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cc93c7da 1<?php
9baf6825 2
3// This file is part of Moodle -
5// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
8// (at your option) any later version.
10// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13// GNU General Public License for more details.
15// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
19 * Strings for component 'webservice', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
20 *
21 * @package webservice
22 * @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
5593d2dc 26$string['accessexception'] = 'Access control exception';
b0a9a0cd 27$string['accessnotallowed'] = 'Access to web service not allowed';
28$string['actwebserviceshhdr'] = 'Active web service protocols';
29$string['addaservice'] = 'Add service';
3e6161fb 30$string['addcapabilitytousers'] = 'Check users capability';
0d4b9d09 31$string['addcapabilitytousersdescription'] = 'To use web services, users need to have two different capabilities: \'/webservice:createtoken\' and a capability matching the web service protocols (\'webservice/rest:use\', \'webservice/soap:use\', ...). <br/>Advice: one way to set this up is to create a new \'Web Service\' system role with the \'webservice:createtoken\' capability and some protocol capabilities. Then assign this system role to the web service user.';
cc93c7da 32$string['addfunction'] = 'Add function';
30c8dd34 33$string['addfunctionhelp'] = 'Select the function to add to the service.';
8399c714 34$string['addfunctions'] = 'Add functions';
3e6161fb 35$string['addfunctionsdescription'] = 'On the <strong>Manage service</strong> page, click the <strong>Functions</strong> link for the newly created service. Add some functions to the service.';
bb1dff21 36$string['addrequiredcapability'] = 'Assign/Unassign the required capability';
30c8dd34 37$string['addservice'] = 'Add a new service: {$a->name} (id: {$a->id})';
1d2a1936 38$string['addservicefunction'] = 'Add functions to the service "{$a}"';
1bd06507 39$string['allusers'] = 'All users';
47ee1c35 40$string['amftestclient'] = 'AMF test client';
d4c6ef70 41$string['apiexplorer'] = 'API explorer';
42$string['apiexplorernotavalaible'] = 'API explorer not available yet.';
43$string['arguments'] = 'Arguments';
3785c9e2 44$string['authmethod'] = 'Authentication method';
abd9a3d1 45$string['configwebserviceplugins'] = 'For security reasons, only protocols that are in use should be enabled.';
5ae9f539 46$string['context'] = 'Context';
3e6161fb 47$string['createservicedescription'] = 'A service is a set of web service functions. You will allow the user to access to a new service. On the <strong>Add service</strong> page check \'Enable\' and \'Authorised users\' options. Select \'No required capability\'.';
48$string['createserviceforusersdescription'] = 'A service is a set of web service functions. You will allow users to access to a new service. On the <strong>Add service</strong> page check \'Enable\' and uncheck \'Authorised users\' options. Select \'No required capability\'.';
15e417fe 49$string['createtoken'] = 'Create token';
3e6161fb 50$string['createtokenforuser'] = 'Create a token for a user';
51$string['createtokenforuserdescription'] = 'On the <strong>Manage token</strong> page, click on \'Add\'. Then select the created user and service.';
52$string['createuser'] = 'Create a specific user';
53$string['createuserdescription'] = 'You need to create a specific user for the system controlling Moodle.';
30c8dd34 54$string['default'] = 'Default to "{$a}"';
a3103a10 55$string['deleteaservice'] = 'Delete service';
30c8dd34 56$string['deleteservice'] = 'Delete the service: {$a->name} (id: {$a->id})';
c25662b0 57$string['deleteserviceconfirm'] = 'Deleting a service will also delete the tokens related to this service. Do you really want to delete external service "{$a}"?';
58$string['deletetokenconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete this web service token for <strong>{$a->user}</strong> on the service <strong>{$a->service}</strong>?';
59$string['disabledwarning'] = 'All web service protocols are disabled. The "Enable web services" setting can be found in Advanced features.';
9ef728d6 60$string['doc'] = 'Documentation';
61$string['docaccessrefused'] = 'You are not allowed to see the documentation for this token';
4b4b53a7 62$string['documentation'] = 'web service documentation';
a3103a10 63$string['editaservice'] = 'Edit service';
30c8dd34 64$string['editservice'] = 'Edit the service: {$a->name} (id: {$a->id})';
86c252b4 65$string['enabled'] = 'Enabled';
abd9a3d1 66$string['enabledocumentation'] = 'Enable developer documentation';
