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27626e71 1<?PHP // $Id$
49aafb90 2
e2537ca3 4$string['activities'] = 'Activities';
9e47906c 5$string['addcategory'] = 'Add category';
49aafb90 6$string['addcategoryerror'] = 'Could not add category.';
7$string['addexceptionerror'] = 'Error occurred while adding exception for userid:gradeitem';
9e47906c 8$string['addfeedback'] = 'Add feedback';
109bf12c 9$string['addgradeletter'] = 'Add a grade letter';
9f4b0c6e 10$string['addidnumbers'] = 'Add id numbers';
9e47906c 11$string['additem'] = 'Add grade item';
12$string['addoutcomeitem'] = 'Add outcome item';
dc482cfa 13$string['addoutcome'] = 'Add an outcome';
14$string['addscale'] = 'Add a scale';
c2efb501 15$string['aggregateextracreditmean'] = 'Mean of grades (with extra credits)';
16$string['aggregatemean'] = 'Mean of grades';
17$string['aggregatemedian'] = 'Median of grades';
9ddc09af 18$string['aggregatemin'] = 'Lowest grade';
c2efb501 19$string['aggregatemax'] = 'Highest grade';
20$string['aggregatemode'] = 'Mode of grades';
21$string['aggregateonlygraded'] = 'Aggregate only non-empty grades';
41b9c42b 22$string['aggregateonlygradedhelp'] = 'Nonexistent grades are either treated as minimal grades or not included in aggregation.';
58d9b706 23$string['aggregateoutcomes'] = 'Include outcomes in aggregation';
41b9c42b 24$string['aggregateoutcomeshelp'] = 'Including outcomes in aggregation may not lead to the desired overall grade, so you have the option to include or leave them out.';
c2efb501 25$string['aggregatesubcats'] = 'Aggregate including subcategories';
41b9c42b 26$string['aggregatesubcatshelp'] = 'The aggregation is usually done only with immediate children, it is also possible to aggregate grades in all subcategories excluding other aggregated grades.';
0758a08e 27$string['aggregatesum'] = 'Sum of grades';
384960dd 28$string['aggregatesonly'] = 'Aggregates only';
c2efb501 29$string['aggregateweightedmean'] = 'Weighted mean of grades';
1426edac 30$string['aggregateweightedmean2'] = 'Simple weighted mean of grades';
82b4da86 31$string['aggregation'] = 'Aggregation';
072f3c47 32$string['aggregationcoef'] = 'Aggregation coefficient';
653a8648 33$string['aggregationcoefextra'] = 'Extra credit';
34$string['aggregationcoefextrahelp'] = 'Extra credit for this grade item during aggregation.';
7d10995c 35$string['aggregationcoefextrasum'] = 'Extra credit';
36$string['aggregationcoefextrasumhelp'] = 'Extra credit for this grade item during aggregation.';
bfe0c0dd 37$string['aggregationcoefweight'] = 'Item weight';
7d10995c 38$string['aggregationcoefweighthelp'] = 'Weight applied to all grades in this grade item during aggregation with other grade items.';
41b9c42b 39$string['aggregationhelp'] = 'Strategy used to aggregate grades across all students in a course.';
82b4da86 40$string['aggregationposition'] = 'Aggregation position';
653a8648 41$string['aggregationsvisible'] = 'Available aggregation types';
42$string['aggregationsvisiblehelp'] = 'Select all aggregation types that should be available. Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple items.';
82b4da86 43$string['aggregationview'] = 'Aggregation view';
49aafb90 44$string['allgrades'] = 'All grades by category';
9e47906c 45$string['allstudents'] = 'All students';
d08bba83 46$string['allusers'] = 'All users';
5b5eb8e6 47$string['autosort'] = 'Auto-sort';
9f4b0c6e 48$string['availableidnumbers'] = 'Available id numbers';
49aafb90 49$string['average'] = 'Average';
e50ce569 50$string['averagesdecimalpoints'] = 'Decimals in column averages';
36e53792 51$string['averagesdisplaytype'] = 'Column averages display type';
89a5f827 52$string['backupwithoutgradebook'] = 'Backup does not contain Gradebook configuration';
f115f8c8 53$string['badgrade'] = 'Supplied grade is invalid';
dc482cfa 54$string['badlyformattedscale'] = 'Please enter a comma-separated list of values (at least two values required).';
f115f8c8 55$string['baduser'] = 'Supplied user is invalid';
9e47906c 56$string['bonuspoints'] = 'Bonus points';
52a4b8ea 57$string['combo'] = 'Tabs and Dropdown menu';
82b4da86 58$string['bulkcheckboxes'] = 'Bulk checkboxes';
dc482cfa 59$string['calculatedgrade'] = 'Calculated grade';
5b5eb8e6 60$string['calculation'] = 'Calculation';
d2e87c0c 61$string['calculationadd'] = 'Add calculation';
62$string['calculationedit'] = 'Edit calculation';
63$string['calculationview'] = 'View calculation';
64$string['calculationsaved'] = 'Calculation saved';
5b36bcba 65$string['cannotaccessgroup'] = 'Can not access grades of selected group, sorry.';
49aafb90 66$string['categories'] = 'Categories';
9e47906c 67$string['categoriesanditems'] = 'Categories and items';
68$string['categoriesedit'] = 'Edit categories and items';
49aafb90 69$string['category'] = 'Category';
9e47906c 70$string['categoryedit'] = 'Edit category';
45ec6bcf 71$string['categoryname'] = 'Category name';
58d9b706 72$string['categorytotal'] = 'Category total';
653a8648 73$string['categorytotalfull'] = '$a->category total';
e0724506 74$string['changereportdefaults'] = 'Change report defaults';
10957cf0 75$string['changedefaults'] = 'Change defaults';
9e47906c 76$string['choosecategory'] = 'Select category';
4d526fb1 77$string['chooseaction'] = 'Choose an action ...';
6e1d5e04 78$string['compact'] = 'Compact';
9e47906c 79$string['configdisablegradehistory'] = 'Disable history tracking of changes in grades related tables. This may speed up the server a little and conserve space in database.';
80$string['configaggregationposition'] = 'Defines the position of the aggregation total column in the report related to the grades being aggregated.';
