MDL-10107 Fixed the definition of message providers ... it now works through files...
[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / moodle.php
ec3dac98 1<?PHP // $Id$
304d08f0 2 // moodle.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
49aafb90 4
51b57ef6 5$string['abouttobeinstalled'] = 'about to be installed';
49aafb90 6$string['action'] = 'Action';
7$string['actions'] = 'Actions';
8$string['active'] = 'Active';
9$string['activeusers'] = 'Active users';
10$string['activities'] = 'Activities';
11$string['activity'] = 'Activity';
49aafb90 12$string['activityclipboard'] = 'Moving this activity: <b>$a</b>';
13$string['activityiscurrentlyhidden'] = 'Sorry, this activity is currently hidden';
14$string['activitymodule'] = 'Activity module';
15$string['activityreport'] = 'Activity report';
16$string['activityreports'] = 'Activity reports';
17$string['activityselect'] = 'Select this activity to be moved elsewhere';
18$string['activitysince'] = 'Activity since $a';
304d08f0 19$string['activityweighted'] = 'Activity per user';
49aafb90 20$string['add'] = 'Add';
21$string['addactivity'] = 'Add an activity...';
22$string['addadmin'] = 'Add admin';
23$string['addcreator'] = 'Add course creator';
24$string['added'] = 'Added $a';
25$string['addedrecip'] = 'Added $a new recipient';
26$string['addedrecips'] = 'Added $a new recipients';
e4e38544 27$string['addedtogroup'] = 'Added to group \"$a\"';
28$string['addedtogroupnot'] = 'Not added to group \"$a\"';
29$string['addedtogroupnotenrolled'] = 'Not added to group \"$a\", because not enrolled in course';
49aafb90 30$string['addinganew'] = 'Adding a new $a';
31$string['addinganewto'] = 'Adding a new $a->what to $a->to';
32$string['addingdatatoexisting'] = 'Adding data to existing';
33$string['addnewcategory'] = 'Add new category';
34$string['addnewcourse'] = 'Add a new course';
35$string['addnewuser'] = 'Add a new user';
304d08f0 36$string['addnousersrecip'] = 'Add users who haven\'t accessed this $a to recipient list';
49aafb90 37$string['addresource'] = 'Add a resource...';
38$string['address'] = 'Address';
39$string['addstudent'] = 'Add student';
7d59f03a 40$string['addsubcategory'] = 'Add a sub-category';
49aafb90 41$string['addteacher'] = 'Add teacher';
49aafb90 42$string['admin'] = 'Admin';
b649a19e 43$string['adminbookmarks'] = 'Admin bookmarks';
49aafb90 44$string['adminhelpaddnewuser'] = 'To manually create a new user account';
45$string['adminhelpassignadmins'] = 'Admins can do anything and go anywhere in the site';
46$string['adminhelpassigncreators'] = 'Creators can create new courses and teach in them';
304d08f0 47$string['adminhelpassignsiteroles'] = 'Apply defined site roles to specific users';
49aafb90 48$string['adminhelpassignstudents'] = 'Go into a course and add students from the admin menu';
49$string['adminhelpassignteachers'] = 'Find a course then use the icon to add teachers';
50$string['adminhelpauthentication'] = 'You can use internal user accounts or external databases';
51$string['adminhelpbackup'] = 'Configure automated backups and their schedule';
52$string['adminhelpconfiguration'] = 'Configure how the site looks and works';
53$string['adminhelpconfigvariables'] = 'Configure variables that affect general operation of the site';
54$string['adminhelpcourses'] = 'Define courses and categories and assign people to them, edit pending courses';
55$string['adminhelpeditorsettings'] = 'Define basic settings for HTML editor';
56$string['adminhelpedituser'] = 'Browse the list of user accounts and edit any of them';
57$string['adminhelpenrolments'] = 'Choose internal or external ways to control enrolments';
58$string['adminhelpenvironment'] = 'Check how your server suits current and future installation requirements';
59$string['adminhelpfailurelogs'] = 'Browse logs of failed logins';
629c25da 60$string['adminhelphealthcenter'] = 'Automatic detection of site problems';
49aafb90 61$string['adminhelplanguage'] = 'For checking and editing the current language pack';
62$string['adminhelplogs'] = 'Browse logs of all activity on this site';
63$string['adminhelpmanageblocks'] = 'Manage installed blocks and their settings';
64$string['adminhelpmanagedatabase'] = 'Access the database directly (be careful!)';
65$string['adminhelpmanagefilters'] = 'Choose text filters and related settings';
66$string['adminhelpmanagemodules'] = 'Manage installed modules and their settings';
ced70cb6 67$string['adminhelpmanageroles'] = 'Create and define roles that may be applied to users';
f152be5f 68$string['adminhelpmymoodle'] = 'Configure the My Moodle blocks for users';
df44f29a 69$string['adminhelpreports'] = 'Site level reports';
49aafb90 70$string['adminhelpsitefiles'] = 'For publishing general files or uploading external backups';
71$string['adminhelpsitesettings'] = 'Define how the front page of the site looks';
f152be5f 72$string['adminhelpstickyblocks'] = 'Configure Moodle-wide sticky blocks';
49aafb90 73$string['adminhelpthemes'] = 'Choose how the site looks (colours, fonts etc)';
74$string['adminhelpuploadusers'] = 'Import new user accounts from a text file';
75$string['adminhelpusers'] = 'Define your users and set up authentication';
304d08f0 76$string['adminhelpxmldbeditor'] = 'Interface to edit the XMLDB files. Only for developers.';
49aafb90 77$string['administration'] = 'Administration';
b649a19e 78$string['administrationsite'] = 'Site Administration';
49aafb90 79$string['administrator'] = 'Administrator';
bbbf2d40 80$string['administratordescription'] = 'Administrators can usually do anything on the site, in all courses.';
49aafb90 81$string['administrators'] = 'Administrators';
82$string['administratorsall'] = 'All administrators';
83$string['administratorsandteachers'] = 'Administrators and teachers';
304d08f0 84$string['adminprimarynoedit'] = 'You may not change the primary admin\'s password';
49aafb90 85$string['advanced'] = 'Advanced';
86$string['advancedfilter'] = 'Advanced search';
87$string['advancedsettings'] = 'Advanced settings';
88$string['again'] = 'again';
89$string['aimid'] = 'AIM ID';
c5eef32d 90$string['ajaxno'] = 'No: use basic web features';
91$string['ajaxuse'] = 'AJAX and Javascript';
92$string['ajaxyes'] = 'Yes: use advanced web features';
49aafb90 93$string['all'] = 'All';
49aafb90 94$string['allactions'] = 'All actions';
304d08f0 95$string['allactivities'] = 'All activities';
d70d1418 96$string['allchanges'] = 'All changes';
49aafb90 97$string['alldays'] = 'All days';
98$string['allfieldsrequired'] = 'All fields are required';
741f827a 99$string['allfiles'] = 'All files';
49aafb90 100$string['allgroups'] = 'All groups';
101$string['alllogs'] = 'All logs';
dd97c328 102$string['allmods'] = 'All $a';
49aafb90 103$string['allow'] = 'Allow';
104$string['allowguests'] = 'This course allows guest users to enter';
105$string['allowinternal'] = 'Allow internal methods as well';
106$string['allownone'] = 'Allow none';
107$string['allownot'] = 'Do not allow';
108$string['allparticipants'] = 'All participants';
109$string['allteachers'] = 'All teachers';
110$string['alphabet'] = 'A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z';
111$string['alphanumerical'] = 'Can only contain alphabetical letters or numbers';
112$string['alreadyconfirmed'] = 'Registration has already been confirmed';
113$string['always'] = 'Always';
5ce73257 114$string['and'] = '$a->one and $a->two';
49aafb90 115$string['answer'] = 'Answer';
116$string['approve'] = 'Approve';
117$string['areyousuretorestorethis'] = 'Do you want to continue?';
118$string['areyousuretorestorethisinfo'] = 'Later in this process you will have a choice of adding this backup to an existing course or creating a completely new course.';
7ee256ee 119$string['asc'] = 'Ascending';
49aafb90 120$string['assessment'] = 'Assessment';
121$string['assignadmins'] = 'Assign admins';
122$string['assigncreators'] = 'Assign creators';
304d08f0 123$string['assignsiteroles'] = 'Assign site-wide roles';
49aafb90 124$string['assignstudents'] = 'Enrol students';
125$string['assignstudentsnote'] = 'Note: it may not be necessary to use this page, since it is possible for students to enrol themselves in this course.';
