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07ab0c80 1<?php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 *
20 * Hub related strings
21 *
22 * @package hub
23 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
24 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
25 */
82bca83d 27$string['addscreenshots'] = 'Add screenshots';
5fd304d3 28$string['advertise'] = 'Advertise this course for people to join';
4676eaf7 29$string['advertised'] = 'Advertised';
5fd304d3 30$string['advertiseon'] = 'Advertise this course on {$a}';
4676eaf7 31$string['readvertiseon'] = 'Update advertising information on {$a}';
dec13514 32$string['advertiseonhub'] = 'Advertise this course on a hub';
5fd304d3 33$string['advertiseonmoodleorg'] = 'Advertise this course on';
dec13514 34$string['advertisepublication_help'] = 'Advertising your course on a community hub server allows people to find this course and come here to enrol.';
276f590e 35$string['all'] = 'All';
07ab0c80 36$string['allowglobalsearch'] = 'Publish this hub and allow global search of all courses';
37$string['allowpublicsearch'] = 'Publish this hub so people can join it';
38$string['audience'] = 'Audience';
2dc41dd6 39$string['audience_help'] = 'Select the intended audience for the course.';
07ab0c80 40$string['audienceeducators'] = 'Educators';
41$string['audiencestudents'] = 'Students';
bde8d771 42$string['audienceadmins'] = 'Moodle administrators';
07ab0c80 43$string['badurlformat'] = 'Bad URL format';
44$string['community'] = 'Community';
5fd304d3 45$string['communityremoved'] = 'That course link has been removed from your list';
07ab0c80 46$string['confirmregistration'] = 'Confirm registration';
b4e1f734 47$string['cannotsearchcommunity'] = 'Sorry, you don\'t have the right permissions to see this page';
4032415e 48$string['contactable'] = 'Contact from the public';
49$string['contactable_help'] = 'Set to yes, the hub will display your email address.';
07ab0c80 50$string['contactemail'] = 'Contact email';
51$string['contactname'] = 'Contact name';
4032415e 52$string['contactphone'] = 'Phone';
2dc41dd6 53$string['contactphone_help'] = 'Phone numbers are displayed to the Hub administrator only and are not shown publicly.';
60cc2f78 54$string['continue'] = 'Continue';
bde8d771 55$string['contributornames'] = 'Other contributors';
b4e1f734 56$string['contributornames_help'] = 'You can use this field to list the names of anyone else who contributed to this course.';
07ab0c80 57$string['coursemap'] = 'Course map';
58$string['coursename'] = 'Name';
59$string['courseprivate'] = 'Private';
60$string['coursepublic'] = 'Public';
f2a43280 61$string['coursepublished'] = 'This course has been published successfully on \'{$a}\'.';
07ab0c80 62$string['courseshortname'] = 'Shortname';
b4e1f734 63$string['courseshortname_help'] = 'Enter a short name for your course. It does not need to be unique.';
07ab0c80 64$string['coursesnumber'] = 'Number of courses ({$a})';
b4e1f734 65$string['courseunpublished'] = 'The course {$a->courseshortname} is no longer published on {$a->hubname}.';
07ab0c80 66$string['courseurl'] = 'Course URL';
2dc41dd6 67$string['courseurl_help'] = 'It is the URL of your course. This URL is displayed as a link in a search result.';
bde8d771 68$string['creatorname'] = 'Creator';
63c9d714 69$string['creatorname_help'] = 'The creator is the course creator.';
07ab0c80 70$string['creatornotes'] = 'Creator notes';
2dc41dd6 71$string['creatornotes_help'] = 'Creator notes are a guide for teachers on how to use the course.';
82bca83d 72$string['deletescreenshots'] = 'Delete these screenshots';
73$string['deletescreenshots_help'] = 'Delete all the currently uploaded screenshots.';
07ab0c80 74$string['demourl'] = 'Demo URL';
2dc41dd6 75$string['demourl_help'] = 'Enter the demo URL of your course. By default it is the URL of your course. The demo URL is displayed as a link in a search result.';
07ab0c80 76$string['description'] = 'Description';
bde8d771 77$string['description_help'] = 'This description text will be showing in the course listing on the hub.';
