event?';
2dbfb484 43$string['confirmeventseriesdelete'] = 'The "{$a->name}" event is part of a series. Do you want to delete just this event, or all {$a->count} events in the series?';
1a6ff43e 44$string['course'] = 'Course';
f9921edc 45$string['courseevent'] = 'Course event';
49aafb90 46$string['courseevents'] = 'Course events';
10b1d598 47$string['courses'] = 'Courses';
af5d990b 48$string['customexport'] = 'Custom range ({$a->timestart} - {$a->timeend})';
b5a52acd 49$string['daily'] = 'Daily';
afeb7107 50$string['dayviewfor'] = 'Day view for:';
3fe4a2fa 51$string['dayviewtitle'] = 'Day view: {$a}';
49aafb90 52$string['daywithnoevents'] = 'There are no events this day.';
53$string['default'] = 'Default';
54$string['deleteevent'] = 'Delete event';
0b5a80a1 55$string['deleteevents'] = 'Delete events';
56$string['deleteoneevent'] = 'Delete this event';
57$string['deleteallevents'] = 'Delete all events';
afeb7107 58$string['detailedmonthviewfor'] = 'Detailed month view for:';
3fe4a2fa 59$string['detailedmonthviewtitle'] = 'Detailed month view: {$a}';
49aafb90 60$string['durationminutes'] = 'Duration in minutes';
61$string['durationnone'] = 'Without duration';
62$string['durationuntil'] = 'Until';
63$string['editevent'] = 'Editing event';
4c349ad7 64$string['erroraddingevent'] = 'Failed to add event';
b5a52acd 65$string['errorbadsubscription'] = 'Calendar subscription not found.';
49aafb90 66$string['errorbeforecoursestart'] = 'Cannot set event before course start date';
e30390a0 67$string['errorcannotimport'] = 'You cannot set up a calendar subscription at this time.';
68$string['errorhasuntilandcount'] = 'Either UNTIL or COUNT may appear in a recurrence rule, but UNTIL and COUNT MUST NOT occur in the same recurrence rule.';
69$string['errorinvalidbydaysuffix'] = 'Valid values for the day of the week parts of the BYDAY rule are MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA and SU';
f08d4da5 70$string['errorinvalidbydayprefix'] = 'Integer values preceding BYDAY rules can only be present for a MONTHLY or YEARLY recurrence rule.';
06d0aa44 71$string['errorinvalidbyhour'] = 'Valid values for the BYHOUR rule are 0 to 23.';
72$string['errorinvalidinterval'] = 'The value for the INTERVAL rule must be a positive integer.';
73$string['errorinvalidbyminute'] = 'Valid values for the BYMINUTE rule are 0 to 59.';
74$string['errorinvalidbymonth'] = 'Valid values for the BYMONTH rule are 1 to 12.';
75$string['errorinvalidbymonthday'] = 'Valid values for the BYMONTHDAY rule are 1 to 31 or -31 to -1.';
76$string['errorinvalidbysetpos'] = 'Valid values for the BYSETPOS rule are 1 to 366 or -366 to -1.';
77$string['errorinvalidbyweekno'] = 'Valid values for the BYWEEKNO rule are 1 to 53 or -53 to -1.';
78$string['errorinvalidbyyearday'] = 'Valid values for the BYYEARDAY rule are 1 to 366 or -366 to -1.';
79$string['errorinvalidbysecond'] = 'Valid values for the BYSECOND rule are 0 to 59.';
49aafb90 80$string['errorinvaliddate'] = 'Invalid date';
81$string['errorinvalidminutes'] = 'Specify duration in minutes by giving a number between 1 and 999.';
82$string['errorinvalidrepeats'] = 'Specify the number of events by giving a number between 1 and 99.';
e30390a0 83$string['errorinvalidicalurl'] = 'The given iCal URL is invalid.';
8ddc6567 84$string['errormustbeusedwithotherbyrule'] = 'The BYSETPOS rule must only be used in conjunction with another BYxxx rule part.';
49aafb90 85$string['errornodescription'] = 'Description is required';
86$string['errornoeventname'] = 'Name is required';
8ddc6567 87$string['errornonyearlyfreqwithbyweekno'] = 'The BYWEEKNO rule is only valid for YEARLY rules.';
b5a52acd 88$string['errorrequiredurlorfile'] = 'Either a URL or a file is required to import a calendar.';
89$string['errorrrule'] = 'The passed recurrence rule seems incorrect.';
90$string['errorrrulefreq'] = 'The recurrence rule has an invalid frequency parameter.';
