bugfixes and clean up
[moodle.git] / lang / en / moodle.php
1180c6dc 1<?php
2// Strings for Moodle site
bbfe835b 4$string[activity] = "Activity";
90ead1c3 5$string[activityreport] = "Activity report";
fa0626c6 6$string[address] = "Address";
ed5ab9f7 7$string[admin] = "Admin";
ed5ab9f7 8$string[adminpage] = "Admin page";
8553b700 9$string[again] = "again";
fa0626c6 10$string[alllogs] = "All logs";
8553b700 11$string[allfieldsrequired] = "All fields are required";
12$string[alphanumerical] = "Can only contain alphabetical letters or numbers";
13$string[alreadyconfirmed] = "Registration has already been confirmed";
ed5ab9f7 14$string[availablecourses] = "Available Courses";
af978a6d 15$string[category] = "Category";
8553b700 16$string[changepassword] = "Change password";
17$string[changedpassword] = "Changed password";
af978a6d 18$string[changessaved] = "Changes saved";
fa0626c6 19$string[city] = "City/town";
8553b700 20$string[confirmed] = "Your registration has been confirmed";
fa0626c6 21$string[country] = "Country";
22$string[course] = "Course";
ed5ab9f7 23$string[courses] = "Courses";
8553b700 24$string[createaccount] = "Create my new account";
64adf56d 25$string[createuserandpass] = "Create a new username and password to log in with";
fa0626c6 26$string[currentlocaltime] = "your current local time";
27$string[delete] = "Delete";
88ef865e 28$string[editcoursesettings] = "Edit course settings";
fa0626c6 29$string[editmyprofile] = "Edit my profile";
8553b700 30$string[email] = "Email address";
fa0626c6 31$string[emailformat] = "Email format";
8553b700 32$string[emailconfirm] = "Confirm your account";
fa0626c6 33$string[emailconfirmsent] = "
34 <P>An email should have been sent to your address at <B>\$a</B>
35 <P>It contains easy instructions to complete your registration.
36 <P>If you continue to have difficulty, contact the site administrator.";
8553b700 37$string[emailconfirmation] = "Hi \$a->firstname,
ed5ab9f7 38
8553b700 39A new account has been requested at '\$a->sitename'
40using your email address.
42To confirm your new account, please go to the
43following web address:
45 \$a->link
47In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
48which you can just click on. If that doesn't work,
49then cut and paste the address into the address
50line at the top of your web browser window.
52Cheers from the '\$a->sitename' administrator,
55$string[emailexists] = "This email address is already registered.";
64adf56d 56$string[emailmustbereal] = "Note: your email address must be a real one";
af978a6d 57$string[enrolmentkey] = "Enrolment key";
ed5ab9f7 58$string[entercourse] = "Click to enter this course";
8553b700 59$string[enteremailaddress] = "Enter in your email address to reset your
60 password and have the new password sent to you via email.";
61$string[firstname] = "First name";
fa0626c6 62$string[firsttime] = "Is this your first time here?";
63$string[forgotten] = "Forgotten your username or password?";
af978a6d 64$string[format] = "Format";
fa0626c6 65$string[fullprofile] = "Full profile";
af978a6d 66$string[fullname] = "Full name";
67$string[guestsno] = "No, do not allow guests in";
68$string[guestsyes] = "Yes, allow 'guest' student in";
65cf9fc3 69$string[helppicture] = "How to upload a picture";
70$string[helptext] = "How to write text";
71$string[helpquestions] = "How to ask questions";
fa0626c6 72$string[home] = "Home";
73$string[htmlformat] = "Pretty HTML format";
74$string[icqnumber] = "ICQ number";
75$string[idnumber] = "ID number";
76$string[invalidlogin] = "Invalid login, please try again";
8553b700 77$string[invalidemail] = "Invalid email address";
fa0626c6 78$string[lastaccess] = "Last access";
8553b700 79$string[lastname] = "Last name";
fa0626c6 80$string[location] = "Location";
1180c6dc 81$string[loggedinas] = "You are logged in as \$a.";
1180c6dc 82$string[loggedinnot] = "You are not logged in.";
1180c6dc 83$string[login] = "Login";
fa0626c6 84$string[loginas] = "Login as";
85$string[loginguest] = "Login as a guest";
86$string[loginsite] = "Login to the site";
87$string[loginusing] = "Login using your username and password";
8553b700 88$string[loginsteps] = "Hi! For full access to courses you'll need to take
89 a minute to create a new account for yourself on this web site.
fa0626c6 90 Each of the individual courses may also have a one-time
91 &quot;enrolment key&quot;, which you won't need until later. Here are
92 the steps:
93 <OL size=2>
94 <LI>Fill out the <A HREF=\$a>New Account</A> form with your details.
95 <LI>An email will be immediately sent to your email address.
96 <LI>Read your email, and click on the web link it contains.
97 <LI>Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.
98 <LI>Now, select the course you want to participate in.
99 <LI>If you are prompted for a &quot;enrolment key&quot; - use the one
100 that your teacher has given you. This will &quot;enrol&quot; you in the
101 course.
