MDL-6249 - easier way for human beings (as opposed to network engineers) to specify...
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49aafb90 1<p align="center"><b>Require network addresses</b></p>
3<p>This field is optional.</p>
5<p>You can restrict access for a quiz to particular subnets
6 on the LAN or Internet by specifying a comma-separated list of
7 partial or full IP address numbers.</p>
9<p>This is especially useful for a proctored quiz, where you want
10 to be sure that only people in a certain room are able to
11 access the quiz.</p>
df907961 13<p>For example: <b>192.168. ,,,</b></p>
49aafb90 14
df907961 15<p>There are four types of numbers you can use (you can not use
16 text based domain names like</p>
49aafb90 18<ol>
19<li>Full IP addresses, such as <b></b> which will match
20 a single computer (or proxy).</li>
21<li>Partial addresses, such as <b>192.168</b> which will match anything
22 starting with those numbers.</li>
23<li>CIDR notation, such as <b></b> which allows you to specify
24 more detailed subnets.</li>
df907961 25<li>A range of IP addresses <b></b> The range applies to the last
26 part of the address, so this means all the IP addresses from
27 to</li>
49aafb90 28</ol>
49aafb90 29
30<p>Spaces are ignored.</p>