2dc41dd6 78$string['detectednotexistingpublication'] = '{$a->hubname} is listing a course that does not exist any more. Alert this hub administrator that the publication number {$a->id} should be removed.';
07ab0c80 79$string['downloadable'] = 'Downloadable';
80$string['educationallevel'] = 'Educational level';
2dc41dd6 81$string['educationallevel_help'] = 'Select the most appropriate educational level that the course fits into.';
07ab0c80 82$string['edulevelassociation'] = 'Association';
83$string['edulevelcorporate'] = 'Corporate';
84$string['edulevelgovernment'] = 'Government';
85$string['edulevelother'] = 'Other';
86$string['edulevelprimary'] = 'Primary';
87$string['edulevelsecondary'] = 'Secondary';
88$string['eduleveltertiary'] = 'Tertiary';
4032415e 89$string['emailalert'] = 'Email notifications';
b4e1f734 90$string['emailalert_help'] = 'If this is enabled the hub administrator will send you emails about security issues and other important news.';
07ab0c80 91$string['enrollable'] = 'Enrollable';
92$string['errorbadimageheightwidth'] = 'The image should have a maximum size of {$a->width} X {$a->height}';
93$string['errorcourseinfo'] = 'An error occurred when retrieving course metadata from the hub ({$a}). Please try again to retrieve the course metadata from the hub by reloading this page later. Otherwise you can decide to continue the registration process with the following default metadata. ';
94$string['errorcoursepublish'] = 'An error occurred during the course publication ({$a}). Please try again later.';
7399bcef 95$string['errorcoursewronglypublished'] = 'A publication error has been returned by the hub. Please try again later.';
2ed993a6 96$string['errorcron'] = 'An error occurred during registration update on "{$a->hubname}" ({$a->errormessage})';
97$string['errorcronnoxmlrpc'] = 'XML-RPC must be enabled in order to update the registration.';
98$string['errorhublisting'] = 'An error occurred when retrieving the hub listing from, please try again later. ({$a})';
99$string['errorlangnotrecognized'] = 'The provided language code is unknown by Moodle. Please contact {$a}';
100$string['errorregistration'] = 'An error occurred during registration, please try again later. ({$a})';
101$string['errorunpublishcourses']= 'Due to an unexpected error, the courses could not be deleted on the hub. Try again later (recommended) or contact the hub administrator.';
82bca83d 102$string['existingscreenshotnumber'] = '{$a} existing screenshots. You will be able to see these screenshots on this page, only once the hub administrator enables your course.';
103$string['existingscreenshots'] = 'Existing screenshots';
f57c4047 104$string['forceunregister'] = 'Yes, clean registration data';
2dc41dd6 105$string['forceunregisterconfirmation'] = 'Your site cannot reach {$a}. This hub could be temporarily down. Unless you are sure you want to continue to remove registration locally, please cancel and try again later.';
106$string['geolocation'] = 'Geolocation';
107$string['geolocation_help'] = 'In future we may provide location-based searching. If you want to specify the location for your course use a latitude/longitude value here (eg: -31.947884,115.871285). One way to find this is to use Google Maps.';
07ab0c80 108$string['hub'] = 'Hub';
2dc41dd6 109$string['imageurl'] = 'Image URL';
4032415e 110$string['imageurl_help'] = 'This image will be displayed on the hub. This image must be available from the hub at any moment. The image should have a maximum size of {$a->width} X {$a->height}';
07ab0c80 111$string['information'] = 'Information';
112$string['language'] = 'Language';
bde8d771 113$string['language_help'] = 'The main language of this course.';
2a648ff2 114$string['lasttimechecked'] = 'Last time checked';
63c9d714 115$string['licence'] = 'Licence';
994d33e0 116$string['licence_help'] = 'Select the licence you want to distribute your course under.';
e09992fd 117$string['licence_link'] = 'licenses';
07ab0c80 118$string['logourl'] = 'Logo URL';
119$string['modulenumberaverage'] = 'Average number of course modules ({$a})';
