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df31d7fb 1<h1>Grades</h1>
49aafb90 2<p>The first time you visit the gradebook it will be in normal or simple mode.
3You will see all students, their grades for each graded item, and a total for each student. </p>
5<li>You can sort by student last name or first name by clicking the respective links
61240489 6 under the student column on either the left or right side. The gradebook initially sorts
7 by lastname.
49aafb90 8</li>
9<li>The student names are links that will display just that student and their grades. This is
61240489 10 useful when a student is looking at the gradebook with you and you need to protect the privacy of
11 other student grades.
49aafb90 12</li>
13<li>The button at the top will create an excel spreadsheet or a tab separated text file for the course grades which you can download to
61240489 14 your local machine.
49aafb90 15</li>
16<li>The main heading will display 'Grades' if you are using the normal mode (default). Otherwise it will
61240489 17 show the category name which you are currently viewing if you have turned advanced settings on.
49aafb90 18</li>
19<li>In the middle you will see all graded items for a course (or just a particular category in advanced mode).
20The names for each graded item are links that take you to the settings for that particular item.
22<li>A total column will be located to the right of all assignments (or categories in advanced mode). There are two arrows
23to the right of the Total heading that sort student totals in descending and ascending order respectively.
25<li>To the right of the total heading (or for each individual category in advanced mode) is a 'stats' link
61240489 26 that will display a popup of statistics based on total for the class.
49aafb90 27</li>
29<p>How to adjust specific gradebook settings. The link that you need to click to adjust a setting will be in double quotes. More
30information and help will be available on each respective screen.</p>
61240489 32 <li><h3>Basic:</h3>
49aafb90 33 <ul>
61240489 34 <li>Turning on advanced mode: "Set Preferences" </li>
35 <li>Changing how often column headings repeat: "Set Preferences"</li>
36 </ul>
49aafb90 37 </li>
61240489 38 <li><h3>Advanced:</h3>
39 <ul>
40 <li>Adjusting what columns are displayed: "Set Preferences"</li>
41 <li>Setting how the total grade is calculated: "Set Preferences"</li>
42 <li>Adjusting what categories a graded item belongs to: "Set Categories"</li>
43 <li>Curving grades for assignments: "Set Categories"</li>
44 <li>Setting a graded item as extra credit: "Set Categories"</li>
45 <li>Adding a category: "Set Categories"</li>
46 <li>Deleting a category: "Set Categories"</li>
47 <li>Setting grade weights: "Set Weights"</li>
48 <li>Dropping the X lowest grades from a category: "Set Weights"</li>
49 <li>Adding bonus points to a category: "Set Weights"</li>
50 <li>Hiding Categories from gradebook display and calculation: "Set Weights"</li>
51 <li>Setting the grade scale and grade letters: "Set Grade Letters"</li>
52 <li>Excluding students from assignments: "Grade Exceptions"</li>
53 </ul></li>
49aafb90 54</ul>