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4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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18 * Strings for component 'course', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
19 *
20 * @package core_course
21 * @copyright 2018 Adrian Greeve <>
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
e146a2ca 25$string['activitychoosercategory'] = 'Activity chooser';
b3fe33ac 26$string['activitychooserrecommendations'] = 'Recommended activities';
e146a2ca 27$string['activitychoosersettings'] = 'Activity chooser settings';
28$string['activitychooseractivefooter'] = 'Activity chooser footer';
29$string['activitychooseractivefooter_desc'] = 'The activity chooser can support plugins that add items to the footer.';
30$string['activitychooserhidefooter'] = 'No footer';
31$string['activitychoosertabmode'] = 'Activity chooser tabs';
32$string['activitychoosertabmode_desc'] = "The activity chooser enables a teacher to easily select activities and resources to add to their course. This setting determines which tabs should be displayed in it. Note that the starred tab is only displayed for a user if they have starred one or more activities and the recommended tab is only displayed if a site administrator has specified some recommended activities.";
33$string['activitychoosertabmodeone'] = 'Starred, All, Activities, Resources, Recommended';
34$string['activitychoosertabmodetwo'] = 'Starred, All, Recommended';
35$string['activitychoosertabmodethree'] = 'Starred, Activities, Resources, Recommended';
6c526677 36$string['aria:coursecategory'] = 'Course category';
37$string['aria:courseimage'] = 'Course image';
38$string['aria:courseshortname'] = 'Course short name';
39$string['aria:coursename'] = 'Course name';
1fce3f52 40$string['aria:defaulttab'] = 'Default activities';
5c6db8d9 41$string['aria:favourite'] = 'Course is starred';
42$string['aria:favouritestab'] = 'Starred activities';
43$string['aria:recommendedtab'] = 'Recommended activities';
44$string['aria:modulefavourite'] = 'Star {$a} activity';
45$string['coursealreadyfinished'] = 'Course already finished';
46$string['coursenotyetstarted'] = 'The course has not yet started';
47$string['coursenotyetfinished'] = 'The course has not yet finished';
48$string['coursetoolong'] = 'The course is too long';
7a0162f1 49$string['customfield_islocked'] = 'Locked';
50$string['customfield_islocked_help'] = 'If the field is locked, only users with the capability to change locked custom fields (by default users with the default role of manager only) will be able to change it in the course settings.';
51$string['customfield_notvisible'] = 'Nobody';
7a0162f1 52$string['customfield_visibility'] = 'Visible to';
5a119f31 53$string['customfield_visibility_help'] = 'This setting determines who can view the custom field name and value in the list of courses or in the available custom field filter of the Dashboard.';
7a0162f1 54$string['customfield_visibletoall'] = 'Everyone';
38dc5b96 55$string['customfield_visibletoteachers'] = 'Teachers';
f1264719 56$string['customfieldsettings'] = 'Common course custom fields settings';
c053b93f 57$string['downloadcourseconfirmation'] = 'You are about to download a zip file of course content (excluding items which cannot be downloaded and any files larger than {$a}).';
58$string['downloadcoursecontent'] = 'Download course content';
59$string['downloadcoursecontent_help'] = 'This setting determines whether course content may be downloaded by users with the download course content capability (by default users with the role of student or teacher).';
60$string['enabledownloadcoursecontent'] = 'Enable download course content';
7063b665 61$string['errorendbeforestart'] = 'The end date ({$a}) is before the course start date.';
5c6db8d9 62$string['favourite'] = 'Starred course';
1f23f141 63$string['gradetopassnotset'] = 'This course does not have a grade to pass set. It may be set in the grade item of the course (Gradebook setup).';
37cf89b3 64$string['informationformodule'] = 'Information about the {$a} activity';
1fce3f52 65$string['module'] = 'Activity';
66$string['nocourseactivity'] = 'Not enough course activity between the start and the end of the course';
67$string['nocourseendtime'] = 'The course does not have an end time';
68$string['nocoursesections'] = 'No course sections';
69$string['nocoursestudents'] = 'No students';
2d9280e0 70$string['noaccesssincestartinfomessage'] = 'Hi {$a->userfirstname},
a753f4f9 71<p>A number of students in {$a->coursename} have never accessed the course.</p>';
2d9280e0 72$string['norecentaccessesinfomessage'] = 'Hi {$a->userfirstname},
a753f4f9 73<p>A number of students in {$a->coursename} have not accessed the course recently.</p>';
35818133 74$string['noteachinginfomessage'] = 'Hi {$a->userfirstname},