060d1e17 81$string['configaggregationview'] = 'Each category can be displayed in three ways: Full mode (aggregated column and grade item columns), the aggregated column only, or the grade items alone.';
c2acd831 82$string['configaveragesdecimalpoints'] = 'Specifies the number of decimal points to display for each column mean. If Inherit is selected, the display type for each column is used.';
83$string['configaveragesdisplaytype'] = 'Specifies how to display the mean for each column. If Inherit is selected, the display type for each column is used.';
109bf12c 84$string['configcoursegradedisplaytype'] = 'Select the default display type of grades for this course. You can also select the site default value. Grades can be shown as real grades, as percentages (in reference to the minimum and maximum grades) or as letters (A, B, C etc..). Selecting Letters will allow you to define your own grade letters and boundaries.';
0ba5a45a 85$string['configdecimalpoints'] = 'Specifies the number of decimal points to display for each grade. This setting may be overridden per grading item.';
82b4da86 86$string['configenableajax'] = 'Adds a layer of AJAX functionality to the grader report, simplifying and speeding up common operations. Depends on Javascript being switched on at the user\'s browser level.';
5df8b070 87$string['configenableoutcomes'] = 'Support for Outcomes (also known as Competencies, Goals, Standards or Criteria) means that we can grade things using one or more scales that are tied to outcome statements. Enabling outcomes makes such special grading possible throughout the site.';
126d92d3 88$string['configfixedstudents'] = 'Allows grades to scroll horizontally without losing sight of the students column, by making it static.';
32b97bb2 89$string['configgradeboundary'] = 'A percentage boundary over which grades will be assigned a grade letter (if the Letter grade display type is used). ';
0ba5a45a 90$string['configgradedisplaytype'] = 'Specifies how to display grades in the grader and user reports. Grades may be shown as actual grades, as percentages (in reference to the minimum and maximum grades) or as letters.';
c71d6d89 91$string['configgradeexportdisplaytype'] = 'Grades can be shown as real grades, as percentages (in reference to the minimum and maximum grades) or as letters (A, B, C etc..) during export. This can be overridden during export.';
92$string['configexportdecimalpoints'] = 'The number of decimal points to display for export. This can be overridden during export.';
1ee0df06 93$string['configgradehistorylifetime'] = 'This specifies the length of time you want to keep history of changes in grade related tables. It is recommended to keep it as long as possible. If you experience performance problems or have limited database space, try to set lower value.';
3d5c00b3 94$string['configgradeitemadvanced'] = 'Select all elements that should be displayed as advanced when editing grade items.';
56cef27d 95$string['configgradeletter'] = 'A letter or other symbol used to represent a range of grades.';
96$string['configgradeletterdefault'] = 'A letter or other symbol used to represent a range of grades. Leave this field empty to use the site default (currently $a).';
c71d6d89 97$string['configgradepublishing'] = 'Enable publishing in exports and imports: Exported grades can be accessed by accessing a URL, without having to log on to a Moodle site. Grades can be imported by accessing such a URL (which means that a Moodle site can import grades published by another site). By default only administrators may use this feature, please educate users before adding required capabilities to other roles (dangers of bookmark sharing and download accelerators, IP restrictions, etc.).';
ced5ee59 98$string['confighiddenasdate'] = 'If user can not see hidden grades show date of submission instead of \'-\'.';
91f9a62c 99$string['configincludescalesinaggregation'] = 'You can change whether scales are to be included as numbers in all aggregated grades across all gradebooks in all courses. CAUTION: changing this setting will force all aggregated grades to be recalculated.';
c2acd831 100$string['configmeanselection'] = 'Whether cells with no grade should be included when calculating the mean for each column.';
0a784551 101$string['configprofilereport'] = 'Grade report used on user profile page.';
a487c55b 102$string['configshowquickfeedback'] = 'Quick Feedback adds a text input element in each grade cell on the grader report, allowing you to edit the feedback for many grades at once. You can then click the Update button to perform all these changes at once, instead of one at a time.';
9e0d7441 103$string['configquickgrading'] = 'Quick Grading adds a text input element in each grade cell on the grader report, allowing you to edit many grades at once. You can then click the Update button to perform all these changes at once, instead of one at a time.';
c2acd831 104$string['configrangesdecimalpoints'] = 'Specifies the number of decimal points to display for each range. This setting may be overridden per grading item.';
105$string['configrangesdisplaytype'] = 'Specifies how to display ranges. If Inherit is selected, the display type for each column is used.';
89a5f827 106$string['confighideforcedsettings'] = 'Do not show forced settings in grading UI.';
a69e7335 107$string['configshowcalculations'] = 'Whether to show calculator icons near each grade item and category, tooltips over calculated items and a visual indicator that a column is calculated.';
6e30bd44 108$string['configshoweyecons'] = 'Whether to show a show/hide icon near each grade (controlling its visibility to the user).';
