MDL-21695 help files replaced by standard strings - basic infrastructure in place...
[moodle.git] / lang / en / tag.php
c933a060 1<?php
db32b054 3$string['addedotag'] = '\"$a\" was added as an official tag.';
4$string['addotags'] = 'Add official tags';
c933a060 5$string['addtagtomyinterests'] = 'Add \"$a\" to my interests';
beb67c05 6$string['blocktagstitle'] = 'Tags';
c933a060 7$string['count'] = 'Count';
79081e87 8$string['changename'] = 'Change tag name';
62e3b9d8 9$string['changetype'] = 'Change tag type';
c933a060 10$string['description'] = 'Description';
11$string['delete'] = 'Delete';
12$string['deleted'] = 'Deleted';
38fb8190 13$string['deletedcoursetags'] = 'Deleted - course tags';
c933a060 14$string['edittag'] = 'Edit this tag';
f48dccd4 15$string['entertags'] = 'Enter tags separated by commas';
38fb8190 16$string['errordeleting'] = 'Error deleting tag with id $a, please report to your system administrator.';
17$string['errortagfrontpage'] = 'Tagging the site main page is not allowed';
18$string['errorupdatingrecord'] = 'Error updating tag record';
c933a060 19$string['flag'] = 'Flag';
20$string['flagasinappropriate'] = 'Flag as inappropriate';
21$string['helprelatedtags'] = 'Comma separated related tags';
4f81c51d 22$string['id'] = 'id';
3caea5dc 23$string['relatedblogs'] = 'Most recent blog entries';
1c63e174 24$string['managetags'] = 'Manage tags';
9f1c9dfc 25$string['manageofficialtags'] = 'Manage official tags';
79081e87 26$string['name'] = 'Tag name';
3a597ace 27$string['namesalreadybeeingused'] = 'Tag names already being used';
79081e87 28$string['newname'] = 'New tag name';
c933a060 29$string['noresultsfor'] = 'No results for \"$a\"';
603443b5 30$string['officialtag'] = 'Official tag';
c933a060 31$string['owner'] = 'Owner';
db32b054 32$string['otags'] = 'Official tags';
9f1c9dfc 33$string['othertags'] = 'Other tags (enter tags separated by commas)';
db32b054 34$string['ptags'] = 'User defined tags (Comma separated)';
c933a060 35$string['relatedtags'] = 'Related tags';
3627b0e3 36$string['removetagfrommyinterests'] = 'Remove \"$a\" from my interests';
c933a060 37$string['responsiblewillbenotified'] = 'The person responsible will be notified';
38$string['resetflag'] = 'Reset flag';
39$string['reset'] = 'Reset';
38fb8190 40$string['rsstitle'] = 'Course Tags RSS Feed for user: $a';
41$string['rssdesc'] = 'This RSS feed was automatically generated by Moodle and contains user generated tags for courses.';
c933a060 42$string['search'] = 'Search';
38fb8190 43$string['seeallblogs'] = 'See all blog entries tagged with \"$a\"...';
c933a060 44$string['searchresultsfor'] = 'Search results for \"$a\"';
45$string['searchtags'] = 'Search tags';
46$string['select'] = 'Select';
47$string['tagdescription'] = 'Tag description';
48$string['tag'] = 'Tag';
79081e87 49$string['tagtype'] = 'Tag type';
70e9b59d 50$string['tagtype_official'] = 'Official';
51$string['tagtype_default'] = 'Default';
c933a060 52$string['tags'] = 'Tags';
3caea5dc 53$string['taggedwith'] = 'tagged with \"$a\"';
c933a060 54$string['tagsaredisabled'] = 'Tags are disabled';
b91de8a5 55$string['thingtaggedwith'] = '\"$a->name\" is used once';
56$string['thingstaggedwith'] = '\"$a->name\" is used $a->count times';
c933a060 57$string['thistaghasnodesc'] = 'This tag currently has no description.';
58$string['timemodified'] = 'Modified';
79081e87 59$string['typechanged'] = 'Tag type changed';
c933a060 60$string['updatetag'] = 'Update';
3a597ace 61$string['updated'] = 'Updated';
98b5789d 62$string['withselectedtags'] = 'With selected tags...';
c933a060 63