126$string['assignstudentspass'] = 'All you may need to do is notify your students of the enrolment key for this course, which is currently set to: \'$a\'';
127$string['assignteachers'] = 'Assign teachers';
128$string['authentication'] = 'Authentication';
c785d40a 129$string['authenticateduser'] = 'Authenticated user';
130$string['authenticateduserdescription'] = 'All logged in users.';
49aafb90 131$string['autosubscribe'] = 'Forum auto-subscribe';
132$string['autosubscribeno'] = 'No: don\'t automatically subscribe me to forums';
133$string['autosubscribeyes'] = 'Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum';
134$string['availability'] = 'Availability';
135$string['availablecourses'] = 'Available Courses';
136$string['backtoparticipants'] = 'Back to participants list';
c3e193ec 137$string['back'] = 'Back';
49aafb90 138$string['backup'] = 'Backup';
bcaa8d93 139$string['backupactivehelp'] = 'Choose whether or not to do automated backups.';
49aafb90 140$string['backupcancelled'] = 'Backup Cancelled';
141$string['backupcoursefileshelp'] = 'If enabled then course files will be included in automated backups';
142$string['backupdate'] = 'Backup Date';
304d08f0 143$string['backupdatenew'] = '&nbsp; $a->TAG is now $a->weekday, $a->mday $a->month $a->year<br />';
22fdde39 144$string['backupdateold'] = '$a->TAG was $a->weekday, $a->mday $a->month $a->year';
145$string['backupdaterecordtype'] = '<br />$a->recordtype - $a->recordname<br />';
49aafb90 146$string['backupdetails'] = 'Backup Details';
bcaa8d93 147$string['backupexecuteathelp'] = 'Choose what time automated backups should run at.';
49aafb90 148$string['backupfailed'] = 'Some of your courses weren\'t saved!!';
149$string['backupfilename'] = 'backup';
150$string['backupfinished'] = 'Backup completed successfully';
151$string['backupincludemoduleshelp'] = 'Choose whether you want to include course modules, with or without user data, in automated backups';
bcaa8d93 152$string['backupincludemoduleuserdatahelp'] = 'Choose whether you want to include module user data in automated backups.';
49aafb90 153$string['backupkeephelp'] = 'How many recent backups for each course do you want to keep? (older ones will be deleted automatically)';
154$string['backuplogdetailed'] = 'Detailed execution log';
155$string['backuploglaststatus'] = 'Last execution log';
156$string['backuplogshelp'] = 'If enabled, then course logs will be included in automated backups';
157$string['backupmetacoursehelp'] = 'If enabled, then metacourse info (inherited enrolments) will be included in automated backups';
158$string['backupnameformat'] = '%%Y%%m%%d-%%H%%M';
c4292470 159$string['backupnoneusersinfo'] = 'Notice: You have selected to backup no users (\"none\"), so all the modules backup have been switched to \"without user data\" mode. Please note that the \"exercise\" and \"workshop\" modules aren\'t compatible with this type of backup, so they have been deactivated completely.';
4bd5bb59 160$string['backupnonisowarning'] = 'Warning: this backup is from a non-Unicode version of Moodle (pre 1.6). If this backup contains any non-ISO-8859-1 texts then they may be CORRUPTED if you try to restore them to this Unicode version of Moodle. See the <a href=\"\">Backup FAQ</a> for more information about how to recover this backup correctly.';
49aafb90 161$string['backuporiginalname'] = 'Backup Name';
f8f95b45 162$string['backuproleassignments'] = 'Backup role assignments for these roles';
49aafb90 163$string['backupsavetohelp'] = 'Full path to the directory where you want to save the backup files<br />(leave blank to save in its course default dir)';
bcaa8d93 164$string['backupschedulehelp'] = 'Choose which days of the week to perform automated backups.';
3bee1ead 165$string['backupsitefileshelp'] = 'If enabled then site files used in courses will be included in automated backups';
c4292470 166$string['backuptakealook'] = 'Please take a look at your backup logs in:
49aafb90 167 $a';
168$string['backupuserfileshelp'] = 'Choose whether user files (eg profile images) should be included in automated backups';
169$string['backupusershelp'] = 'Select whether you want to include all the users in the server or only the needed users for each course';
170$string['backupversion'] = 'Backup Version';
304d08f0 171$string['block'] = 'Block';
49aafb90 172$string['blockconfiga'] = 'Configuring a $a block';
173$string['blockconfigbad'] = 'This block has not been implemented correctly and thus cannot provide a configuration interface.';
174$string['blockdeleteconfirm'] = 'You are about to completely delete the block \'$a\'. This will completely delete everything in the database associated with this block. Are you SURE you want to continue?';
175$string['blockdeletefiles'] = 'All data associated with the block \'$a->block\' has been deleted from the database. To complete the deletion (and prevent the block re-installing itself), you should now delete this directory from your server: $a->directory';
176$string['blocks'] = 'Blocks';
177$string['blocksaddedit'] = 'Add/Edit Blocks';
178$string['blockseditoff'] = 'Blocks editing off';
179$string['blocksediton'] = 'Blocks editing on';
180$string['blocksetup'] = 'Setting up block tables';
181$string['blocksuccess'] = '$a tables have been set up correctly';
073af1a6 182$string['brief'] = 'Brief';
49aafb90 183$string['bycourseorder'] = 'By course order';
184$string['byname'] = 'by $a';
185$string['bypassed'] = 'Bypassed';
186$string['cachecontrols'] = 'Cache Controls';
187$string['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
f1ab51b7 188$string['cancelled'] = 'Cancelled';
49aafb90 189$string['categories'] = 'Course categories';
190$string['category'] = 'Category';
191$string['categoryadded'] = 'The category \'$a\' was added';
e2b347e9 192$string['categorycurrentcontents'] = 'Contents of $a';
193$string['categorycontents'] = 'Subcategories and courses';
49aafb90 194$string['categorydeleted'] = 'The category \'$a\' was deleted';
195$string['categoryduplicate'] = 'A category named \'$a\' already exists!';
e2b347e9 196$string['categorymodifiedcancel'] = 'Category was modified! Please cancel and try again.';
56f8d57f 197$string['categoryname'] = 'Category name';
86830be6 198$string['categoryupdated'] = 'The category \'$a\' was updated';
49aafb90 199$string['changedpassword'] = 'Changed password';
200$string['changepassword'] = 'Change password';
201$string['changessaved'] = 'Changes saved';
202$string['check'] = 'Check';
f9667a5a 203$string['checkall'] = 'Check all';
49aafb90 204$string['checkingbackup'] = 'Checking backup';
205$string['checkingcourse'] = 'Checking course';
206$string['checkingforbbexport'] = 'Checking for BlackBoard export';
207$string['checkinginstances'] = 'Checking instances';
208$string['checkingsections'] = 'Checking sections';
209$string['checklanguage'] = 'Check language';
f9667a5a 210$string['checknone'] = 'Check none';
49aafb90 211$string['childcoursenotfound'] = 'Child course not found!';
304d08f0 212$string['childcourses'] = 'Child courses';
49aafb90 213$string['choose'] = 'Choose';
214$string['choosecourse'] = 'Choose a course';
f9667a5a 215$string['chooseenrolmethod'] = 'Choose enrolment plugin';
49aafb90 216$string['chooselivelogs'] = 'Or watch current activity';
217$string['chooselogs'] = 'Choose which logs you want to see';
218$string['choosereportfilter'] = 'Choose a filter for the report';
219$string['choosetheme'] = 'Choose theme';
220$string['chooseuser'] = 'Choose a user';
221$string['city'] = 'City/town';
222$string['clambroken'] = 'Your administrator has enabled virus checking for file uploads but has misconfigured something.<br />Your file upload was NOT successful. Your administrator has been emailed to notify them so they can fix it.<br />Maybe try uploading this file later.';
223$string['clamdeletedfile'] = 'The file has been deleted';
224$string['clamdeletedfilefailed'] = 'The file could not be deleted';
225$string['clamemailsubject'] = '$a :: Clam AV notification';
226$string['clamfailed'] = 'Clam AV has failed to run. The return error message was $a. Here is the output from Clam:';