c2acd831 109$string['configshowactivityicons'] = 'Whether to show activity icons next to activity names.';
110$string['configshowaverages'] = 'Whether to show the mean for each column.';
111$string['configshowgroups'] = 'Whether to show the mean for each group.';
2d2b6de1 112$string['configshowhiddenitems'] = 'Specifies how hidden grade items are shown. If Hide is selected, they are hidden completely. If Show is selected, the hidden grade item row is shown in grey with the grade hidden completely. If \"Only hidden until\" is selected, grade items with a \"hide until\" date set are shown in grey with the grades hidden completely until the set date, after which the whole item is shown.';
82b4da86 113$string['configshowlocks'] = 'Whether to show a lock/unlock icon near each grade.';
ce0c946a 114$string['configshowfeedback'] = 'Whether to show a feedback icon (for adding/editing) near each grade.';
c2acd831 115$string['configshownumberofgrades'] = 'Whether to show the number of grades used when calculating the mean in brackets after each average, for example 45 (34).';
116$string['configshowranges'] = 'Whether to show the range of grades for each column in an additional row.';
699da6b5 117$string['configshowpercentage'] = 'Whether to show the percentage value of each grade item.';
0ba5a45a 118$string['configshowrank'] = 'Whether to show the position of the user in relation to the rest of the class, for each grade item.';
c2acd831 119$string['configshowuseridnumber'] = 'Whether to show user id numbers in an additional column.';
bb384a8e 120$string['configshowuserimage'] = 'Whether to show the user\'s profile image next to the name in the grader report.';
56cef27d 121$string['configstudentsperpage'] = 'The number of students to display per page in the grader report.';
122$string['configstudentsperpagedefault'] = 'The number of students to display per page in the grader report. Leave this field empty to use the site default (currently $a).';
653a8648 123$string['configunlimitedgrades'] = 'By default grades are limited by the maximum and minimum values of the grade item. Enabling this setting removes this limit, and allows grades of over 100%% to be entered directly in the gradebook. It is recommended that this setting is enabled at an off-peak time, as all grades will be recalculated, which may result in a high server load.';
8ace7bf7 124$string['contract'] = 'Contract Category';
40e2ccee 125$string['controls'] = 'Controls';
d61d8c09 126$string['coursegradecategory'] = 'Course grade category';
109bf12c 127$string['coursegradedisplaytype'] = 'Course grade display type';
dbdffd2c 128$string['coursegradedisplayupdated'] = 'The course grade display type has been updated.';
53a16616 129$string['coursename'] = 'Course name';
dc482cfa 130$string['coursescales'] = 'Course scales';
109bf12c 131$string['coursesettings'] = 'Course settings';
c4c97a6d 132$string['coursesettingsexplanation'] = 'Course settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the course.';
58d9b706 133$string['coursetotal'] = 'Course total';
9e47906c 134$string['createcategory'] = 'Create category';
210611f6 135$string['createcategoryerror'] = 'Could not create a new category';
9e47906c 136$string['creatinggradebooksettings'] = 'Creating gradebook settings';
dc482cfa 137$string['currentparentaggregation'] = 'Current parent aggregation';
826c5f86 138$string['csv'] = 'CSV';
9e47906c 139$string['curveto'] = 'Curve to';
e50ce569 140$string['decimalpoints'] = 'Overall decimal points';
141$string['default'] = 'Default';
e0724506 142$string['defaultprev'] = 'Default ($a)';
9e47906c 143$string['deletecategory'] = 'Delete category';
1ee0df06 144$string['disablegradehistory'] = 'Disable grade history';
9e47906c 145$string['displaylettergrade'] = 'Display letter grades';
146$string['displaypercent'] = 'Display percents';
147$string['displaypoints'] = 'Display points';
148$string['displayweighted'] = 'Display weighted grades';
52a4b8ea 149$string['dropdown'] = 'Dropdown menu';
8c5a416e 150$string['droplow'] = 'Drop the lowest';
41b9c42b 151$string['droplowhelp'] = 'If set, this option will drop the X lowest grades, X being the selected value for this option.';
49aafb90 152$string['dropped'] = 'Dropped';
9e47906c 153$string['dropxlowest'] = 'Drop X lowest';
49aafb90 154$string['dropxlowestwarning'] = 'Note: If you use drop x lowest the grading assumes that all items in the category have the same point value. If point values differ results will be unpredictable';
ed3cdf07 155$string['duplicatescale'] = 'Duplicate scale';
826c5f86 156$string['edit'] = 'Edit';
9e47906c 157$string['editcalculation'] = 'Edit calculation';
40e2ccee 158$string['editcalculationverbose'] = 'Edit calculation for $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
9e47906c 159$string['editfeedback'] = 'Edit feedback';
160$string['editgrade'] = 'Edit grade';
dc482cfa 161$string['editgradeletters'] = 'Edit grade letters';
162$string['editoutcome'] = 'Edit outcome';
5df8b070 163$string['editoutcomes'] = 'Edit outcomes';
dc482cfa 164$string['editscale'] = 'Edit scale';
78ad5f3f 165$string['edittree'] = 'Categories and items';
40e2ccee 166$string['editverbose'] = 'Edit $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
82b4da86 167$string['enableajax'] = 'Enable AJAX';
5df8b070 168$string['enableoutcomes'] = 'Enable outcomes';
f115f8c8 169$string['encoding'] = 'Encoding';
304d08f0 170$string['errorgradevaluenonnumeric'] = 'Received non-numeric for low or high grade for';
11a14999 171$string['errorcalculationnoequal'] = 'Formula must start with equal sign (=1+2)';
8c5a416e 172$string['errorcalculationunknown'] = 'Invalid formula';