91$string['errorrruleday'] = 'The recurrence rule has an invalid day parameter.';
49aafb90 92$string['eventdate'] = 'Date';
93$string['eventdescription'] = 'Description';
94$string['eventduration'] = 'Duration';
95$string['eventendtime'] = 'End time';
c8b6e9ab 96$string['eventendtimewrapped'] = '{$a} (End time)';
49aafb90 97$string['eventinstanttime'] = 'Time';
98$string['eventkind'] = 'Type of event';
7582fd3a 99$string['eventname'] = 'Event title';
390098fa 100$string['eventnameandcourse'] = '{$a->course}: {$a->name}';
d9a976cc 101$string['eventnone'] = 'No events';
49aafb90 102$string['eventrepeat'] = 'Repeats';
ea185313 103$string['eventsall'] = 'All events';
4c349ad7 104$string['eventsdeleted'] = 'Events deleted';
105$string['eventsimported'] = 'Events imported: {$a}';
106$string['eventsupdated'] = 'Events updated: {$a}';
30c8dd34 107$string['eventsfor'] = '{$a} events';
e5a09204 108$string['eventskey'] = 'Events key';
65521981 109$string['eventspersonal'] = 'My personal events';
ea185313 110$string['eventsrelatedtocourses'] = 'Events related to courses';
65521981 111$string['eventsrelatedtogroups'] = 'Events related to groups';
49aafb90 112$string['eventstarttime'] = 'Start time';
757aef23 113$string['eventstoexport'] = 'Events to export';
49aafb90 114$string['eventtime'] = 'Time';
fee9f355 115$string['eventtype'] = 'Event type';
e5a09204 116$string['eventview'] = 'Event details';
117$string['eventcalendareventcreated'] = 'Calendar event created';
118$string['eventcalendareventupdated'] = 'Calendar event updated';
119$string['eventcalendareventdeleted'] = 'Calendar event deleted';
120$string['eventsubscriptioncreated'] = 'Calendar subscription created';
121$string['eventsubscriptionupdated'] = 'Calendar subscription updated';
122$string['eventsubscriptiondeleted'] = 'Calendar subscription deleted';
c3feaf26 123$string['eventsubscriptioneditwarning'] = 'This calendar event is part of a subscription. Any changes you make to this event will be lost if the subscription is deleted.';
49aafb90 124$string['expired'] = 'Expired';
30c8dd34 125$string['explain_site_timeformat'] = 'You can choose to see times in either 12 or 24 hour format for the whole site. If you choose "default", then the format will be automatically chosen according to the language you use in the site. This setting can be overridden by user preferences.';
ea185313 126$string['export'] = 'Export';
1a1a09d8 127$string['exporthelp'] = 'How do I subscribe to this calendar from a calendar application (Google/Outlook/Other)?';
ea185313 128$string['exportbutton'] = 'Export';
30c8dd34 129$string['exportcalendar'] = 'Export calendar';
2f00e1b2 130$string['forcecalendartype'] = 'Force calendar';
304d08f0 131$string['fri'] = 'Fri';
132$string['friday'] = 'Friday';
ea185313 133$string['generateurlbutton'] = 'Get calendar URL';
1a6ff43e 134$string['global'] = 'Global';
f9921edc 135$string['globalevent'] = 'Global event';
49aafb90 136$string['globalevents'] = 'Global events';
4757780a 137$string['gotoactivity'] = 'Go to activity';
49aafb90 138$string['gotocalendar'] = 'Go to calendar';
1a6ff43e 139$string['group'] = 'Group';
f9921edc 140$string['groupevent'] = 'Group event';
49aafb90 141$string['groupevents'] = 'Group events';
142$string['eventtypeglobal'] = 'global';
143$string['eventtypesite'] = 'global';
144$string['eventtypecourse'] = 'course';
145$string['eventtypemodule'] = 'module';
146$string['eventtypegroup'] = 'group';
147$string['eventtypeuser'] = 'user';
148$string['hideeventtype'] = 'Hide {$a} events';
149$string['showeventtype'] = 'Show {$a} events';
b5a52acd 150$string['hourly'] = 'Hourly';
30011361 151$string['ical'] = 'iCal';
b5a52acd 152$string['importcalendar'] = 'Import calendar';
4c349ad7 153$string['importcalendarheading'] = 'Import calendar...';
154$string['importcalendarfrom'] = 'Import from';
