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a3425b2a 1<?php
3$string['action'] = 'Action';
4$string['add'] = 'Add entry';
5$string['addafield'] = 'Add a Field';
6$string['addtemplate'] = 'Add Template';
7$string['ascending'] = 'Ascending';
8$string['atmaxentry'] = 'You have entered the maximum number of entries allowed!';
9$string['autogenallforms'] = 'Generate all default templates';
10$string['availablefromdate'] = 'Available from';
11$string['availabletags'] = 'Available tags';
12$string['availabletodate'] = 'Available to';
13$string['browse'] = 'Browse';
14$string['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
15$string['checkbox'] = 'Checkbox(es)';
16$string['comments'] = 'Allow comments?';
17$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable the possibility of RSS feeds for all databases. You will still need to turn feeds on manually in the settings for each database.';
18$string['confirmdeletefield'] = 'You are about to delete this field, are you sure?';
19$string['confirmdeleterecord'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this record?';
20$string['dateentered'] = 'Date entered';
21$string['descending'] = 'Descending';
22$string['deletefield'] = 'Delete an existing Field';
23$string['menu'] = 'Menu (Single-selection)';
24$string['menuchoose'] = 'Choose...';
25$string['emptyadd'] = 'The Add template is empty, generating a default form...';
26$string['emptyaddform'] = 'You did not fill out any fields!';
27$string['entrysaved'] = 'Your entry has been saved';
28$string['example'] = 'Database module example';
29$string['fieldadded'] = 'Field added';
30$string['fielddeleted'] = 'Field deleted';
31$string['fieldname'] = 'Field name';
32$string['fields'] = 'Fields';
33$string['fieldupdated'] = 'Field updated';
34$string['file'] = 'File';
35$string['footer'] = 'Footer';
36$string['generatedefault'] = 'Generate default template';
37$string['header'] = 'Header';
38$string['headeraddtemplate'] = 'Defines the interface when adding new entries';
39$string['headerlisttemplate'] = 'Defines browsing interface for multiple entries';
40$string['headerrsstemplate'] = 'Defines appearance of entries in RSS feeds';
41$string['headersingletemplate'] = 'Defines browsing interface for a single entry';
42$string['insufficiententries'] = 'more entries needed to view this database';
43$string['intro'] = 'Introduction';
44$string['invalidfieldname'] = 'Please choose another name for this field';
45$string['invalidurl'] = 'The URL you just entered is not valid';
46$string['listtemplate'] = 'List Template';
47$string['maxentries'] = 'Maximum entries';
48$string['modulename'] = 'Database';
49$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Databases';
50$string['multientry'] = 'Repeated entry';
51$string['multimenu'] = 'Menu (Multiple-selection)';
52$string['multipletags'] = 'Multiple tags found! Template not saved';
53$string['namecheckbox'] = 'Checkbox Field';
54$string['namemenu'] = 'Menu Field';
55$string['namemultimenu'] = 'Multiple-selection Menu Field';
56$string['namefile'] = 'File Field';
57$string['nameradiobutton'] = 'Radio Button Field';
58$string['nameurl'] = 'URL Field';
59$string['nametext'] = 'Text Field';
60$string['nametextarea'] = 'Textarea Field';
61$string['namepicture'] = 'Picture Field';
62$string['newentry'] = 'New entry';
63$string['newfield'] = 'Create a new field';
64$string['nofieldindatabase'] = 'There are no fields defined for this database, please add some';
65$string['nolisttemplate'] = 'List template is not yet defined';
66$string['nosingletemplate'] = 'Single Template is not yet defined';
67$string['nomaximum'] = 'No maximum';
68$string['numberrssarticles'] = 'RSS articles';
69$string['numrecords'] = 'Records';
70$string['noaccess'] = 'You do not have access to this page';
71$string['nomatch'] = 'No matching entries found!';
72$string['norecords'] = 'No entries in database';
73$string['optionaldescription'] = 'Short description (optional)';
74$string['optionalfilename'] = 'Filename (optional)';
75$string['pagesize'] = 'Entries per page';
76$string['participants'] = 'Participants';
77$string['picture'] = 'Picture';
78$string['radiobutton'] = 'Radio Buttons';
79$string['recorddeleted'] = 'Record Deleted';
80$string['requireapproval'] = 'Require Approval?';
81$string['requiredentries'] = 'Required entries';
82$string['requiredentriestoview'] = 'Entries required before viewing';
235ef1e5 83$string['rsshowmany'] = '(number of latest entries to show, 0 to disable RSS)';
a3425b2a 84$string['rsstemplate'] = 'RSS Template';
85$string['save'] = 'Save';
86$string['savetemplate'] = 'Save template';
87$string['singletemplate'] = 'Single Template';
88$string['teachersandstudents'] = '$a->teachers and $a->students';
89$string['templates'] = 'Templates';
90$string['text'] = 'Text';
91$string['textarea'] = 'Textarea';
92$string['type'] = 'Field type';
93$string['updatefield'] = 'Update an existing field';
94$string['url'] = 'Url';
95$string['viewfromdate'] = 'Viewable from';
96$string['viewtodate'] = 'Viewable to';