MDL-13435 xmlize - now throwing exceptions on parsing error. Credit goes to Tim/Mahmoud
[moodle.git] / lang / en / error.php
30c8dd34 1<?php
304d08f0 2
3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'error', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package error
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
49aafb90 25
6d1c1a6b 26$string['authnotexisting'] = 'The autorization plugin doesn\'t exist';
92cc1b67 27$string['backupcontainexternal'] = 'This backup file contains external Moodle Network Hosts that are not configured locally';
5832a6f3 28$string['backuptablefail'] = 'Backup tables could NOT be set up successfully!';
29$string['blockcannotconfig'] = 'This block does not support global configuration';
30$string['blockcannotinistantiate'] = 'Problem in instantiating block object';
31$string['blockcannotread'] = 'Could not read data for blockid= {$a}';
32$string['blockdoesnotexist'] = 'This block does not exist';
33$string['blockdoesnotexistonpage'] = 'This block (id={$a->instanceid}) does not exist on this page ({$a->url}).';
34$string['blocknameconflict'] = 'Naming conflict: block {$a->name} has the same title with an existing block: {$a->conflict}!';
ba6018a9 35$string['cannotaddcoursemodule'] = 'Could not add a new course module';
94603bfc 36$string['cannotaddcoursemoduletosection'] = 'Could not add the new course module to that section';
37$string['cannotaddmodule'] = '{$a} module could not be added to the module list!';
38$string['cannotaddnewmodule'] = 'Could not add a new module of {$a}';
a2789e34 39$string['cannotaddrss'] = 'You do not have permission to add rss feeds';
30c8dd34 40$string['cannotaddthisblocktype'] = 'You cannot add a {$a} block to this page.';
5db2027e 41$string['cannotassignrole'] = 'Cannot assign role in course';
30c8dd34 42$string['cannotassignrolehere'] = 'You are not allowed to assign this role (id = {$a->roleid}) in this context ({$a->context})';
5db2027e 43$string['cannotassignselfasparent'] = 'Cannot assign self as parent!';
ee95802c 44$string['cannotcallscript'] = 'You cannot call this script in that way';
30c8dd34 45$string['cannotcallusgetselecteduser'] = 'You cannot call user_selector::get_selected_user if multi select is true.';
5832a6f3 46$string['cannotcreatebackupdir'] = 'Could not create backupdata folder. The site administrator needs to fix the file permissions';
92cc1b67 47$string['cannotcreatecategory'] = 'The category was not inserted';
b121a4ee 48$string['cannotcreategroup'] = 'Error creating group';
92cc1b67 49$string['cannotcreatelangbase'] = 'Error: Could not create base lang directory';
30c8dd34 50$string['cannotcreatelangdir'] = 'Cannot create lang directory';
dbf91d9d 51$string['cannotcreateorfindstructs'] = 'Error finding or creating section structures for this course';
92cc1b67 52$string['cannotcreatepopupwin'] = 'Undefined element - cannot create pop-up window';
53$string['cannotcreatesitedir'] = 'Cannot create site folder. The site administrator needs to fix the file permissions.';
54$string['cannotcreatetempdir'] = 'Cannot create temp directory';
55$string['cannotcreateuploaddir'] = 'Cannot create upload folder. The site administrator needs to fix the file permissions.';
0f74bb01 56$string['cannotcustomisefiltersblockuser'] = 'You cannot customise filters settings in user or block contexts.';
92cc1b67 57$string['cannotdeletebackupids'] = 'Couldn\'t delete previous backup ids';
58$string['cannotdeletecategorycourse'] = 'Course \'{$a}\' failed to be deleted.';
59$string['cannotdeletecategoryquestions'] = 'Could not delete questions from category \'{$a}\'';
92cc1b67 60$string['cannotdeletecourse'] = 'You do not have the permission to delete this course';
d3248238 61$string['cannotdeletecustomfield'] = 'Error deleting custom field data';
30c8dd34 62$string['cannotdeletedir'] = 'Cannot delete ({$a})';
af804e3e 63$string['cannotdeletefile'] = 'Cannot delete this file';
64$string['cannotdeletelangcache'] = 'Language cache cannot be deleted, please fix permissions in dataroot/cache/languages!';
65$string['cannotdeleterole'] = 'It cannot be deleted, because {$a}';
66$string['cannotdeleterolewithid'] = 'Could not delete role with ID {$a}';
bbdb7070 67$string['cannotdeletethisrole'] = 'You cannot delete this role because it is used by the system, or because it is the last role with administrator capabilities.';
92cc1b67 68$string['cannotdownloadcomponents'] = 'Cannot download components';
6e1cc99d 69$string['cannotdownloadlanguageupdatelist'] = 'Cannot download list of language updates from';
92cc1b67 70$string['cannotdownloadzipfile'] = 'Cannot download ZIP file';
71$string['cannoteditcomment'] = 'This comment is not yours to edit!';
72$string['cannoteditcommentexpired'] = 'You can\'t edit this. The time has expired!';
92cc1b67 73$string['cannoteditpostorblog'] = 'You cannot post or edit blogs';
30c8dd34 74$string['cannoteditsiteform'] = 'You cannot edit the site course using this form';
92cc1b67 75$string['cannotedityourprofile'] = 'Sorry, you cannot edit own profile';
30c8dd34 76$string['cannotfindcategory'] = 'Cannot find category record from database by ID - {$a}';
92cc1b67 77$string['cannotfindcomponent'] = 'Cannot find component';
ee95802c 78$string['cannotfindcontext'] = 'Could not find context';
4c211e95 79$string['cannotfindcourse'] = 'Cannot find course';
30c8dd34 80$string['cannotfinddocs'] = 'Cannot find "{$a}" language docs files';