3674c398 173$string['errornocalculationallowed'] = 'Calculations are not allowed for this item';
246ac767 174$string['errornocategorisedid'] = 'Could not get an uncategorised id!';
49aafb90 175$string['errornocourse'] = 'Could not get course information';
176$string['errorreprintheadersnonnumeric'] = 'Received non-numeric value for reprint-headers';
005789bb 177$string['errorsavegrade'] = 'Could not save grade, sorry.';
4dc81cc7 178$string['errorupdatinggradecategoryaggregateonlygraded'] = 'Error updating the \"Aggregate only graded items\" setting of of grade category ID $a->id';
179$string['errorupdatinggradecategoryaggregateoutcomes'] = 'Error updating the \"Aggregate outcomes\" setting of of grade category ID $a->id';
b14e77c9 180$string['errorupdatinggradecategoryaggregatesubcats'] = 'Error updating the \"Aggregate sub-categories\" setting of grade category ID $a->id';
4dc81cc7 181$string['errorupdatinggradecategoryaggregation'] = 'Error updating the aggregation type of grade category ID $a->id';
182$string['errorupdatinggradeitemaggregationcoef'] = 'Error updating the aggregation coefficient (weight or extra credit) of grade item ID $a->id';
49aafb90 183$string['exceptions'] = 'Exceptions';
184$string['excluded'] = 'Excluded';
41b9c42b 185$string['excludedhelp'] = 'If -excluded- is switched on, this grade will be excluded from any aggregation performed by any parent grade item or category.';
8ace7bf7 186$string['expand'] = 'Expand Category';
826c5f86 187$string['export'] = 'Export';
96fbb0da 188$string['exportfeedback'] = 'Include feedback in export';
e50ce569 189$string['exportplugins'] = 'Export plugins';
579b632b 190$string['exportalloutcomes'] = 'Export all outcomes';
c8fbaa75 191$string['exportsettings'] = 'Export settings';
4d526fb1 192$string['exportto'] = 'Export to';
49aafb90 193$string['extracredit'] = 'Extra Credit';
194$string['extracreditwarning'] = 'Note: Setting all items for a category to extra credit will effectively remove them from the grade calculation. Since there will be no point total';
13b10724 195$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
41b9c42b 196$string['feedbackhelp'] = 'Notes added to the grade by the teacher. They can be extensive, personalised feedback or a simple code that refers to an internal system of feedback.';
657e52d4 197$string['feedbackadd'] = 'Add feedback';
13b10724 198$string['feedbackedit'] = 'Edit feedback';
657e52d4 199$string['feedbackview'] = 'View feedback';
1dd1bc8e 200$string['feedbacksaved'] = 'Feedback saved';
8c4d80f1 201$string['finalgrade'] = 'Final grade';
41b9c42b 202$string['finalgradehelp'] = 'The final grade (cached) after all calculations are performed.';
126d92d3 203$string['fixedstudents'] = 'Static students column';
53461661 204$string['forceoff'] = 'Force: Off';
205$string['forceon'] = 'Force: On';
45ec6bcf 206$string['forelementtypes'] = ' for the selected $a';
9e47906c 207$string['forstudents'] = 'For students';
6e1d5e04 208$string['full'] = 'Full';
384960dd 209$string['fullmode'] = 'Full view';
dc482cfa 210$string['fullview'] = 'Full view';
3d5c00b3 211$string['generalsettings'] = 'General settings';
13b10724 212$string['grade'] = 'Grade';
49aafb90 213$string['gradebook'] = 'Gradebook';
214$string['gradebookhiddenerror'] = 'The gradebook is currently set to hide everything from students.';
7bf6da27 215$string['gradebookhistories'] = 'Grade histories';
32b97bb2 216$string['gradeboundary'] = 'Letter grade boundary';
79c2d039 217$string['gradecategories'] = 'Grade categories';
9e47906c 218$string['gradecategory'] = 'Grade category';
41b9c42b 219$string['gradecategoryhelp'] = 'Grade category help';
d297269d 220$string['gradecategorysettings'] = 'Grade category settings';
ced5ee59 221$string['gradedon'] = 'Graded: $a';
dbdffd2c 222$string['gradedisplay'] = 'Grade display';
82b4da86 223$string['gradedisplaytype'] = 'Grade display type';
9e47906c 224$string['gradeexceptions'] = 'Grade exceptions';
41b9c42b 225$string['gradeexceptionshelp'] = 'Grade exceptions Help';
864d1f8c 226$string['gradeexportdisplaytype'] = 'Grade export display type';
227$string['gradeexportdecimalpoints'] = 'Grade export decimal points';
653a8648 228$string['gradeforstudent'] = '$a->student<br />$a->item$a->feedback';
41b9c42b 229$string['gradehelp'] = 'Grade Help';
1ee0df06 230$string['gradehistorylifetime'] = 'Grade history lifetime';
d30c99c1 231$string['gradeitem'] = 'Grade item';
3d5c00b3 232$string['gradeitemadvanced'] = 'Advanced grade item options';
678e8898 233$string['gradeitemislocked'] = 'This activity is locked in the gradebook. Changes that are made to grades in this activity will not be copied to the gradebook until it is unlocked.';
34e67f76 234$string['gradeitemlocked'] = 'Grading locked';
f115f8c8 235$string['gradeitemsinc'] = 'Grade items to be included';
9e47906c 236$string['gradeitemaddusers'] = 'Exclude from grading';
237$string['gradeitemmembersselected'] = 'Excluded from grading';
238$string['gradeitemnonmembers'] = 'Included in grading';
239$string['gradeitemremovemembers'] = 'Include in grading';
79c2d039 240$string['gradeitems'] = 'Grade items';
3d5c00b3 241$string['gradeitemsettings'] = 'Grade item settings';
9e47906c 242$string['gradeletter'] = 'Grade letter';
243$string['gradeletters'] = 'Grade letters';
41b9c42b 244$string['gradeletterhelp'] = 'Grade letter Help';
49aafb90 245$string['gradeletternote'] = 'To delete a grade letter just empty any of the<br /> three text areas for that letter and click submit.';
3674c398 246$string['gradelocked'] = 'Grade is locked';
85a0a69f 247$string['gradelong'] = '$a->grade / $a->max';
5b5eb8e6 248$string['grademax'] = 'Maximum grade';