3e6161fb 67$string['enabledocumentationdescription'] = 'Check it to give to the developers of the external system access to a detailed web services documentation. The developers only see the documentation of the service they have access to.';
3e6161fb 68$string['enableprotocols'] = 'Enable protocols';
abd9a3d1 69$string['enableprotocolsdescription'] = 'At least one protocol should be enabled. In counter part, even though Moodle takes a very good care about security issues, more you have enabled protocols, more your Moodle site is subject to external attacks.';
70$string['enablews'] = 'Enable web services';
71$string['enablewsdescription'] = 'Web services must be enabled in Advanced features.';
85b4c447 72$string['entertoken'] = 'Enter a security key/token:';
30c8dd34 73$string['error'] = 'Error: {$a}';
6bb31e40 74$string['errorcatcontextnotvalid'] = 'You cannot execute functions in the category context (category id:{$a->catid}). The context error message was: {$a->message}';
abf7dc44 75$string['errorcodes'] = 'Error message';
e21c56bd 76$string['errorcoursecontextnotvalid'] = 'You cannot execute functions in the course context (course id:{$a->courseid}). The context error message was: {$a->message}';
6bb31e40 77$string['errorinvalidparam'] = 'The param "{$a}" is invalid.';
eae18ab6 78$string['errorinvalidparamsapi'] = 'Invalid external api parameter';
79$string['errorinvalidparamsdesc'] = 'Invalid external api description';
d07ff72d 80$string['errorinvalidresponseapi'] = 'Invalid external api response';
81$string['errorinvalidresponsedesc'] = 'Invalid external api response description';
30c8dd34 82$string['errormissingkey'] = 'Missing required key in single structure: {$a}';
774b1b0f 83$string['errornotemptydefaultparamarray'] = 'The web service description parameter named \'{$a}\' is an single or multiple structure. The default can only be empty array. Check web service description.';
eae18ab6 84$string['erroronlyarray'] = 'Only arrays accepted.';
774b1b0f 85$string['erroroptionalparamarray'] = 'The web service description parameter named \'{$a}\' is an single or multiple structure. It can not be set as VALUE_OPTIONAL. Check web service description.';
476c0e82 86$string['errorresponsemissingkey'] = 'Error in response - Missing following required key in a single structure: {$a}';
eae18ab6 87$string['errorscalartype'] = 'Scalar type expected, array or object received.';
88$string['errorunexpectedkey'] = 'Unexpected keys detected in parameter array.';
f5072177 89$string['execute'] = 'Execute';
90$string['executewarnign'] = 'WARNING: if you press execute your database will be modified and changes can not be reverted automatically!';
cc93c7da 91$string['externalservice'] = 'External service';
92$string['externalservicefunctions'] = 'External service functions';
30c8dd34 93$string['externalservices'] = 'External services';
cc93c7da 94$string['externalserviceusers'] = 'External service users';
1e29fe3f 95$string['failedtolog'] = 'Failed to log';
cc93c7da 96$string['function'] = 'Function';
97$string['functions'] = 'Functions';
abf7dc44 98$string['generalstructure'] = 'General structure';
99$string['checkusercapability'] = 'Check user capability';
100$string['checkusercapabilitydescription'] = 'To use the web services, a user needs to have a capability matching the web service protocols (\'webservice/rest:use\', \'webservice/soap:use\', ...). <br/>Advice: one way to set this up is to create a new \'Web Service\' system role with protocol capabilities defined. Then you assign this system role to the web service user.';
8399c714 101$string['information'] = 'Information';
102$string['invalidextparam'] = 'Invalid external api parameter: {$a}';
103$string['invalidextresponse'] = 'Invalid external api response: {$a}';
3785c9e2 104$string['invalidiptoken'] = 'Invalid token - your IP is not supported';
105$string['invalidtimedtoken'] = 'Invalid token - token expired';
106$string['invalidtoken'] = 'Invalid token - token not found';
2d0acbd5 107$string['invalidtokensession'] = 'Invalid session based token - session not found or expired';
bb1dff21 108$string['iprestriction'] = 'IP restriction';
86dcc6f0 109$string['iprestriction_help'] = 'The user will need to call web service from the listed IPs.';
94e90ab7 110$string['key'] = 'Key';
30c8dd34 111$string['keyshelp'] = 'The keys are used to access your Moodle account from external applications.';
cc93c7da 112$string['manageprotocols'] = 'Manage protocols';
5ae9f539 113$string['managetokens'] = 'Manage tokens';
72f68b51 114$string['missingcaps'] = 'Missing capabilities.';
115$string['missingcaps_help'] = 'List of capabilities that the service functions require but that the user hasn\'t. You need to add these capabilities to this user in order to use the service.