120$string['moodleorg'] = '';
efba7034 121$string['mustselectsubject'] = 'You must select a subject';
07ab0c80 122$string['name'] = 'Name';
bde8d771 123$string['name_help'] = 'This name will be showing in the course listing.';
770f7e24 124$string['neverchecked'] = 'Never checked';
125$string['next'] = 'Next';
07ab0c80 126$string['no'] = 'No';
b4e1f734 127$string['nocheckstatusfromunreghub'] = 'The site is not registered on the hub so the status can not be checked.';
276f590e 128$string['nohubselected'] = 'No hub selected';
efba7034 129$string['none'] = 'None';
07ab0c80 130$string['nosearch'] = 'Don\'t publish hub or courses';
54450144 131$string['notregisteredonhub'] = 'Your administrator needs to register this site with at least one hub before you can publish a course. Contact your site administrator.';
132$string['notregisteredonmoodleorg'] = 'Your administrator needs to register this site with';
133$string['operation'] = 'Actions';
134$string['orenterprivatehub'] = 'Alternatively, enter a private hub URL:';
07ab0c80 135$string['participantnumberaverage'] = 'Average number of participants ({$a})';
136$string['postaladdress'] = 'Postal address';
139978e5 137$string['postaladdress_help'] = 'Postal address of this site, or of the entity represented by this site.';
07ab0c80 138$string['postsnumber'] = 'Number of posts ({$a})';
c73f1963 139$string['previousregistrationdeleted'] = 'The previous registration has been deleted from {$a}. You can restart the registration process. Thank you.';
07ab0c80 140$string['prioritise'] = 'Prioritise';
141$string['privacy'] = 'Privacy';
b4e1f734 142$string['privacy_help'] = 'The hub may want to display a list of registered sites. If it does then you can choose whether or not you want to appear on that list.';
07ab0c80 143$string['private'] = 'Private';
144$string['privatehuburl'] = 'Private hub URL';
145$string['publicationinfo'] = 'Course publication information';
146$string['publichub'] = 'Public hub';
4676eaf7 147$string['publishcourse'] = 'Publish {$a}';
07ab0c80 148$string['publishcourseon'] = 'Publish on {$a}';
4676eaf7 149$string['publishedon'] = 'Published on';
bde8d771 150$string['publisheremail'] = 'Publisher email';
b4e1f734 151$string['publisheremail_help'] = 'The publisher email address allows the hub administrator to alert the publisher about any changes to the status of the published course.';
07ab0c80 152$string['publishername'] = 'Publisher';
b4e1f734 153$string['publishername_help'] = 'The publisher is the person or organisation that is the official publisher of the course. Unless you are publishing it on behalf of someone else, it will usually be you.';
07ab0c80 154$string['publishon'] = 'Publish on';
13d489e0 155$string['publishonspecifichub'] = 'Publish on another Hub';
07ab0c80 156$string['questionsnumber'] = 'Number of questions ({$a})';
157$string['registeredcourses'] = 'Registered courses';
158$string['registeredsites'] = 'Registered sites';
159$string['registrationinfo'] = 'Registration information';
29ca816c 160$string['registeredmoodleorg'] = ' ({$a})';
b3245b75 161$string['registeredon'] = 'Hubs with which you are registered';
25dba50b 162$string['registermoochtips'] = 'In order to register with, your site must be registered with';
b4e1f734 163$string['registersite'] = 'Register with {$a}';
b3245b75 164$string['registerwith'] = 'Register with a hub';
07ab0c80 165$string['registrationconfirmed'] = 'Site registration confirmed';
5bf72544 166$string['registrationconfirmedon'] = 'You are now registered on the hub {$a}. You are now able to publish courses to this hub, using the "Publish" link in course administration menus.';
07ab0c80 167$string['registrationupdated'] = 'Registration has been updated.';
168$string['registrationupdatedfailed'] = 'Registration update failed.';
c7ff0149 169$string['removefromhub'] = 'Remove from hub';
c73f1963 170$string['renewregistration'] = 'Renew registration';
07ab0c80 171$string['resourcesnumber'] = 'Number of resources ({$a})';