04b40833 81$string['cannotfindgradeitem'] = 'Cannot find grade_item';
fae11dca 82$string['cannotfindgroup'] = 'Unable to find group';
83$string['cannotfindhelp'] = 'Cannot find "{$a}" language help files';
84$string['cannotfindinfo'] = 'Cannot find info for: "{$a}"';
85$string['cannotfindlang'] = 'Cannot find "{$a}" language pack!';
92cc1b67 86$string['cannotfindteacher'] = 'Cannot find teacher';
30c8dd34 87$string['cannotfinduser'] = 'Cannot find user named "{$a}"';
e82f7533 88$string['cannotgetblock'] = 'Could not retrieve blocks from the database';
25a5f14b 89$string['cannotgetcats'] = 'Cannot get category record';
90$string['cannotgetdata'] = 'Cannot get data';
92cc1b67 91$string['cannotgradeuser'] = 'Cannot grade this user';
92$string['cannothaveparentcate'] = 'Course category cannot have parent!';
5db2027e 93$string['cannotimport'] = 'Import error';
5db2027e 94$string['cannotimportformat'] = 'Sorry, importing this format is not yet implemented!';
30c8dd34 95$string['cannotimportgrade'] = 'Grade import error';
5db2027e 96$string['cannotinsertgrade'] = 'Cannot insert grade item without course id!';
97$string['cannotinsertrate'] = 'Could not insert a new rating ({$a->id} = {$a->rating})';
98$string['cannotinsertrecord'] = 'Could not insert new record ID {$a}';
92cc1b67 99$string['cannotmailconfirm'] = 'Error sending password change confirmation email';
9b34dc6e 100$string['cannotmanualctrack'] = 'Activity does not provide manual completion tracking';
30c8dd34 101$string['cannotmapfield'] = 'Mapping collision detected - two fields maps to the same grade item {$a}';
1343697c 102$string['cannotmarktopic'] = 'Could not mark that topic for this course';
e998effa 103$string['cannotmigratedatacomments'] = 'Cannot migrate data module comments';
92cc1b67 104$string['cannotmodulename'] = 'Cannot get the module name in build navigation';
105$string['cannotmoduletype'] = 'Cannot get the module type in build navigation';
30c8dd34 106$string['cannotmoverolewithid'] = 'Cannot move role with ID {$a}';
5db2027e 107$string['cannotnetgeo'] = 'Cannot connect to NetGeo server at, please check proxy settings or better install MaxMind GeoLite City data file';
92cc1b67 108$string['cannotopencsv'] = 'Cannot open CSV file';
109$string['cannotopenfile'] = 'Cannot open file ({$a})';
110$string['cannotopenforwrit'] = 'Cannot open for writing: {$a}';
111$string['cannotopentemplate'] = 'Cannot open template file ({$a})';
60e40dda 112$string['cannotopenzip'] = 'Can not open zip file, probably zip extension bug on 64bit os';
5db2027e 113$string['cannotoverridebaserole'] = 'Cannot override base role capabilities';
114$string['cannotoverriderolehere'] = 'You are not allowed to override this role (id = {$a->roleid}) in this context ({$a->context})';
115$string['cannotreadfile'] = 'Cannot read file ({$a})';
8e9d88f2 116$string['cannotreadtmpfile'] = 'Error reading temporary file';
70c33d22 117$string['cannotreaduploadfile'] = 'Could not read uploaded file';
ba6018a9 118$string['cannotremovefrommeta'] = 'Could not remove the selected course from this meta course!';
5c221654 119$string['cannotresetguestpwd'] = 'You cannot reset the guest password';
120$string['cannotresetmail'] = 'Error resetting password and mailing you';
121$string['cannotresetthisrole'] = 'Cannot reset this role';
122$string['cannotrestore'] = 'An error has occurred and the restore could not be completed!';
5db2027e 123$string['cannotrestoreadminorcreator'] = 'You need to be a creator or admin user to restore into new course!';
124$string['cannotrestoreadminoredit'] = 'You need to be a editing teacher or admin user to restore into selected course!';
5db2027e 125$string['cannotsaveagreement'] = 'Could not save your agreement';
30c8dd34 126$string['cannotsaveblock'] = 'Error saving block configuration';
5db2027e 127$string['cannotsavecomment'] = 'Cannot save comment';
5db2027e 128$string['cannotsavedata'] = 'Cannot save data';
30c8dd34 129$string['cannotsavefile'] = 'Cannot save the file "{$a}"!';
92cc1b67 130$string['cannotsavemd5file'] = 'Cannot save md5 file';
131$string['cannotsavezipfile'] = 'Cannot save ZIP file';
132$string['cannotsetparentforcatoritem'] = 'Cannot set parent for category or course item!';
4c181e34 133$string['cannotsetpassword'] = 'Could not set user password!';
30c8dd34 134$string['cannotsetprefgrade'] = 'Could not set preference aggregationview to {$a} for this grade category';
4f2a63c8 135$string['cannotsettheme'] = 'Could not set the theme!';
e82f7533 136$string['cannotsetupblock'] = 'Blocks tables could NOT be set up successfully!';
137$string['cannotsetupcapformod'] = 'Could not set up the capabilities for {$a}';
138$string['cannotsetupcapforplugin'] = 'Could not set up the capabilities for {$a}';
139$string['cannotshowhidecoursesincategory'] = 'Cannot show/hide the courses in category {$a}.';
140$string['cannotunassigncap'] = 'Could not unassign deprecated capability {$a->cap} from role {$a->role}';
141$string['cannotunassignrolefrom'] = 'Cannot unassign this user from role id: {$a}';
92cc1b67 142$string['cannotunzipfile'] = 'Cannot unzip file';
143$string['cannotupdatemod'] = 'Could not update {$a}';
144$string['cannotupdatepasswordonextauth'] = 'Failed to update password on external auth: {$a}. See the server logs for more details.';
4e244ba8 145$string['cannotupdateprofile'] = 'Error updating user record';
30c8dd34 146$string['cannotupdaterecord'] = 'Could not update record ID {$a}';