41b9c42b 249$string['grademaxhelp'] = 'When using the value grade type, a maximum grade can be set. The maximum grade for an activity-based grade item is set on the update activity page.';
5b5eb8e6 250$string['grademin'] = 'Minimum grade';
41b9c42b 251$string['grademinhelp'] = 'When using the value grade type, a minimum grade can be set.';
23281a6a 252$string['gradeoutcomeitem'] = 'Grade outcome item';
842874eb 253$string['gradeoutcomes'] = 'Outcomes';
254$string['gradeoutcomescourses'] = 'Course outcomes';
d30c99c1 255$string['gradepass'] = 'Grade to pass';
41b9c42b 256$string['gradepasshelp'] = 'If an item has a grade that users must equal or exceed to pass that item, you can set that here.';
caffc55a 257$string['gradepublishing'] = 'Enable publishing';
48b5d8f3 258$string['graderreport'] = 'Grader report';
5df8b070 259$string['gradessettings'] = 'Grade settings';
9e47906c 260$string['gradepreferences'] = 'Grade preferences';
41b9c42b 261$string['gradepreferenceshelp'] = 'Grade preferences Help';
49aafb90 262$string['grades'] = 'Grades';
bb9b58a6 263$string['gradesforuser'] = 'Grades for $a->user';
384960dd 264$string['gradesonly'] = 'Grades only';
d30c99c1 265$string['gradetype'] = 'Grade type';
41b9c42b 266$string['gradetypehelp'] = 'Specifies the type of grade used: none (no grading possible), value (enables the maximum and minimum grade settings), scale (enables the scale setting) or text (feedback only). Only value and scale grade types may be aggregated. The grade type for an activity-based grade item is set on the update activity page.';
8c4d80f1 267$string['gradeview'] = 'View Grade';
41b9c42b 268$string['gradeweighthelp'] = 'Grade weight Help';
072f3c47 269$string['groupavg'] = 'Group average';
270$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
ced5ee59 271$string['hiddenasdate'] = 'Show submitted date for hidden grades';
15a51159 272$string['hiddenuntil'] = 'Hidden until';
c30fafbf 273$string['hiddenuntildate'] = 'Hidden until: $a';
9e47906c 274$string['hideadvanced'] = 'Hide advanced features';
73a5d828 275$string['hidecalculations'] = 'Hide calculations';
49aafb90 276$string['hidecategory'] = 'Hidden';
6e30bd44 277$string['hideeyecons'] = 'Hide show/hide icons';
36e53792 278$string['hideaverages'] = 'Hide averages';
73a5d828 279$string['hidegroups'] = 'Hide groups';
27626e71 280$string['hidelocks'] = 'Hide locks';
aea4df41 281$string['hidenooutcomes'] = 'Show outcomes';
ce0c946a 282$string['hidefeedback'] = 'Hide feedback';
61649211 283$string['hideranges'] = 'Hide ranges';
40e2ccee 284$string['hideverbose'] = 'Hide $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
49aafb90 285$string['highgradeascending'] = 'Sort by high grade ascending';
286$string['highgradedescending'] = 'Sort by high grade descending';
287$string['highgradeletter'] = 'High';
2ca093fa 288$string['hidequickfeedback'] = 'Hide Quick Feedback';
41b9c42b 289$string['idnumberhelp'] = 'Setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the activity for grade calculation purposes. If the activity is not included in any grade calculation then the ID number field can be left blank. The ID number for an activity-based grade item may be set on the update activity page.';
4642a0c1 290$string['idnumbers'] = 'Id numbers';
f115f8c8 291$string['identifier'] = 'Identify user by';
826c5f86 292$string['import'] = 'Import';
f115f8c8 293$string['importcsv'] = 'Import CSV';
ee285a20 294$string['importcustom'] = 'Import as custom outcomes (only this course)';
c71d6d89 295$string['importerror'] = 'An error occurred, this script wasn\'t called with the right parameters.';
4d526fb1 296$string['importfrom'] = 'Import from';
f115f8c8 297$string['importfailed'] = 'Import failed';
34058207 298$string['importfeedback'] = 'Import feedback';
f115f8c8 299$string['importfile'] = 'Import file';
ee285a20 300$string['importfilemissing'] = 'No file was received, go back to the form and make sure to upload a valid file.';
301$string['importoutcomenofile'] = 'The uploaded file is empty or corrupted. Please verify this is a valid file. The problem was detected at line $a; this is triggered by the data lines not having as many columns as the first line (the header line) or if the imported file is missing expected headers. Look at the exported file for an example of a file with valid header.';
302$string['importoutcomes'] = 'Import outcomes';
303$string['importoutcomesuccess'] = 'Imported outcome \"$a->name\" with ID #$a->id';
072f3c47 304$string['importplugins'] = 'Import plugins';
f5721172 305$string['importpreview'] = 'Import preview';
c8fbaa75 306$string['importsettings'] = 'Import settings';
ee285a20 307$string['importstandard'] = 'Import as standard outcomes';
308$string['importskippednomanagescale'] = 'You don\'t have permission to add a new scale, so outcome "$a" was skipped as it required creating a new scale';
309$string['importskippedoutcome'] = 'An outcome with shortname \"$a\" already exists in this context, the one in the imported file was skipped.';
f115f8c8 310$string['importsuccess'] = 'Grade import success';
311$string['importxml'] = 'Import XML';
91f9a62c 312$string['includescalesinaggregation'] = 'Include scales in aggregation';
49aafb90 313$string['incorrectcourseid'] = 'Course ID was incorrect';
d9be236f 314$string['incorrectcustomscale'] = '(Incorrect custom scale, please change.)';
3674c398 315$string['incorrectminmax'] = 'The minimum must be lower than the maximum';
bb384a8e 316$string['inherit'] = 'Inherit';
653a8648 317$string['intersectioninfo'] = 'Student/Grade info';
49aafb90 318$string['item'] = 'Item';
d30c99c1 319$string['iteminfo'] = 'Item info';
