MDL-33791 Portfolio: Fixed security issue with passing file paths.
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67a87e7d 1<?php
3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'portfolio', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package portfolio
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
26$string['activeexport'] = 'Resolve active export';
4a97fa7c 27$string['activeportfolios'] = 'Available portfolios';
0ce579fe 28$string['addalltoportfolio'] = 'Export all to portfolio';
67a87e7d 29$string['addnewportfolio'] = 'Add a new portfolio';
0ce579fe 30$string['addtoportfolio'] = 'Export to portfolio';
30c8dd34 31$string['alreadyalt'] = 'Already exporting - please click here to resolve this transfer';
a4763136 32$string['alreadyexporting'] = 'You already have an active portfolio export in this session. Before continuing, you must either complete this export, or cancel it. Would you like to continue it? (No will cancel it)';
67a87e7d 33$string['availableformats'] = 'Available export formats';
086831a6 34$string['callbackclassinvalid'] = 'Callback class specified was invalid or not part of the portfolio_caller hierarchy';
30c8dd34 35$string['callercouldnotpackage'] = 'Failed to package up your data for export: original error was {$a}';
67a87e7d 36$string['cannotsetvisible'] = 'Cannot set this to visible - the plugin has been completely disabled because of a misconfiguration';
9d81733d 37$string['commonportfoliosettings'] = 'Common portfolio settings';
30c8dd34 38$string['commonsettingsdesc'] = '<p>Whether a transfer is considered to take a \'Moderate\' or \'High\' amount of time changes whether the user is able to wait for the transfer to complete or not.</p><p>Sizes up to the \'Moderate\' threshold just happen immediately without the user being asked, and \'Moderate\' and \'High\' transfers mean they are offered the option but warned it might take some time.</p><p>Additionally, some portfolio plugins might ignore this option completely and force all transfers to be queued.</p>';
67a87e7d 39$string['configexport'] = 'Configure exported data';
40$string['configplugin'] = 'Configure portfolio plugin';
30c8dd34 41$string['configure'] = 'Configure';
c95a6095 42$string['confirmcancel'] = 'Are you sure you wish you cancel this export?';
ffcfd8a7 43$string['confirmexport'] = 'Please confirm this export';
67a87e7d 44$string['confirmsummary'] = 'Summary of your export';
67a87e7d 45$string['continuetoportfolio'] = 'Continue to your portfolio';
a50ef3d3 46$string['deleteportfolio'] = 'Delete portfolio instance';
1369d8e1 47$string['destination'] = 'Destination';
a239f01e 48$string['disabled'] = 'Sorry, but portfolio exports are not enabled in this site';
6010eda2 49$string['disabledinstance'] = 'Disabled';
8bde1611 50$string['displayarea'] = 'Export area';
8bde1611 51$string['displayexpiry'] = 'Transfer expiry time';
30c8dd34 52$string['displayinfo'] = 'Export info';
67a87e7d 53$string['dontwait'] = 'Don\'t wait';
a50ef3d3 54$string['enabled'] = 'Enable portfolios';
55$string['enableddesc'] = 'This will allow administrators to configure remote systems for users to export content to';
56$string['err_uniquename'] = 'Portfolio name must be unique (per plugin)';
57$string['exportalreadyfinished'] = 'Portfolio export complete!';
5d0dbf13 58$string['exportalreadyfinisheddesc'] = 'Portfolio export complete!';
67a87e7d 59$string['exportcomplete'] = 'Portfolio export complete!';
ffcfd8a7 60$string['exportedpreviously'] = 'Previous exports';
34035201 61$string['exportexceptionnoexporter'] = 'A portfolio_export_exception was thrown with an active session but no exporter object';
c737eed8 62$string['exportexpired'] = 'Portfolio export expired';
3278dfeb 63$string['exportexpireddesc'] = 'You tried to repeat the export of some information, or start an empty export. To do that properly you should go back to the original location and start again. This sometimes happens if you use the back button after an export has completed, or by bookmarking an invalid url.';
64$string['exporting'] = 'Exporting to portfolio';
65$string['exportingcontentfrom'] = 'Exporting content from {$a}';
11fbe3fc 66$string['exportingcontentto'] = 'Exporting content to {$a}';
67$string['exportqueued'] = 'Portfolio export has been successfully queued for transfer';
68$string['exportqueuedforced'] = 'Portfolio export has been successfully queued for transfer (the remote system has enforced queued transfers)';
37f03ea0 69$string['failedtopackage'] = 'Could not find files to package';
30c8dd34 70$string['failedtosendpackage'] = 'Failed to send your data to the selected portfolio system: original error was {$a}';
d96a1acc 71$string['filedenied'] = 'Access denied to this file';
72$string['filenotfound'] = 'File not found';
82e8d268 73$string['fileoutputnotsupported'] = 'Rewriting file output is not supported for this format';
194702f9 74$string['format_document'] = 'Document';
67a87e7d 75$string['format_file'] = 'File';
76$string['format_image'] = 'Image';
77$string['format_leap2a'] = 'Leap2A portfolio format';
3278dfeb 78$string['format_mbkp'] = 'Moodle backup format';
194702f9 79$string['format_pdf'] = 'PDF';
62e71954 80$string['format_plainhtml'] = 'HTML';
194702f9 81$string['format_presentation'] = 'Presentation';
30c8dd34 82$string['format_richhtml'] = 'HTML with attachments';
194702f9 83$string['format_spreadsheet'] = 'Spreadsheet';
3278dfeb 84$string['format_text'] = 'Plain text';
30c8dd34 85$string['format_video'] = 'Video';
67a87e7d 86$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
433446bc 87$string['highdbsizethreshold'] = 'High transfer dbsize';
88$string['highdbsizethresholddesc'] = 'Number of db records over which will be considered to take a high amount of time to transfer';
89$string['highfilesizethreshold'] = 'High transfer filesize';
90$string['highfilesizethresholddesc'] = 'Filesizes over this threshold will be considered to take a high amount of time to transfer';
3278dfeb 91$string['insanebody'] = 'Hi! You are receiving this message as an administrator of {$a->sitename}.