227$string['clamlost'] = 'Moodle is configured to run clam on file upload, but the path supplied to Clam AV, $a, is invalid.';
f152be5f 228$string['clamlostandactinglikevirus'] = 'In addition, Moodle is configured so that if clam fails to run, files are treated like viruses. This essentially means that no student can upload a file successfully until you fix this.';
49aafb90 229$string['clammovedfile'] = 'The file has been moved to your specified quarantine directory, the new location is $a';
230$string['clammovedfilebasic'] = 'The file has been moved to a quarantine directory.';
231$string['clamquarantinedirfailed'] = 'Could not move the file into your specified quarantine directory, $a. You need to fix this as files are being deleted if they\'re found to be infected.';
232$string['clamunknownerror'] = 'There was an unknown error with clam.';
233$string['cleaningtempdata'] = 'Cleaning temp data';
234$string['clicktochange'] = 'Click to change';
1bdacf27 235$string['clickhere'] = 'Click here ...';
49aafb90 236$string['closewindow'] = 'Close this window';
237$string['comparelanguage'] = 'Compare and edit current language';
238$string['complete'] = 'Complete';
239$string['completereport'] = 'Complete report';
240$string['configuration'] = 'Configuration';
241$string['confirm'] = 'Confirm';
c3260b07 242$string['confirmcheckfull'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to confirm $a ?';
49aafb90 243$string['confirmed'] = 'Your registration has been confirmed';
244$string['confirmednot'] = 'Your registration has not yet been confirmed!';
245$string['continue'] = 'Continue';
246$string['continuetocourse'] = 'Click here to enter your course';
247$string['convertingwikitomarkdown'] = 'Converting Wiki to Markdown';
248$string['cookiesenabled'] = 'Cookies must be enabled in your browser';
249$string['cookiesnotenabled'] = 'Unfortunately, cookies are currently not enabled in your browser';
250$string['copy'] = 'copy';
b0a8b898 251$string['copyasnoun'] = 'copy';
49aafb90 252$string['copyingcoursefiles'] = 'Copying course files';
3bee1ead 253$string['copyingsitefiles'] = 'Copying site files used in course';
49aafb90 254$string['copyinguserfiles'] = 'Copying user files';
255$string['copyingzipfile'] = 'Copying zip file';
256$string['copyrightnotice'] = 'Copyright notice';
8871caf0 257$string['coresystem'] = 'System';
49aafb90 258$string['cost'] = 'Cost';
259$string['costdefault'] = 'Default cost';
260$string['counteditems'] = '$a->count $a->items';
261$string['country'] = 'Country';
262$string['course'] = 'Course';
49aafb90 263$string['courseapprovedemail'] = 'Your requested course, $a->name, has been approved and you have been made a $a->teacher. To access your new course, go to $a->url';
264$string['courseapprovedfailed'] = 'Failed to save the course as approved!';
304d08f0 265$string['courseapprovedsubject'] = 'Your course has been approved!';
266$string['courseavailable'] = 'This course is available to students';
267$string['courseavailablenot'] = 'This course is not available to students';
49aafb90 268$string['coursebackup'] = 'Course backup';
269$string['coursecategories'] = 'Course categories';
270$string['coursecategory'] = 'Course category';
59a78899 271$string['coursecategorydeleted'] = 'Deleted course category $a';
bbbf2d40 272$string['coursecreators'] = 'Course creator';
273$string['coursecreatorsdescription'] = 'Course creators can create new courses and teach in them.';
59a78899 274$string['coursedeleted'] = 'Deleted course $a';
49aafb90 275$string['coursefiles'] = 'Course files';
ae628043 276$string['courseformatdata'] = 'Course format data';
49aafb90 277$string['courseformats'] = 'Course formats';
278$string['coursegrades'] = 'Course grades';
304d08f0 279$string['coursehidden'] = 'This course is currently unavailable to students';
49aafb90 280$string['courseimportnotaught'] = 'You don\'t seem to be an editing teacher in any other courses, there are no courses for you to import from.';
281$string['courseinfo'] = 'Course info';
ffd0fbb7 282$string['coursemessage'] = 'Message course users';
283$string['coursenotaccessible'] = 'This course does not allow public access';
304d08f0 284$string['courseoverview'] = 'Course overview';
344044b2 285$string['courseoverviewgraph'] = 'Course overview graph';
49aafb90 286$string['coursereject'] = 'Reject a course request';
287$string['courserejected'] = 'Course has been rejected and the requester has been notified.';
304d08f0 288$string['courserejectemail'] = 'Sorry, but the course you requested has been rejected. Here is the reason provided:
49aafb90 291$string['courserejectreason'] = 'Outline your reasons for rejecting this course<br />(this will be emailed to the requester)';
292$string['courserejectsubject'] = 'Your course has been rejected';
49aafb90 293$string['courserequest'] = 'Course request';
294$string['courserequestdisabled'] = 'Sorry, but requesting courses has been disabled by the administrator';
49aafb90 295$string['courserequestfailed'] = 'For some reason, your course request could not be saved';
304d08f0 296$string['courserequestintro'] = 'Use this form to request a course to be created for you.<br />Try and fill in as much information as you can to allow<br />the administrators to understand your reasons for wanting this course.';
49aafb90 297$string['courserequestreason'] = 'Reasons for wanting this course';
304d08f0 298$string['courserequestsuccess'] = 'Successfully saved your course request. Expect an email within a few days with the outcome';
49aafb90 299$string['courserestore'] = 'Course restore';
300$string['courses'] = 'Courses';
304d08f0 301$string['coursescategory'] = 'Courses in the same category';
59a78899 302$string['coursesmovedout'] = 'Courses moved out from $a';
49aafb90 303$string['coursespending'] = 'Courses pending approval';
304$string['coursestaught'] = 'Courses I have taught';
49aafb90 305$string['courseupdates'] = 'Course updates';
306$string['courseuploadlimit'] = 'Course upload limit';
307$string['create'] = 'Create';
308$string['createaccount'] = 'Create my new account';
309$string['createfolder'] = 'Create a folder in $a';
0e8d6a3e 310$string['createuserandpass'] = 'Choose your username and password';
49aafb90 311$string['createziparchive'] = 'Create zip archive';
312$string['creatingblocks'] = 'Creating blocks';
99b39c96 313$string['creatingblogsinfo'] = 'Creating blogs info';
8020a016 314$string['creatingblocksroles'] = 'Creating block level role assignments and overrides';
49aafb90 315$string['creatingcategoriesandquestions'] = 'Creating categories and questions';
316$string['creatingcoursemodules'] = 'Creating course modules';
8020a016 317$string['creatingcourseroles'] = 'Creating course level role assignments and overrides';
49aafb90 318$string['creatingevents'] = 'Creating events';
319$string['creatinggradebook'] = 'Creating gradebook';
320$string['creatinggroups'] = 'Creating groups';
d8aa3550 321$string['creatinggroupings'] = 'Creating groupings';
379eaebd 322$string['creatinggroupingsgroups'] = 'Adding groups into groupings';
49aafb90 323$string['creatinglogentries'] = 'Creating log entries';
324$string['creatingmessagesinfo'] = 'Creating messages info';
325$string['creatingmetacoursedata'] = 'Creating metacourse info';
8020a016 326$string['creatingmodroles'] = 'Creating module level role assignments and overrides';
49aafb90 327$string['creatingnewcourse'] = 'Creating new course';
8020a016 328$string['creatingrolesdefinitions'] = 'Creating roles definitions';
49aafb90 329$string['creatingscales'] = 'Creating scales';
330$string['creatingsections'] = 'Creating sections';
331$string['creatingtemporarystructures'] = 'Creating temporary structures';
8020a016 332$string['creatinguserroles'] = 'Creating user level role assignments and overrides';
304d08f0 333$string['creatingusers'] = 'Creating users';
49aafb90 334$string['creatingxmlfile'] = 'Creating XML file';
335$string['currency'] = 'Currency';
336$string['currentcourseadding'] = 'Current course, adding data to it';
337$string['currentcoursedeleting'] = 'Current course, deleting it first';
