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49aafb90 1<?php // $Id$
2 // error.php - created with Moodle 1.2 development (2003122600)
4$string['adminprimarynoedit'] = 'The primary admin cannot be edited by others';
5$string['cannotcreatetempdir'] = 'Cannot create temp dir.';
6$string['cannotdownloadcomponents'] = 'Cannot download components.';
7$string['cannotdownloadzipfile'] = 'Cannot download ZIP file.';
8$string['cannotfindcomponent'] = 'Cannot find component.';
9$string['cannotsavezipfile'] = 'Cannot save ZIP file.';
10$string['cannotunzipfile'] = 'Cannot unzip file.';
11$string['cannotsavemd5file'] = 'Cannot save md5 file.';
12$string['coursegroupunknown'] = 'Course corresponding to group $a not specified';
13$string['cmunknown'] = 'Couldn\'t find this course module';
14$string['componentisuptodate'] = 'Component is up to date.';
15$string['confirmsesskeybad'] = 'Sorry, but your session key could not be confirmed to carry out this action. This security feature prevents against accidental or malicious execution of important functions in your name. Please make sure you really wanted to execute this function.';
16$string['downloadedfilecheckfailed'] = 'Downloaded file check failed.';
17$string['errorcleaningdirectory'] = 'Error cleaning directory \"$a\"';
18$string['errorcopyingfiles'] = 'Error copying files';
19$string['errorcreatingdirectory'] = 'Error creating directory \"$a\"';
20$string['errorcreatingfile'] = 'Error creating file \"$a\"';
21$string['errorreadingfile'] = 'Error reading file \"$a\"';
22$string['erroronline'] = 'Error on line $a';
23$string['errorunzippingfiles'] = 'Error unzipping files';
24$string['forumblockingtoomanyposts'] = 'You have exceeded the posting threshold set for this forum.';
25$string['fieldrequired'] = '\"$a\" is a required field';
26$string['filenotfound'] = 'Sorry, the requested file could not be found';
27$string['groupalready'] = 'User already belongs to group $a';
28$string['groupunknown'] = 'Group $a not associated to specified course';
29$string['invalidcourse'] = 'Invalid course';
30$string['invalidfieldname'] = '\"$a\" is not a valid field name';
31$string['invalidfiletype'] = '\"$a\" is not a valid file type';
32$string['invalidmd5'] = 'Invalid md5';
33$string['invalidxmlfile'] = '\"$a\" is not a valid XML file';
34$string['missingfield'] = 'Field \"$a\" is missing';
35$string['missingrequiredfield'] = 'Some reuired field is missing';
36$string['modulerequirementsnotmet'] = 'Module \"$a->modulename\" ($a->moduleversion) could not be installed. It requires a newer version of Moodle (currently you are using $a->currentmoodle, you need $a->requiremoodle).';
37$string['modulemissingcode'] = 'Module $a is missing the code needed to perform this function';
38$string['mustbeteacher'] = 'You must be a teacher to look at this page';
39$string['noinstances'] = 'There are no instances of $a in this course! ';
40$string['nonmeaningfulcontent'] = 'Non meaningful content';
41$string['noparticipatorycms'] = 'Sorry, but you have no participatory course modules to report on.';
42$string['notavailable'] = 'That is not currently available';
43$string['onlyeditown'] = 'You can only edit your own information';
44$string['onlyeditingteachers'] = 'Only editing teachers can do that.';
45$string['onlyadmins'] = 'Only administrators can do that.';
46$string['processingstops'] = 'Processing stops here. Remaining records ignored.';
47$string['remotedownloadnotallowed'] = 'Download of components to your server isn\'t allowed (allow_url_fopen is disabled).<br /><br />You must download the <a href=\"$a->url\">$a->url</a> file manually, copy it to \"$a->dest\" in your server and unzip it there.';
48$string['restricteduser'] = 'Sorry, but your current account \"$a\" is restricted from doing that.';
49$string['sessionerroruser'] = 'Your session has timed out. Please login again.';
50$string['sessionerroruser2'] = 'A server error that affects your login session was detected. Please login again or restart your browser.';
51$string['sessionipnomatch'] = 'Sorry, but your IP number seems to have changed from when you first logged in. This security feature prevents crackers stealing your identity while logged in to this site. Normal users should not be seeing this message - please ask the site administrator for help.';
52$string['statscatchupmode'] = 'Statistics is currently in catchup mode. So far $a->daysdone day(s) have been processed and $a->dayspending are pending. Check back soon!';
53$string['unknowncourse'] = 'Unknown course named \"$a\"';
54$string['usernotaddederror'] = 'User \"$a\" not added - unknown error';
55$string['usernotaddedregistered'] = 'User \"$a\" not added - already registered';
56$string['usernotavailable'] = 'The details of this user are not available to you.';
57$string['usernotrenamedexists'] = 'User not renamed -- the new username is already in use.';
58$string['usernotrenamedmissing'] = 'User not renamed -- could not find the old username.';
59$string['wrongdestpath'] = 'Wrong destination path.';
60$string['wrongsourcebase'] = 'Wrong source URL base.';
61$string['wrongzipfilename'] = 'Wrong ZIP filename.';