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49aafb90 1<?PHP // $Id$
304d08f0 2 // grades.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
49aafb90 3
5$string['addcategory'] = 'Add Category';
6$string['addcategoryerror'] = 'Could not add category.';
7$string['addexceptionerror'] = 'Error occurred while adding exception for userid:gradeitem';
1ec74ea5 8$string['addfeedback'] = 'Add Feedback';
5b5eb8e6 9$string['additem'] = 'Add Grade Item';
49aafb90 10$string['allgrades'] = 'All grades by category';
11$string['allstudents'] = 'All Students';
5b5eb8e6 12$string['autosort'] = 'Auto-sort';
49aafb90 13$string['average'] = 'Average';
f115f8c8 14$string['badgrade'] = 'Supplied grade is invalid';
15$string['baduser'] = 'Supplied user is invalid';
49aafb90 16$string['bonuspoints'] = 'Bonus Points';
5b5eb8e6 17$string['calculation'] = 'Calculation';
49aafb90 18$string['categories'] = 'Categories';
19$string['category'] = 'Category';
b78bb4f7 20$string['categoriesedit'] = 'Edit Categories';
45ec6bcf 21$string['categoryname'] = 'Category name';
49aafb90 22$string['choosecategory'] = 'Select Category';
8ace7bf7 23$string['contract'] = 'Contract Category';
210611f6 24$string['createcategory'] = 'Create Category';
25$string['createcategoryerror'] = 'Could not create a new category';
49aafb90 26$string['creatinggradebooksettings'] = 'Creating Gradebook settings';
27$string['curveto'] = 'Curve To';
28$string['deletecategory'] = 'Delete Category';
29$string['displaylettergrade'] = 'Display Letter Grades';
30$string['displaypercent'] = 'Display Percents';
31$string['displaypoints'] = 'Display Points';
32$string['displayweighted'] = 'Display Weighted Grades';
33$string['dropped'] = 'Dropped';
34$string['dropxlowest'] = 'Drop X Lowest';
35$string['dropxlowestwarning'] = 'Note: If you use drop x lowest the grading assumes that all items in the category have the same point value. If point values differ results will be unpredictable';
1ec74ea5 36$string['editfeedback'] = 'Edit Feedback';
f115f8c8 37$string['encoding'] = 'Encoding';
304d08f0 38$string['errorgradevaluenonnumeric'] = 'Received non-numeric for low or high grade for';
49aafb90 39$string['errornocategorizedid'] = 'Could not get an uncategorized id!';
40$string['errornocourse'] = 'Could not get course information';
41$string['errorreprintheadersnonnumeric'] = 'Received non-numeric value for reprint-headers';
42$string['exceptions'] = 'Exceptions';
43$string['excluded'] = 'Excluded';
8ace7bf7 44$string['expand'] = 'Expand Category';
f115f8c8 45$string['exportods'] = 'Export ODS';
46$string['exporttxt'] = 'Export TXT';
47$string['exportxml'] = 'Export XML';
49aafb90 48$string['extracredit'] = 'Extra Credit';
49$string['extracreditwarning'] = 'Note: Setting all items for a category to extra credit will effectively remove them from the grade calculation. Since there will be no point total';
13b10724 50$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
51$string['feedbackedit'] = 'Edit feedback';
45ec6bcf 52$string['forelementtypes'] = ' for the selected $a';
49aafb90 53$string['forstudents'] = 'For Students';
13b10724 54$string['grade'] = 'Grade';
49aafb90 55$string['gradebook'] = 'Gradebook';
56$string['gradebookhiddenerror'] = 'The gradebook is currently set to hide everything from students.';
57$string['gradecategoryhelp'] = 'Grade Category Help';
58$string['gradeexceptions'] = 'Grade Exceptions';
59$string['gradeexceptionshelp'] = 'Grade Exceptions Help';
60$string['gradehelp'] = 'Grade Help';
d30c99c1 61$string['gradeitem'] = 'Grade item';
34e67f76 62$string['gradeitemlocked'] = 'Grading locked';