a753f4f9 75<p>Courses with start dates in the next week have been identified as having no teacher or student enrolments.</p>';
76$string['privacy:perpage'] = 'The number of courses to show per page.';
77$string['privacy:completionpath'] = 'Course completion';
4f8c9232 78$string['privacy:favouritespath'] = 'Course starred information';
618d3106 79$string['privacy:metadata:activityfavouritessummary'] = 'The course system contains information about which items from the activity chooser have been starred by the user.';
fd9c70c4 80$string['privacy:metadata:completionsummary'] = 'The course contains completion information about the user.';
4f8c9232 81$string['privacy:metadata:favouritessummary'] = 'The course contains information relating to the course being starred by the user.';
82$string['recommend'] = 'Recommend';
83$string['recommendcheckbox'] = 'Recommend activity: {$a}';
84$string['searchactivitiesbyname'] = 'Search for activities by name';
85$string['searchresults'] = 'Search results: {$a}';
86$string['submitsearch'] = 'Submit search';
7063b665 87$string['studentsatriskincourse'] = 'Students at risk in {$a} course';
41db2593 88$string['studentsatriskinfomessage'] = 'Hi {$a->userfirstname},
a753f4f9 89<p>Students in the {$a->coursename} course have been identified as being at risk.</p>';
90$string['target:coursecompletion'] = 'Students at risk of not meeting the course completion conditions';
91$string['target:coursecompletion_help'] = 'This target describes whether the student is considered at risk of not meeting the course completion conditions.';
92$string['target:coursecompetencies'] = 'Students at risk of not achieving the competencies assigned to a course';
93$string['target:coursecompetencies_help'] = 'This target describes whether a student is at risk of not achieving the competencies assigned to a course. This target considers that all competencies assigned to the course must be achieved by the end of the course.';
94$string['target:coursedropout'] = 'Students at risk of dropping out';
95$string['target:coursedropout_help'] = 'This target describes whether the student is considered at risk of dropping out.';
96$string['target:coursegradetopass'] = 'Students at risk of not achieving the minimum grade to pass the course';
97$string['target:coursegradetopass_help'] = 'This target describes whether the student is at risk of not achieving the minimum grade to pass the course.';
98$string['target:noaccesssincecoursestart'] = 'Students who have not accessed the course yet';
99$string['target:noaccesssincecoursestart_help'] = 'This target describes students who never accessed a course they are enrolled in.';
824c87f3 100$string['target:noaccesssincecoursestartinfo'] = 'The following students are enrolled in a course which has started, but they have never accessed the course.';
2d9280e0 101$string['target:norecentaccesses'] = 'Students who have not accessed the course recently';
7ac4c9c1 102$string['target:norecentaccesses_help'] = 'This target identifies students who have not accessed a course they are enrolled in within the set analysis interval (by default the past month).';
05b0e315 103$string['target:norecentaccessesinfo'] = 'The following students have not accessed a course they are enrolled in within the set analysis interval (by default the past month).';
35818133 104$string['target:noteachingactivity'] = 'Courses at risk of not starting';
7063b665 105$string['target:noteachingactivity_help'] = 'This target describes whether courses due to start in the coming week will have teaching activity.';
824c87f3 106$string['target:noteachingactivityinfo'] = 'The following courses due to start in the upcoming days are at risk of not starting because they don\'t have teachers or students enrolled.';
107$string['targetlabelstudentcompletionno'] = 'Student who is likely to meet the course completion conditions';
108$string['targetlabelstudentcompletionyes'] = 'Student at risk of not meeting the course completion conditions';
109$string['targetlabelstudentcompetenciesno'] = 'Student who is likely to achieve the competencies assigned to a course';
110$string['targetlabelstudentcompetenciesyes'] = 'Student at risk of not achieving the competencies assigned to a course';
111$string['targetlabelstudentdropoutyes'] = 'Student at risk of dropping out';
112$string['targetlabelstudentdropoutno'] = 'Not at risk';
113$string['targetlabelstudentgradetopassno'] = 'Student who is likely to meet the minimum grade to pass the course.';
114$string['targetlabelstudentgradetopassyes'] = 'Student at risk of not meeting the minimum grade to pass the course.';
f1264719 115$string['targetlabelteachingyes'] = 'Users with teaching capabilities who have access to the course';
35818133 116$string['targetlabelteachingno'] = 'Courses at risk of not starting';