9ef728d6 116Note: in some cases, some of these "required" capabilities could depend of a use case. For example: moodle_role_get_enrolled_users() function requires \'moodle/site:viewparticipants\' capability only for a site-wide request.';
b0a9a0cd 117$string['missingpassword'] = 'Missing password';
118$string['missingusername'] = 'Missing username';
1d2a1936 119$string['nofunctions'] = 'This service has no functions.';
09179b78 120$string['norequiredcapability'] = 'No required capability';
94e90ab7 121$string['notoken'] = 'The token list is empty.';
3e6161fb 122$string['onesystemcontrolling'] = 'One system controlling Moodle with token';
abd9a3d1 123$string['onesystemcontrollingdescription'] = 'The following steps help you to set up the Moodle web service for one system controlling Moodle (e.g a student information system). These steps also help to set up the recommended token (security keys) authentication method.';
5ae9f539 124$string['operation'] = 'Operation';
d4c6ef70 125$string['optional'] = 'Optional';
360e9415 126$string['phpparam'] = 'XML-RPC (PHP structure)';
127$string['phpresponse'] = 'XML-RPC (PHP structure)';
128$string['postrestparam'] = 'PHP code for REST (POST request)';
86c252b4 129$string['potusers'] = 'Not authorised users';
130$string['potusersmatching'] = 'Not authorised users matching';
cdb0bd6a 131$string['print'] = 'Print All';
cc93c7da 132$string['protocol'] = 'Protocol';
133$string['removefunction'] = 'Remove';
30c8dd34 134$string['removefunctionconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to remove function "{$a->function}" from service "{$a->service}"?';
d4c6ef70 135$string['requireauthentication'] = 'This method requires authentication with xxx permission.';
136$string['required'] = 'Required';
cc93c7da 137$string['requiredcapability'] = 'Required capability';
fbbaa58e 138$string['requiredcapability_help'] = 'If set, only users with the required capability can access the service.';
72f68b51 139$string['requiredcaps'] = 'Required capabilities';
30c8dd34 140$string['resettokenconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to reset this web service key for <strong>{$a->user}</strong> on the service <strong>{$a->service}</strong>?';
1a5deabd 141$string['resettokenconfirmsimple'] = 'Do you really want to reset this key? Any saved links containing the old key will not work anymore.';
d4c6ef70 142$string['response'] = 'Response';
360e9415 143$string['restcode'] = 'REST';
abf7dc44 144$string['restexception'] = 'REST';
886e3bfb 145$string['restparam'] = 'REST (POST parameters)';
86c252b4 146$string['restrictedusers'] = 'Authorised users only';
9ef728d6 147$string['restrictedusers_help'] = 'If this settings is disabled, any users with the \'moodle/webservice:createtoken\' capability will be able to generate a token for this service in their \'Security keys\' page.