338$string['currentlanguage'] = 'Current language';
49aafb90 339$string['currentlocaltime'] = 'your current local time';
304d08f0 340$string['currentlyselectedusers'] = 'Currently selected users';
49aafb90 341$string['currentpicture'] = 'Current picture';
342$string['currentrelease'] = 'Current release information';
343$string['currentversion'] = 'Current version';
344$string['databasechecking'] = 'Upgrading Moodle database from version $a->oldversion to $a->newversion...';
345$string['databaseperformance'] = 'Database performance';
346$string['databasesetup'] = 'Setting up database';
347$string['databasesuccess'] = 'Database was successfully upgraded';
348$string['databaseupgradebackups'] = 'Backup version is now $a';
349$string['databaseupgradeblocks'] = 'Blocks version is now $a';
f2aa178b 350$string['databaseupgradegroups'] = 'Groups version is now $a';
49aafb90 351$string['databaseupgradelocal'] = 'Local database customisations version is now $a';
352$string['databaseupgrades'] = 'Upgrading database';
353$string['date'] = 'Date';
ffd0fbb7 354$string['datechanged'] = 'Date changed';
49aafb90 355$string['datemostrecentfirst'] = 'Date - most recent first';
356$string['datemostrecentlast'] = 'Date - most recent last';
357$string['day'] = 'day';
358$string['days'] = 'days';
359$string['decodinginternallinks'] = 'Decoding internal links';
360$string['default'] = 'Default';
361$string['defaultcoursefullname'] = 'Course Fullname 101';
362$string['defaultcourseshortname'] = 'CF101';
363$string['defaultcoursestudent'] = 'Student';
f152be5f 364$string['defaultcoursestudentdescription'] = 'Students generally have fewer privileges within a course.';
49aafb90 365$string['defaultcoursestudents'] = 'Students';
366$string['defaultcoursesummary'] = 'Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about';
367$string['defaultcourseteacher'] = 'Teacher';
bbbf2d40 368$string['defaultcourseteacherdescription'] = 'Teachers can do anything within a course, including changing the activities and grading students.';
49aafb90 369$string['defaultcourseteachers'] = 'Teachers';
370$string['delete'] = 'Delete';
371$string['deleteall'] = 'Delete all';
0b5a80a1 372$string['deleteallcomments'] = 'Delete all comments';
373$string['deleteallratings'] = 'Delete all ratings';
e2b347e9 374$string['deletecategory'] = 'Delete category: $a';
49aafb90 375$string['deletecategorycheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to completely delete this category <b>\'$a\'</b>?<br />This will move all courses into the parent category if there is one, or into Miscellaneous.';
e2b347e9 376$string['deletecategorycheck2'] = 'If you delete this category, you need to choose what to do with the courses and subcategories it contains.';
49aafb90 377$string['deletecheck'] = 'Delete $a ?';
378$string['deletecheckfiles'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to delete these files?';
379$string['deletecheckfull'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to completely delete $a ?';
380$string['deletecheckwarning'] = 'You are about to delete these files';
381$string['deletecompletely'] = 'Delete completely';
382$string['deletecourse'] = 'Delete a course';
383$string['deletecoursecheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to completely delete this course and all the data it contains?';
384$string['deleted'] = 'Deleted';
385$string['deletedactivity'] = 'Deleted $a';
386$string['deletedcourse'] = '$a has been completely deleted';
387$string['deletednot'] = 'Could not delete $a !';
0b5a80a1 388$string['deletelogs'] = 'Delete logs';
49aafb90 389$string['deleteselected'] = 'Delete selected';
3674c398 390$string['deleteselectedkey'] = 'Delete selected key';
49aafb90 391$string['deletingcourse'] = 'Deleting $a';
392$string['deletingexistingcoursedata'] = 'Deleting existing course data';
393$string['deletingolddata'] = 'Deleting old data';
394$string['department'] = 'Department';
7ee256ee 395$string['desc'] = 'Descending';
49aafb90 396$string['description'] = 'Description';
397$string['deselectall'] = 'Deselect all';
398$string['detailedless'] = 'Less detailed';
399$string['detailedmore'] = 'More detailed';
51b57ef6 400$string['directory'] = 'Directory';
49aafb90 401$string['directorypaths'] = 'Directory Paths';
402$string['disable'] = 'Disable';
403$string['displayingfirst'] = 'Only the first $a->count $a->things are displayed';
404$string['displayingrecords'] = 'Displaying $a records';
405$string['displayingusers'] = 'Displaying users $a->start to $a->end';
7ec49125 406$string['displayonpage'] = 'Display on page';
49aafb90 407$string['documentation'] = 'Moodle Documentation';
408$string['donotask'] = 'Do Not Ask';
409$string['down'] = 'Down';
410$string['downloadexcel'] = 'Download in Excel format';
9c61ba4d 411$string['downloadods'] = 'Download in ODS format';
49aafb90 412$string['downloadtext'] = 'Download in text format';
413$string['doyouagree'] = 'Have you read these conditions and understood them?';
414$string['duplicate'] = 'Duplicate';
415$string['duplicatinga'] = 'Duplicating: $a';
416$string['duplicatingain'] = 'Duplicating $a->what in $a->in';
417$string['edhelpaspellpath'] = 'To use spell-checking within the editor, you MUST have <strong>aspell 0.50</strong> or later installed on your server, and you must specify the correct path to access the aspell binary. On Unix/Linux systems, this path is usually <strong>/usr/bin/aspell</strong>, but it might be something else.';
418$string['edhelpbgcolor'] = 'Define the edit area\'s background color.<br />Valid values are, for example: #FFFFFF or white';
419$string['edhelpcleanword'] = 'This setting enables or disables Word-specific format filtering.';
420$string['edhelpenablespelling'] = 'Enable or disable spell-checking. When enabled, <strong>aspell</strong> must be installed on the server. The second value is the <strong>default dictionary</strong>. This value will be used if aspell doesn\'t have dictionary for users own language.';
421$string['edhelpfontfamily'] = 'The font-family property is a list of font family names and/or generic family names. Family names must be seperated with comma.';
422$string['edhelpfontlist'] = 'Define the fonts used on editors dropdown menu.';
423$string['edhelpfontsize'] = 'The default font-size sets the size of a font. <br />Valid values are for example: medium, large, smaller, larger, 10pt, 11px.';
424$string['edit'] = 'Edit $a';
86830be6 425$string['editcategorysettings'] = 'Edit category settings';
09deab06 426$string['editcategorythis'] = 'Edit this category';
49aafb90 427$string['editcoursesettings'] = 'Edit course settings';
428$string['editfiles'] = 'Edit files';
429$string['editgroupprofile'] = 'Edit group profile';
430$string['editinga'] = 'Editing $a';
431$string['editingteachershort'] = 'Editor';
432$string['editlock'] = 'This value cannot be edited!';
433$string['editmyprofile'] = 'Edit profile';
434$string['editorbgcolor'] = 'Background-color';
435$string['editorcleanonpaste'] = 'Clean Word HTML on paste';
436$string['editorcommonsettings'] = 'Common settings';
437$string['editordefaultfont'] = 'Default font';
438$string['editorenablespelling'] = 'Enable spellchecking';
439$string['editorfontlist'] = 'Fontlist';
440$string['editorfontsize'] = 'Default font-size';
5ce73257 441$string['editorhelptopics'] = 'Editor Help Topics.';
49aafb90 442$string['editorresettodefaults'] = 'Reset to default values';
443$string['editorsettings'] = 'Editor settings';
d550d205 444$string['editorshortcutkeys'] = 'Editor shortcut keys';
49aafb90 445$string['editsummary'] = 'Edit summary';
446$string['editthisactivity'] = 'Edit this activity';
447$string['editthiscategory'] = 'Edit this category';
448$string['edituser'] = 'Edit user accounts';
449$string['email'] = 'Email address';
450$string['emailactive'] = 'Email activated';
451$string['emailagain'] = 'Email (again)';
452$string['emailcharset'] = 'Email charset';
453$string['emailconfirm'] = 'Confirm your account';
454$string['emailconfirmation'] = 'Hi $a->firstname,
456A new account has been requested at \'$a->sitename\'
457using your email address.