f115f8c8 63$string['gradeitemsinc'] = 'Grade items to be included';
304d08f0 64$string['gradeitemaddusers'] = 'Exclude from Grading';
65$string['gradeitemmembersselected'] = 'Excluded from Grading';
66$string['gradeitemnonmembers'] = 'Included in Grading';
67$string['gradeitemremovemembers'] = 'Include in Grading';
68$string['gradeitems'] = 'Grade Items';
49aafb90 69$string['gradeletter'] = 'Grade Letter';
70$string['gradeletterhelp'] = 'Grade Letter Help';
71$string['gradeletternote'] = 'To delete a grade letter just empty any of the<br /> three text areas for that letter and click submit.';
5b5eb8e6 72$string['grademax'] = 'Maximum grade';
73$string['grademin'] = 'Minimum grade';
d30c99c1 74$string['gradepass'] = 'Grade to pass';
75$string['itemsedit'] = 'Edit grade item';
5b5eb8e6 76$string['multfactor'] = 'Multiplicator';
77$string['plusfactor'] = 'Offset';
8161dbb6 78$string['gradepreferences'] = 'Grade Preferences';
49aafb90 79$string['gradepreferenceshelp'] = 'Grade Preferences Help';
80$string['grades'] = 'Grades';
4fcdf500 81$string['gradereports'] = 'Grades report';
b78bb4f7 82$string['graderreport'] = 'Grader report';
d30c99c1 83$string['gradetype'] = 'Grade type';
49aafb90 84$string['gradeweighthelp'] = 'Grade Weight Help';
85$string['hideadvanced'] = 'Hide Advanced Features';
86$string['hidecategory'] = 'Hidden';
87$string['highgradeascending'] = 'Sort by high grade ascending';
88$string['highgradedescending'] = 'Sort by high grade descending';
89$string['highgradeletter'] = 'High';
f115f8c8 90$string['identifier'] = 'Identify user by';
91$string['importcsv'] = 'Import CSV';
92$string['importfailed'] = 'Import failed';
93$string['importfile'] = 'Import file';
f5721172 94$string['importpreview'] = 'Import preview';
f115f8c8 95$string['importsuccess'] = 'Grade import success';
96$string['importxml'] = 'Import XML';
49aafb90 97$string['incorrectcourseid'] = 'Course ID was incorrect';
98$string['item'] = 'Item';
d30c99c1 99$string['iteminfo'] = 'Item info';
100$string['itemname'] = 'Item name';
49aafb90 101$string['items'] = 'Items';
102$string['lettergrade'] = 'Letter Grade';
103$string['lettergradenonnumber'] = 'Low and/or High grade were non-numeric for';
104$string['letters'] = 'Letters';
5fad5061 105$string['lock'] = 'Lock';
5b5eb8e6 106$string['locked'] = 'Locked';
107$string['locktime'] = 'Locked until';
49aafb90 108$string['lowest'] = 'Lowest';
109$string['lowgradeletter'] = 'Low';
f115f8c8 110$string['mapfrom'] = 'Map from';
111$string['mapto'] = 'Map to';
49aafb90 112$string['max'] = 'Highest';
113$string['maxgrade'] = 'Max Grade';
f115f8c8 114$string['mappings'] = 'Grade item mappings';
49aafb90 115$string['median'] = 'Median';
116$string['min'] = 'Lowest';
117$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
5fad5061 118$string['movingelement'] = 'Moving $a';
45ec6bcf 119$string['newcategory'] = 'New category';
49aafb90 120$string['no'] = 'No';
121$string['nocategories'] = 'Grade categories could not be added or found for this course';
210611f6 122$string['nocategoryname'] = 'No category name was given.';
49aafb90 123$string['nocategoryview'] = 'No category to view by';
124$string['nogradeletters'] = 'No grade letters set';
125$string['nogradesreturned'] = 'No grades returned';
126$string['nolettergrade'] = 'No letter grade for';
127$string['nomode'] = 'NA';
304d08f0 128$string['nonnumericweight'] = 'Received non-numeric value for';
49aafb90 129$string['nonweightedpct'] = 'non-weighted %%';
210611f6 130$string['noselectedcategories'] = 'no categories were selected.';
131$string['noselecteditems'] = 'no items were selected.';
49aafb90 132$string['notteachererror'] = 'You must be a teacher to use this feature.';