41b9c42b 320$string['iteminfohelp'] = 'A space for entering information about the item. Text entered does not appear anywhere else.';
d30c99c1 321$string['itemname'] = 'Item name';
41b9c42b 322$string['itemnamehelp'] = 'The name of this item, pushed in by the module.';
49aafb90 323$string['items'] = 'Items';
072f3c47 324$string['itemsedit'] = 'Edit grade item';
8c5a416e 325$string['keephigh'] = 'Keep the highest';
41b9c42b 326$string['keephighhelp'] = 'If set, this option will only keep the X highest grades, X being the selected value for this option.';
0f78c4de 327$string['keymanager'] = 'Key manager';
0cfabab6 328$string['lessthanmin'] = 'The grade entered for $a->itemname for $a->username is less than the minimum allowed';
9e47906c 329$string['lettergrade'] = 'Letter grade';
49aafb90 330$string['lettergradenonnumber'] = 'Low and/or High grade were non-numeric for';
32b97bb2 331$string['letter'] = 'Letter';
7d10995c 332$string['letterpercentage'] = 'Letter (percentage)';
333$string['letterreal'] = 'Letter (real)';
49aafb90 334$string['letters'] = 'Letters';
23281a6a 335$string['linkedactivity'] = 'Linked activity';
41b9c42b 336$string['linkedactivityhelp'] = 'Specifies an optional activity to which this outcome item is linked. This is used to measure student performance on criteria not assessed by the activity grade.';
dc482cfa 337$string['linktoactivity'] = 'Link to $a->name activity';
5fad5061 338$string['lock'] = 'Lock';
5b5eb8e6 339$string['locked'] = 'Locked';
fb0e3570 340$string['locktime'] = 'Lock after';
c30fafbf 341$string['locktimedate'] = 'Locked after: $a';
40e2ccee 342$string['lockverbose'] = 'Lock $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
49aafb90 343$string['lowest'] = 'Lowest';
344$string['lowgradeletter'] = 'Low';
d297269d 345$string['manualitem'] = 'Manual item';
f115f8c8 346$string['mapfrom'] = 'Map from';
347$string['mapto'] = 'Map to';
49aafb90 348$string['max'] = 'Highest';
9e47906c 349$string['maxgrade'] = 'Max grade';
f115f8c8 350$string['mappings'] = 'Grade item mappings';
02d1e2cf 351$string['meanall'] = 'All grades';
352$string['meangraded'] = 'Non-empty grades';
dca9fc53 353$string['meanselection'] = 'Grades selected for column averages';
49aafb90 354$string['median'] = 'Median';
355$string['min'] = 'Lowest';
6e75c7f8 356$string['missingscale'] = 'Scale must be selected';
49aafb90 357$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
0cfabab6 358$string['morethanmax'] = 'The grade entered for $a->itemname for $a->username is more than the maximum allowed';
db008d6f 359$string['moveselectedto'] = 'Move selected items to';
5fad5061 360$string['movingelement'] = 'Moving $a';
5df8b070 361$string['multfactor'] = 'Multiplicator';
41b9c42b 362$string['multfactorhelp'] = 'Factor by which all grades for this grade item will be multiplied.';
54c4a2cb 363$string['mypreferences'] = 'My preferences';
e0724506 364$string['myreportpreferences'] = 'My report preferences';
70aaa10f 365$string['navmethod'] = 'Navigation method';
1ee0df06 366$string['neverdeletehistory'] = 'Never delete history';
45ec6bcf 367$string['newcategory'] = 'New category';
dc482cfa 368$string['newitem'] = 'New grade item';
369$string['newoutcomeitem'] = 'New outcome item';
0f78c4de 370$string['newuserkey'] = 'New user key';
49aafb90 371$string['no'] = 'No';
372$string['nocategories'] = 'Grade categories could not be added or found for this course';
210611f6 373$string['nocategoryname'] = 'No category name was given.';
49aafb90 374$string['nocategoryview'] = 'No category to view by';
a393f510 375$string['nocourses'] = 'There are no courses yet';
53461661 376$string['noforce'] = 'Do not force';
49aafb90 377$string['nogradeletters'] = 'No grade letters set';
378$string['nogradesreturned'] = 'No grades returned';
f57bdb55 379$string['noidnumber'] = 'No id number';
49aafb90 380$string['nolettergrade'] = 'No letter grade for';
381$string['nomode'] = 'NA';
304d08f0 382$string['nonnumericweight'] = 'Received non-numeric value for';
2673c733 383$string['nonunlockableverbose'] = 'This grade cannot be unlocked until $a->itemname is unlocked.';
49aafb90 384$string['nonweightedpct'] = 'non-weighted %%';
cc03871b 385$string['nooutcome'] = 'No outcome';
976bf10e 386$string['nooutcomes'] = 'Outcome items must be linked to a course outcome, but there are no outcomes for this course. Would you like to add one?';
0f78c4de 387$string['nopublish'] = 'Do not publish';
1f93ed2a 388$string['noscales'] = 'Outcomes must be linked to a course scale or global scale, but there are none. Would you like to add one?';
210611f6 389$string['noselectedcategories'] = 'no categories were selected.';
390$string['noselecteditems'] = 'no items were selected.';
49aafb90 391$string['notteachererror'] = 'You must be a teacher to use this feature.';
b244b9b7 392$string['nousersloaded'] = 'No users loaded';
739c4657 393$string['norolesdefined' ] = 'No roles defined in Administration > Grades > General settings > Graded roles';
e2537ca3 394$string['numberofgrades'] = 'Number of grades';
13b10724 395$string['onascaleof'] = ' on a scale of $a->grademin to $a->grademax';
5df8b070 396$string['operations'] = 'Operations';
0f78c4de 397$string['options'] = 'Options';
5b5eb8e6 398$string['outcome'] = 'Outcome';
ba1891d2 399$string['outcomeassigntocourse'] = 'Assign another outcome to this course';
6f4cea05 400$string['outcomecategory'] = 'Create outcomes in category';
401$string['outcomecategorynew'] = 'New category';
f3f2468c 402$string['outcomeconfirmdelete'] = 'Are you sure you wish to delete the outcome \"$a\"?';
173a9d21 403$string['outcomecreate'] = 'Add a new outcome';
f3f2468c 404$string['outcomedelete'] = 'Delete Outcome';