92cc1b67 147$string['cannotupdaterss'] = 'Cannot update RSS';
ba6018a9 148$string['cannotupdatesubcourse'] = 'Could not update a child course!';
149$string['cannotupdateusermsgpref'] = 'Cannot update user message preferences';
150$string['cannotupdateuseronexauth'] = 'Failed to update user data on external auth: {$a}. See the server logs for more details.';
92cc1b67 151$string['cannotuploadfile'] = 'Error processing upload file';
5db2027e 152$string['cannotuseadmin'] = 'You need to be an admin user to use this page';
153$string['cannotuseadminadminorteacher'] = 'You need to be a teacher or admin user to use this page';
92cc1b67 154$string['cannotusepage'] = 'Only teachers and administrators can use this page';
155$string['cannotusepage2'] = 'Sorry, you may not use this page';
156$string['cannotviewprofile'] = 'You cannot view the profile of this user';
a49cef3e 157$string['cannotviewreport'] = 'You cannot view this report';
30c8dd34 158$string['cannotwritefile'] = 'Cannot write to file ({$a})';
ee95802c 159$string['commentmisconf'] = 'Comment ID is misconfigured';
92cc1b67 160$string['componentisuptodate'] = 'Component is up-to-date';
49aafb90 161$string['confirmsesskeybad'] = 'Sorry, but your session key could not be confirmed to carry out this action. This security feature prevents against accidental or malicious execution of important functions in your name. Please make sure you really wanted to execute this function.';
21ef1a8b 162$string['couldnotassignrole'] = 'A serious but unspecified error occurred while trying to assign a role to you';
71b77297 163$string['couldnotupdatenoexistinguser'] = 'Cannot update the user - user doesn\'t exist';
30c8dd34 164$string['countriesphpempty'] = 'Error: The file countries.php in language pack {$a} is empty or missing.';
4c211e95 165$string['coursedoesnotbelongtocategory'] = 'The course doesn\'t belong to this category';
30c8dd34 166$string['coursegroupunknown'] = 'Course corresponding to group {$a} not specified';
71b77297 167$string['courseidnotfound'] = 'Course id doesn\'t exist';
b985fa35 168$string['coursemisconf'] = 'Course is misconfigured';
9ee94881 169$string['courserequestdisabled'] = 'Sorry, but requesting courses has been disabled by the administrator';
92cc1b67 170$string['csvcolumnduplicates'] = 'Duplicate columns detected';
30c8dd34 171$string['csvemptyfile'] = 'The CSV file is empty';
92cc1b67 172$string['csvfewcolumns'] = 'Not enough columns, please verify the delimiter setting';
30c8dd34 173$string['csvinvalidcols'] = '<b>Invalid CSV file:</b> First line must include "Header Fields" and the file must be type of <br />"Expanded Fields/Comma Separated"<br />or<br /> "Expanded Fields with CAVV Result Code/Comma Separated"';
92cc1b67 174$string['csvinvalidcolsnum'] = 'Invalid CSV file - each line must include 49 or 70 fields';
42247cf0 175$string['csvloaderror'] = 'Error occur during loading CSV file!';
30c8dd34 176$string['csvweirdcolumns'] = 'Invalid CSV file format - number of columns is not constant!';
92cc1b67 177$string['dbconnectionfailed'] = '<p>Error: Database connection failed</p>
6d5a22b2 178<p>It is possible that the database is overloaded or otherwise not running properly.</p>
9da5f500 179<p>The site administrator should also check that the database details have been correctly specified in config.php</p>';
6d5a22b2 180$string['dbdriverproblem'] = '<p>Error: database driver problem detected</p>
30c8dd34 181<p>The site administrator should verify server configuration</p><p>{$a}</p>';
5b687a10 182$string['dbsessionbroken'] = 'Serious database session problem detected.<br /><br />Please notify server administrator.';
183$string['dbsessionhandlerproblem'] = 'Setting up of database session failed.<br /><br />Please notify server administrator.';
34e9457e 184$string['dbsessionmysqlpacketsize'] = 'Serious session error detected.<br /><br />Please notify administrator, this problem is most probably caused by small value in max_allowed_packet MySQL setting.';
30c8dd34 185$string['dbupdatefailed'] = 'Database update failed';
8571833f 186$string['ddldependencyerror'] = '{$a->targettype} "{$a->targetname}" cannot be modified. Dependency found with {$a->offendingtype} "{$a->offendingname}"';
92cc1b67 187$string['ddlexecuteerror'] = 'DDL sql execution error';
188$string['ddlfieldalreadyexists'] = 'Field "{$a}" already exists';
189$string['ddlfieldnotexist'] = 'Field "{$a->fieldname}" does not exist in table "{$a->tablename}"';
41a50aa2 190$string['ddsequenceerror'] = 'Incorrect table "{$a}" definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key.';
191$string['ddltablealreadyexists'] = 'Table "{$a}" already exists';
192$string['ddltablenotexist'] = 'Table "{$a}" does not exist';
92cc1b67 193$string['ddlunknownerror'] = 'Unknown DDL library error';
eee5d9bb 194$string['ddlxmlfileerror'] = 'XML database file errors found';
30c8dd34 195$string['destinationcmnotexit'] = 'The destination course module does not exist';
8571833f 196$string['detectedbrokenplugin'] = 'Plugin "{$a}" is defective or outdated, can not continue, sorry.';
9214025e 197$string['dmlreadexception'] = 'Error reading from database';
d5a8d9aa 198$string['dmltransactionexception'] = 'Database transaction error';
9214025e 199$string['dmlwriteexception'] = 'Error writing to database';
80380bd7 200$string['downgradedcore'] = 'ERROR!!! The code you are using is OLDER than the version that made these databases!';
