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30c8dd34 1<?php
2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'question', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
19 *
bb554eb4 20 * @package core_question
21 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
36703ed7 24
55748620 25$string['addmorechoiceblanks'] = 'Blanks for {no} more choices';
42663bb7 26$string['addcategory'] = 'Add category';
3bee1ead 27$string['adminreport'] = 'Report on possible problems in your question database.';
efa5155a 28$string['advancedsearchoptions'] = 'Search options';
99caa248 29$string['alltries'] = 'All tries';
c7218aef 30$string['answers'] = 'Answers';
a781921f 31$string['availableq'] = 'Available?';
30c8dd34 32$string['badbase'] = 'Bad base before **: {$a}**';
fde4560d 33$string['behaviour'] = 'Behaviour';
34$string['broken'] = 'This is a "broken link", it points to a nonexistent file.';
35$string['byandon'] = 'by <em>{$a->user}</em> on <em>{$a->time}</em>';
70c33d22 36$string['cannotcopybackup'] = 'Could not copy backup file';
37$string['cannotcreate'] = 'Could not create new entry in question_attempts table';
38$string['cannotcreatepath'] = 'Cannot create path: {$a}';
fde4560d 39$string['cannotdeletebehaviourinuse'] = 'You cannot delete the behaviour \'{$a}\'. It is used by question attempts.';
ac93d63d 40$string['cannotdeletecate'] = 'You can\'t delete that category it is the default category for this context.';
41$string['cannotdeleteneededbehaviour'] = 'Cannot delete the question behaviour \'{$a}\'. There are other behaviours installed that rely on it.';
42$string['cannotdeleteqtypeinuse'] = 'You cannot delete the question type \'{$a}\'. There are questions of this type in the question bank.';
43$string['cannotdeleteqtypeneeded'] = 'You cannot delete the question type \'{$a}\'. There are other question types installed that rely on it.';
44$string['cannotdeletetopcat'] = 'Top categories can not be deleted.';
45$string['cannotedittopcat'] = 'Top categories can not be edited.';
30c8dd34 46$string['cannotenable'] = 'Question type {$a} cannot be created directly.';
fde4560d 47$string['cannotenablebehaviour'] = 'Question behaviour {$a} cannot be used directly. It is for internal use only.';
ac93d63d 48$string['cannotfindcate'] = 'Could not find category record';
70c33d22 49$string['cannotfindquestionfile'] = 'Could not find question data file in zip';
a3130f2c 50$string['cannotgetdsfordependent'] = 'Cannot get the specified dataset for a dataset dependent question! (question: {$a->id}, datasetitem: {$a->item})';
30c8dd34 51$string['cannotgetdsforquestion'] = 'Cannot get the specified dataset for a calculated question! (question: {$a})';
ac93d63d 52$string['cannothidequestion'] = 'Was not able to hide question';
53$string['cannotimportformat'] = 'Sorry, importing this format is not yet implemented!';
54$string['cannotinsertquestion'] = 'Could not insert new question!';
3e0e25ef 55$string['cannotinsertquestioncatecontext'] = 'Could not insert the new question category {$a->cat} illegal contextid {$a->ctx}';
ac93d63d 56$string['cannotloadquestion'] = 'Could not load question';
57$string['cannotmovequestion'] = 'You can\'t use this script to move questions that have files associated with them from different areas.';
58$string['cannotopenforwriting'] = 'Cannot open for writing: {$a}';
ac93d63d 59$string['cannotpreview'] = 'You can\'t preview these questions!';
a41c441c 60$string['cannotread'] = 'Cannot read import file (or file is empty)';
432ef803 61$string['cannotretrieveqcat'] = 'Could not retrieve question category';
ac93d63d 62$string['cannotunhidequestion'] = 'Failed to unhide the question.';
70c33d22 63$string['cannotunzip'] = 'Could not unzip file.';
30c8dd34 64$string['cannotwriteto'] = 'Cannot write exported questions to {$a}';
e0c22222 65$string['categories'] = 'Categories';
66$string['categorycurrent'] = 'Current category';
67$string['categorycurrentuse'] = 'Use this category';
30c8dd34 68$string['categorydoesnotexist'] = 'This category does not exist';
42663bb7 69$string['categoryinfo'] = 'Category info';
25558b80 70$string['categorymove'] = 'The category \'{$a->name}\' contains {$a->count} questions (some of which may be hidden questions or random questions that are still in use in a quiz). Please choose another category to move them to.';
5b2b977d 71$string['categorymoveto'] = 'Save in category';
42663bb7 72$string['categorynamecantbeblank'] = 'The category name cannot be blank.';
73$string['clickflag'] = 'Flag question';
74$string['clicktoflag'] = 'Flag this question for future reference';
75$string['clicktounflag'] = 'Remove flag';
76$string['clickunflag'] = 'Remove flag';
77$string['contexterror'] = 'You shouldn\'t have got here if you\'re not moving a category to another context.';
78$string['copy'] = 'Copy from {$a} and change links.';
79$string['created'] = 'Created';
80$string['createdby'] = 'Created by';
5b2b977d 81$string['createdmodifiedheader'] = 'Created / last saved';
cd120b23 82$string['createnewquestion'] = 'Create a new question ...';
3bee1ead 83$string['cwrqpfs'] = 'Random questions selecting questions from sub categories.';
27762525 84$string['cwrqpfsinfo'] = '<p>During the upgrade to Moodle 1.9 we will separate question categories into
3bee1ead 85different contexts. Some question categories and questions on your site will have to have their sharing
86status changed. This is necessary in the rare case that one or more \'random\' questions in a quiz are set up to select from a mixture of