13b10724 133$string['onascaleof'] = ' on a scale of $a->grademin to $a->grademax';
5b5eb8e6 134$string['outcome'] = 'Outcome';
49aafb90 135$string['pctoftotalgrade'] = '%% of total grade';
136$string['percent'] = 'Percent';
137$string['percentascending'] = 'Sort by percent ascending';
138$string['percentdescending'] = 'Sort by percent descending';
139$string['percentshort'] = '%%';
140$string['points'] = 'points';
141$string['pointsascending'] = 'Sort by points ascending';
142$string['pointsdescending'] = 'Sort by points descdending';
143$string['preferences'] = 'Preferences';
1e0503f6 144$string['rank'] = 'Rank';
49aafb90 145$string['rawpct'] = 'Raw %%';
146$string['reprintheaders'] = 'Reprint Headers';
147$string['savechanges'] = 'Save Changes';
148$string['savepreferences'] = 'Save Preferences';
149$string['scaledpct'] = 'Scaled %%';
5fad5061 150$string['selectdestination'] = 'Select destination of $a';
f115f8c8 151$string['septab'] = 'Tab';
152$string['sepcomma'] = 'Comma';
153$string['separator'] = 'Separator';
49aafb90 154$string['setcategories'] = 'Set Categories';
155$string['setcategorieserror'] = 'You must first set the categories for your course before you can give weights to them.';
156$string['setgradeletters'] = 'Set Grade Letters';
157$string['setpreferences'] = 'Set Preferences';
158$string['setting'] = 'Setting';
159$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
160$string['setweights'] = 'Set Weights';
161$string['showallstudents'] = 'Show All Students';
162$string['showhiddenitems'] = 'Show Hidden Items';
163$string['sort'] = 'sort';
1ec74ea5 164$string['sortasc'] = 'Sort in ascending order';
165$string['sortdesc'] = 'Sort in descending order';
49aafb90 166$string['sortbyfirstname'] = 'Sort by Firstname';
167$string['sortbylastname'] = 'Sort by Lastname';
168$string['standarddeviation'] = 'Standard Deviation';
169$string['stats'] = 'Statistics';
170$string['statslink'] = 'Stats';
171$string['student'] = 'Student';
45ec6bcf 172$string['subcategory'] = 'Normal Category';
5b5eb8e6 173$string['synclegacygrades'] = 'Synchronise legacy grades';
45ec6bcf 174$string['topcategory'] = 'Super Category';
49aafb90 175$string['total'] = 'Total';
176$string['totalweight100'] = 'The total weight is equal to 100';
177$string['totalweightnot100'] = 'The total weight is not equal to 100';
1ec74ea5 178$string['turnfeedbackoff'] = 'Turn feedback off';
179$string['turnfeedbackon'] = 'Turn feedback on';
5b5eb8e6 180$string['typenone'] = 'None';
181$string['typescale'] = 'Scale';
182$string['typetext'] = 'Text';
183$string['typevalue'] = 'Value';
49aafb90 184$string['uncategorised'] = 'Uncategorised';
5fad5061 185$string['unlock'] = 'Unlock';
f115f8c8 186$string['uploadgrades'] = 'Upload grades';
49aafb90 187$string['useadvanced'] = 'Use Advanced Features';
5b5eb8e6 188$string['usenooutcome'] = 'Use no outcome';
189$string['usenoscale'] = 'Use no scale';
49aafb90 190$string['usepercent'] = 'Use Percent';
1e0503f6 191$string['userreport'] = 'User grade report';
49aafb90 192$string['useweighted'] = 'Use Weighted';
193$string['viewbygroup'] = 'Group';
194$string['viewgrades'] = 'View Grades';
195$string['weight'] = 'weight';
196$string['weightedascending'] = 'Sort by weighted percent ascending';
197$string['weighteddescending'] = 'Sort by weighted percent descending';
198$string['weightedpct'] = 'weighted %%';
199$string['weightedpctcontribution'] = 'weighted %% contribution';
200$string['writinggradebookinfo'] = 'Writing Gradebook settings';
201$string['yes'] = 'Yes';
59fd781a 202$string['yourgrade'] = 'Your grade';
49aafb90 203?>