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[moodle.git] / lang / en / repository.php
3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'repository', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package repository
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
26$string['accessiblefilepicker'] = 'Accessible file picker';
27$string['activaterep'] = 'Active repositories';
4a97fa7c 28$string['activerepository'] = 'Available repository plugins';
362a728f 29$string['add'] = 'Add';
30$string['addfile'] = 'Add...';
a6600395 31$string['addplugin'] = 'Add a repository plugin';
99d52655 32$string['allowexternallinks'] = 'Allow external links';
caf2bec9 33$string['areamainfile'] = 'Main file';
91b890ab 34$string['coursebackup'] = 'Course backups';
91dedc32 35$string['pluginname'] = 'Repository plugin name'; // todo fix this, this string identifier is reserved
1c88c777 36$string['pluginnamehelp'] = 'If you leave this empty the default name will be used.';
37$string['sectionbackup'] = 'Section backups';
38$string['activitybackup'] = 'Activity backup';
a4e936d4 39$string['areacategoryintro'] = 'Category introduction';
40$string['areacourseintro'] = 'Course introduction';
41$string['arearoot'] = 'System';
42$string['areauserdraft'] = 'Drafts';
3d65f92d 43$string['areauserbackup'] = 'User backup';
03b12ea1 44$string['areauserpersonal'] = 'Private files';
106f3b67 45$string['areauserprofile'] = 'Profile';
b6fd5aee 46$string['attachedfiles'] = 'Attached files';
30c8dd34 47$string['attachment'] = 'Attachment';
1dce6261 48$string['author'] = 'Author';
f0e5f031 49$string['back'] = '&laquo; Back';
563d0417 50$string['backtodraftfiles'] = '&laquo; Back to draft files manager';
aae85978 51$string['cachecleared'] = 'Cached files are removed';
30c8dd34 52$string['cacheexpire'] = 'Cache expire';
362a728f 53$string['cannotaccessparentwin'] = 'If parent window is on HTTPS, then we are not allowed to access window.opener object, so we cannot refresh the repository for you automatically, but we already got your session, just go back to file picker and select the repository again, it should work now.';
b6fd5aee 54$string['cannotdelete'] = 'Cannot delete this file.';
7b58fb41 55$string['cannotdownload'] = 'Cannot download this file';
af804e3e 56$string['cannotdownloaddir'] = 'Cannot download this folder';
b6fd5aee 57$string['cannotinitplugin'] = 'Call plugin_init failed';
30c8dd34 58$string['cleancache'] = 'Clean my cache files';
2e4a8e0c 59$string['close'] = 'Close';
9d81733d 60$string['commonrepositorysettings'] = 'Common repository settings';
30c8dd34 61$string['configallowexternallinks'] = 'This option enables all users to choose whether or not external media is copied into Moodle or not. If this is off then media is always copied into Moodle (this is usually best for overall data integrity and security). If this is on then users can choose each time they add media to a text.';
7c54b713 62$string['configcacheexpire'] = 'The amount of time that file listings are cached locally (in seconds) when browsing external repositories.';
4a65c39a 63$string['configsaved'] = 'Configuration saved!';
30c8dd34 64$string['confirmdelete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this repository - {$a}?';
1703f3db 65$string['confirmdeletefile'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this file?';
66$string['confirmremove'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove this repository plugin, its options and <strong>all of its instances</strong> - {$a}?';
67$string['copying'] = 'Copying';
04bd6d2d 68$string['create'] = 'Create';
f0e5f031 69$string['createfolderfail'] = 'Fail to create this folder';
70$string['createfoldersuccess'] = 'Create folder successfully';
71$string['createinstance'] = 'Create a repository instance';