92cc1b67 201$string['downloadedfilecheckfailed'] = 'Downloaded file check failed';
06e84d52 202$string['duplicateparaminsql'] = 'ERROR: duplicate parameter name in query';
92cc1b67 203$string['duplicaterolename'] = 'There is already a role with this name!';
204$string['duplicateroleshortname'] = 'There is already a role with this short name!';
30c8dd34 205$string['duplicateusername'] = 'Duplicate username - skipping record';
92cc1b67 206$string['emailfail'] = 'Emailing failed';
5d2edd1c 207$string['error'] = 'Error occured';
30c8dd34 208$string['errorcleaningdirectory'] = 'Error cleaning directory "{$a}"';
49aafb90 209$string['errorcopyingfiles'] = 'Error copying files';
210$string['errorcreatingdirectory'] = 'Error creating directory "{$a}"';
211$string['errorcreatingfile'] = 'Error creating file "{$a}"';
bbdb7070 212$string['errorcreatingrole'] = 'Error creating role';
f1a34d8f 213$string['errorfetchingrssfeed'] = 'Error fetching RSS feed.';
30c8dd34 214$string['erroronline'] = 'Error on line {$a}';
5423b5f5 215$string['errorparsingxml'] = 'Error parsing XML: {$a->errorstring} at line {$a->errorline}, char {$a->errorchar}';
30c8dd34 216$string['errorreadingfile'] = 'Error reading file "{$a}"';
77eddcd5 217$string['errorsavingrequest'] = 'An error occurred when trying to save your request.';
30c8dd34 218$string['errorsettinguserpref'] = 'Error setting user preference';
49aafb90 219$string['errorunzippingfiles'] = 'Error unzipping files';
4c181e34 220$string['expiredkey'] = 'Expired key';
3204b7a2 221$string['failtoloadblocks'] = 'One or more blocks are registered in the database, but they all failed to load!';
30c8dd34 222$string['fieldrequired'] = '"{$a}" is a required field';
1311e4dd 223$string['fileexists'] = 'File exists';
30c8dd34 224$string['filemismatch'] = 'Non-core file name mismatch. The file "{$a->current}" should be {$a->file}';
49aafb90 225$string['filenotfound'] = 'Sorry, the requested file could not be found';
9ee94881 226$string['filenotreadable'] = 'File is not readable';
227$string['filterdoesnothavelocalconfig'] = 'The filter {$a} does not allow local configuration.';
228$string['filternotactive'] = 'Filter {$a} is not currently active';
e25b7ded 229$string['filternotenabled'] = 'Filter not enabled!';
30c8dd34 230$string['filternotinstalled'] = 'Filter {$a} is not currently installed';
92cc1b67 231$string['forumblockingtoomanyposts'] = 'You have exceeded the posting threshold set for this forum';
30c8dd34 232$string['generalexceptionmessage'] = 'Exception - {$a}';
f39c16e0 233$string['gradepubdisable'] = 'Grade publishing disabled';
234$string['groupalready'] = 'User already belongs to group {$a}';
235$string['groupexistforcourse'] = 'Group "{$a}" already exists for this course';
236$string['groupnotaddederror'] = 'Group "{$a}" not added';
237$string['groupunknown'] = 'Group {$a} not associated to specified course';
7ac88172 238$string['groupusernotmember'] = 'User is not member of this group.';
bb371a5f 239$string['guestnocomment'] = 'Guests are not allowed to post comments!';
be01f623 240$string['guestnoeditprofile'] = 'The guest user cannot edit their profile';
241$string['guestnoeditprofileother'] = 'The guest user profile cannot be edited';
77eddcd5 242$string['guestnorate'] = 'Guests are not allowed to rate entries';
243$string['guestsarenotallowed'] = 'The guest user is not allowed to do this';
244$string['hackdetected'] = 'Hack attack detected!';
245$string['hashpoolproblem'] = 'Incorrect pool file content {$a}.';
246$string['headersent'] = 'Headers already sent';
71b77297 247$string['idnumbertaken'] = 'ID number is already used for another course';
30c8dd34 248$string['importformatnotimplement'] = 'Sorry, importing this format is not yet implemented!';
771dc7b2 249$string['incorrectext'] = 'File has an incorrect extension';
250$string['invalidaccess'] = 'This page was not accessed correctly';
251$string['invalidaccessparameter'] = 'Invalid access parameter';
92cc1b67 252$string['invalidaction'] = 'Invalid action parameter';
9b34dc6e 253$string['invalidactivityid'] = 'Invalid Activity ID';
30c8dd34 254$string['invalidadminsettingname'] = 'Invalid admin setting ({$a})';
33aa5723 255$string['invalidargorconf'] = 'No valid arguments supplied or incorrect server configuration';
256$string['invalidarguments'] = 'No valid arguments supplied';
257$string['invalidblockinstance'] = 'Invalid block instance for: {$a}';
745bf998 258$string['invalidcategory'] = 'Incorrect category!';
259$string['invalidcategoryid'] = 'Incorrect category id!';
260$string['invalidcomment'] = 'Comment is incorrect';
261$string['invalidconfirmdata'] = 'Invalid confirmation data';
262$string['invalidcontext'] = 'Invalid context';
49aafb90 263$string['invalidcourse'] = 'Invalid course';
30c8dd34 264$string['invalidcourseid'] = 'You are trying to use an invalid course ID: ({$a})';
c7a4be5e 265$string['invalidcourselevel'] = 'Incorrect context level';
ba6018a9 266$string['invalidcoursemodule'] = 'Invalid course module ID';
30c8dd34 267$string['invalidcoursenameshort'] = 'Invalid short course name';
92cc1b67 268$string['invaliddata'] = 'Data submitted is invalid';
4031f6a2 269$string['invaliddatarootpermissions'] = 'Invalid permissions detected in $CFG->dataroot directory, administrator has to fix permissions.';
1bb0aa0f 270$string['invalidelementid'] = 'Incorrect element id!';
bb371a5f 271$string['invalidentry'] = 'This is not valid entry!';
33aa5723 272$string['invalidevent'] = 'Invalid event';