87shared and unshared categories (as is the case on this site). This happens when a \'random\' question is set to select
88from subcategories and one or more subcategories have a different sharing status to the parent category in which
89the random question is created.</p>
6d1083c5 90<p>The following question categories, from which \'random\' questions in parent categories select questions from,
91will have their sharing status changed to the same sharing status as the category with the \'random\' question in
92on upgrading to Moodle 1.9. The following categories will have their sharing status changed. Questions which are
93affected will continue to work in all existing quizzes until you remove them from these quizzes.</p>';
3bee1ead 94$string['cwrqpfsnoprob'] = 'No question categories in your site are affected by the \'Random questions selecting questions from sub categories\' issue.';
95$string['defaultfor'] = 'Default for {$a}';
96$string['defaultinfofor'] = 'The default category for questions shared in context \'{$a}\'.';
00cefd92 97$string['defaultmarkmustbepositive'] = 'The default mark must be positive.';
e2b347e9 98$string['deletecoursecategorywithquestions'] = 'There are questions in the question bank associated with this course category. If you proceed, they will be deleted. You may wish to move them first, using the question bank interface.';
42663bb7 99$string['deletequestioncheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to delete \'{$a}\'?';
99caa248 100$string['deletequestionscheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to delete the following questions?<br /><br />{$a}';
101$string['deletingbehaviour'] = 'Deleting question behaviour \'{$a}\'';
102$string['deletingqtype'] = 'Deleting question type \'{$a}\'';
24400682 103$string['didnotmatchanyanswer'] = '[Did not match any answer]';
a781921f 104$string['disabled'] = 'Disabled';
105$string['disterror'] = 'The distribution {$a} caused problems';
106$string['donothing'] = 'Don\'t copy or move files or change links.';
107$string['editcategories'] = 'Edit categories';
108$string['editcategories_help'] = 'Rather than keeping everything in one big list, questions may be arranged into categories and subcategories.
110Each category has a context which determines where the questions in the category can be used:
112* Activity context - Questions only available in the activity module
113* Course context - Questions available in all activity modules in the course
5d5895f2 114* Course category context - Questions available in all activity modules and courses in the course category
115* System context - Questions available in all courses and activities on the site
117Categories are also used for random questions, as questions are selected from a particular category.';
118$string['editcategories_link'] = 'question/category';
42663bb7 119$string['editcategory'] = 'Edit category';
3bee1ead 120$string['editingcategory'] = 'Editing a category';
36703ed7 121$string['editingquestion'] = 'Editing a question';
da729916 122$string['editquestion'] = 'Edit question';
85edde5c 123$string['editthiscategory'] = 'Edit this category';
30c8dd34 124$string['emptyxml'] = 'Unkown error - empty imsmanifest.xml';
a781921f 125$string['enabled'] = 'Enabled';
3bee1ead 126$string['erroraccessingcontext'] = 'Cannot access context';
127$string['errordeletingquestionsfromcategory'] = 'Error deleting questions from category {$a}.';
128$string['errorduringpost'] = 'Error occurred during post-processing!';
70c33d22 129$string['errorduringpre'] = 'Error occurred during pre-processing!';
130$string['errorduringproc'] = 'Error occurred during processing!';
30c8dd34 131$string['errorduringregrade'] = 'Could not regrade question {$a->qid}, going to state {$a->stateid}.';
132$string['errorfilecannotbecopied'] = 'Error: cannot copy file {$a}.';
133$string['errorfilecannotbemoved'] = 'Error: cannot move file {$a}.';
134$string['errorfileschanged'] = 'Error: files linked to from questions have changed since form was displayed.';
5a0221f7 135$string['erroritemappearsmorethanoncewithdifferentweight'] = 'Question ({$a}) appears more than once with different weights in different positions of the test. This is not currently supported by the statistics report and may make the statistics for this question unreliable.';
136$string['errormanualgradeoutofrange'] = 'The grade {$a->grade} is not between 0 and {$a->maxgrade} for question {$a->name}. The score and comment have not been saved.';
137$string['errormovingquestions'] = 'Error while moving questions with ids {$a}.';
9ee94881 138$string['errorpostprocess'] = 'Error occurred during post-processing!';
30c8dd34 139$string['errorpreprocess'] = 'Error occurred during pre-processing!';
9ee94881 140$string['errorprocess'] = 'Error occurred during processing!';
bed49557 141$string['errorprocessingresponses'] = 'An error occurred while processing your responses ({$a}). Click continue to return to the page you were on and try again.';
142$string['errorsavingcomment'] = 'Error saving the comment for question {$a->name} in the database.';
143$string['errorupdatingattempt'] = 'Error updating attempt {$a->id} in the database.';
58940b19 144$string['eventquestioncategorycreated'] = 'Question category created';
e0c22222 145$string['export'] = 'Export';
3bee1ead 146$string['exportcategory'] = 'Export category';
147$string['exportcategory_help'] = 'This setting determines the category from which the exported questions will be taken.