c73f1963 172$string['restartregistration'] = 'Restart registration';
07ab0c80 173$string['roleassignmentsnumber'] = 'Number of role assignments ({$a})';
174$string['screenshots'] = 'Screenshots';
2dc41dd6 175$string['screenshots_help'] = 'Any screenshots of the course will be displayed in search results.';
07ab0c80 176$string['search'] = 'Search';
177$string['selecthub'] = 'Select hub';
e1eea055 178$string['selecthubinfo'] = 'A community hub is a server that lists courses. You can only publish your courses on hubs that this Moodle site is registered with. If the hub you want is not listed below, please contact your site administrator.';
4676eaf7 179$string['selecthubforadvertise'] = 'Select hub for advertising';
180$string['selecthubforsharing'] = 'Select hub for uploading';
60cc2f78 181$string['sendingcourse'] = 'Sending course';
4a73f9be 182$string['sendingsize'] = 'Please wait the course file is uploading ({$a->total}Mb)...';
139978e5 183$string['sendfollowinginfo'] = 'More information';
b4e1f734 184$string['sendfollowinginfo_help'] = 'The following information will be sent to contribute to overall statistics only. It will not be made public on any site listing.';
60cc2f78 185$string['sent'] = '...finished';
07ab0c80 186$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
187$string['settingsupdated'] = 'Settings have been updated.';
dec13514 188$string['share'] = 'Share this course for people to download';
2a648ff2 189$string['shared'] = 'Shared';
190$string['shareon'] = 'Upload this course to {$a}';
191$string['shareonhub'] = 'Upload this course to a hub';
dec13514 192$string['sharepublication_help'] = 'Uploading this course to a community hub server will enable people to download it and install it on their own Moodle sites.';
07ab0c80 193$string['siteadmin'] = 'Administrator';
b4e1f734 194$string['siteadmin_help'] = 'The full name of the site administrator.';
139978e5 195$string['sitecountry'] = 'Country';
b4e1f734 196$string['sitecountry_help'] = 'The country your organisation is in.';
07ab0c80 197$string['sitecreated'] = 'Site created';
198$string['sitedesc'] = 'Description';
b4e1f734 199$string['sitedesc_help'] = 'This description of your site may be shown in the site listing. Please use plain text only.';
82bca83d 200$string['sitegeolocation'] = 'Geolocation';
b4e1f734 201$string['sitegeolocation_help'] = 'In future we may provide location-based searching in the hubs. If you want to specify the location for your site use a latitude/longitude value here (eg: -31.947884,115.871285). One way to find this is to use Google Maps.';
139978e5 202$string['siteemail'] = 'Email address';
c73f1963 203$string['siteemail_help'] = 'You need to provide an email address so the hub administrator can contact you if necessary. This will not be used for any other purpose. It is recommended to enter a email address related to a position (example: and not directly to a person.';
07ab0c80 204$string['sitelang'] = 'Language';
b4e1f734 205$string['sitelang_help'] = 'Your site language will be displayed on the site listing.';
07ab0c80 206$string['sitename'] = 'Name';
b4e1f734 207$string['sitename_help'] = 'The name of the site will be shown on the site listing if the hub allows that.';
139978e5 208$string['sitephone'] = 'Phone';
b4e1f734 209$string['sitephone_help'] = 'Your phone number will only be seen by the hub administrator.';
07ab0c80 210$string['siteprivacy'] = 'Privacy';
06d4578c 211$string['siteprivacynotpublished'] = 'Please do not publish this site';
212$string['siteprivacypublished'] = 'Publish the site name only';
213$string['siteprivacylinked'] = 'Publish the site name with a link';
07ab0c80 214$string['siteregconfcomment'] = 'Your site needs a final confirmation on {$a} (in order to avoid spam on {$a})';
139978e5 215$string['siteregistrationcontact'] = 'Contact form';
b4e1f734 216$string['siteregistrationcontact_help'] = 'If you allow it, other people may be able to contact you via a contact form on the hub. They will never be able to see your email address.';
139978e5 217$string['siteregistrationemail'] = 'Email notifications';