273$string['invalidfieldname'] = '"{$a}" is not a valid field name';
274$string['invalidfiletype'] = '"{$a}" is not a valid file type';
02dc7032 275$string['invalidformatpara'] = 'Incorrect format for choose parameter';
4c750285 276$string['invalidformdata'] = 'Incorrect Form Data';
535a6fa0 277$string['invalidfunction'] = 'Incorrect function';
8337d393 278$string['invalidgradeitmeid'] = 'Incorrect grade item id';
92cc1b67 279$string['invalidgroupid'] = 'Incorrect group id specified';
7c09710c 280$string['invalidipformat'] = 'Invalid IP address format';
30c8dd34 281$string['invaliditemid'] = 'Incorrect item id';
4c181e34 282$string['invalidkey'] = 'Incorrect key';
283$string['invalidlegacy'] = 'Incorrect legacy role definition for type: {$a}';
284$string['invalidmd5'] = 'The check variable was wrong - try again';
285$string['invalidmode'] = 'Invalid mode ({$a})';
f581f8d6 286$string['invalidmodule'] = 'Invalid module';
287$string['invalidmoduleid'] = 'Invalid module ID: {$a}';
288$string['invalidmodulename'] = 'Invalid module name: {$a}';
25a5f14b 289$string['invalidnum'] = 'Invalid numeric value';
30c8dd34 290$string['invalidnumkey'] = '$conditions array may not contain numeric keys, please fix the code!';
ffc1c105 291$string['invalidoutcome'] = 'Incorrect outcome id';
fd968fb1 292$string['invalidpagesize'] = 'Invalid page size';
293$string['invalidpaymentmethod'] = 'Invalid payment method: {$a}';
294$string['invalidqueryparam'] = 'ERROR: Incorrect number of query parameters. Expected {$a->expected}, got {$a->actual}.';
295$string['invalidrecord'] = 'Can not find data record in database table {$a}.';
af12ea93 296$string['invalidrecordunknown'] = 'Can not find data record in database.';
bfe1e789 297$string['invalidrequest'] = 'Invalid request';
75673b93 298$string['invalidrole'] = 'Invalid role';
06e84d52 299$string['invalidroleid'] = 'Invalid role ID';
e2ca1df5 300$string['invalidscaleid'] = 'Incorrect scale id';
94603bfc 301$string['invalidsection'] = 'Course module record contains invalid section';
30c8dd34 302$string['invalidsesskey'] = 'Incorrect sesskey submitted, form not accepted!';
ba6018a9 303$string['invalidshortname'] = 'That\'s an invalid short course name';
30c8dd34 304$string['invalidstatedetected'] = 'Something has gone wrong: {$a}. This should never normally happen.';
92cc1b67 305$string['invalidurl'] = 'Invalid URL';
51770f92 306$string['invaliduser'] = 'Invalid user';
fd968fb1 307$string['invaliduserid'] = 'Invalid user id';
308$string['invalidxmlfile'] = '"{$a}" is not a valid XML file';
309$string['iplookupfailed'] = 'Cannot find geo information about this IP address {$a}';
92cc1b67 310$string['iplookupprivate'] = 'Cannot display lookup of private IP address';
4c181e34 311$string['ipmismatch'] = 'Client IP address mismatch';
92cc1b67 312$string['listcantmovedown'] = 'Failed to move item down, as it is the last of it\'s peers';
313$string['listcantmoveleft'] = 'Failed to move item left, as it has no parent';
314$string['listcantmoveright'] = 'Failed to move item right, as there is no peer to make it a child of. Move it below another peer and then you can move it right.';
315$string['listcantmoveup'] = 'Failed to move the item up, as it is the first of it\'s peers';
316$string['listnochildren'] = 'No children of item found';
317$string['listnoitem'] = 'Item not found';
318$string['listnopeers'] = 'No peers of item found';
319$string['listupdatefail'] = 'DB operation failed when editing list hierarchy';
6d3f598b 320$string['logfilenotavailable'] = 'Logs not available';
321$string['loginasnoenrol'] = 'You cannot use enrol or unenrol when in course "Login as" session';
322$string['loginasonecourse'] = 'You cannot enter this course.<br /> You have to terminate the "Login as" session before entering any other course.';
7d9cb3b5 323$string['maxbytes'] = 'This file is bigger than the maximum size';
fd81b463 324$string['messagingdisable'] = 'Messaging is disabled on this site';
325$string['mimetexisnotexist'] = 'Your system is not configured to run mimeTeX. You need to download the appropriate executable for you PHP_OS platform from <a href=""></a>, or obtain the C source from <a href=""></a>, compile it and put the executable into your moodle/filter/tex/ directory.';
326$string['mimetexnotexecutable'] = 'Custom mimetex is not executable!';
327$string['missingfield'] = 'Field "{$a}" is missing';
328$string['missingkeyinsql'] = 'ERROR: missing param "{$a}" in query';
329$string['missingparam'] = 'A required parameter ({$a}) was missing';
ee95802c 330$string['missingparameter'] = 'Parameter missing';
d8891d4a 331$string['missingrequiredfield'] = 'Some required field is missing';
332$string['missinguseranditemid'] = 'Missing userid and itemid';
333$string['missingvarname'] = 'Required variable name is missing!';
dd824dbc 334$string['missing_moodle_backup_xml_file'] = 'Backup is missing XML file: {$a}';
06e84d52 335$string['mixedtypesqlparam'] = 'ERROR: Mixed types of sql query parameters!!';
92cc1b67 336$string['mnetdisable'] = 'MNET is disabled';
337$string['mnetlocal'] = 'Remote MNET users cannot login locally';
30c8dd34 338$string['moduledisable'] = 'This module ({$a}) has been disabled for this particular course';
ba6018a9 339$string['moduledoesnotexist'] = 'This module does not exist';
340$string['moduleinstancedoesnotexist'] = 'The instance of this module does not exist';