148If this settings is enabled, you will choose which users can access this service. These users still need the \'moodle/webservice:createtoken\' capability to generate their own token in their \'Security keys\' page.';
30c8dd34 149$string['securitykey'] = 'Security key (token)';
94e90ab7 150$string['securitykeys'] = 'Security keys';
86dcc6f0 151$string['selectauthorisedusers'] = 'Select authorised users';
09179b78 152$string['selectedcapability'] = 'Selected';
30c8dd34 153$string['selectedcapabilitydoesntexit'] = 'The currently set required capability ({$a}) doesn\'t exist any more. Please change it and save the changes.';
f05d2193 154$string['selectservice'] = 'Select a service';
3e6161fb 155$string['selectspecificuser'] = 'Select a specific user';
72f68b51 156$string['selectspecificuserdescription'] = 'On the <strong>Manage service</strong> page, click on \'Authorised users\' and add the user to the authorised users list. The required user capabilities will be displayed. We recommend to create a role for this service and to add the capabilities to the role, then assign the role to the user.';
5ae9f539 157$string['service'] = 'Service';
abd9a3d1 158$string['servicehelpexplanation'] = 'A service is a set of functions. A service can be accessed by all users or just specified users. <strong>Custom services</strong> are services that you created. <strong>Default services</strong> are services that were added by default to Moodle. You can not change functions from a <strong>Default service</strong>.';
b5c6b61d 159$string['servicename'] = 'Service name';
cc93c7da 160$string['servicesbuiltin'] = 'Built-in services';
161$string['servicescustom'] = 'Custom services';
86c252b4 162$string['serviceusers'] = 'Authorised users';
86dcc6f0 163$string['serviceusersettings'] = 'User settings';
86c252b4 164$string['serviceusersmatching'] = 'Authorised users matching';
165$string['serviceuserssettings'] = 'Change settings for the authorised users';
166$string['simpleauthlog'] = 'Simple authentication login';
167$string['step'] = 'Step';
168$string['testauserwithtestclientdescription'] = 'Simulate external access to the service using the web service test client. Before going there, log on as a user set with the "moodle/webservice:createtoken" capability, and get his security key (token) from his "my moodle" block. You will use this token in the test client. In the test client, also choose an enabled protocol with the token authentication. <strong>Warning: the functions that you test WILL BE EXECUTED for this user, be carefull what you choose to test!!!</strong>';
f0dafb3c 169$string['testclient'] = 'Web service test client';
47ee1c35 170$string['testclientdescription'] = '* The web service test client <strong>executes</strong> the functions for <strong>REAL</strong>. Do not test functions that you don\'t know. <br/>* All existing web service functions are not yet implemented into the test client. <br/>* In order to check that a user cannot access some functions, you can test some functions that you didn\'t allow.<br/>* To see clearer error messages set the debugging to <strong>{$a->mode}</strong> into {$a->atag}<br/>* Access the {$a->amfatag}.';
f54dfa54 171$string['testwithtestclient'] = 'Test the service';
f54dfa54 172$string['testwithtestclientdescription'] = 'Simulate external access to the service using the web service test client. Use an enabled protocol with token authentication. <strong>Warning: the functions that you test WILL BE EXECUTED, be carefull what you choose to test!!!</strong>';
5ae9f539 173$string['token'] = 'Token';
1e29fe3f 174$string['tokenauthlog'] = 'Token authentication';
1bd06507 175$string['tokencreatedbyadmin'] = 'Can only be reset by administrator (*)';
b721742a 176$string['tokencreator'] = 'Creator';
86dcc6f0 177$string['updateusersettings'] = 'Update';
3e6161fb 178$string['userasclients'] = 'Users as clients with token';
abd9a3d1 179$string['userasclientsdescription'] = 'The following steps help you to set up the Moodle web service for users as clients. These steps also help to set up the recommended token (security keys) authentication method. In this use case, the user will generate his token from his <strong>Security keys</strong> profile page.';
72f68b51 180$string['usermissingcaps'] = 'Missing capabilities: {$a}.';
a44460b5 181$string['usernotallowed'] = 'The user is not allowed for this service. First you need to allow this user on the {$a}\'s allowed users administration page.';
86dcc6f0 182$string['usersettingssaved'] = 'User settings saved';
30c8dd34 183$string['validuntil'] = 'Valid until';
86dcc6f0 184$string['validuntil_help'] = 'If set, the service will be inactivated after this date for this user.';
4c148856 185$string['webservice'] = 'Web service';
cc93c7da 186$string['webservices'] = 'Web services';
3e6161fb 187$string['webservicesoverview'] = 'Overview';
5ae9f539 188$string['webservicetokens'] = 'Web service tokens';
b0a9a0cd 189$string['wrongusernamepassword'] = 'Wrong username or password';
190$string['wsauthmissing'] = 'The web service authentication plugin is missing.';
191$string['wsauthnotenabled'] = 'The web service authentication plugin is disabled.';
390cc887 192$string['wsclientdoc'] = 'Moodle web service client documentation';
d4c6ef70 193$string['wsdocumentation'] = 'Web service documentation';
7886efc4 194$string['wsdocumentationdisable'] = 'Web service documentation is disabled.';
9ef728d6 195$string['wsdocumentationintro'] = 'To create a client we advise you to read the {$a->doclink}';
85b4c447 196$string['wsdocumentationlogin'] = 'or enter your web service username and password:';
d4c6ef70 197$string['wspassword'] = 'Web service password';
198$string['wsusername'] = 'Web service username';