41b9c42b 405$string['outcomeidhelp'] = 'Specifies the Outcome which this grade item will represent in the gradebook. Only outcomes associated with this course and site-wide outcomes are available';
826c5f86 406$string['outcomeitem'] = 'Outcome item';
23281a6a 407$string['outcomeitemsedit'] = 'Edit outcome item';
acdc8e8a 408$string['outcomes'] = 'Outcomes';
173a9d21 409$string['outcomescustom'] = 'Custom outcomes';
04259694 410$string['outcomescourse'] = 'Outcomes used in course';
0297e313 411$string['outcomescoursecustom'] = 'Custom used (no remove)';
412$string['outcomescoursenotused'] = 'Standard not used';
413$string['outcomescourseused'] = 'Standard used (no remove)';
414$string['outcomescourse'] = 'Outcomes used in course';
e2537ca3 415$string['outcomename'] = 'Outcome name';
5df8b070 416$string['outcomereport'] = 'Outcome report';
173a9d21 417$string['outcomesstandard'] = 'Standard outcomes';
0297e313 418$string['outcomesstandardavailable'] = 'Available standard outcomes';
173a9d21 419$string['outcomestandard'] = 'Standard outcome';
41b9c42b 420$string['outcomestandardhelp'] = 'A Standard outcome is available site-wide, for all courses.';
5df8b070 421$string['outcomes'] = 'Outcomes';
6308b91c 422$string['overallaverage'] = 'Overall average';
dbdffd2c 423$string['overridesitedefaultgradedisplaytype'] = 'Override site defaults';
41b9c42b 424$string['overridesitedefaultgradedisplaytypehelp'] = 'Tick this checkbox to enable the overriding of the site defaults for the display of grades in the gradebook. This activates form elements allowing you to define the grade letters and boundaries of your choice.';
23207a1a 425$string['overridden'] = 'Overridden';
41b9c42b 426$string['overriddenhelp'] = 'When on, the overridden flag prevents any future attempts to automatically adjust the value of the grade. This flag is often set internally by the gradebook, but can be switched on and off manually using this form element.';
14e66f3b 427$string['overriddennotice'] = 'Your final grade from this activity was manually adjusted.';
6fd0984c 428$string['courseavg'] = 'Course average';
e2eb2edb 429$string['parentcategory'] = 'Parent category';
49aafb90 430$string['pctoftotalgrade'] = '%% of total grade';
431$string['percent'] = 'Percent';
6e1d5e04 432$string['percentage'] = 'Percentage';
7d10995c 433$string['percentageletter'] = 'Percentage (letter)';
434$string['percentagereal'] = 'Percentage (real)';
49aafb90 435$string['percentascending'] = 'Sort by percent ascending';
436$string['percentdescending'] = 'Sort by percent descending';
437$string['percentshort'] = '%%';
5df8b070 438$string['plusfactor'] = 'Offset';
41b9c42b 439$string['plusfactorhelp'] = 'Number that will be added to every grade for this grade item, after the Multiplicator is applied.';
49aafb90 440$string['points'] = 'points';
441$string['pointsascending'] = 'Sort by points ascending';
c71d6d89 442$string['pointsdescending'] = 'Sort by points descending';
e0724506 443$string['positionfirst'] = 'First';
444$string['positionlast'] = 'Last';
49aafb90 445$string['preferences'] = 'Preferences';
28c95515 446$string['prefgeneral'] = 'General';
447$string['prefletters'] = 'Grade letters and boundaries';
448$string['prefrows'] = 'Special rows';
449$string['prefshow'] = 'Show/hide toggles';
ae0441ac 450$string['previewrows'] = 'Preview rows';
0a784551 451$string['profilereport'] = 'User profile report';
0f78c4de 452$string['publishing'] = 'Publishing';
ce0c946a 453$string['quickfeedback'] = 'Quick Feedback';
454$string['quickgrading'] = 'Quick Grading';
61649211 455$string['range'] = 'Range';
e50ce569 456$string['rangesdecimalpoints'] = 'Decimals shown in ranges';
2f61fc0e 457$string['rangesdisplaytype'] = 'Range display type';
1e0503f6 458$string['rank'] = 'Rank';
49aafb90 459$string['rawpct'] = 'Raw %%';
826c5f86 460$string['real'] = 'Real';
7d10995c 461$string['realletter'] = 'Real (letter)';
462$string['realpercentage'] = 'Real (percentage)';
5a7e8cf9 463$string['regradeanyway'] = 'Regrade anyway';
0b5a80a1 464$string['removeallcoursegrades'] = 'Delete all grades';
465$string['removeallcourseitems'] = 'Delete all items and categories';
89a5f827 466$string['hideforcedsettings'] = 'Hide forced settings';
826c5f86 467$string['report'] = 'Report';
e0724506 468$string['reportdefault'] = 'Report default ($a)';
e50ce569 469$string['reportplugins'] = 'Report plugins';
173a9d21 470$string['reportsettings'] = 'Report settings';
49aafb90 471$string['reprintheaders'] = 'Reprint Headers';
8108909a 472$string['respectingcurrentdata'] = 'leaving current configuration unmodified';
8108909a 473$string['rowpreviewnum'] = 'Preview rows';
9e47906c 474$string['savechanges'] = 'Save changes';
475$string['savepreferences'] = 'Save preferences';
49aafb90 476$string['scaledpct'] = 'Scaled %%';
41b9c42b 477$string['scaleidhelp'] = 'When using the scale grade type, a scale can be selected. The scale for an activity-based grade item is selected on the update activity page.';
478$string['scalestandardhelp'] = 'A standard scale is one that is available site-wide, for all courses.';
319770d7 479$string['scaleconfirmdelete'] = 'Are you sure you wish to delete the scale \"$a\"?';
fb739b77 480$string['seeallcoursegrades'] = 'See all course grades';
5fad5061 481$string['selectdestination'] = 'Select destination of $a';
d08bba83 482$string['selectalloroneuser'] = 'Select all or one user';
10f5c046 483$string['selectauser'] = 'Select a user';
f115f8c8 484$string['septab'] = 'Tab';
485$string['sepcomma'] = 'Comma';
486$string['separator'] = 'Separator';
9e47906c 487$string['setcategories'] = 'Set categories';