72$string['createrepository'] = 'Create a repository instance';
73$string['createxxinstance'] = 'Create "{$a}" instance';
a347291c 74$string['date'] = 'Date';
a6600395 75$string['deleted'] = 'Repository deleted';
30c8dd34 76$string['deleterepository'] = 'Delete this repository';
79698344 77$string['disabled'] = 'Disabled';
64be2d6c 78$string['download'] = 'Download';
1345cc53 79$string['downloadfolder'] = 'Download all';
3c184e14 80$string['downloadsucc'] = 'The file has been downloaded successfully';
b8578f25 81$string['draftareanofiles'] = 'Cannot be downloaded because there is no files attached';
0d099914 82$string['editrepositoryinstance'] = 'Edit repository instance';
d8f31703 83$string['emptylist'] = 'Empty list';
30c8dd34 84$string['emptytype'] = 'Cannot create repository type: type name is empty';
85$string['enablecourseinstances'] = 'Allow users to add a repository instance into the course';
86$string['enableuserinstances'] = 'Allow users to add a repository instance into the user context';
b6fd5aee 87$string['enter'] = 'Enter';
af804e3e 88$string['entername'] = 'Please enter folder name';
89$string['enternewname'] = 'Please enter the new file name';
3c184e14 90$string['error'] = 'An unknown error occurred!';
aebe4af8 91$string['errornotyourfile'] = 'You cannot pick file which is not added by your';
6b172cdc 92$string['erroruniquename'] = 'Repository instance name should be unique';
cd455965 93$string['errorpostmaxsize'] = 'The uploaded file may exceed max_post_size directive in php.ini.';
a6600395 94$string['existingrepository'] = 'This repository already exists';
30c8dd34 95$string['federatedsearch'] = 'Federated search';
0bd269b7 96$string['fileexists'] = 'File name already being used, please use another name';
97$string['fileexistsdialog_editor'] = 'A file with that name has already been attached to the text you are editing.';
98$string['fileexistsdialog_filemanager'] = 'A file with that name has already been attached';
99$string['fileexistsdialogheader'] = 'File exists';
2e4a8e0c 100$string['filename'] = 'Filename';
efd47773 101$string['filenotnull'] = 'You must select a file to upload.';
3c184e14 102$string['filesaved'] = 'The file has been saved';
1c309299 103$string['filepicker'] = 'File picker';
c0d60b3a 104$string['filesizenull'] = 'File size cannot be determined';
55b4bb1d 105$string['getfile'] = 'Select this file';
79698344 106$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
107$string['choosealink'] = 'Choose a link...';
108$string['chooselicense'] = 'Choose license';
109$string['iconview'] = 'View as icons';
04bd6d2d 110$string['instance'] = 'instance';
a6600395 111$string['instancedeleted'] = 'Instance deleted';
112$string['instances'] = 'Repository instances';
113$string['instancesforsite'] = '{$a} Site-wide common instance(s)';
114$string['instancesforcourses'] = '{$a} Course-wide common instance(s)';
115$string['instancesforusers'] = '{$a} User private instance(s)';
3c184e14 116$string['invalidjson'] = 'Invalid JSON string';
30c8dd34 117$string['invalidplugin'] = 'Invalid repository {$a} plug-in';
e35194be 118$string['invalidfiletype'] = '{$a} filetype cannot be accepted.';
30c8dd34 119$string['invalidrepositoryid'] = 'Invalid repository ID';
79698344 120$string['isactive'] = 'Active?';
30c8dd34 121$string['keyword'] = 'Keyword';
99d52655 122$string['linkexternal'] = 'Link external';
123$string['listview'] = 'View as list';
124$string['loading'] = 'Loading...';
c196505b 125$string['login'] = 'Login';
a347291c 126$string['logout'] = 'Logout';
4a65c39a 127$string['manage'] = 'Manage repositories';
ed2408e1 128$string['manageurl'] = 'Manage';
19add4c0 129$string['manageuserrepository'] = 'Manage individual repository';
6d30723e 130$string['moving'] = 'Moving';
