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99de75d7 1<?php
f3f7610c 2/**
778918fd 3 * Language strings for Moodle Groups (cvs:/group/)
4 *
5 * @copyright &copy; 2006 The Open University
6 * @author J.White AT
7 * @license GNU Public License
8 * @package groups
9 */
11$string['groupmember'] = 'Group Member';
12$string['groupmemberdesc'] = 'Standard role for a member of a group.';
13$string['notingrouping'] = '[Not in a grouping]';
b39552af 14$string['anygrouping'] = '[Any grouping]';
f3f7610c 15
b1f627d9 16$string['errorinvalidgroup'] = 'Error, invalid group $a';
17$string['erroreditgrouping'] = 'Error creating/updating grouping $a';
5be5bc9f 18$string['erroreditgroup'] = 'Error creating/updating group $a';
b39552af 19$string['erroraddremoveuser'] = 'Error adding/removing user $a to group';
f6eece19 20$string['errorselectone'] = 'Please select a single group before choosing this option';
21$string['errorselectsome'] = 'Please select one or more groups before choosing this option';
99de75d7 22
23$string['groupings'] = 'Groupings';
24$string['grouping'] = 'Grouping';
25$string['groups'] = 'Groups';
26$string['group'] = 'Group';
370c7b7d 27$string['groupsinselectedgrouping'] = 'Groups in:'; //'selected grouping'
28$string['membersofselectedgroup'] = 'Members of:';
acf000b0 29$string['overview'] = 'Overview';
99de75d7 30
0e2d02b5 31$string['showgroupsingrouping'] = 'Show groups in grouping';
32$string['showmembersforgroup'] = 'Show members for group';
33$string['databaseupgradegroups'] = 'Groups version is now $a';
5bca3fed 35$string['deletegroupingconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete grouping \'$a\'? (Groups in the grouping are not deleted.)';
36$string['deletegroupconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete group \'$a\'?';
f6eece19 37$string['deletegroupsconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the following groups?';
5bca3fed 38
99de75d7 39$string['editgroupingsettings'] = 'Edit grouping settings';
99de75d7 40$string['deletegrouping'] = 'Delete grouping';
41$string['creategrouping'] = 'Create grouping';
42$string['createautomaticgrouping'] = 'Create automatic grouping';
b39552af 43$string['printerfriendly'] = 'Printer-friendly display'; //'of grouping'
99de75d7 44
45$string['editgroupsettings'] = 'Edit group settings';
46$string['deleteselectedgroup'] = 'Delete selected group';
b39552af 47$string['removegroupfromselectedgrouping'] = 'Remove group from grouping'; //'selected'
48$string['creategroupinselectedgrouping'] = 'Create group in grouping';
7e4648a1 49$string['addgroupstogrouping'] = 'Add group to grouping'; //'groupS'
99de75d7 50
51$string['removeselectedusers'] = 'Remove selected users';
b39552af 52$string['adduserstogroup'] = 'Add/remove users'; //'from group'
62d63838 53$string['addgroupstogroupings'] = 'Add/remove groups'; //'from group'
99de75d7 54
55$string['groupingname'] = 'Grouping name';
56$string['defaultgroupingname'] = 'Grouping';
57$string['groupingdescription'] = 'Grouping description';
99de75d7 58$string['creategrouping'] = 'Create grouping';
59$string['creategroup'] = 'Create group';
73d7d22b 60$string['createorphangroup'] = 'Create orphan group';
99de75d7 61
62$string['groupname'] = 'Group name';
e4596a4a 63$string['groupnameexists'] = 'The group name \'$a\' already exists in this course, please choose another one.';
ddff2fa8 64$string['groupingnameexists'] = 'The grouping name \'$a\' already exists in this course, please choose another one.';
99de75d7 65$string['defaultgroupname'] = 'Group';
66$string['groupdescription'] = 'Group description';
67$string['enrolmentkey'] = 'Enrolment key';
68$string['hidepicture'] = 'Hide picture';
69$string['newpicture'] = 'New picture';
f16fa0a3 70$string['newgrouping'] = 'New grouping';
99de75d7 71
e91cc88c 72$string['backtogroups'] = 'Back to groups';
62d63838 73$string['backtogroupings'] = 'Back to groupings';