155$string['importfromfile'] = 'Calendar file (.ics)';
156$string['importfromurl'] = 'Calendar URL';
4c349ad7 157$string['importfrominstructions'] = 'Please provide either a URL to a remote calendar, or upload a file.';
c96c3b7d 158$string['invalidtimedurationminutes'] = 'The duration in minutes you have entered is invalid. Please enter the duration in minutes greater than 0 or select no duration.';
30c8dd34 159$string['invalidtimedurationuntil'] = 'The date and time you selected for duration until is before the start time of the event. Please correct this before proceeding.';
6bb88899 160$string['invalideventtype'] = 'The event type you have selected is invalid.';
30c8dd34 161$string['iwanttoexport'] = 'Export';
aa091225 162$string['less'] = 'Less';
e30390a0 163$string['managesubscriptions'] = 'Manage subscriptions';
30c8dd34 164$string['manyevents'] = '{$a} events';
304d08f0 165$string['mon'] = 'Mon';
166$string['monday'] = 'Monday';
b5a52acd 167$string['monthly'] = 'Monthly';
cd16141e 168$string['monthlyview'] = 'Monthly view';
ea185313 169$string['monthnext'] = 'Next month';
c8b6e9ab 170$string['monthprev'] = 'Previous month';
ea185313 171$string['monththis'] = 'This month';
aa091225 172$string['more'] = 'More';
c8b6e9ab 173$string['namewithsource'] = '{$a->name} ({$a->source})';
b5a52acd 174$string['never'] = 'Never';
cd16141e 175$string['newevent'] = 'New event';
4c349ad7 176$string['notitle'] = 'no title';
49aafb90 177$string['noupcomingevents'] = 'There are no upcoming events';
e30390a0 178$string['nocalendarsubscriptions'] = 'You have no calendar subscriptions.';
49aafb90 179$string['oneevent'] = '1 event';
ca084ef1 180$string['pollinterval'] = 'Update interval';
b5a52acd 181$string['pollinterval_help'] = 'How often you would like the calendar to update with new events.';
182$string['preferences'] = 'Preferences';
183$string['preferences_available'] = 'Your personal preferences';
2f00e1b2 184$string['preferredcalendar'] = 'Preferred calendar';
49aafb90 185$string['pref_lookahead'] = 'Upcoming events look-ahead';
36dc3b71 186$string['pref_lookahead_help'] = 'This sets the (maximum) number of days in the future that an event has to start in in order to be displayed as an upcoming event. Events that start beyond this will never be displayed as upcoming. Please note that <strong>there is no guarantee</strong> that all events starting in this time frame will be displayed; if there are too many (more than the "Maximum upcoming events" preference) then the most distant events will not be shown.';
49aafb90 187$string['pref_maxevents'] = 'Maximum upcoming events';
36dc3b71 188$string['pref_maxevents_help'] = 'This sets the maximum number of upcoming events that can be displayed. If you pick a large number here it is possible that upcoming events displays will take up a lot of space on your screen.';
49aafb90 189$string['pref_persistflt'] = 'Remember filter settings';
36dc3b71 190$string['pref_persistflt_help'] = 'If this is enabled, then Moodle will remember your last event filter settings and automatically restore them each time you login.';
49aafb90 191$string['pref_startwday'] = 'First day of week';
36dc3b71 192$string['pref_startwday_help'] = 'Calendar weeks will be shown as starting on the day that you select here.';
49aafb90 193$string['pref_timeformat'] = 'Time display format';
36dc3b71 194$string['pref_timeformat_help'] = 'You can choose to see times in either 12 or 24 hour format. If you choose "default", then the format will be automatically chosen according to the language you use in the site.';
ea185313 195$string['quickdownloadcalendar'] = 'Quick download / subscribe to calendar';
196$string['recentupcoming'] = 'Recent and next 60 days';
76d9df3f 197$string['repeatedevents'] = 'Repeated events';
eb5947bc 198$string['repeateditall'] = 'Also apply changes to the other {$a} events in this repeat series';