102 <LI>You can now access the full course. From now on you will only need
103 to enter your personal username and password (in the form on this page)
104 to log in and access any course you have enrolled in.
105 </OL>";
1180c6dc 106$string[logout] = "Logout";
ed5ab9f7 107$string[mainmenu] = "Main menu";
8553b700 108$string[missingcity] = "Missing city/town";
109$string[missingcountry] = "Missing country";
110$string[missingemail] = "Missing email address";
111$string[missingfirstname] = "Missing first name";
112$string[missinglastname] = "Missing last name";
113$string[missingnewpassword] = "Missing new password";
114$string[missingpassword] = "Missing password";
115$string[missingusername] = "Missing username";
fa0626c6 116$string[movedown] = "Move down";
117$string[moveup] = "Move up";
118$string[mustconfirm] = "You need to confirm your login";
8553b700 119$string[newaccount] = "New account";
120$string[newpassword] = "New password";
121$string[newpasswordtext] = "Hi \$a->firstname,
123Your account password at '\$a->sitename' has been reset
124and you have been issued with a new temporary password.
126Your current login information is now:
127 username: \$a->username
128 password: \$a->newpassword
130Please go to this page to change your password:
131 \$a->link
133In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
134which you can just click on. If that doesn't work,
135then cut and paste the address into the address
136line at the top of your web browser window.
138Cheers from the '\$a->sitename' administrator,
fa0626c6 141$string[newpicture] = "New picture";
af978a6d 142$string[newsitem] = "news item";
143$string[newsitems] = "news items";
144$string[newsitemsnumber] = "News items to show";
058eec18 145$string[no] = "No";
8553b700 146$string[nosuchemail] = "No such email address";
fa0626c6 147$string[notenrolled] = "\$a is not enrolled in this course.";
af978a6d 148$string[numberweeks] = "Number of weeks/topics";
8553b700 149$string[ok] = "OK";
af978a6d 150$string[opentoguests] = "Open to guests?";
64adf56d 151$string[optional] = "optional";
fa0626c6 152$string[participants] = "Participants";
153$string[password] = "Password";
8553b700 154$string[passwordchanged] = "Password has been changed";
155$string[passwordsdiffer] = "These passwords do not match";
156$string[passwordsent] = "Password has been sent";
157$string[passwordsenttext] = "
158 <P>An email has been sent to your address at \$a->email.
159 <P><B>Please check your email for your new password</B>
160 <P>The new password was automatically generated, so you might like to
161 <A HREF=\$a->link>change it to something easier to remember</A>.";
fa0626c6 162$string[personalprofile] = "Personal profile";
163$string[phone] = "Phone";
164$string[returningtosite] = "Returning to this web site?";
7468bf01 165$string[section] = "Section";
fa0626c6 166$string[selectacountry] = "Select a country";
167$string[senddetails] = "Send my details via email";
168$string[serverlocaltime] = "Server's local time";
af978a6d 169$string[shortname] = "Short name";
ed5ab9f7 170$string[sitelogs] = "Site logs";
ed5ab9f7 171$string[sitenews] = "Site news";
ed5ab9f7 172$string[sitesettings] = "Site settings";
fa0626c6 173$string[someallowguest] = "Some courses may allow guest access";
af978a6d 174$string[startdate] = "Course start date";
fa0626c6 175$string[startsignup] = "Start now by creating a new account!";
af978a6d 176$string[summary] = "Summary";
64adf56d 177$string[supplyinfo] = "Please supply some information about yourself";
fa0626c6 178$string[teacheronly] = "for the \$a only";
179$string[textformat] = "Plain text format";
180$string[timezone] = "Timezone";
8553b700 181$string[thanks] = "Thanks";
fa0626c6 182$string[todaylogs] = "Today's logs";
7468bf01 183$string[topic] = "Topic";
fa0626c6 184$string[unenrol] = "Unenrol";
185$string[unenrolme] = "Unenrol me from \$a";
186$string[update] = "Update";
187$string[updatemyprofile] = "Update my profile";
af978a6d 188$string[updatethiscourse] = "Update this course";
fa0626c6 189$string[userdescription] = "Description";
190$string[username] = "Username";
8553b700 191$string[usernameexists] = "This username already exists, choose another";
192$string[userprofilefor] = "User profile for \$a";
fa0626c6 193$string[webpage] = "Web page";
7468bf01 194$string[week] = "Week";
af978a6d 195$string[welcometocourse] = "Welcome to \$a";
4f384fce 196$string[welcometocoursetext] = "Welcome to \$a->coursename!
af978a6d 197
198One of the first things you should do is edit your profile page
199within the course so that we can learn more about you:
4f384fce 201 \$a->profileurl";
af978a6d 202$string[wordforteacher] = "Your word for Teacher";
203$string[wordforteachereg] = "eg Teacher, Tutor, Facilitator etc";
204$string[wordforstudent] = "Your word for Student";
205$string[wordforstudenteg] = "eg Student, Participant etc";
8553b700 206$string[wrongpassword] = "Incorrect password for this username";
058eec18 207$string[yes] = "Yes";
ed5ab9f7 208
1180c6dc 209?>