149Certain import formats, such as GIFT and Moodle XML, permit category and context data to be included in the export file, enabling them to (optionally) be recreated on import. If required, the appropriate checkboxes should be ticked.';
bd8ee7c1 150$string['exporterror'] = 'Errors occur during exporting!';
151$string['exportfilename'] = 'questions';
152$string['exportnameformat'] = '%Y%m%d-%H%M';
616442a2 153$string['exportonequestion'] = 'Download this question in Moodle XML format';
154$string['exportquestions'] = 'Export questions to file';
155$string['exportquestions_help'] = 'This function enables the export of a complete category (and any subcategories) of questions to file. Please note that, depending on the file format selected, some question data and certain question types may not be exported.';
156$string['exportquestions_link'] = 'question/export';
157$string['filecantmovefrom'] = 'The questions files cannot be moved because you do not have permission to remove files from the place you are trying to move questions from.';
158$string['filecantmoveto'] = 'The question files cannot be moved or copied becuase you do not have permission to add files to the place you are trying to move the questions to.';
f7c1dfaf 159$string['fileformat'] = 'File format';
160$string['filesareacourse'] = 'the course files area';
161$string['filesareasite'] = 'the site files area';
162$string['filestomove'] = 'Move / copy files to {$a}?';
031a2752 163$string['filterbytags'] = 'Filter by tags...';
99caa248 164$string['firsttry'] = 'First try';
62e76c67 165$string['flagged'] = 'Flagged';
166$string['flagthisquestion'] = 'Flag this question';
d89ec019 167$string['formquestionnotinids'] = 'Form contained question that is not in questionids';
30c8dd34 168$string['fractionsnomax'] = 'One of the answers should have a score of 100% so it is possible to get full marks for this question.';
3bee1ead 169$string['getcategoryfromfile'] = 'Get category from file';
170$string['getcontextfromfile'] = 'Get context from file';
171$string['changepublishstatuscat'] = '<a href="{$a->caturl}">Category "{$a->name}"</a> in course "{$a->coursename}" will have it\'s sharing status changed from <strong>{$a->changefrom} to {$a->changeto}</strong>.';
172$string['chooseqtypetoadd'] = 'Choose a question type to add';
5e8a85aa 173$string['editquestions'] = 'Edit questions';
174$string['idnumber'] = 'ID number';
175$string['idnumber_help'] = 'If used, the ID number must be unique within each question category. It provides another way of identifying a question which is sometimes useful, but can usually be left blank.';
3bee1ead 176$string['ignorebroken'] = 'Ignore broken links';
30c8dd34 177$string['impossiblechar'] = 'Impossible character {$a} detected as parenthesis character';
e0c22222 178$string['import'] = 'Import';
179$string['importcategory'] = 'Import category';
180$string['importcategory_help'] = 'This setting determines the category into which the imported questions will go.