30c8dd34 341$string['modulemissingcode'] = 'Module {$a} is missing the code needed to perform this function';
1bcb7eb5 342$string['modulerejectcomment'] = 'Module rejects to add this comment';
af12ea93 343$string['multiplerecordsfound'] = 'Multiple records found, only one record expected.';
5832a6f3 344$string['multiplerestorenotallow'] = 'Multiple restore execution not allowed!';
d56f9e65 345$string['mustbeloggedin'] = 'You must be logged in to do this';
30c8dd34 346$string['mustbeteacher'] = 'You must be a teacher to look at this page';
d35ece6c 347$string['myisamproblem'] = 'Database tables are using MyISAM database engine, it is recommended to use ACID compliant engine with full transaction support such as InnoDB.';
ba6018a9 348$string['needcopy'] = 'You need to copy something first!';
349$string['needcoursecategroyid'] = 'Either course id or category must be specified';
350$string['needphpext'] = 'You need to add {$a} support to your PHP installation';
351$string['noadmins'] = 'No administrators!';
3204b7a2 352$string['noblocks'] = 'No blocks found!';
8c594bbb 353$string['nocapabilitytousethisservice'] = 'The user hasn\'t the required capability to use this service';
30c8dd34 354$string['nocategorydelete'] = 'Category \'{$a}\' cannot be deleted!';
8f8ed475 355$string['nocontext'] = 'Sorry, but that course is not a valid context';
30c8dd34 356$string['nodata'] = 'No data';
71b77297 357$string['noexistingcategory'] = 'No existing category';
30c8dd34 358$string['nofile'] = 'File not specified';
0f74bb01 359$string['nofiltersenabled'] = 'No filters are enabled.';
360$string['nofolder'] = 'Requested directory does not exist';
361$string['noformdesc'] = 'No formslib form description file found for this activity.';
362$string['noguest'] = 'No guests here!';
363$string['noinstances'] = 'There are no instances of {$a} in this course!';
364$string['nologinas'] = 'You are not allowed to login as that user';
49aafb90 365$string['nonmeaningfulcontent'] = 'Non meaningful content';
06e84d52 366$string['noparticipants'] = 'No participants found for this course';
367$string['noparticipatorycms'] = 'Sorry, but you have no participatory course modules to report on';
368$string['nopermissions'] = 'Sorry, but you do not currently have permissions to do that ({$a})';
1bcb7eb5 369$string['nopermissiontocomment'] = 'You can\'t add comments';
745bf998 370$string['nopermissiontodelentry'] = 'You can\'t delete other people\'s entries!';
bb371a5f 371$string['nopermissiontoeditcomment'] = 'You can\'t edit other people\'s comments!';
1bb0aa0f 372$string['nopermissiontohide'] = 'No permission to hide!';
6a441999 373$string['nopermissiontoimportact'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to import activities to this course';
1bb0aa0f 374$string['nopermissiontolock'] = 'No permission to lock!';
30c8dd34 375$string['nopermissiontomanagegroup'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to manage groups';
30c8dd34 376$string['nopermissiontorate'] = 'Rating of items not allowed!';
83b10e57 377$string['nopermissiontoshow'] = 'No permission to see this!';
1bb0aa0f 378$string['nopermissiontounlock'] = 'No permission to unlock!';
cac0c3ef 379$string['nopermissiontoviewgrades'] = 'Can not view grades.';
c7a4be5e 380$string['nopermissiontoviewletergrade'] = 'Missing permission to view letter grades';
30c8dd34 381$string['nopermissiontoviewpage'] = 'You are not allowed to look at this page';
12e57b92 382$string['nosite'] = 'Could not find a top-level course!';
4d3651d4 383$string['nositeid'] = 'No site ID';
92cc1b67 384$string['nostatstodisplay'] = 'Sorry, there is no available data to display';
b14e77c9 385$string['notallowedtoupdateprefremotely'] = 'You are not allowed to update this user preference remotely';
49aafb90 386$string['notavailable'] = 'That is not currently available';
30c8dd34 387$string['notlocalisederrormessage'] = '{$a}';
fd968fb1 388$string['notmemberofgroup'] = 'You are not a member of this course group';
f39c16e0 389$string['notownerofkey'] = 'You are not owner of this key';
30c8dd34 390$string['nousers'] = 'No such user!';
92cc1b67 391$string['onlyadmins'] = 'Only administrators can do that';
392$string['onlyeditingteachers'] = 'Only editing teachers can do that';
304d08f0 393$string['onlyeditown'] = 'You can only edit your own information';
30c8dd34 394$string['orderidnotfound'] = 'Order ID {$a} not found';
92cc1b67 395$string['pagenotexist'] = 'An unusual error occurred (tried to reach a page that does not exist)';
33aa5723 396$string['pathdoesnotstartslash'] = 'No valid arguments supplied, path does not start with slash!';
7c830e31 397$string['pleasereport'] = 'If you have time, please let us know what you were trying to do when the error occurred:';
398$string['pluginrequirementsnotmet'] = 'Plugin "{$a->pluginname}" ({$a->pluginversion}) could not be installed. It requires a newer version of Moodle (currently you are using {$a->currentmoodle}, you need {$a->requiremoodle}).';
399$string['prefixcannotbeempty'] = '<p>Error: database table prefix cannot be empty ({$a})</p>
6d5a22b2 400<p>The site administrator must fix this problem.</p>';
401$string['prefixtoolong'] = '<p>Error: database table prefix is too long ({$a->dbfamily})</p>
402<p>The site administrator must fix this problem. Maximum length for table prefixes in {$a->dbfamily} is {$a->maxlength} characters.</p>';
49aafb90 403$string['processingstops'] = 'Processing stops here. Remaining records ignored.';