459To confirm your new account, please go to this web address:
463In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
464which you can just click on. If that doesn\'t work,
465then cut and paste the address into the address
466line at the top of your web browser window.
468If you need help, please contact the site administrator,
470$string['emailconfirmationsubject'] = '$a: account confirmation';
304d08f0 471$string['emailconfirmsent'] = '<p>An email should have been sent to your address at <b>$a</b></p>
49aafb90 472 <p>It contains easy instructions to complete your registration.</p>
473 <p>If you continue to have difficulty, contact the site administrator.</p>';
474$string['emaildigest'] = 'Email digest type';
475$string['emaildigestcomplete'] = 'Complete (daily email with full posts)';
476$string['emaildigestoff'] = 'No digest (single email per forum post)';
477$string['emaildigestsubjects'] = 'Subjects (daily email with subjects only)';
478$string['emaildisable'] = 'This email address is disabled';
479$string['emaildisableclick'] = 'Click here to disable all email from being sent to this address';
480$string['emaildisplay'] = 'Email display';
481$string['emaildisplaycourse'] = 'Allow only other course members to see my email address';
482$string['emaildisplayno'] = 'Hide my email address from everyone';
483$string['emaildisplayyes'] = 'Allow everyone to see my email address';
484$string['emailenable'] = 'This email address is enabled';
485$string['emailenableclick'] = 'Click here to re-enable all email being sent to this address';
486$string['emailexists'] = 'This email address is already registered.';
487$string['emailformat'] = 'Email format';
488$string['emailmustbereal'] = 'Note: your email address must be a real one';
489$string['emailnotallowed'] = 'Email addresses in these domains are not allowed ($a)';
490$string['emailnotfound'] = 'The email address was not found in the database';
491$string['emailonlyallowed'] = 'This email is not one of those that are allowed ($a)';
492$string['emailpasswordconfirmation'] = 'Hi $a->firstname,
494Someone (probably you) has requested a new password for your
495account on \'$a->sitename\'.
497To confirm this and have a new password sent to you via email,
498go to the following web address:
502In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
503which you can just click on. If that doesn\'t work,
504then cut and paste the address into the address
505line at the top of your web browser window.
507If you need help, please contact the site administrator,
4adc9c4f 509$string['emailpasswordconfirmationsubject'] = '$a: Change password confirmation';
a9005821 510$string['emailpasswordconfirmmaybesent'] = '<p>If you supplied a correct username or email address then an email should have been sent to you.</p>
f85509b5 511 <p>It contains easy instructions to confirm and complete this password change.
304d08f0 512If you continue to have difficulty, please contact the site administrator.</p>';
49aafb90 513$string['emailpasswordconfirmsent'] = 'An email should have been sent to your address at <b>$a</b>.
514<br />It contains easy instructions to confirm and complete this password change.
515If you continue to have difficulty, contact the site administrator.';
9696bd89 516$string['emailpasswordchangeinfo'] = 'Hi $a->firstname,
518Someone (probably you) has requested a new password for your
519account on \'$a->sitename\'.
521To change your password, please go to the following web address:
525In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
526which you can just click on. If that doesn\'t work,
527then cut and paste the address into the address
528line at the top of your web browser window.
530If you need help, please contact the site administrator,
1cb3da36 532$string['emailpasswordchangeinfodisabled'] = 'Hi $a->firstname,
534Someone (probably you) has requested a new password for your
535account on \'$a->sitename\'.
3bee1ead 537Unfortunately your account on this site is disabled and can not be reset,
1cb3da36 538please contact the site administrator,
9696bd89 540$string['emailpasswordchangeinfofail'] = 'Hi $a->firstname,
542Someone (probably you) has requested a new password for your
543account on \'$a->sitename\'.
3bee1ead 545Unfortunately passwords can not be reset on this site,
9696bd89 546please contact the site administrator,
548$string['emailpasswordchangeinfosubject'] = '$a: Change password information';
49aafb90 549$string['emailpasswordsent'] = 'Thank you for confirming the change of password.