182Certain import formats, such as GIFT and Moodle XML, may include category and context data in the import file. To make use of this data, rather than the selected category, the appropriate checkboxes should be ticked. If categories specified in the import file do not exist, they will be created.';
c73c9836 183$string['importerror'] = 'An error occurred during import processing';
6160bdb1 184$string['importerrorquestion'] = 'Error importing question';
c73c9836 185$string['importingquestions'] = 'Importing {$a} questions from file';
6160bdb1 186$string['importparseerror'] = 'Error(s) found parsing the import file. No questions have been imported. To import any good questions try again setting \'Stop on error\' to \'No\'';
187$string['importquestions'] = 'Import questions from file';
188$string['importquestions_help'] = 'This function enables questions in a variety of formats to be imported via text file. Note that the file must use UTF-8 encoding.';
189$string['importquestions_link'] = 'question/import';
f7c1dfaf 190$string['importwrongfiletype'] = 'The type of the file you selected ({$a->actualtype}) does not match the type expected by this import format ({$a->expectedtype}).';
ac93d63d 191$string['invalidarg'] = 'No valid arguments supplied or incorrect server configuration';
70c33d22 192$string['invalidcategoryidforparent'] = 'Invalid category id for parent!';
193$string['invalidcategoryidtomove'] = 'Invalid category id to move!';
194$string['invalidconfirm'] = 'Confirmation string was incorrect';
195$string['invalidcontextinhasanyquestions'] = 'Invalid context passed to question_context_has_any_questions.';
b5d09003 196$string['invalidgrade'] = 'Grades ({$a}) do not match grade options - question skipped.';
5e8a85aa 197$string['invalidpenalty'] = 'Invalid penalty';
beb69c11 198$string['invalidwizardpage'] = 'Incorrect or no wizard page specified!';
5bd22790 199$string['lastmodifiedby'] = 'Last modified by';
99caa248 200$string['lasttry'] = 'Last try';
30c8dd34 201$string['linkedfiledoesntexist'] = 'Linked file {$a} doesn\'t exist';
5b2b977d 202$string['makechildof'] = 'Make child of \'{$a}\'';
3bee1ead 203$string['maketoplevelitem'] = 'Move to top level';
52b08f5f 204$string['manualgradeinvalidformat'] = 'That is not a valid number.';
f6e10010 205$string['matchgrades'] = 'Match grades';
206$string['matchgradeserror'] = 'Error if grade not listed';
207$string['matchgradesnearest'] = 'Nearest grade if not listed';
208$string['matchgrades_help'] = 'Imported grades must match one of the fixed list of valid grades - 100, 90, 80, 75, 70, 66.666, 60, 50, 40, 33.333, 30, 25, 20, 16.666, 14.2857, 12.5, 11.111, 10, 5, 0 (also negative values). If not, there are two options:
210* Error if grade not listed - If a question contains any grades not found in the list an error is displayed and that question will not be imported
211* Nearest grade if not listed - If a grade is found that does not match a value in the list, the grade is changed to the closest matching value in the list ';
beb69c11 212$string['missingcourseorcmid'] = 'Need to provide courseid or cmid to print_question.';
60e40dda 213$string['missingcourseorcmidtolink'] = 'Need to provide courseid or cmid to get_question_edit_link.';
214$string['missingimportantcode'] = 'This question type is missing important code: {$a}.';
215$string['missingoption'] = 'The cloze question {$a} is missing its options';
8a3b3e66 216$string['modified'] = 'Last saved';
30c8dd34 217$string['move'] = 'Move from {$a} and change links.';
5b2b977d 218$string['movecategory'] = 'Move category';
219$string['movedquestionsandcategories'] = 'Moved questions and question categories from {$a->oldplace} to {$a->newplace}.';
220$string['movelinksonly'] = 'Just change where links point to, do not move or copy files.';
221$string['moveq'] = 'Move question(s)';
222$string['moveqtoanothercontext'] = 'Move question to another context.';
2daffca5 223$string['moveto'] = 'Move to >>';
5b2b977d 224$string['movingcategory'] = 'Moving category';
225$string['movingcategoryandfiles'] = 'Are you sure you want to move category {$a->name} and all child categories to context for "{$a->contextto}"?<br /> We have detected {$a->urlcount} files linked from questions in {$a->fromareaname}, would you like to copy or move these to {$a->toareaname}?';
226$string['movingcategorynofiles'] = 'Are you sure you want to move category "{$a->name}" and all child categories to context for "{$a->contextto}"?';
5b2b977d 227$string['movingquestions'] = 'Moving questions and any files';
228$string['movingquestionsandfiles'] = 'Are you sure you want to move question(s) {$a->questions} to context for <strong>"{$a->tocontext}"</strong>?<br /> We have detected <strong>{$a->urlcount} files</strong> linked from these question(s) in {$a->fromareaname}, would you like to copy or move these to {$a->toareaname}?';
229$string['movingquestionsnofiles'] = 'Are you sure you want to move question(s) {$a->questions} to context for <strong>"{$a->tocontext}"</strong>?<br /> There are <strong>no files</strong> linked from these question(s) in {$a->fromareaname}.';