49aafb90 199$string['repeateditthis'] = 'Apply changes to this event only';
76d9df3f 200$string['repeatevent'] = 'Repeat this event';
49aafb90 201$string['repeatnone'] = 'No repeats';
304d08f0 202$string['repeatweeksl'] = 'Repeat weekly, creating altogether';
49aafb90 203$string['repeatweeksr'] = 'events';
304d08f0 204$string['sat'] = 'Sat';
205$string['saturday'] = 'Saturday';
49aafb90 206$string['shown'] = 'shown';
f5b20ea3 207$string['siteevents'] = 'Site events';
49aafb90 208$string['spanningevents'] = 'Events underway';
e30390a0 209$string['subscriptions'] = 'Subscriptions';
b5a52acd 210$string['subscriptionname'] = 'Calendar name';
e30390a0 211$string['subscriptionremoved'] = 'Calendar subscription {$a} removed';
8afe9f8a 212$string['subscriptionsource'] = 'Event source: {$a}';
e30390a0 213$string['subscriptionupdated'] = 'Calendar subscription {$a} updated';
304d08f0 214$string['sun'] = 'Sun';
215$string['sunday'] = 'Sunday';
216$string['thu'] = 'Thu';
217$string['thursday'] = 'Thursday';
49aafb90 218$string['timeformat_12'] = '12-hour (am/pm)';
219$string['timeformat_24'] = '24-hour';
757aef23 220$string['timeperiod'] = 'Time period';
49aafb90 221$string['today'] = 'Today';
c8b6e9ab 222$string['todayplustitle'] = 'Today {$a}';
49aafb90 223$string['tomorrow'] = 'Tomorrow';
224$string['tt_deleteevent'] = 'Delete event';
225$string['tt_editevent'] = 'Edit event';
304d08f0 226$string['tue'] = 'Tue';
227$string['tuesday'] = 'Tuesday';
fee9f355 228$string['typeclose'] = 'Close event';
49aafb90 229$string['typecourse'] = 'Course event';
fee9f355 230$string['typedue'] = 'Due event';
59641f4e 231$string['typegradingdue'] = 'Grading due event';
49aafb90 232$string['typegroup'] = 'Group event';
fee9f355 233$string['typeopen'] = 'Open event';
49aafb90 234$string['typesite'] = 'Site event';
235$string['typeuser'] = 'User event';
cd16141e 236$string['upcomingevents'] = 'Upcoming events';
afeb7107 237$string['upcomingeventsfor'] = 'Upcoming events for:';
ea185313 238$string['urlforical'] = 'URL for iCalendar export, for subscribing to calendar';
1a6ff43e 239$string['user'] = 'User';
f9921edc 240$string['userevent'] = 'User event';
49aafb90 241$string['userevents'] = 'User events';
49aafb90 242$string['wed'] = 'Wed';
49aafb90 243$string['wednesday'] = 'Wednesday';
b5a52acd 244$string['weekly'] = 'Weekly';
ea185313 245$string['weeknext'] = 'Next week';
246$string['weekthis'] = 'This week';
fee9f355 247$string['when'] = 'When';
304d08f0 248$string['yesterday'] = 'Yesterday';
30c8dd34 249$string['youcandeleteallrepeats'] = 'This event is part of a repeating event series. You can delete this event only, or all {$a} events in the series at once.';
251// Deprecated since Moodle 3.2.
252$string['for'] = 'for';
254// Deprecated since Moodle 3.4.
255$string['tt_hidecourse'] = 'Course events are shown (click to hide)';
256$string['tt_hideglobal'] = 'Global events are shown (click to hide)';
257$string['tt_hidegroups'] = 'Group events are shown (click to hide)';
258$string['tt_hideuser'] = 'User events are shown (click to hide)';
259$string['tt_showcourse'] = 'Course events are hidden (click to show)';
260$string['tt_showglobal'] = 'Global events are hidden (click to show)';
261$string['tt_showgroups'] = 'Group events are hidden (click to show)';
262$string['tt_showuser'] = 'User events are hidden (click to show)';
263$string['hidecourseevents'] = 'Hide course events';
264$string['hideglobalevents'] = 'Hide global events';
265$string['hidegroupsevents'] = 'Hide group events';
266$string['hideuserevents'] = 'Hide user events';
267$string['showcourseevents'] = 'Show course events';
268$string['showglobalevents'] = 'Show global events';
269$string['showgroupsevents'] = 'Show group events';
270$string['showuserevents'] = 'Show user events';
8afe9f8a 271$string['subsource'] = 'Event source: {$a->name}';