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d6ace123 1<?php // $Id$
b9ddb2d5 2 // auth.php - created with Moodle 1.5 UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT (2005010100)
49aafb90 3
220a90c5 5$string['actauthhdr'] = 'Active authentication plugins';
49aafb90 6$string['alternatelogin'] = 'If you enter a URL here, it will be used as the login page for this site. The page should contain a form which has the action property set to <strong>\'$a\'</strong> and return fields <strong>username</strong> and <strong>password</strong>.<br />Be careful not to enter an incorrect URL as you may lock yourself out of this site.<br />Leave this setting blank to use the default login page.';
7$string['alternateloginurl'] = 'Alternate Login URL';
fcd0ddbf 8$string['forgottenpassword'] = 'If you enter a URL here, it will be used as the lost password recovery page for this site. This is intended for sites where passwords are handled entirely outside of Moodle. Leave this blank to use the default password recovery.';
9$string['forgottenpasswordurl'] = 'Forgotten password URL';
cd607643 10$string['pluginnotenabled'] = 'Authentication plugin \'$a\' is not enabled.';
11$string['pluginnotinstalled'] = 'Authentication plugin \'$a\' is not installed.';
771dc7b2 12$string['user_activatenotsupportusertype'] = 'auth: ldap user_activate() does not support selected usertype: $a';
13$string['user_disablenotsupportusertype'] = 'auth: ldap user_disable() does not support selected usertype (..yet)';
4b327769 14// synchronization
16793340 15$string['auth_sync_script'] ='Cron synchronization script';
16793340 16$string['auth_remove_user_key'] ='Removed ext user';
17$string['auth_remove_user'] ='Specify what to do with internal user account during mass synchronization when user was removed from external source. Only suspended users are automatically revived if they reappear in ext source.';
18$string['auth_remove_keep'] ='Keep internal';
19$string['auth_remove_suspend'] ='Suspend internal';
20$string['auth_remove_delete'] ='Full delete internal';
304d08f0 22$string['auth_changepasswordurl'] = 'Change password URL';
23$string['auth_changepasswordurl_expl'] = 'Specify the url to send users who have lost their $a password. Set <strong>Use standard Change Password page</strong> to <strong>No</strong>.';
b9ddb2d5 24$string['auth_changepasswordhelp'] = 'Change password help';
25$string['auth_changepasswordhelp_expl'] = 'Display lost password help to users who have lost their $a password. This will be displayed either as well as or instead of the <strong>Change Password URL</strong> or Internal Moodle password change.';
49aafb90 26$string['auth_common_settings'] = 'Common settings';
27$string['auth_data_mapping'] = 'Data mapping';
b9ddb2d5 28
b9ddb2d5 29// Fieldlocks
304d08f0 30$string['auth_fieldlock'] = 'Lock value';
31$string['auth_fieldlock_expl'] = '<p><b>Lock value:</b> If enabled, will prevent Moodle users and admins from editing the field directly. Use this option if you are maintaining this data in the external auth system. </p>';
32$string['auth_fieldlocks'] = 'Lock user fields';
3f5abcb2 33$string['auth_fieldlocks_help'] = '<p>You can lock user data fields. This is useful for sites where the user data is maintained by the administrators manually by editing user records or uploading using the \'Upload users\' facility. If you are locking fields that are required by Moodle, make sure that you provide that data when creating user accounts or the accounts will be unusable.</p><p>Consider setting the lock mode to \'Unlocked if empty\' to avoid this problem.</p>';
f9dff243 34
49aafb90 35$string['auth_multiplehosts'] = 'Multiple hosts OR addresses can be specified (eg host1.com;host2.com;host3.com) or (eg xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)';
49aafb90 36$string['auth_updatelocal'] = 'Update local';
37$string['auth_updatelocal_expl'] = '<p><b>Update local:</b> If enabled, the field will be updated (from external auth) every time the user logs in or there is a user synchronization. Fields set to update locally should be locked.</p>';
38$string['auth_updateremote'] = 'Update external';
39$string['auth_updateremote_expl'] = '<p><b>Update external:</b> If enabled, the external auth will be updated when the user record is updated. Fields should be unlocked to allow edits.</p>';
40$string['auth_updateremote_ldap'] = '<p><b>Note:</b> Updating external LDAP data requires that you set binddn and bindpw to a bind-user with editing privileges to all the user records. It currently does not preserve multi-valued attributes, and will remove extra values on update. </p>';