49aafb90 488$string['setcategorieserror'] = 'You must first set the categories for your course before you can give weights to them.';
9e47906c 489$string['setgradeletters'] = 'Set grade letters';
490$string['setpreferences'] = 'Set preferences';
49aafb90 491$string['setting'] = 'Setting';
492$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
9e47906c 493$string['setweights'] = 'Set weights';
597f50e6 494$string['showallhidden'] = 'All hidden';
9e47906c 495$string['showallstudents'] = 'Show all Students';
1815b45c 496$string['showactivityicons'] = 'Show activity icons';
bb384a8e 497$string['showaverages'] = 'Show column averages';
a69e7335 498$string['showcalculations'] = 'Show calculations';
6e30bd44 499$string['showeyecons'] = 'Show show/hide icons';
bb384a8e 500$string['showfeedback'] = 'Show feedback';
82b4da86 501$string['showgroups'] = 'Show groups';
02973505 502$string['showhiddenitems'] = 'Show hidden items';
597f50e6 503$string['showhiddenuntilonly'] = 'Only hidden until';
82b4da86 504$string['showlocks'] = 'Show locks';
597f50e6 505$string['shownohidden'] = 'No hidden';
aea4df41 506$string['shownooutcomes'] = 'Hide outcomes';
098042ba 507$string['shownumberofgrades'] = 'Show number of grades in averages';
699da6b5 508$string['showpercentage'] = 'Show percentage';
2ca093fa 509$string['showquickfeedback'] = 'Show Quick Feedback';
61649211 510$string['showranges'] = 'Show ranges';
02973505 511$string['showrank'] = 'Show rank';
9d35e66e 512$string['showuseridnumber'] = 'Show user idnumber';
bb384a8e 513$string['showuserimage'] = 'Show user profile images';
40e2ccee 514$string['showverbose'] = 'Show $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
dc482cfa 515$string['simpleview'] = 'Simple view';
e2537ca3 516$string['sitewide'] = 'Site-wide';
49aafb90 517$string['sort'] = 'sort';
1ec74ea5 518$string['sortasc'] = 'Sort in ascending order';
519$string['sortdesc'] = 'Sort in descending order';
c71d6d89 520$string['sortbyfirstname'] = 'Sort by first name';
521$string['sortbylastname'] = 'Sort by last name';
9e47906c 522$string['standarddeviation'] = 'Standard deviation';
49aafb90 523$string['stats'] = 'Statistics';
524$string['statslink'] = 'Stats';
525$string['student'] = 'Student';
82b4da86 526$string['studentsperpage'] = 'Students per page';
9e47906c 527$string['subcategory'] = 'Normal category';
42b12228 528$string['submissions'] = 'Submissions';
ced5ee59 529$string['submittedon'] = 'Submitted: $a';
dc482cfa 530$string['switchtofullview'] = 'Switch to full view';
531$string['switchtosimpleview'] = 'Switch to simple view';
246ac767 532$string['synclegacygrades'] = 'Synchronise legacy grades';
70aaa10f 533$string['tabs'] = 'Tabs';
9e47906c 534$string['topcategory'] = 'Super category';
49aafb90 535$string['total'] = 'Total';
536$string['totalweight100'] = 'The total weight is equal to 100';
537$string['totalweightnot100'] = 'The total weight is not equal to 100';
1ec74ea5 538$string['turnfeedbackoff'] = 'Turn feedback off';
539$string['turnfeedbackon'] = 'Turn feedback on';
5b5eb8e6 540$string['typenone'] = 'None';
541$string['typescale'] = 'Scale';
542$string['typetext'] = 'Text';
543$string['typevalue'] = 'Value';
59a7447a 544$string['updatedgradesonly'] = 'Export new or updated grades only';
246ac767 545$string['uncategorised'] = 'Uncategorised';
59a7447a 546$string['unchangedgrade'] = 'Grade unchanged';
7d69de18 547$string['unenrolledusersinimport'] = 'This import included the following grades for users not currently enrolled in this course: $a';
653a8648 548$string['unlimitedgrades'] = 'Unlimited grades';
5fad5061 549$string['unlock'] = 'Unlock';
40e2ccee 550$string['unlockverbose'] = 'Unlock $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
32b97bb2 551$string['unused'] = 'Unused';
f115f8c8 552$string['uploadgrades'] = 'Upload grades';
49aafb90 553$string['useadvanced'] = 'Use Advanced Features';
5df8b070 554$string['usedcourses'] = 'Used courses';
555$string['usedgradeitem'] = 'Used grade item';
5b5eb8e6 556$string['usenooutcome'] = 'Use no outcome';
557$string['usenoscale'] = 'Use no scale';
9e47906c 558$string['usepercent'] = 'Use percent';
826c5f86 559$string['user'] = 'User';
7d69de18 560$string['usergrade'] = 'User $a->fullname ($a->useridnumber) on item $a->gradeidnumber';
41b9c42b 561$string['userkeyhelp'] = 'Select a saved key that will give users access to the data published by this export plugin, without having to log into Moodle. Select `create a new user key` to generate a new key when submitting this form.';
e50ce569 562$string['userpreferences'] = 'User preferences';
9e47906c 563$string['useweighted'] = 'Use weighted';
699da6b5 564$string['verbosescales'] = 'Verbose scales';
49aafb90 565$string['viewbygroup'] = 'Group';
9e47906c 566$string['viewgrades'] = 'View grades';
d714732d 567$string['warningexcludedsum'] = 'Warning: excluding of grades is not compatible with sum aggregation.';
49aafb90 568$string['weight'] = 'weight';
653a8648 569$string['weightuc'] = 'Weight';
cccade62 570$string['weightcourse'] = 'Use weighted grades for course';
49aafb90 571$string['weightedascending'] = 'Sort by weighted percent ascending';
572$string['weighteddescending'] = 'Sort by weighted percent descending';
573$string['weightedpct'] = 'weighted %%';
574$string['weightedpctcontribution'] = 'weighted %% contribution';
a84ce52e 575$string['weightorextracredit'] = 'Weight or extra credit';
4dc81cc7 576$string['weights'] = 'Weights';
577$string['weightsedit'] = 'Edit weights and extra credits';
9e47906c 578$string['writinggradebookinfo'] = 'Writing gradebook settings';
826c5f86 579$string['xml'] = 'XML';
49aafb90 580$string['yes'] = 'Yes';
59fd781a 581$string['yourgrade'] = 'Your grade';
49aafb90 582?>