1adaa404 404$string['redirecterrordetected'] = 'Unsupported redirect detected, script execution terminated';
405$string['refoundto'] = 'Can be refunded to {$a}';
406$string['refoundtoorigi'] = 'Refunded to original amount: {$a}';
407$string['remotedownloaderror'] = 'Download of component to your server failed, please verify proxy settings, PHP cURL extension is highly recommended.<br /><br />You must download the <a href="{$a->url}">{$a->url}</a> file manually, copy it to "{$a->dest}" in your server and unzip it there.';
408$string['remotedownloadnotallowed'] = 'Download of components to your server isn\'t allowed (allow_url_fopen is disabled).<br /><br />You must download the <a href="{$a->url}">{$a->url}</a> file manually, copy it to "{$a->dest}" in your server and unzip it there.';
409$string['reportnotavailable'] = 'This type of report is only available for the site course';
a4694f0e 410$string['requireloginerror'] = 'Course or activity not accessible.';
4eb9f9cc 411$string['restorechecksumfailed'] = 'Some problem happened with the restore information stored in your session. Please check your PHP memory/DB package size limits. Restore stopped.';
9a0df45a 412$string['restrictedcontextexception'] = 'Sorry, execution of external function violates context restriction.';
30c8dd34 413$string['restricteduser'] = 'Sorry, but your current account "{$a}" is restricted from doing that';
f1e715ff 414$string['reverseproxyabused'] = 'Reverse proxy enabled, server can not be accessed directly, sorry.<br />Please contact server administrator.';
30c8dd34 415$string['rpcerror'] = 'Ooops! Your MNET communication has failed! Here\'s that error message to pass on to your administrator: {$a}';
92cc1b67 416$string['secretalreadyused'] = 'Change password confirmation link was already used, password was not changed';
30c8dd34 417$string['sectionnotexist'] = 'This section does not exist';
92cc1b67 418$string['sendmessage'] = 'Send message';
8c594bbb 419$string['servicedonotexist'] = 'The service does not exist';
4c181e34 420$string['sessioncookiesdisable'] = 'Incorrect use of require_key_login() - session cookies must be disabled!';
55059253 421$string['sessiondiskfull'] = 'The session partition is full. It is not possible to login at this time.<br /><br />Please notify server administrator.';
49aafb90 422$string['sessionerroruser'] = 'Your session has timed out. Please login again.';
423$string['sessionerroruser2'] = 'A server error that affects your login session was detected. Please login again or restart your browser.';
424$string['sessionipnomatch'] = 'Sorry, but your IP number seems to have changed from when you first logged in. This security feature prevents crackers stealing your identity while logged in to this site. Normal users should not be seeing this message - please ask the site administrator for help.';
9bda43e6 425$string['sessionipnomatch2'] = 'Sorry, but your IP number seems to have changed from when you first logged in. This security feature prevents crackers stealing your identity while logged in to this site. You may see this error if you use wireless networks or if you are roaming between different networks. Please ask the site administrator for more help.<br /><br />If you want to continue please press F5 key to refresh this page.';
71b77297 426$string['shortnametaken'] = 'Short name is already used for another course';
30c8dd34 427$string['scheduledbackupsdisabled'] = 'Scheduled backups have been disabled by the server admin';
2e34d3f9 428$string['socksnotsupported'] = 'SOCKS5 proxy is not supported in PHP4';
e82f7533 429$string['spellcheckernotconf'] = 'Spellchecker not configured';
11e7b506 430$string['sslonlyaccess'] = 'For security reasons only https connections are allowed, sorry.';
431$string['statscatchupmode'] = 'Statistics is currently in catchup mode. So far {$a->daysdone} day(s) have been processed and {$a->dayspending} are pending. Check back soon!';
432$string['statsdisable'] = 'Stats is not enabled';
433$string['statsnodata'] = 'There is no available data for that combination of course and time period';
145a0a31 434$string['storedfilecannotcreatefiledirs'] = 'Can not create local file pool directories, please verify permissions in dataroot.';
435$string['storedfilecannotread'] = 'Can not read file, either file does not exist or there are permission problems';
64f93798 436$string['storedfilenotcreated'] = 'Can not create file "{$a->contextid}/{$a->component}/{$a->filearea}/{$a->itemid}/{$a->filepath}/{$a->filename}"';
30c8dd34 437$string['storedfileproblem'] = 'Unknown exception related to local files ({$a})';
aad67397 438$string['tagdisabled'] = 'Tags are disabled!';
30c8dd34 439$string['tagnotfound'] = 'The specified tag was not found in the database';
e69b06ef 440$string['targetdatabasenotempty'] = 'The target database is not empty. Transfer aborted for safety reasons.';
4f2a63c8 441$string['themenotinstall'] = 'This theme is not installed!';
30c8dd34 442$string['TODO'] = 'TODO';
2d0acbd5 443$string['tokengenerationfailed'] = 'Cannot generate a new token.';
92cc1b67 444$string['transactionvoid'] = 'Transaction cannot be voided because it has already been voided';
92cc1b67 445$string['unenrolerror'] = 'An error occurred while trying to unenrol that person';
446$string['unicodeupgradeerror'] = 'Sorry, but your database is not already in Unicode, and this version of Moodle is not able to migrate your database to Unicode. Please upgrade to Moodle 1.7.x first and perform the Unicode migration from the Admin page. After that is done you should be able to migrate to Moodle {$a}';