3bee1ead 230$string['needtochoosecat'] = 'You need to choose a category to move this question to or press \'cancel\'.';
30c8dd34 231$string['nocate'] = 'No such category {$a}!';
3bee1ead 232$string['nopermissionadd'] = 'You don\'t have permission to add questions here.';
3efbe6bc 233$string['nopermissionmove'] = 'You don\'t have permission to move questions from here. You must save the question in this category or save it as a new question.';
3bee1ead 234$string['noprobs'] = 'No problems found in your question database.';
b8a70832 235$string['noquestions'] = 'No questions were found that could be exported. Make sure that you have selected a category to export that contains questions.';
a49e92a4 236$string['noquestionsinfile'] = 'There are no questions in the import file';
031a2752 237$string['notagfiltersapplied'] = 'No tag filters applied';
5e8a85aa 238$string['notenoughanswers'] = 'This type of question requires at least {$a} answers';
36703ed7 239$string['notenoughdatatoeditaquestion'] = 'Neither a question id, nor a category id and question type, was specified.';
3bee1ead 240$string['notenoughdatatomovequestions'] = 'You need to provide the question ids of questions you want to move.';
62e76c67 241$string['notflagged'] = 'Not flagged';
30c8dd34 242$string['novirtualquestiontype'] = 'No virtual question type for question type {$a}';
243$string['numqas'] = 'No. question attempts';
244$string['numquestions'] = 'No. questions';
245$string['numquestionsandhidden'] = '{$a->numquestions} (+{$a->numhidden} hidden)';
246$string['page-question-x'] = 'Any question page';
247$string['page-question-edit'] = 'Question editing page';
248$string['page-question-category'] = 'Question category page';
249$string['page-question-import'] = 'Question import page';
250$string['page-question-export'] = 'Question export page';
251$string['parentcategory'] = 'Parent category';
252$string['parentcategory_help'] = 'The parent category is the one in which the new category will be placed. "Top" means that this category is not contained in any other category. Category contexts are shown in bold type. There must be at least one category in each context.';
253$string['parentcategory_link'] = 'question/category';
254$string['parenthesisinproperclose'] = 'Parenthesis before ** is not properly closed in {$a}**';
255$string['parenthesisinproperstart'] = 'Parenthesis before ** is not properly started in {$a}**';
c73c9836 256$string['parsingquestions'] = 'Parsing questions from import file.';
257$string['penaltyfactor'] = 'Penalty factor';
258$string['penaltyfactor_help'] = 'This setting determines what fraction of the achieved score is subtracted for each wrong response. It is only applicable if the quiz is run in adaptive mode.
260The penalty factor should be a number between 0 and 1. A penalty factor of 1 means that the student has to get the answer right in his first response to get any credit for it at all. A penalty factor of 0 means the student can try as often as he likes and still get the full marks.';
3bee1ead 261$string['permissionedit'] = 'Edit this question';
262$string['permissionmove'] = 'Move this question';
263$string['permissionsaveasnew'] = 'Save this as a new question';
264$string['permissionto'] = 'You have permission to :';
6d1083c5 265$string['published'] = 'shared';
5bd22790 266$string['qtypeveryshort'] = 'T';
30c8dd34 267$string['questionaffected'] = '<a href="{$a->qurl}">Question "{$a->name}" ({$a->qtype})</a> is in this question category but is also being used in <a href="{$a->qurl}">quiz "{$a->quizname}"</a> in another course "{$a->coursename}".';
5eb266d8 268$string['questionbank'] = 'Question bank';
e2b347e9 269$string['questioncategory'] = 'Question category';
5b2b977d 270$string['questioncatsfor'] = 'Question categories for \'{$a}\'';
36703ed7 271$string['questiondoesnotexist'] = 'This question does not exist';
0ff5afdf 272$string['questionname'] = 'Question name';
5e8a85aa 273$string['questionno'] = 'Question {$a}';
30c8dd34 274$string['questionsaveerror'] = 'Errors occur during saving question - ({$a})';
42663bb7 275$string['questionsinuse'] = '(* Questions marked by an asterisk are already in use in some quizzes. These question will not be deleted from these quizzes but only from the category list.)';
276$string['questionsmovedto'] = 'Questions still in use moved to "{$a}" in the parent course category.';
277$string['questionsrescuedfrom'] = 'Questions saved from context {$a}.';
278$string['questionsrescuedfrominfo'] = 'These questions (some of which may be hidden) were saved when context {$a} was deleted because they are still used by some quizzes or other activities.';
fd5e2ead 279$string['questiontags'] = 'Question tags';
0ff5afdf 280$string['questiontype'] = 'Question type';
3bee1ead 281$string['questionuse'] = 'Use question in this activity';
c014b989 282$string['questionvariant'] = 'Question variant';
5e8a85aa 283$string['reviewresponse'] = 'Review response';
a2b4d896 284$string['save'] = 'Save';
7756e2bc 285$string['savechangesandcontinueediting'] = 'Save changes and continue editing';
f62040ed 286$string['saveflags'] = 'Save the state of the flags';