b816c08a 92
3278dfeb 93Some portfolio plugin instances have been automatically disabled due to misconfigurations. This means that users can not currently export content to these portfolios.
b816c08a 94
95The list of portfolio plugin instances that have been disabled is:
30c8dd34 97{$a->textlist}
b816c08a 98
99This should be corrected as soon as possible, by visiting {$a->fixurl}.';
100$string['insanebodyhtml'] = '<p>Hi! You are receiving this message as an administrator of {$a->sitename}.</p>
101<p>Some portfolio plugin instances have been automatically disabled due to misconfigurations. This means that users can not currently export content to these portfolios.</p>
102<p>The list of portfolio plugin instances that have been disabled is:</p>
104<p>This should be corrected as soon as possible, by visiting <a href="{$a->fixurl}">the portfolio configuration pages</a></p>';
3278dfeb 105$string['insanebodysmall'] = 'Hi! You are receiving this message as an administrator of {$a->sitename}. Some portfolio plugin instances have been automatically disabled due to misconfigurations. This means that users can not currently export content to these portfolios. This should be corrected as soon as possible, by visiting {$a->fixurl}.';
30c8dd34 106$string['insanesubject'] = 'Some portfolio instances automatically disabled';
67a87e7d 107$string['instancedeleted'] = 'Portfolio deleted successfully';
3278dfeb 108$string['instanceismisconfigured'] = 'Portfolio instance is misconfigured, skipping. Error was: {$a}';
67a87e7d 109$string['instancenotdelete'] = 'Failed to delete portfolio';
30c8dd34 110$string['instancenotsaved'] = 'Failed to save portfolio';
67a87e7d 111$string['instancesaved'] = 'Portfolio saved successfully';
112$string['invalidaddformat'] = 'Invalid add format passed to portfolio_add_button. ({$a}) Must be one of PORTFOLIO_ADD_XXX';
113$string['invalidbuttonproperty'] = 'Could not find that property ({$a}) of portfolio_button';
114$string['invalidconfigproperty'] = 'Could not find that config property ({$a->property} of {$a->class})';
115$string['invalidexportproperty'] = 'Could not find that export config property ({$a->property} of {$a->class})';
64f93798 116$string['invalidfileareaargs'] = 'Invalid file area arguments passed to set_file_and_format_data - must contain contextid, component, filearea and itemid';
30c8dd34 117$string['invalidformat'] = 'Something is exporting an invalid format, {$a}';
9eb0a772 118$string['invalidinstance'] = 'Could not find that portfolio instance';
119$string['invalidpreparepackagefile'] = 'Invalid call to prepare_package_file - either single or multifiles must be set';
120$string['invalidproperty'] = 'Could not find that property ({$a->property} of {$a->class})';
121$string['invalidsha1file'] = 'Invalid call to get_sha1_file - either single or multifiles must be set';
3278dfeb 122$string['invalidtempid'] = 'Invalid export id. Maybe it has expired';
30c8dd34 123$string['invaliduserproperty'] = 'Could not find that user config property ({$a->property} of {$a->class})';
124$string['leap2a_emptyselection'] = 'Required value not selected';
125$string['leap2a_entryalreadyexists'] = 'You tried to add a Leap2A entry with an id ({$a}) that already exists in this feed';
126$string['leap2a_feedtitle'] = 'Leap2A export from Moodle for {$a}';
3278dfeb 127$string['leap2a_filecontent'] = 'Tried to set the content of a Leap2A entry to a file, rather than using the file subclass';
128$string['leap2a_invalidentryfield'] = 'You tried to set an entry field that didn\'t exist ({$a}) or you can\'t set directly';
129$string['leap2a_invalidentryid'] = 'You tried to access an entry by an id that didn\'t exist ({$a})';
130$string['leap2a_missingfield'] = 'Required Leap2A entry field {$a} missing';
131$string['leap2a_nonexistantlink'] = 'A Leap2A entry ({$a->from}) tried to link to a non existing entry ({$a->to}) with rel {$a->rel}';
132$string['leap2a_overwritingselection'] = 'Overwriting the original type of an entry ({$a}) to selection in make_selection';
133$string['leap2a_selflink'] = 'A Leap2A entry ({$a->id}) tried to link to itself with rel {$a->rel}';
8bde1611 134$string['logs'] = 'Transfer logs';
135$string['logsummary'] = 'Previous successful transfers';
67a87e7d 136$string['manageportfolios'] = 'Manage portfolios';
137$string['manageyourportfolios'] = 'Manage your portfolios';
138$string['mimecheckfail'] = 'The portfolio plugin {$a->plugin} doesn\'t support that mimetype {$a->mimetype}';
139$string['missingcallbackarg'] = 'Missing callback argument {$a->arg} for class {$a->class}';