b4e1f734 218$string['siteregistrationemail_help'] = 'If you enable this the hub administrator may email you to inform you of important news like security issues.';
07ab0c80 219$string['siteregistrationupdated'] = 'Site registration updated';
139978e5 220$string['siterelease'] = 'Moodle release';
221$string['siterelease_help'] = 'Moodle release number of this site.';
2ed993a6 222$string['siteupdatedcron'] = 'Site registration updated on "{$a}"';
223$string['siteupdatesend'] = 'Finished registration update on hubs.';
224$string['siteupdatesstart'] = 'Starting registration update on hubs...';
07ab0c80 225$string['siteurl'] = 'Site URL';
b4e1f734 226$string['siteurl_help'] = 'The URL is the address of this site. If privacy settings allow people to see site addresses then this is the URL that will be used.';
139978e5 227$string['siteversion'] = 'Moodle version';
b4e1f734 228$string['siteversion_help'] = 'The Moodle version of this site.';
63c9d714 229$string['subject'] = 'Subject';
2dc41dd6 230$string['subject_help'] = 'Select the main subject area which the course covers.';
5fd304d3 231$string['specifichubregistrationdetail'] = 'You can also register your site with other community hubs.';
07ab0c80 232$string['statistics'] = 'Statistics privacy';
2a648ff2 233$string['status'] = 'Hub listing';
234$string['statuspublished'] = 'Listed';
b4e1f734 235$string['statusunpublished'] = 'Not listed';
07ab0c80 236$string['tags'] = 'Tags';
2dc41dd6 237$string['tags_help'] = 'Tags help to further categorise your course and help it to be found. Please use simple, meaningful words and separate them with a comma. Example: math, algebra, geometry';
07ab0c80 238$string['trustme'] = 'Trust';
2a648ff2 239$string['type'] = 'Advertised / Shared';
b4e1f734 240$string['unknownstatus'] = 'Unknown';
07ab0c80 241$string['unlistedurl'] = 'Unlisted hub URL';
242$string['unprioritise'] = 'Unprioritise';
4676eaf7 243$string['unpublish'] = 'Unpublish';
244$string['unpublishalladvertisedcourses'] = 'Remove all courses currently being advertised on a hub';
245$string['unpublishalluploadedcourses'] = 'Removed all courses that were uploaded to a hub';
246$string['unpublishconfirmation'] = 'Do you really want to remove the course "{$a->courseshortname}" from the hub "{$a->hubname}"';
4676eaf7 247$string['unpublishcourse'] = 'Unpublish {$a}';
f57c4047 248$string['unregister'] = 'Unregister';
249$string['unregisterfrom'] = 'Unregister from {$a}';
250$string['unregisterconfirmation'] = 'You are about to unregister this site from the hub {$a}. Once you disconnect from it, you will not be able to manage any courses you left there. Are you sure you want to unregister?';
251$string['unregistrationerror'] = 'An error occurred when the site tried to unregister from the hub: {$a}';
252$string['untrustme'] = 'Not trusted';
4676eaf7 253$string['update'] = 'Update';
07ab0c80 254$string['updatesite'] = 'Update registration on {$a}';
2a648ff2 255$string['updatestatus'] = 'Check it now.';
4676eaf7 256$string['uploaded'] = 'Uploaded';
07ab0c80 257$string['url'] = 'hub URL';
56c61380 258$string['urlalreadyregistered'] = 'Your site seems to be already registered on this hub, which means something has gone wrong. Please contact the hub administrator to reset your registration so you can try again.';
07ab0c80 259$string['usersnumber'] = 'Number of users ({$a})';
f57c4047 260$string['warning'] = 'WARNING';
b4e1f734 261$string['wrongtoken'] = 'The registration failed for some unknown reason (network?). Please try again.';
07ab0c80 262$string['wrongurlformat'] = 'Bad URL format';
5cbbcc1a 263$string['xmlrpcdisabledcommunity'] = 'The XML-RPC extension is not enabled on the server. You can not search and download courses.';
264$string['xmlrpcdisabledpublish'] = 'The XML-RPC extension is not enabled on the server. You can not publish courses or manage published courses.';
265$string['xmlrpcdisabledregistration'] = 'The XML-RPC extension is not enabled on the server. You will not be able to unregister or update your registration until you enable it.';