550An email containing your new password has been sent to your address at<br /><b>$a->email</b>.<br />
551The new password was automatically generated - you might like to
552<a href=\"$a->link\">change your password</a> to something easier to remember.';
49aafb90 553$string['enable'] = 'Enable';
554$string['encryptedcode'] = 'Encrypted code';
555$string['enroldate'] = 'Date range';
073af1a6 556$string['enroldetails'] = 'Enrolment details';
304d08f0 557$string['enrolenddate'] = 'End date';
558$string['enrolenddaterror'] = 'Enrolment end date cannot be earlier than start date';
49aafb90 559$string['enrollable'] = 'Course enrollable';
560$string['enrolledincourse'] = 'Enrolled in course \"$a\"';
e4e38544 561$string['enrolledincourserole'] = 'Enrolled in \"$a->course\" as \"$a->role\"';
49aafb90 562$string['enrolledincoursenot'] = 'Not enrolled in course \"$a\"';
e4e38544 563$string['enrolledincoursenotrole'] = 'Error enrolling into \"$a->course\" as \"$a->role\"';
49aafb90 564$string['enrollfirst'] = 'You have to enrol in one of the courses before you can use the site activities';
565$string['enrolme'] = 'Enrol me in this course';
566$string['enrolmentconfirmation'] = 'You are about to enrol yourself as a member of this course.<br />Are you sure you wish to do this?';
567$string['enrolmentend'] = 'Enrolment Ends';
568$string['enrolmentkey'] = 'Enrolment key';
569$string['enrolmentkeyfrom'] = 'This course requires an \'enrolment key\' - a one-time<br />
570password that you should have received from $a';
583d4cec 571$string['enrolmentkeyfromguest'] = 'This course requires an \'enrolment key\' - as a guest<br />
572you must enter it each time you enter the course. You should have received it from $a';
49aafb90 573$string['enrolmentkeyhint'] = 'That enrolment key was incorrect, please try again<br />
574(Here\'s a hint - it starts with \'$a\')';
575$string['enrolmentnew'] = 'New enrolment in $a';
576$string['enrolmentnewuser'] = '$a->user has enrolled in course \"$a->course\"';
577$string['enrolmentnointernal'] = 'Manual enrolments are currently not enabled';
578$string['enrolmentnotyet'] = 'Sorry, you can not access this course until <br /> $a';
f9667a5a 579$string['enrolmentplugins'] = 'Enrolment Plugins';
49aafb90 580$string['enrolments'] = 'Enrolments';
581$string['enrolmentstart'] = 'Enrolment Started';
582$string['enrolperiod'] = 'Enrolment duration';
49aafb90 583$string['enrolstartdate'] = 'Start date';
584$string['entercourse'] = 'Click to enter this course';
585$string['enteremailaddress'] = 'Enter in your email address to reset your
586 password and have the new password sent to you via email.';
587$string['entries'] = 'Entries';
588$string['error'] = 'Error';
589$string['errortoomanylogins'] = 'Sorry, you have exceeded the allowed number of login attempts. Restart your browser.';
590$string['errorwhenconfirming'] = 'You are not confirmed yet because an error occurred. If you clicked on a link in an email to get here, make sure that the line in your email wasn\'t broken or wrapped. You may have to use cut and paste to reconstruct the link properly.';
591$string['everybody'] = 'Everybody';
592$string['executeat'] = 'Execute at';
593$string['existing'] = 'Existing';
594$string['existingadmins'] = 'Existing admins';
595$string['existingcourse'] = 'Existing course';
596$string['existingcourseadding'] = 'Existing course, adding data to it';
597$string['existingcoursedeleting'] = 'Existing course, deleting it first';
598$string['existingcreators'] = 'Existing course creators';
599$string['existingstudents'] = 'Enrolled students';
600$string['existingteachers'] = 'Existing teachers';
49aafb90 601$string['expirynotify'] = 'Enrolment expiry notification';
06cfc6db 602$string['expirynotifyemail'] = 'The following students in this course are expiring after exactly $a->threshold days:
49aafb90 603
49aafb90 606The following students in this course are expiring in less than $a->threshold days:
49aafb90 610You may go to the following page to extend their enrolment period:
304d08f0 611$a->extendurl';
49aafb90 612$string['expirynotifystudents'] = 'Notify students';
7eb60c26 613$string['expirynotifystudentsemail'] = 'Dear $a->studentstr:
49aafb90 614
7eb60c26 615This is a notification that your enrolment in the course $a->course will expire in $a->threshold days.
49aafb90 616
4b1b3702 617Please contact $a->teacherstr for any further enquiries.';
49aafb90 618$string['expirythreshold'] = 'Threshold';
304d08f0 619$string['explanation'] = 'Explanation';
162ad76d 620$string['extendenrol'] = 'Extend enrolment (individual)';
621$string['groupextendenrol'] = 'Extend enrolment (common)';
9fffb691 622$string['courseenrolstartdate'] = 'Course enrolment start date';
623$string['courseenrolenddate'] = 'Course enrolment end date';
624$string['startingfrom'] = 'Starting from';
49aafb90 625$string['extendperiod'] = 'Extended period';
626$string['failedloginattempts'] = '$a->attempts failed logins since your last login';
627$string['failedloginattemptsall'] = '$a->attempts failed logins for $a->accounts accounts';
628$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
629$string['file'] = 'File';
630$string['filemissing'] = '$a is missing';
631$string['files'] = 'Files';
632$string['filesfolders'] = 'Files/folders';
633$string['filloutallfields'] = 'Please fill out all fields in this form';
634$string['findmorecourses'] = 'Find more courses...';
635$string['firstdayofweek'] = '0';
636$string['firstname'] = 'First name';
637$string['firsttime'] = 'Is this your first time here?';
2bbaf749 638$string['folder'] = 'Folder';
76b41407 639$string['folderclosed'] = 'Closed folder';
304d08f0 640$string['folderopened'] = 'Opened folder';
49aafb90 641$string['followingoptional'] = 'The following items are optional';
642$string['followingrequired'] = 'The following items are required';
643$string['force'] = 'Force';
644$string['forcedmode'] = 'forced mode';
645$string['forcelanguage'] = 'Force language';
646$string['forceno'] = 'Do not force';
647$string['forcepasswordchange'] = 'Force password change';
648$string['forcepasswordchangehelp'] = 'Prompt user to change it on their next login';
649$string['forcepasswordchangenotice'] = 'You must change your password to proceed.';
650$string['forcetheme'] = 'Force theme';
49aafb90 651$string['forgotaccount'] = 'Lost password?';
304d08f0 652$string['forgotten'] = 'Forgotten your username or password?';
c57dcb62 653$string['forgottenduplicate'] = 'The email address is shared by several accounts, please enter username instead';
14bac768 654$string['forgotteninvalidurl'] = 'Invalid password reset URL';
49aafb90 655$string['format'] = 'Format';
656$string['formathtml'] = 'HTML format';
657$string['formatlams'] = 'LAMS course format';
658$string['formatmarkdown'] = 'Markdown format';
659$string['formatplain'] = 'Plain text format';
660$string['formatscorm'] = 'SCORM format';
661$string['formatsocial'] = 'Social format';
662$string['formattext'] = 'Moodle auto-format';
663$string['formattexttype'] = 'Formatting';
664$string['formattopics'] = 'Topics format';
1ce18c08 665$string['formattopicscss'] = 'Topics format - CSS/No tables';
931ef528 666$string['formattopicsajax'] = 'Topics format - AJAX';
49aafb90 667$string['formatweeks'] = 'Weekly format';
0666fc32 668$string['formatweekscss'] = 'Weekly format - CSS/No tables';
49aafb90 669$string['formatwiki'] = 'Wiki-like format';
b8db24a5 670$string['framesetinfo'] = 'This frameset document contains:';
49aafb90 671$string['from'] = 'From';
6f24e48e 672$string['frontpagecategorycombo'] = 'Combo list';
49aafb90 673$string['frontpagecategorynames'] = 'List of categories';
674$string['frontpagecourselist'] = 'List of courses';
675$string['frontpagedescription'] = 'Front Page Description';
bcaa8d93 676$string['frontpagedescriptionhelp'] = 'This description of the site will be displayed on the front page.';
49aafb90 677$string['frontpageformat'] = 'Front page format';
6f24e48e 678$string['frontpageformatloggedin'] = 'Front page format when logged in';
49aafb90 679$string['frontpagenews'] = 'News items';
680$string['frontpagetopiconly'] = 'Topic section';
681$string['fulllistofcourses'] = 'All courses';
682$string['fullname'] = 'Full name';
d6cc2341 683$string['fullnamecourse'] = 'Course full name';
684$string['fullnameuser'] = 'User full name';
49aafb90 685$string['fullnamedisplay'] = '$a->firstname $a->lastname';
686$string['fullprofile'] = 'Full profile';
687$string['fullsitename'] = 'Full site name';
688$string['functiondisabled'] = 'That functionality is currently disabled';
689$string['gd1'] = 'GD 1.x is installed';
690$string['gd2'] = 'GD 2.x is installed';
691$string['gdneed'] = 'GD must be installed to see this graph';
692$string['gdnot'] = 'GD is not installed';
c8149f0f 693$string['general'] = 'General';
7ec49125 694$string['gettheselogs'] = 'Get these logs';
49aafb90 695$string['go'] = 'Go';
0e2bcc6a 696$string['gotoyourserver'] = '(Links back to your server)';
72114682 697$string['gpl'] = 'Copyright (C) 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas (
49aafb90 698
699This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
700it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
701the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
702(at your option) any later version.
