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df31d7fb 1<h1>Exporting questions from a Category</h1>
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ce4b7b5f 3<p>This function allows you to export a complete category (and all its
4 subcategories) of questions to a text file. </p>
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6<p>Please note that in many file formats some information is lost
7 when the questions are exported. This is because many formats do
8 not possess all the features that exist in Moodle questions. You should
9 not expect to export and import questions and for them to be
10 identical. Also some question types may not export at all.
11 You are advised to check exported data before using
12 it in a production environment.</p>
79e3dd8e 14<p>A number of file formats are supported. See in the individual help files
15and the <a href="">Moodle Docs</a>
16for details.</p>
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d68f7078 19<p>Import and Export formats are a pluggable resource. Other optional formats may be available in the
20 Modules and Plugins database.</p>