New base version of English in Unicode format
[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / message.php
49aafb90 1<?php // $Id$
3$string['addcontact'] = 'Add contact';
4$string['addsomecontacts'] = 'To send a message to someone, or to add a shortcut for them on this page, use the <a href=\"$a\">search tab</a> above.';
5$string['addsomecontactsincoming'] = 'These messages are from people who are not in your contact list. To add them to your contacts, click the \"Add contact\" icon next to their name.';
6$string['ago'] = '$a ago';
7$string['allmine'] = 'All messages to me or from me';
8$string['allstudents'] = 'All messages between students in course';
9$string['allusers'] = 'All messages from all users';
10$string['backupmessageshelp'] = 'If enabled, then instant messages will be included in SITE automated backups';
11$string['beepnewmessage'] = 'Beep when a new message comes in (may require browser plugin that can play sounds, such as Quicktime)';
12$string['blockcontact'] = 'Block contact';
13$string['blocknoncontacts'] = 'Block all new messages from people who are not on my contact list';
14$string['blockedmessages'] = '$a message(s) to/from blocked users';
15$string['context'] = 'context';
16$string['contactlistempty'] = 'Your contact list is currently empty';
17$string['contacts'] = 'Contacts';
18$string['deletemessagesdays'] = 'Number of days before old messages are automatically deleted';
19$string['discussion'] = 'Discussion';
20$string['emailmessages'] = 'Email messages when I am offline';
21$string['emailtagline'] = 'This email is a copy of a message sent to you at \"$a\"';
22$string['emptysearchstring'] = 'You must search for something';
23$string['formorethan'] = 'For more than';
24$string['includeblockedusers'] = 'Include blocked users';
25$string['incomingcontacts'] = 'Incoming Contacts ($a)';
26$string['keywords'] = 'Keywords';
27$string['keywordssearchresults'] = 'Search results: $a messages found';
28$string['maxmessages'] = 'Maximum number of messages to show in the discussion history';
29$string['message'] = 'Message';
30$string['messagehistory'] = 'Message History';
31$string['messages'] = 'Messages';
32$string['messaging'] = 'Messaging';
33$string['mycontacts'] = 'My Contacts';
34$string['newsearch'] = 'New search';
35$string['nosearchresults'] = 'There were no results from your search';
36$string['nomessages'] = 'No messages waiting';
37$string['nomessagesfound'] = 'No messages were found';
38$string['offline'] = 'Offline';
39$string['offlinecontacts'] = 'Offline Contacts ($a)';
40$string['online'] = 'Online';
41$string['onlinecontacts'] = 'Online Contacts ($a)';
42$string['onlyfromme'] = 'Only messages from me';
43$string['onlymycourses'] = 'Only in my courses';
44$string['onlytome'] = 'Only messages to me';
45$string['pagerefreshes'] = 'This page refreshes automatically every $a seconds';
46$string['readmessages'] = '$a read messages';
47$string['removecontact'] = 'Remove contact';
48$string['savemysettings'] = 'Save my settings';
49$string['search'] = 'Search';
50$string['searchforperson'] = 'Search for a person';
51$string['searchmessages'] = 'Search messages';
52$string['sendmessage'] = 'Send message';
53$string['sendmessageto'] = 'Send message to $a';
54$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
55$string['settingssaved'] = 'Your settings have been saved';
56$string['showmessagewindow'] = 'Automatically show Message window when I get new messages (your browser needs to be set so that it doesn\'t block popups on this site)';
57$string['strftimedaydatetime'] = '%%A, %%d %%B %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
58$string['timenosee'] = 'Minutes since I was last seen online';
59$string['timesent'] = 'Time Sent';
60$string['unblockcontact'] = 'Unblock contact';
61$string['unreadmessages'] = '$a unread messages';
62$string['userisblockingyou'] = 'This user has blocked you from sending messages to them';
63$string['userisblockingyounoncontact'] = 'This user is only accepting messages from people listed as contacts, and you are not currently on the list.';
64$string['userssearchresults'] = 'Search results: $a users found';