704This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
705but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
49aafb90 707
72114682 708See the Moodle License information page for full details:
49aafb90 710$string['grade'] = 'Grade';
711$string['grades'] = 'Grades';
712$string['group'] = 'Group';
713$string['groupadd'] = 'Add new group';
714$string['groupaddusers'] = 'Add selected to group';
715$string['groupfor'] = 'for group';
716$string['groupinfo'] = 'Info about selected group';
717$string['groupinfoedit'] = 'Edit group settings';
718$string['groupinfomembers'] = 'Info about selected members';
719$string['groupinfopeople'] = 'Info about selected people';
720$string['groupmembers'] = 'Group members';
721$string['groupmemberssee'] = 'See group members';
722$string['groupmembersselected'] = 'Members of selected group';
723$string['groupmode'] = 'Group mode';
724$string['groupmodeforce'] = 'Force group mode';
725$string['groupmy'] = 'My group';
726$string['groupnonmembers'] = 'People not in a group';
727$string['groupnotamember'] = 'Sorry, you are not a member of that group';
728$string['grouprandomassign'] = 'Randomly assign all to groups';
729$string['groupremove'] = 'Remove selected group';
730$string['groupremovemembers'] = 'Remove selected members';
731$string['groups'] = 'Groups';
732$string['groupsnone'] = 'No groups';
733$string['groupsseparate'] = 'Separate groups';
734$string['groupsvisible'] = 'Visible groups';
bbbf2d40 735$string['guest'] = 'Guest';
736$string['guestdescription'] = 'Guests have minimal privileges and usually can not enter text anywhere.';
49aafb90 737$string['guestskey'] = 'Allow guests who have the key';
738$string['guestsno'] = 'Do not allow guests in';
739$string['guestsnotallowed'] = 'Sorry, \'$a\' does not allow guests to enter.';
740$string['guestsyes'] = 'Allow guests without the key';
741$string['guestuser'] = 'Guest User';
742$string['guestuserinfo'] = 'This user is a special user that allows read-only access to some courses.';
743$string['healthcenter'] = 'Health Center';
3838d99a 744$string['healthnoproblemsfound'] = 'There is no health problem found!';
49aafb90 745$string['healthproblemsdetected'] = 'Health Problems Detected!';
746$string['healthproblemsolution'] = 'Health Problem Solution';
747$string['healthreturntomain'] = 'Continue';
748$string['healthsolution'] = 'Solution';
749$string['help'] = 'Help';
750$string['helpemoticons'] = 'Use emoticons';
751$string['helpformatting'] = 'About formatting text';
1c54b2bb 752$string['helpinterestslist'] = 'Enter your interests separated by commas';
49aafb90 753$string['helphtml'] = 'How to write html';
754$string['helpindex'] = 'Index of all help files';
755$string['helppicture'] = 'How to upload a picture';
11154cb8 756$string['helpprefix'] = 'Help, $a';
26c65d5f 757$string['helpprefix2'] = 'Help with $a';
49aafb90 758$string['helpquestions'] = 'Ask good questions';
759$string['helpreading'] = 'Read carefully';
760$string['helprichtext'] = 'About the HTML editor';
761$string['helpsummaries'] = 'About these summaries';
762$string['helptext'] = 'How to write text';
26c65d5f 763$string['helpwiththis'] = 'Help with this';
49aafb90 764$string['helpwiki'] = 'How to write Wiki-like text';
765$string['helpwriting'] = 'Write carefully';
3997cb40 766$string['hiddenassign'] = 'Hidden assignment';
49aafb90 767$string['hiddensections'] = 'Hidden sections';
768$string['hiddensectionscollapsed'] = 'Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form';
769$string['hiddensectionsinvisible'] = 'Hidden sections are completely invisible';
770$string['hide'] = 'Hide';
771$string['hideadvancedsettings'] = 'Hide advanced settings';
772$string['hidepicture'] = 'Hide picture';
f7a5b3ad 773$string['hidesection'] = 'Hide section $a';
49aafb90 774$string['hidesettings'] = 'Hide settings';
775$string['hits'] = 'Hits';
776$string['hitsoncourse'] = 'Hits on $a->coursename by $a->username';
777$string['hitsoncoursetoday'] = 'Today\'s hits on $a->coursename by $a->username';
778$string['home'] = 'Home';
779$string['hour'] = 'hour';
780$string['hours'] = 'hours';
781$string['howtomakethemes'] = 'How to make new themes';
782$string['htmleditor'] = 'Use HTML editor (some browsers only)';
783$string['htmleditoravailable'] = 'The HTML editor is available';
784$string['htmleditordisabled'] = 'You have disabled the HTML editor in your user profile';
785$string['htmleditordisabledadmin'] = 'The administrator has disabled the HTML editor on this site';
786$string['htmleditordisabledbrowser'] = 'The HTML editor is unavailable because your web browser is not compatible';
741f827a 787$string['htmlfilesonly'] = 'HTML files only';
49aafb90 788$string['htmlformat'] = 'Pretty HTML format';
789$string['icqnumber'] = 'ICQ number';
790$string['idnumber'] = 'ID number';
d343bd21 791$string['idnumbermod'] = 'ID number';
99cc88d1 792$string['idnumbercourse'] = 'Course ID number';
60243313 793$string['idnumbertaken'] = 'This ID number is already taken';
5a86df5e 794$string['imagealt'] = 'Picture description';
49aafb90 795$string['import'] = 'Import';
49aafb90 796$string['importactivities'] = 'Import activities from another course';
304d08f0 797$string['importdata'] = 'Import course data';
49aafb90 798$string['importdataexported'] = 'Exported data from \'from\' course successfully.<br /> Continue to import into your \'to\' course.';
799$string['importdatafinished'] = 'Import complete! Continue to your course';
304d08f0 800$string['importdatafrom'] = 'Find a course to import data from:';
49aafb90 801$string['importgroups'] = 'Import groups';
802$string['importmetacoursenote'] = 'Use this form to add courses to your meta course (this will import the enrolments)';
803$string['inactive'] = 'Inactive';
804$string['include'] = 'Include';
805$string['includeallusers'] = 'Include All Users';
806$string['includecoursefiles'] = 'Include Course Files';
807$string['includecourseusers'] = 'Include Course Users';
808$string['included'] = 'Included';
809$string['includelogentries'] = 'Include Log Entries';
810$string['includemodules'] = 'Include Modules';
bcaa8d93 811$string['includemoduleuserdata'] = 'Include module user data';
49aafb90 812$string['includeneededusers'] = 'Include Needed Users';
813$string['includenoneusers'] = 'Include No Users';
f8f95b45 814$string['includeroleassignments'] = 'Include role assignments';
3bee1ead 815$string['includesitefiles'] = 'Include Site Files Used in This Course';
49aafb90 816$string['includeuserfiles'] = 'Include User Files';
817$string['info'] = 'Information';
818$string['institution'] = 'Institution';
721b750f 819$string['instudentview'] = 'in student view';
d142af3a 820$string['interests'] = 'Interests';
1c54b2bb 821$string['interestslist'] = 'List of interests';
49aafb90 822$string['invalidemail'] = 'Invalid email address';
823$string['invalidlogin'] = 'Invalid login, please try again';
824$string['ip_address'] = 'IP Address';
825$string['jump'] = 'Jump';
826$string['jumpto'] = 'Jump to...';
827$string['keep'] = 'Keep';
828$string['keepsearching'] = 'Keep searching';
829$string['langltr'] = 'Language direction left-to-right';
830$string['langrtl'] = 'Language direction right-to-left';
831$string['language'] = 'Language';
832$string['languagegood'] = 'This language pack is up-to-date! :-)';
833$string['lastaccess'] = 'Last access';
834$string['lastedited'] = 'Last edited';
835$string['lastlogin'] = 'Last Login';
836$string['lastmodified'] = 'Last modified';
837$string['lastname'] = 'Surname';
838$string['lastyear'] = 'Last year';
839$string['latestlanguagepack'] = 'Check for latest language pack on';
840$string['latestnews'] = 'Latest News';
3b456f6a 841$string['layouttable'] = 'Layout table';
49aafb90 842$string['leavetokeep'] = 'Leave blank to keep current password';
843$string['license'] = 'GPL License';
844$string['liketologin'] = 'Would you like to log in now with a full user account?';
845$string['list'] = 'List';
846$string['listfiles'] = 'List of files in $a';
847$string['listofallpeople'] = 'List of all people';
848$string['livelogs'] = 'Live logs from the past hour';
d46a26c3 849$string['local'] = 'Local';
1306c5ea 850$string['locale'] = 'en_AU.UTF-8';
49aafb90 851$string['location'] = 'Location';
7ec49125 852$string['log_excel_date_format'] = 'yyyy mmmm d h:mm';
304d08f0 853$string['loggedinas'] = 'You are logged in as $a';
49aafb90 854$string['loggedinasguest'] = 'You are currently using guest access';
855$string['loggedinnot'] = 'You are not logged in.';
856$string['login'] = 'Login';
857$string['login_failure_logs'] = 'Login failure logs';
858$string['loginalready'] = 'You are already logged in';
859$string['loginas'] = 'Login as';
304d08f0 860$string['loginaspasswordexplain'] = '<p>You must enter the special \"loginas password\" to use this feature.<br />If you do not know it, ask your server administrator.</p>';
49aafb90 861$string['loginguest'] = 'Login as a guest';
862$string['loginsite'] = 'Login to the site';
863$string['loginsteps'] = 'Hi! For full access to courses you\'ll need to take
864 a minute to create a new account for yourself on this web site.