cd120b23 287$string['selectacategory'] = 'Select a category:';
288$string['selectaqtypefordescription'] = 'Select a question type to see its description.';
0030db53 289$string['selectcategoryabove'] = 'Select a category above';
0ff5afdf 290$string['selectquestionsforbulk'] = 'Select questions for bulk actions';
30c8dd34 291$string['shareincontext'] = 'Share in context for {$a}';
292$string['stoponerror'] = 'Stop on error';
293$string['stoponerror_help'] = 'This setting determines whether the import process stops when an error is detected, resulting in no questions being imported, or whether any questions containing errors are ignored and any valid questions are imported.';
3bee1ead 294$string['tofilecategory'] = 'Write category to file';
295$string['tofilecontext'] = 'Write context to file';
c185e4fe 296$string['topfor'] = 'Top for {$a}';
297$string['uninstallbehaviour'] = 'Uninstall this question behaviour.';
298$string['uninstallqtype'] = 'Uninstall this question type.';
3bee1ead 299$string['unknown'] = 'Unknown';
300$string['unknownquestiontype'] = 'Unknown question type: {$a}.';
301$string['unknowntolerance'] = 'Unknown tolerance type {$a}';
6d1083c5 302$string['unpublished'] = 'unshared';
303$string['upgradeproblemcategoryloop'] = 'Problem detected when upgrading question categories. There is a loop in the category tree. The affected category ids are {$a}.';
304$string['upgradeproblemcouldnotupdatecategory'] = 'Could not update question category {$a->name} ({$a->id}).';
305$string['upgradeproblemunknowncategory'] = 'Problem detected when upgrading question categories. Category {$a->id} refers to parent {$a->parent}, which does not exist. Parent changed to fix problem.';
306$string['wrongprefix'] = 'Wrongly formatted nameprefix {$a}';
a27aa5c6 307$string['youmustselectaqtype'] = 'You must select a question type.';
30c8dd34 308$string['yourfileshoulddownload'] = 'Your export file should start to download shortly. If not, please <a href="{$a}">click here</a>.';
310$string['action'] = 'Action';
311$string['addanotherhint'] = 'Add another hint';
312$string['answer'] = 'Answer';
313$string['answersaved'] = 'Answer saved';
314$string['attemptfinished'] = 'Attempt finished';
315$string['attemptfinishedsubmitting'] = 'Attempt finished submitting: ';
802f8d2a 316$string['behaviourbeingused'] = 'Behaviour being used: {$a}';
317$string['cannotloadquestion'] = 'Could not load question';
318$string['cannotpreview'] = 'You can\'t preview these questions!';
319$string['category'] = 'Category';
320$string['changeoptions'] = 'Change options';
321$string['attemptoptions'] = 'Attempt options';
322$string['displayoptions'] = 'Display options';
323$string['check'] = 'Check';
324$string['clearwrongparts'] = 'Clear incorrect responses';
325$string['closepreview'] = 'Close preview';
326$string['combinedfeedback'] = 'Combined feedback';
327$string['commented'] = 'Commented: {$a}';
328$string['comment'] = 'Comment';
329$string['commentormark'] = 'Make comment or override mark';
330$string['comments'] = 'Comments';
c76145d3 331$string['commentx'] = 'Comment: {$a}';
332$string['complete'] = 'Complete';
333$string['contexterror'] = 'You shouldn\'t have got here if you\'re not moving a category to another context.';
334$string['correct'] = 'Correct';
335$string['correctfeedback'] = 'For any correct response';
086cced7 336$string['correctfeedbackdefault'] = 'Your answer is correct.';
337$string['decimalplacesingrades'] = 'Decimal places in grades';
338$string['defaultmark'] = 'Default mark';
88f0eb15 339$string['errorsavingflags'] = 'Error saving the flag state.';
340$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
341$string['fillincorrect'] = 'Fill in correct responses';
342$string['flagged'] = 'Flagged';
343$string['flagthisquestion'] = 'Flag this question';
344$string['generalfeedback'] = 'General feedback';
ce74dcc3 345$string['generalfeedback_help'] = 'General feedback is shown to the student after they have completed the question. Unlike specific feedback, which depends on the question type and what response the student gave, the same general feedback text is shown to all students.
2b7da645 346
ce74dcc3 347You can use the general feedback to give students a fully worked answer and perhaps a link to more information they can use if they did not understand the questions.';
2b7da645 348$string['hintn'] = 'Hint {no}';
6dbc3460 349$string['hintnoptions'] = 'Hint {no} options';
350$string['hinttext'] = 'Hint text';
351$string['howquestionsbehave'] = 'How questions behave';
352$string['howquestionsbehave_help'] = 'Students can interact with the questions in the quiz in various different ways. For example, you may wish the students to enter an answer to each question and then submit the entire quiz, before anything is graded or they get any feedback. That would be \'Deferred feedback\' mode.
354Alternatively, you may wish for students to submit each question as they go along to get immediate feedback, and if they do not get it right immediately, have another try for fewer marks. That would be \'Interactive with multiple tries\' mode.
