MDL-66609 core_h5p: Add capability to deploy H5P content
[moodle.git] / lang / en / h5p.php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
01923a07 16
18 * Strings for component 'h5p', language 'en', branch 'master'
19 *
20 * @package core_h5p
21 * @copyright 2019 Moodle
22 * @author Sara Arjona <>
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
26$string['addedandupdatedpp'] = 'Added {$a->%new} new H5P libraries and updated {$a->%old} old ones.';
27$string['addedandupdatedps'] = 'Added {$a->%new} new H5P libraries and updated {$a->%old} old one.';
28$string['addedandupdatedsp'] = 'Added {$a->%new} new H5P library and updated {$a->%old} old ones.';
29$string['addedandupdatedss'] = 'Added {$a->%new} new H5P library and updated {$a->%old} old one.';
30$string['addednewlibraries'] = 'Added {$a->%new} new H5P libraries.';
31$string['addednewlibrary'] = 'Added {$a->%new} new H5P library.';
32$string['additionallicenseinfo'] = 'Any additional information about the license';
33$string['author'] = 'Author';
34$string['authorcomments'] = 'Author comments';
35$string['authorcommentsdescription'] = 'Comments for the editor of the content (This text will not be published as a part of copyright info)';
36$string['authorname'] = 'Author\'s name';
37$string['authorrole'] = 'Author\'s role';
38$string['by'] = 'by';
39$string['cancellabel'] = 'Cancel';
40$string['ccattribution'] = 'Attribution (CC BY)';
41$string['ccattributionnc'] = 'Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)';
42$string['ccattributionncnd'] = 'Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND)';
43$string['ccattributionncsa'] = 'Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)';
44$string['ccattributionnd'] = 'Attribution-NoDerivs (CC BY-ND)';
45$string['ccattributionsa'] = 'Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)';
46$string['ccpdd'] = 'Public Domain Dedication (CC0)';
47$string['changedby'] = 'Changed by';
48$string['changedescription'] = 'Description of change';
49$string['changelog'] = 'Changelog';
50$string['changeplaceholder'] = 'Photo cropped, text changed, etc.';
51$string['close'] = 'Close';
52$string['confirmdialogbody'] = 'Please confirm that you wish to proceed. This action is not reversible.';
53$string['confirmdialogheader'] = 'Confirm action';
54$string['confirmlabel'] = 'Confirm';
55$string['connectionLost'] = 'Connection lost. Results will be stored and sent when you regain connection.';
56$string['connectionReestablished'] = 'Connection reestablished.';
57$string['contentCopied'] = 'Content is copied to the clipboard';
58$string['contentchanged'] = 'This content has changed since you last used it.';
59$string['contenttype'] = 'Content Type';
60$string['copyright'] = 'Rights of use';
61$string['copyrightinfo'] = 'Copyright information';
62$string['copyrightstring'] = 'Copyright';
63$string['copyrighttitle'] = 'View copyright information for this content.';
64$string['couldNotParseJSONFromZip'] = 'Unable to parse JSON from the package: {$a->%fileName}';
65$string['couldNotReadFileFromZip'] = 'Unable to read file from the package: {$a->%fileName}';
66$string['creativecommons'] = 'Creative Commons';
67$string['date'] = 'Date';
68$string['disablefullscreen'] = 'Disable fullscreen';
69$string['download'] = 'Download';
70$string['downloadtitle'] = 'Download this content as a H5P file.';
71$string['editor'] = 'Editor';
72$string['embed'] = 'Embed';
73$string['embedtitle'] = 'View the embed code for this content.';
74$string['fileExceedsMaxSize'] = 'One of the files inside the package exceeds the maximum file size allowed. ({$a->%file} {$a->%used} > {$a->%max})';
75$string['fullscreen'] = 'Fullscreen';
76$string['gpl'] = 'General Public License v3';
77$string['h5p'] = 'H5P';
78$string['h5ptitle'] = 'Visit to check out more cool content.';
79$string['h5pfilenotfound'] = 'H5P file not found';
80$string['h5pinvalidurl'] = 'Invalid H5P content URL.';
81$string['h5pprivatefile'] = 'This H5P content can\'t be displayed because you don\'t have access to the .h5p file.';
82$string['hideadvanced'] = 'Hide advanced';
83$string['invalidcontextid'] = 'H5P file not found (invalid contextid)';
84$string['invalidfile'] = 'File "{$a->%filename}" not allowed. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: {$a->%files-allowed}.';
85$string['invalidlanguagefile'] = 'Invalid language file {$a->%file} in library {$a->%library}';
86$string['invalidlanguagefile2'] = 'Invalid language file {$a->%languageFile} has been included in the library {$a->%name}';
87$string['invalidlibrarydata'] = 'Invalid data provided for {$a->%property} in {$a->%library}';
88$string['invalidlibrarydataboolean'] = 'Invalid data provided for {$a->%property} in {$a->%library}. Boolean expected.';
89$string['invalidlibraryname'] = 'Invalid library name: {$a->%name}';
90$string['invalidlibrarynamed'] = 'The H5P library {$a->%library} used in the content is not valid';
91$string['invalidlibraryoption'] = 'Illegal option {$a->%option} in {$a->%library}';
92$string['invalidlibraryproperty'] = 'Can\'t read the property {$a->%property} in {$a->%library}';
93$string['invalidmainjson'] = 'A valid main h5p.json file is missing';
94$string['invalidmultiselectoption'] = 'Invalid selected option in multi-select.';