41$string['auth_user_create'] = 'Enable user creation';
42$string['auth_user_creation'] = 'New (anonymous) users can create user accounts on the external authentication source and confirmed via email. If you enable this , remember to also configure module-specific options for user creation.';
43$string['auth_usernameexists'] = 'Selected username already exists. Please choose a new one.';
44$string['authenticationoptions'] = 'Authentication options';
45$string['authinstructions'] = 'Here you can provide instructions for your users, so they know which username and password they should be using. The text you enter here will appear on the login page. If you leave this blank then no instructions will be printed.';
46$string['changepassword'] = 'Change password URL';
3b8c2482 47$string['changepasswordhelp'] = 'Here you can specify a location at which your users can recover or change their username/password if they\'ve forgotten it. This will be provided to users as a button on the login page and their user page. If you leave this blank the button will not be printed.';
49aafb90 48$string['chooseauthmethod'] = 'Choose an authentication method';
4abbb75c 49$string['createpasswordifneeded'] = 'Create password if needed';
6bc1e5d5 50$string['errorpasswordupdate'] = 'Error updating password, password not changed';
c65ab2be 51$string['errormaxconsecutiveidentchars'] = 'Passwords must have at most $a consecutive identical characters.';
83022298 52$string['errorminpasswordlength'] = 'Passwords must be at least $a characters long.';
53$string['errorminpassworddigits'] = 'Passwords must have at least $a digit(s).';
54$string['errorminpasswordlower'] = 'Passwords must have at least $a lower case letter(s).';
55$string['errorminpasswordnonalphanum'] = 'Passwords must have at least $a non-alphanumeric character(s).';
56$string['errorminpasswordupper'] = 'Passwords must have at least $a upper case letter(s).';
b9ddb2d5 57$string['infilefield'] = 'Field required in file';
49aafb90 58$string['forcechangepassword'] = 'Force change password';
59$string['forcechangepassword_help'] = 'Force users to change password on their next login to Moodle.';
60$string['forcechangepasswordfirst_help'] = 'Force users to change password on their first login to Moodle.';
61$string['guestloginbutton'] = 'Guest login button';
62$string['instructions'] = 'Instructions';
63$string['internal'] = 'Internal';
8ae42b8d 64$string['md5'] = 'MD5 hash';
9696bd89 65$string['nopasswordchange'] = 'Password can not be changed';
66$string['nopasswordchangeforced'] ='You cannot proceed without changing your password, however there is no available page for changing it. Please contact your Moodle Administrator.';
49aafb90 67$string['passwordhandling'] = 'Password field handling';
68$string['plaintext'] = 'Plain text';
b9ddb2d5 69$string['selfregistration'] = 'Self registration';
e9180ff8 70$string['selfregistration_help'] = 'If an authentication plugin, such as email-based self-registration, is selected, then it enables potential users to register themselves and create accounts. This results in the possibility of spammers creating accounts in order to use forum posts, blog entries etc. for spam. To avoid this risk, self-registration should be disabled or limited by <em>Allowed email domains</em> setting.';
16793340 71$string['sha1'] = 'SHA-1 hash';
49aafb90 72$string['showguestlogin'] = 'You can hide or show the guest login button on the login page.';
73$string['stdchangepassword'] = 'Use standard Change Password Page';
74$string['stdchangepassword_expl'] = 'If the external authentication system allows password changes through Moodle, switch this to Yes. This setting overrides \'Change Password URL\'.';
75$string['stdchangepassword_explldap'] = 'NOTE: It is recommended that you use LDAP over an SSL encrypted tunnel (ldaps://) if the LDAP server is remote.';
b9ddb2d5 76$string['update_oncreate'] = 'On creation';
77$string['update_onlogin'] = 'On every login';
78$string['update_onupdate'] = 'On update';
79$string['update_never'] = 'Never';
49aafb90 80$string['unlocked'] = 'Unlocked';
81$string['unlockedifempty'] = 'Unlocked if empty';
b9ddb2d5 82$string['locked'] = 'Locked';
5d6308d4 83$string['incorrectpleasetryagain'] = 'Incorrect. Please try again.';
9b5f87d2 84$string['enterthewordsabove'] = 'Enter the words above';
85$string['enterthenumbersyouhear'] = 'Enter the numbers you hear';
5d6308d4 86$string['getanothercaptcha'] = 'Get another CAPTCHA';
87$string['getanaudiocaptcha'] = 'Get an audio CAPTCHA';
88$string['getanimagecaptcha'] = 'Get an image CAPTCHA';
7c572b8c 89$string['recaptcha'] = 'reCAPTCHA';
49aafb90 90?>