356Those are probably the two most commonly used modes of behaviour. ';
9cc01bf3 357$string['howquestionsbehave_link'] = 'question/behaviour';
358$string['importfromcoursefiles'] = '... or choose a course file to import.';
359$string['importfromupload'] = 'Select a file to upload ...';
5a255660 360$string['includesubcategories'] = 'Also show questions from subcategories';
361$string['incorrect'] = 'Incorrect';
362$string['incorrectfeedback'] = 'For any incorrect response';
086cced7 363$string['incorrectfeedbackdefault'] = 'Your answer is incorrect.';
364$string['information'] = 'Information';
365$string['invalidanswer'] = 'Incomplete answer';
366$string['makecopy'] = 'Make copy';
367$string['manualgradeoutofrange'] = 'This grade is outside the valid range.';
368$string['manuallygraded'] = 'Manually graded {$a->mark} with comment: {$a->comment}';
369$string['mark'] = 'Mark';
370$string['markedoutof'] = 'Marked out of';
371$string['markedoutofmax'] = 'Marked out of {$a}';
372$string['markoutofmax'] = 'Mark {$a->mark} out of {$a->max}';
373$string['marks'] = 'Marks';
374$string['noresponse'] = '[No response]';
375$string['notanswered'] = 'Not answered';
376$string['notflagged'] = 'Not flagged';
377$string['notgraded'] = 'Not graded';
378$string['notshown'] = 'Not shown';
379$string['notyetanswered'] = 'Not yet answered';
f8e28244 380$string['notchanged'] = 'Not changed since last attempt';
381$string['notyourpreview'] = 'This preview does not belong to you';
382$string['options'] = 'Options';
42663bb7 383$string['parent'] = 'Parent';
384$string['partiallycorrect'] = 'Partially correct';
385$string['partiallycorrectfeedback'] = 'For any partially correct response';
086cced7 386$string['partiallycorrectfeedbackdefault'] = 'Your answer is partially correct.';
2b7da645 387$string['penaltyforeachincorrecttry'] = 'Penalty for each incorrect try';
5a255660 388$string['penaltyforeachincorrecttry_help'] = 'When questions are run using the \'Interactive with multiple tries\' or \'Adaptive mode\' behaviour, so that the student will have several tries to get the question right, then this option controls how much they are penalised for each incorrect try.
390The penalty is a proportion of the total question grade, so if the question is worth three marks, and the penalty is 0.3333333, then the student will score 3 if they get the question right first time, 2 if they get it right second try, and 1 of they get it right on the third try.';
c76145d3 391$string['previewquestion'] = 'Preview question: {$a}';
392$string['privacy:metadata:database:question'] = 'The details about an specific question.';
393$string['privacy:metadata:database:question:createdby'] = 'The person who created the question.';
394$string['privacy:metadata:database:question:generalfeedback'] = 'The general feedback for this question.';
395$string['privacy:metadata:database:question:modifiedby'] = 'The person who last updated the question.';
396$string['privacy:metadata:database:question:name'] = 'The name of the question.';
397$string['privacy:metadata:database:question:questiontext'] = 'The question text.';
398$string['privacy:metadata:database:question:timecreated'] = 'The date and time when this question was created.';
399$string['privacy:metadata:database:question:timemodified'] = 'The date and time when this question was updated.';
400$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_step_data'] = 'Question attempt steps may have additional data specific to that step. The data is stored in the step_data table.';
401$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_step_data:name'] = 'The name of the data item.';
402$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_step_data:value'] = 'The value of the data item.';
403$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_steps'] = 'Each question attempt has a number of steps to indicate the different phases from beginning to completion to marking. This table stores the information for each of these steps.';
404$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_steps:fraction'] = 'The grade that was awarded to this question attempt scaled to a value out of 1.';
405$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_steps:state'] = 'The state of this question attempt step at the end of the step transition.';
406$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_steps:timecreated'] = 'The date and time that this step transition begun.';
407$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempt_steps:userid'] = 'The user who performed the step transition.';
408$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempts'] = 'The information about an attempt at a specific question.';
409$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempts:flagged'] = 'An indication that the user has flagged this question within the attempt.';
410$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempts:responsesummary'] = 'A summary of the question response.';
411$string['privacy:metadata:database:question_attempts:timemodified'] = 'The time that the question attempt was updated.';
412$string['privacy:metadata:link:qbehaviour'] = 'The Question subsystem makes use of the Question Behaviour plugintype.';
413$string['privacy:metadata:link:qformat'] = 'The Question subsystem makes use of the Question Format plugintype for the purpose of importing and exporting questions in different formats.';