95$string['invalidselectoption'] = 'Invalid selected option in select.';
96$string['invalidsemanticsjson'] = 'Invalid semantics.json file has been included in the library {$a->%name}';
97$string['invalidsemanticstype'] = 'H5P internal error: unknown content type "{$a->@type}" in semantics. Removing content!';
98$string['invalidstring'] = 'Provided string is not valid according to regexp in semantics. (value: "{$a->%value}", regexp: "{$a->%regexp}")';
99$string['librarydirectoryerror'] = 'Library directory name must match machineName or machineName-majorVersion.minorVersion (from library.json). (Directory: {$a->%directoryName} , machineName: {$a->%machineName}, majorVersion: {$a->%majorVersion}, minorVersion: {$a->%minorVersion})';
100$string['license'] = 'License';
101$string['licenseCC010'] = 'CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication';
102$string['licenseCC010U'] = 'CC0 1.0 Universal';
103$string['licenseCC10'] = '1.0 Generic';
104$string['licenseCC20'] = '2.0 Generic';
105$string['licenseCC25'] = '2.5 Generic';
106$string['licenseCC30'] = '3.0 Unported';
107$string['licenseCC40'] = '4.0 International';
108$string['licenseGPL'] = 'General Public License';
109$string['licenseV1'] = 'Version 1';
110$string['licenseV2'] = 'Version 2';
111$string['licenseV3'] = 'Version 3';
112$string['licensee'] = 'Licensee';
113$string['licenseextras'] = 'License Extras';
114$string['licenseversion'] = 'License Version';
115$string['missingcontentfolder'] = 'A valid content folder is missing';
116$string['missingcoreversion'] = 'The system was unable to install the {$a->%component} component from the package, it requires a newer version of the H5P plugin. This site is currently running version {$a->%current}, whereas the required version is {$a->%required} or higher. You should consider upgrading and then try again.';
117$string['missingdependency'] = 'Missing dependency {$a->@dep} required by {$a->@lib}.';
118$string['missinglibrary'] = 'Missing required library {$a->@library}';
119$string['missinglibraryfile'] = 'The file "{$a->%file}" is missing from library: "{$a->%name}"';
120$string['missinglibraryjson'] = 'Could not find library.json file with valid json format for library {$a->%name}';
121$string['missinglibraryproperty'] = 'The required property {$a->%property} is missing from {$a->%library}';
122$string['missingmbstring'] = 'The mbstring PHP extension is not loaded. H5P need this to function properly';
123$string['missinguploadpermissions'] = 'Note that the libraries may exist in the file you uploaded, but you\'re not allowed to upload new libraries. Contact the site administrator about this.';
124$string['nocopyright'] = 'No copyright information available for this content.';
125$string['noextension'] = 'The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package (It does not have the .h5p file extension)';
8fda136d 126$string['nopermissiontodeploy'] = 'This file can\'t be displayed because it has been uploaded by a user without the required capability to deploy H5P content.';
127$string['nojson'] = 'The main h5p.json file is not valid';
128$string['nounzip'] = 'The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package (We are unable to unzip it)';
129$string['offlineDialogBody'] = 'We were unable to send information about your completion of this task. Please check your internet connection.';
130$string['offlineDialogHeader'] = 'Your connection to the server was lost';
131$string['offlineDialogRetryButtonLabel'] = 'Retry now';
132$string['offlineDialogRetryMessage'] = 'Retrying in :num....';
133$string['offlineSuccessfulSubmit'] = 'Successfully submitted results.';
134$string['originator'] = 'Originator';
135$string['pd'] = 'Public Domain';
136$string['pddl'] = 'Public Domain Dedication and Licence';
137$string['pdm'] = 'Public Domain Mark (PDM)';
45899564 138$string['privacy:metadata'] = 'H5P subsystem does not store any personal data.';
139$string['resizescript'] = 'Include this script on your website if you want dynamic sizing of the embedded content:';
140$string['resubmitScores'] = 'Attempting to submit stored results.';
141$string['reuse'] = 'Reuse';
142$string['reuseContent'] = 'Reuse Content';
143$string['reuseDescription'] = 'Reuse this content.';
144$string['showadvanced'] = 'Show advanced';
145$string['showless'] = 'Show less';
146$string['showmore'] = 'Show more';
147$string['size'] = 'Size';
148$string['source'] = 'Source';
149$string['startingover'] = 'You\'ll be starting over.';
150$string['sublevel'] = 'Sublevel';
151$string['thumbnail'] = 'Thumbnail';
152$string['title'] = 'Title';
153$string['undisclosed'] = 'Undisclosed';
154$string['unpackedFilesExceedsMaxSize'] = 'The total size of the unpacked files exceeds the maximum size allowed. ({$a->%used} > {$a->%max})';
155$string['updatedlibraries'] = 'Updated {$a->%old} H5P libraries.';
156$string['updatedlibrary'] = 'Updated {$a->%old} H5P library.';
157$string['wrongversion'] = 'The version of the H5P library {$a->%machineName} used in this content is not valid. Content contains {$a->%contentLibrary}, but it should be {$a->%semanticsLibrary}.';
158$string['year'] = 'Year';
159$string['years'] = 'Year(s)';
160$string['yearsfrom'] = 'Years (from)';
161$string['yearsto'] = 'Years (to)';