Using LOCALE defines, not strings
[moodle.git] / lang / en / survey.php
83b8fa15 1<?PHP // $Id$
1774e333 4$string['modulename'] = "Survey";
5$string['modulenameplural'] = "Surveys";
83b8fa15 6#------------------------------------------------------------
1774e333 8$string['actual'] = "Actual";
9$string['allquestions'] = "All questions in order, all students";
10$string['allscales'] = "All scales, all students";
11$string['alreadysubmitted'] = "You have already submitted this survey";
12$string['analysisof'] = "Analysis of \$a";
13$string['ipreferthat'] = "I prefer that";
14$string['ifoundthat'] = "I found that";
15$string['done'] = "Done";
16$string['download'] = "Download";
17$string['downloadexcel'] = "Download data as Excel spreadsheet";
18$string['downloadinfo'] = "You can download the complete raw data for this survey in a form suitable for analysis in Excel, SPSS or other package.";
19$string['downloadtext'] = "Download data as a plain text file";
20$string['editingasurvey'] = "Editing a survey";
21$string['helpsurveys'] = "Help on the different types of surveys";
22$string['introtext'] = "Introduction text";
23$string['name'] = "Name";
54634efc 24$string['newsurveyresponses'] = "New survey responses";
1774e333 25$string['nobodyyet'] = "Nobody has yet completed this survey";
26$string['notdone'] = "Not done yet";
27$string['notes'] = "Your private analysis and notes";
28$string['peoplecompleted'] = "\$a people have completed this survey so far";
29$string['preferred'] = "Preferred";
30$string['questions'] = "Questions";
31$string['question'] = "Question";
32$string['report'] = "Survey report";
33$string['scales'] = "Scales";
34$string['savednotes'] = "Your notes were saved";
35$string['seemoredetail'] = "Click here to see more detail";
36$string['selectedquestions'] = "Selected questions from a scale, all students";
37$string['summary'] = "Summary";
38$string['surveycompleted'] = "You've completed this survey. The graph below shows a summary of your results compared to the class averages.";
39$string['surveyname'] = "Survey name";
40$string['surveysaved'] = "Survey saved";
41$string['surveytype'] = "Survey type";
42$string['thanksforanswers'] = "Thanks for answering this survey, \$a";
18844dbf 43$string['time'] = "Time";
1774e333 44$string['viewsurveyresponses'] = "View \$a survey responses";
0a40b985 45
83b8fa15 46?>