414$string['privacy:metadata:link:qtype'] = 'The Question subsystem interacts with the Question Type plugintype which contains the different types of questions.';
415$string['questionbehaviouradminsetting'] = 'Question behaviour settings';
416$string['questionbehavioursdisabled'] = 'Question behaviours to disable';
417$string['questionbehavioursdisabledexplained'] = 'Enter a comma separated list of behaviours you do not want to appear in dropdown menu';
418$string['questionbehavioursorder'] = 'Question behaviours order';
419$string['questionbehavioursorderexplained'] = 'Enter a comma separated list of behaviours in the order you want them to appear in dropdown menu';
420$string['questionidmismatch'] = 'Question ids mismatch';
081eb156 421$string['questionformtagheader'] = '{$a} tags';
2b7da645 422$string['questionname'] = 'Question name';
e0c41591 423$string['questionnamecopy'] = '{$a} (copy)';
424$string['questionpreviewdefaults'] = 'Question preview defaults';
425$string['questionpreviewdefaults_desc'] = 'These defaults are used when a user first previews a question in the question bank. Once a user has previewed a question, their personal preferences are stored as user preferences.';
42663bb7 426$string['questions'] = 'Questions';
c76145d3 427$string['questionx'] = 'Question {$a}';
428$string['questiontext'] = 'Question text';
429$string['requiresgrading'] = 'Requires grading';
430$string['responsehistory'] = 'Response history';
431$string['restart'] = 'Start again';
432$string['restartwiththeseoptions'] = 'Start again with these options';
8df402e4 433$string['restoremultipletopcats'] = 'The backup file contains more than one top-level question categories for context {$a}.';
2b7da645 434$string['rightanswer'] = 'Right answer';
44d70cc7 435$string['rightanswer_help'] = 'an automatically generated summary of the correct response. This can be limited, so you may wish to consider explaining the correct solution in the general feedback for the question, and turning this option off.';
436$string['saved'] = 'Saved: {$a}';
437$string['saveflags'] = 'Save the state of the flags';
5d5895f2 438$string['settingsformultipletries'] = 'Multiple tries';
42663bb7 439$string['showhidden'] = 'Also show old questions';
440$string['showmarkandmax'] = 'Show mark and max';
441$string['showmaxmarkonly'] = 'Show max mark only';
42663bb7 442$string['showquestiontext'] = 'Show question text in the question list';
443$string['shown'] = 'Shown';
444$string['shownumpartscorrect'] = 'Show the number of correct responses';
d5ffb789 445$string['shownumpartscorrectwhenfinished'] = 'Show the number of correct responses once the question has finished';
2b7da645 446$string['specificfeedback'] = 'Specific feedback';
ce74dcc3 447$string['specificfeedback_help'] = 'Feedback that depends on what response the student gave.';
448$string['started'] = 'Started';
449$string['state'] = 'State';
450$string['step'] = 'Step';
4c729982 451$string['steps'] = 'Steps';
452$string['submissionoutofsequence'] = 'Access out of sequence. Please do not click the back button when working on quiz questions.';
453$string['submissionoutofsequencefriendlymessage'] = "You have entered data outside the normal sequence. This can occur if you use your browser's Back or Forward buttons; please don't use these during the test. It can also happen if you click on something while a page is loading. Click <strong>Continue</strong> to resume.";
454$string['submit'] = 'Submit';
455$string['submitandfinish'] = 'Submit and finish';
456$string['submitted'] = 'Submit: {$a}';
c026a28d 457$string['tagarea_question'] = 'Questions';
802f8d2a 458$string['technicalinfo'] = 'Technical information';
18056cd8 459$string['technicalinfo_help'] = 'This technical information is probably only useful for developers working on new question types. It may also be helpful when trying to diagnose problems with questions.';
802f8d2a 460$string['technicalinfominfraction'] = 'Minimum fraction: {$a}';
4e3d8293 461$string['technicalinfomaxfraction'] = 'Maximum fraction: {$a}';
802f8d2a 462$string['technicalinfoquestionsummary'] = 'Question summary: {$a}';
40459677 463$string['technicalinforesponsesummary'] = 'Response summary: {$a}';
464$string['technicalinforightsummary'] = 'Right answer summary: {$a}';
465$string['technicalinfostate'] = 'Question state: {$a}';
40459677 466$string['technicalinfovariant'] = 'Question variant: {$a}';
fde4560d 467$string['unknownbehaviour'] = 'Unknown behaviour: {$a}.';
a5d7862b 468$string['unknownorunhandledtype'] = 'Unknown or unhandled question type: {$a}';
469$string['unknownquestion'] = 'Unknown question: {$a}.';
470$string['unknownquestioncatregory'] = 'Unknown question category: {$a}.';
fde4560d 471$string['unknownquestiontype'] = 'Unknown question type: {$a}.';
e0c22222 472$string['unusedcategorydeleted'] = 'This category has been deleted because, after deleting the course, its questions weren\'t used any more.';
1700bd4d 473$string['updatedisplayoptions'] = 'Update display options';
2b7da645 474$string['whethercorrect'] = 'Whether correct';
ce74dcc3 475$string['whethercorrect_help'] = 'This covers both the textual description \'Correct\', \'Partially correct\' or \'Incorrect\', and any coloured highlighting that conveys the same information.';
99caa248 476$string['whichtries'] = 'Which tries';
2daffca5 477$string['withselected'] = 'With selected';
c76145d3 478$string['xoutofmax'] = '{$a->mark} out of {$a->max}';
2b7da645 479$string['yougotnright'] = 'You have correctly selected {$a->num}.';