433446bc 140$string['moderatedbsizethreshold'] = 'Moderate transfer dbsize';
141$string['moderatedbsizethresholddesc'] = 'Number of db records over which will be considered to take a moderate amount of time to transfer';
142$string['moderatefilesizethreshold'] = 'Moderate transfer filesize';
143$string['moderatefilesizethresholddesc'] = 'Filesizes over this threshold will be considered to take a moderate amount of time to transfer';
144$string['multipleinstancesdisallowed'] = 'Trying to create another instance of a plugin that has disallowed multiple instances ({$a})';
ce09fecc 145$string['mustsetcallbackoptions'] = 'You must set the callback options either in the portfolio_add_button constructor or using the set_callback_options method';
67a87e7d 146$string['noavailableplugins'] = 'Sorry, but there are no available portfolios for you to export to';
30c8dd34 147$string['nocallbackclass'] = 'Could not find the callback class to use ({$a})';
148$string['nocallbackcomponent'] = 'Could not find the component specified {$a}.';
149$string['nocallbackfile'] = 'Something in the module you\'re trying to export from is broken - couldn\'t find a required portfolio file';
9d7432f6 150$string['noclassbeforeformats'] = 'You must set the callback class before calling set_formats in portfolio_button';
30c8dd34 151$string['nocommonformats'] = 'No common formats between any available portfolio plugin and the calling location {$a->location} (caller supported {$a->formats})';
152$string['noinstanceyet'] = 'Not yet selected';
153$string['nologs'] = 'There are no logs to display!';
154$string['nomultipleexports'] = 'Sorry, but the portfolio destination ({$a->plugin}) doesn\'t support multiple exports at the same time. Please <a href="{$a->link}">finish the current one first</a> and try again';
155$string['nonprimative'] = 'A non primitive value was passed as a callback argument to portfolio_add_button. Refusing to continue. The key was {$a->key} and the value was {$a->value}';
67a87e7d 156$string['nopermissions'] = 'Sorry but you do not have the required permissions to export files from this area';
67a87e7d 157$string['notexportable'] = 'Sorry, but the type of content you are trying to export is not exportable';
30c8dd34 158$string['notimplemented'] = 'Sorry, but you are trying to export content in some format that is not yet implemented ({$a})';
b816c08a 159$string['notyetselected'] = 'Not yet selected';
beb4ac1a 160$string['notyours'] = 'You are trying to resume a portfolio export that doesn\'t belong to you!';
67a87e7d 161$string['nouploaddirectory'] = 'Could not create a temporary directory to package your data into';
162$string['off'] = 'Enabled but hidden';
163$string['on'] = 'Enabled and visible';
164$string['plugin'] = 'Portfolio plugin';
165$string['plugincouldnotpackage'] = 'Failed to package up your data for export: original error was {$a}';
3278dfeb 166$string['pluginismisconfigured'] = 'Portfolio plugin is misconfigured, skipping. Error was: {$a}';
67a87e7d 167$string['portfolio'] = 'Portfolio';
168$string['portfolios'] = 'Portfolios';
8bde1611 169$string['queuesummary'] = 'Currently queued transfers';
67a87e7d 170$string['returntowhereyouwere'] = 'Return to where you were';
171$string['save'] = 'Save';
172$string['selectedformat'] = 'Selected export format';
173$string['selectedwait'] = 'Selected to wait?';
1369d8e1 174$string['selectplugin'] = 'Select destination';
c95a6095 175$string['singleinstancenomultiallowed'] = 'Only a single portfolio plugin instance is available, it doesn\'t support multiple exports per session, and there\'s already an active export in the session using this plugin!';
30c8dd34 176$string['somepluginsdisabled'] = 'Some entire portfolio plugins have been disabled because they are either misconfigured or rely on something else that is:';
3278dfeb 177$string['sure'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete \'{$a}\'? This cannot be undone.';
30c8dd34 178$string['thirdpartyexception'] = 'A third party exception was thrown during portfolio export ({$a}). Caught and rethrown but this should really be fixed';
8bde1611 179$string['transfertime'] = 'Transfer time';
180$string['unknownplugin'] = 'Unknown (may have since been removed by an administrator)';
67a87e7d 181$string['wait'] = 'Wait';
182$string['wanttowait_high'] = 'It is not recommended that you wait for this transfer to complete, but you can if you\'re sure and know what you\'re doing';
183$string['wanttowait_moderate'] = 'Do you want to wait for this transfer? It might take a few minutes';