64be2d6c 131$string['noenter'] = 'Nothing entered';
b6fd5aee 132$string['nofilesattached'] = 'No files attached';
fb2fb46e 133$string['nofilesavailable'] = 'No files available';
71588976 134$string['nomorefiles'] = 'No more attachments allowed';
135$string['nopathselected'] = 'No destination path select yet (double click tree node to select)';
136$string['nopermissiontoaccess'] = 'No permission to access this repository';
00045af9 137$string['noresult'] = 'No search result';
f00340e2 138$string['norepositoriesavailable'] = 'Sorry, none of your current repositories can return files in the required format.';
75886042 139$string['norepositoriesexternalavailable'] = 'Sorry, none of your current repositories can return external files.';
30c8dd34 140$string['notyourinstances'] = 'You can not view/edit repository instances of another user';
79698344 141$string['off'] = 'Enabled but hidden';
d0b5d122 142$string['openpicker'] = 'Choose a file...';
30c8dd34 143$string['operation'] = 'Operation';
79698344 144$string['on'] = 'Enabled and visible';
f392caba 145$string['overwrite'] = 'Overwrite';
b8578f25 146$string['personalrepositories'] = 'Available repository instances';
3c184e14 147$string['plugin'] = 'Repository plug-ins';
b6fd5aee 148$string['pluginerror'] = 'Errors in repository plugin.';
3a1f7a96 149$string['popup'] = 'Click "Login" button to login';
aeaf98ee 150$string['popupblockeddownload'] = 'The downloading window is blocked, please allow the popup window, and try again.';
30c8dd34 151$string['preview'] = 'Preview';
948c2860 152$string['readonlyinstance'] = 'You cannot edit/delete a read-only instance';
7dfb3c1c 153$string['refresh'] = 'Refresh';
1f66bc15 154$string['refreshnonjsfilepicker'] = 'Please close this window and refresh non-javascript file picker';
a6600395 155$string['removed'] = 'Repository removed';
f392caba 156$string['renameto'] = 'Rename to';
30c8dd34 157$string['repositories'] = 'Repositories';
a347291c 158$string['repository'] = 'Repository';
faaa613d 159$string['repositorycourse'] = 'Course repositories';
810aea11 160$string['repositoryerror'] = 'Remote repository returned error: {$a}';
a347291c 161$string['save'] = 'Save';
d0b5d122 162$string['saveas'] = 'Save as';
a347291c 163$string['saved'] = 'Saved';
164$string['saving'] = 'Saving';
bac233d3 165$string['automatedbackup'] = 'Automated backups';
166$string['search'] = 'Search';
167$string['searching'] = 'Search in';
168$string['select'] = 'Select';
19add4c0 169$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
a75c78d3 170$string['setupdefaultplugins'] = 'Setting up default repository plugins';
f45dfeeb 171$string['setmainfile'] = 'Set main file';
4d5948f1 172$string['siteinstances'] = 'Repositories instances of the site';
a347291c 173$string['size'] = 'Size';
2e4a8e0c 174$string['submit'] = 'Submit';
c5704ec6 175$string['sync'] = 'Sync';
d76fa47b 176$string['thumbview'] = 'View as icons';
30c8dd34 177$string['title'] = 'Choose a file...';
faaa613d 178$string['typenotvisible'] = 'Type not visible';
a347291c 179$string['upload'] = 'Upload this file';
180$string['uploading'] = 'Uploading...';
ab9cdbb9 181$string['uploadsucc'] = 'The file has been uploaded successfully';
5363905a 182$string['usercontextrepositorydisabled'] = 'You cannot edit this repository in user context';
183$string['usenonjsfilemanager'] = 'Open file manager in new window';
184$string['usenonjsfilepicker'] = 'Open file picker in new window';
185$string['unzipped'] = 'Unzipped successfully';
6c91ce49 186$string['wrongcontext'] = 'You cannot access to this context';
aa8ce6e3 187$string['xhtmlerror'] = 'You are probably using XHTML strict header, some YUI Component doesn\'t work in this mode, please turn it off in moodle';
f0e5f031 188$string['ziped'] = 'Compress folder successfully';