27c69abe 74$string['existingmembers'] = 'Existing members: $a';
97873016 75$string['potentialmembs'] = 'Potential members';
27c69abe 76$string['potentialmembers'] = 'Potential members: $a';
99de75d7 77$string['groupinfo'] = 'Info about selected group';
78$string['groupinfomembers'] = 'Info about selected members';
79$string['groupinfopeople'] = 'Info about selected people';
80$string['groupmembers'] = 'Group members';
81$string['groupmemberssee'] = 'See group members';
82$string['groupmembersselected'] = 'Members of selected group';
99de75d7 84$string['javascriptrequired'] = 'This page requires Javascript to be enabled.';
24f41672 86$string['defaultgrouping'] = 'Default grouping';
99de75d7 87$string['groupmode'] = 'Group mode';
88$string['groupmodeforce'] = 'Force group mode';
89$string['groupmy'] = 'My group';
90$string['groupnotamember'] = 'Sorry, you are not a member of that group';
91$string['groupsnone'] = 'No groups';
92$string['groupsseparate'] = 'Separate groups';
93$string['groupsvisible'] = 'Visible groups';
24f41672 94$string['groupmembersonly'] = 'Available for group members only';
f8e3d5f0 95$string['groupmembersonlyerror'] = 'Sorry, you must be member of at least one group that is used in this activity.';
f16fa0a3 96$string['grouptemplate'] = 'Group @';
99de75d7 97
d1818f32 98$string['groupaddedsuccesfully'] = 'Group $a added succesfully';
99$string['nopermissionforcreation'] = 'Can\'t create group \"$a\" as you dont have the required permissions';
acf000b0 100
101$string['usergroupmembership'] = 'Selected user\'s membership:';
102$string['filtergroups'] = 'Filter groups by: ';
103$string['nogroups'] = 'There are no groups setup in this course yet';
105$string['autocreategroups'] = 'Auto-create groups';
f16fa0a3 106$string['selectfromrole'] = 'Select members from role';
107$string['groupby'] = 'Specify';
108$string['numgroups'] = 'Number of groups';
109$string['nummembers'] = 'Members per group';
110$string['nosmallgroups'] = 'Prevent last small group';
112$string['groupscount'] = 'Groups ($a)';
113$string['usercounttotal'] = 'User count ($a)';
114$string['usercount'] = 'User count';
acf000b0 116$string['members'] = 'Members per group';
f16fa0a3 117$string['number'] = 'Group/member count';
acf000b0 118$string['allocateby'] = 'Allocate members';
f16fa0a3 119$string['noallocation'] = 'No allocation';
120$string['random'] = 'Randomly';
121$string['byfirstname'] = 'Alphabetically by first name, last name';
122$string['bylastname'] = 'Alphabetically by last name, first name';
123$string['byidnumber'] = 'Alphabetically by ID number';
124$string['createingrouping'] = 'Create in grouping';
acf000b0 126$string['namingscheme'] = 'Naming scheme';
f16fa0a3 127$string['namingschemehelp'] = 'Use @ character to represent the group letter (A-Z) or # to represent the group number.';
acf000b0 128$string['toomanygroups'] = 'Insufficient users to populate this number of groups - there are only $a users in the selected role.';
129$string['badnamingscheme'] = 'Must contain exactly one \'@\' or one \'#\' character';
130$string['groupspreview'] = 'Groups preview';
131$string['nousersinrole'] = 'There are no suitable users in the selected role';
132$string['nogroupsassigned'] = 'No groups assigned';
e34f6203 133$string['evenallocation'] = 'Note: To keep group allocation even, the actual number of members per group differs from the number you specified.';
f16fa0a3 134
0b5a80a1 135$string['removegroupsmembers'] = 'Remove all group members';
136$string['removegroupingsmembers'] = 'Remove all groups from groupings';
137$string['deleteallgroups'] = 'Delete all groups';
138$string['deleteallgroupings'] = 'Delete all groupings';
b0dc3e56 140$string['groupsgroupings'] = 'Groups &amp; groupings';
141$string['groupingsonly'] = 'Groupings only';
7d44b1a4 142$string['groupsonly'] = 'Groups only';
b0dc3e56 143