Ongoing fix, bug 5614 - added ALT text for link icons, based on TITLE. Merged from...
[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / blog.php
25a78406 1<?php // $Id$
b37a5f51 2
25a78406 3$string['addnewentry'] = 'Add a new entry';
4$string['addotags'] = 'Add official tags';
5$string['addptags'] = 'Add user-defined tags';
332135ef 6$string['blockmenutitle'] = 'Blog Menu';
7$string['blocktagstitle'] = 'Blog Tags';
4852ab88 8$string['blocktitle'] = 'Blog tags block title';
6479f657 9$string['blog'] = 'Blog';
772c5260 10$string['blogdeleteconfirm'] = 'Delete this blog?';
b37a5f51 11$string['blogs'] = 'Blogs';
332135ef 12$string['blogtags'] = 'Blog Tags';
25a78406 13$string['blogpreferences'] = 'Blog preferences';
ee64892a 14$string['courseblog'] = 'Course blog: $a';
25a78406 15$string['entrybody'] = 'Blog entry body';
16$string['entrybodyonlydesc'] = 'Entry description';
b37a5f51 17$string['entryerrornotyours'] = 'This entry is not yours';
25a78406 18$string['entrytitle'] = 'Entry title';
19$string['entryupdated'] = 'Blog entry updated';
ee64892a 20$string['groupblog'] = 'Group blog: $a';
21$string['intro'] = 'This RSS feed was automatically generated from one or more blogs.';
6887074b 22$string['noentriesyet'] = 'No visible entries here';
b37a5f51 23$string['noguestpost'] = 'Guest can not post blogs!';
22850841 24$string['norighttodeletetag'] = 'You have no rights to delete this tag - $a';
b37a5f51 25$string['notallowedtoedit'] = 'You are not allowed to edit this entry';
4852ab88 26$string['numberofentries'] = 'Entries: $a';
27$string['numberoftags'] = 'Number of tags to display';
25a78406 28$string['otags'] = 'Official tags';
29$string['pagesize'] = 'Number of blog entries per Page';
30$string['ptags'] = 'User defined tags';
31$string['publishto'] = 'Publish to';
32$string['publishtonoone'] = 'Yourself (draft)';
33$string['publishtosite'] = 'Anyone on this site';
34$string['publishtoworld'] = 'Anyone in the world';
35$string['settingsupdatederror'] = 'An error has occurred, blog preference setting could not be updated';
ee64892a 36$string['siteblog'] = 'Site blog: $a';
4852ab88 37$string['tagdatelastused'] = 'Date tag was last used';
38$string['tagsort'] = 'Sort the tag display by';
39$string['tagtext'] = 'Tag text';
40$string['timewithin'] = 'Display tags used within this many days';
25a78406 41$string['updateentrywithid'] = 'Updating entry';
ee64892a 42$string['userblog'] = 'User blog: $a';
772c5260 43$string['viewcourseentries'] = 'View course entries';
25a78406 44$string['viewmyentries'] = 'View my entries';
45$string['viewsiteentries'] = 'View site entries';
b37a5f51 46
44abf704 47$string['worldblogs'] = 'The world can read entries set to be world-accessible';
48$string['siteblogs'] = 'All site users can see all blog entries';
49$string['courseblogs'] = 'Users can only see blogs for people who share a course';
50$string['groupblogs'] = 'Users can only see blogs for people who share a group';
51$string['personalblogs'] = 'Users can only see their own blog';
8d1727ec 52$string['disableblogs'] = 'Disable blog system completely';
b37a5f51 54?>