447$string['unknowaction'] = 'Unknown action!';
ba6018a9 448$string['unknowcategory'] = 'Category not known!';
449$string['unknowcontext'] = 'This is an unknown context ({$a}) in get_child_contexts!';
450$string['unknowformat'] = 'Format not known ({$a})';
451$string['unknownblockregion'] = 'The block region \'{$a}\' is not recognised on this page.';
771dc7b2 452$string['unknowncontext'] = 'This is an unknown context.';
453$string['unknowncourse'] = 'Unknown course named "{$a}"';
454$string['unknowncourseidnumber'] = 'Unknown Course ID "{$a}"';
455$string['unknowncourserequest'] = 'Unknown course request';
771dc7b2 456$string['unknownfiletype'] = 'Error unknown filtertype';
457$string['unknowngroup'] = 'Unknown group "{$a}"';
458$string['unknownhelp'] = 'Unknown help topic {$a}';
459$string['unknownjsinrequirejs'] = 'Can not find JS library: {$a}';
460$string['unknownmodulename'] = 'Unknown module name for form';
461$string['unknownrole'] = 'Unknown role "{$a}"';
462$string['unknownsortcolumn'] = 'Unknown sort column {$a}';
92cc1b67 463$string['unknownuseraction'] = 'Sorry, I do not understand this user action';
d56f9e65 464$string['unknownuserselector'] = 'Unknown user selector';
b121a4ee 465$string['unknoworder'] = 'Unknown ordering';
466$string['unknowparamtype'] = 'Unknown parameter type: {$a}';
467$string['unknowquestiontype'] = 'Unsupported question type {$a}';
468$string['unknowuploadaction'] = 'Error: Unknown upload action ({$a})';
469$string['unspecifycourseid'] = 'Must specify course id, short name or idnumber';
dbf91d9d 470$string['unsupportedevent'] = 'Unsupported event type';
9b34dc6e 471$string['unsupportedstate'] = 'Unsupported completion state';
1ef61171 472$string['unsupportedwebserver'] = 'Web server software ({$a}) is not supported, sorry.';
92cc1b67 473$string['upgraderequires19'] = 'Error: New Moodle version was installed on server, unfortunately upgrade from the previous version is not supported.<br />Please upgrade first to latest 1.9.x release. You can also return to previous version by reinstalling original files.';
30c8dd34 474$string['upgraderunning'] = 'Site is being upgraded, please retry later.';
92cc1b67 475$string['urlnotdefinerss'] = 'URL not defined for RSS feed';
476$string['useradmineditadmin'] = 'Only administrators are allowed to modify other administrator accounts';
477$string['useradminodelete'] = 'Administrator accounts can not be deleted';
92cc1b67 478$string['userautherror'] = 'Unknown auth plugin';
479$string['userauthunsupported'] = 'Auth plugin not supported here';
0c4807ab 480$string['useremailduplicate'] = 'Duplicate address';
92cc1b67 481$string['usermustbemnet'] = 'Users in the MNET access control list must be remote MNET users';
92cc1b67 482$string['usernotaddederror'] = 'User not added - error';
483$string['usernotaddedregistered'] = 'User not added - already registered';
484$string['usernotavailable'] = 'The details of this user are not available to you';
6c7a5df7 485$string['usernotdeletedadmin'] = 'User not deleted - can not delete administrator accounts';
92cc1b67 486$string['usernotdeletederror'] = 'User not deleted - error';
487$string['usernotdeletedmissing'] = 'User not deleted - could not find the username';
488$string['usernotdeletedoff'] = 'User not deleted - deleting not allowed';
ba6018a9 489$string['usernotincourse'] = 'This user is not in this course!';
92cc1b67 490$string['usernotrenamedadmin'] = 'Cannot rename admin accounts';
491$string['usernotrenamedexists'] = 'User not renamed - the new username is already in use';
492$string['usernotrenamedmissing'] = 'User not renamed - could not find the old username';
493$string['usernotrenamedoff'] = 'User not renamed - renaming not allowed';
494$string['usernotupdatedadmin'] = 'Cannot update admin accounts';
495$string['usernotupdatederror'] = 'User not updated - error';
496$string['usernotupdatednotexists'] = 'User not updated - does not exist';
ea1780ad 497$string['userquotalimit'] = 'You have reached your file quota limit.';
8a8272b0 498$string['userselectortoomany'] = 'user_selector got more than one selected user, even though multiselect is false.';
78664df0 499$string['wrongcall'] = 'This script is called wrongly';
4d3651d4 500$string['wrongcontextid'] = 'Context ID was incorrect (cannot find it)';
92cc1b67 501$string['wrongdestpath'] = 'Wrong destination path';
4d3651d4 502$string['wrongroleid'] = 'Incorrect role ID!';
92cc1b67 503$string['wrongsourcebase'] = 'Wrong source URL base';
9baf6825 504$string['wrongusernamepassword'] = 'Wrong user/password';
92cc1b67 505$string['wrongzipfilename'] = 'Wrong ZIP file name';
71b77297 506$string['wscouldnotcreateecoursenopermission'] = 'WS - Could not create course - No permission';
507$string['wwwrootmismatch'] = 'Incorrect access detected, this server may be accessed only through "{$a}" address, sorry.<br />Please notify server administrator.';
508$string['wwwrootslash'] = 'Detected incorrect $CFG->wwwroot in config.php, it must not contain trailing slash.<br />Please notify server administrator.';
92cc1b67 509$string['xmldberror'] = 'XMLDB error!';
510$string['youcannotdeletecategory'] = 'You cannot delete category \'{$a}\' because you can neither delete the contents, nor move them elsewhere.';
511$string['younotteacher'] = 'You are not a teacher!';