865 Each of the individual courses may also have a one-time
866 \"enrolment key\", which you won\'t need until later. Here are
867 the steps:
868 <ol>
869 <li>Fill out the <a href=\"$a\">New Account</a> form with your details.</li>
870 <li>An email will be immediately sent to your email address.</li>
871 <li>Read your email, and click on the web link it contains.</li>
872 <li>Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.</li>
873 <li>Now, select the course you want to participate in.</li>
3784137e 874 <li>If you are prompted for an \"enrolment key\" - use the one
49aafb90 875 that your teacher has given you. This will \"enrol\" you in the
876 course.</li>
877 <li>You can now access the full course. From now on you will only need
878 to enter your personal username and password (in the form on this page)
879 to log in and access any course you have enrolled in.</li>
880 </ol>';
881$string['loginstepsnone'] = '<p>Hi!</p>
882<p>For full access to courses you\'ll need to create yourself an account.</p>
883<p>All you need to do is make up a username and password and use it in the form on this page!</p>
884<p>If someone else has already chosen your username then you\'ll have to try again using a different username.</p>';
885$string['loginto'] = 'Login to $a';
886$string['loginusing'] = 'Login here using your username and password';
887$string['logout'] = 'Logout';
18b07efa 888$string['logoutconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to logout?';
49aafb90 889$string['logs'] = 'Logs';
304d08f0 890$string['logtoomanycourses'] = '[ <a href=\"$a->url\">more</a> ]';
891$string['logtoomanyusers'] = '[ <a href=\"$a->url\">more</a> ]';
49aafb90 892$string['lookback'] = 'Look back';
893$string['mailadmins'] = 'Inform admins';
894$string['mailstudents'] = 'Inform students';
895$string['mailteachers'] = 'Inform teachers';
896$string['mainmenu'] = 'Main Menu';
897$string['makeafolder'] = 'Make a folder';
898$string['makeeditable'] = 'If you make \'$a\' editable by the web server process (eg apache) then you could edit this file directly from this page';
899$string['manageblocks'] = 'Blocks';
629c25da 900$string['managecourses'] = 'Manage courses';
304d08f0 901$string['managedatabase'] = 'Database';
49aafb90 902$string['managefilters'] = 'Filters';
903$string['managemeta'] = 'Is this a meta course?';
49aafb90 904$string['managemetadisabled'] = 'This is disabled because this course is already in a meta course';
304d08f0 905$string['managemetaexplan'] = '(This means that enrolments are inherited from other courses)';
49aafb90 906$string['managemodules'] = 'Modules';
ced70cb6 907$string['manageroles'] = 'Roles and permissions';
49aafb90 908$string['markedthistopic'] = 'This topic is highlighted as the current topic';
909$string['markthistopic'] = 'Highlight this topic as the current topic';
910$string['maximumchars'] = 'Maximum of $a characters';
911$string['maximumgrade'] = 'Maximum grade';
912$string['maximumshort'] = 'Max';
913$string['maximumupload'] = 'Maximum upload size';
914$string['maxsize'] = 'Max size: $a';
915$string['memberincourse'] = 'People in the course';
916$string['messagebody'] = 'Message body';
120b3758 917$string['messageprovider:errors'] = 'Important errors with the site';
918$string['messageprovider:notices'] = 'Notices about minor problems';
b826f37f 919$string['messagedselectedusers'] = 'Selected users have been messaged and the recipient list has been reset.';
304d08f0 920$string['messagedselectedusersfailed'] = 'Something went wrong while messaging selected users. Some may have received the email.';
921$string['messageselect'] = 'Select this user as an email recipient';
922$string['messageselectadd'] = 'Add / send message';
923$string['metaaddcourse'] = 'Add this course';
49aafb90 924$string['metaalreadycourses'] = 'Courses already assigned';
925$string['metaalreadyhascourses'] = 'This meta course already has child courses.';
926$string['metaalreadyhasenrolments'] = 'This course already has normal enrolments.';
927$string['metaalreadyinmeta'] = 'This course is already part of a meta course.';
304d08f0 928$string['metaassigncourses'] = 'Assign courses';
49aafb90 929$string['metacourse'] = 'Metacourse';
930$string['metanoalreadycourses'] = 'No courses already assigned';
49aafb90 931$string['metanopotentialcourses'] = 'No courses available';
304d08f0 932$string['metapotentialcourses'] = 'Courses available';
49aafb90 933$string['metaremovecourse'] = 'Remove this course';
d5b30c59 934$string['migratinggrades'] = 'Migrating grades';
49aafb90 935$string['min'] = 'min';
936$string['mins'] = 'mins';
937$string['minutes'] = 'minutes';
938$string['miscellaneous'] = 'Miscellaneous';
939$string['missingcategory'] = 'You need to choose a category';
940$string['missingcity'] = 'Missing city/town';
941$string['missingcountry'] = 'Missing country';
942$string['missingdescription'] = 'Missing description';
943$string['missingemail'] = 'Missing email address';
944$string['missingfirstname'] = 'Missing given name';
1bf7621c 945$string['missingfromdisk'] = 'Missing from disk';
49aafb90 946$string['missingfullname'] = 'Missing full name';
947$string['missinglastname'] = 'Missing surname';
948$string['missingname'] = 'Missing name';
949$string['missingnewpassword'] = 'Missing new password';
950$string['missingpassword'] = 'Missing password';
f85509b5 951$string['missingrecaptchachallengefield'] = 'Missing reCAPTCHA challenge field';
49aafb90 952$string['missingreqreason'] = 'Missing reason';
953$string['missingshortname'] = 'Missing short name';
954$string['missingshortsitename'] = 'Missing short site name';
955$string['missingsitedescription'] = 'Missing site description';
956$string['missingsitename'] = 'Missing site name';
1bfb0c61 957$string['missingstrings'] = 'Check for untranslated words or phrases';
49aafb90 958$string['missingstudent'] = 'Must choose something';
959$string['missingsummary'] = 'Missing summary';
960$string['missingteacher'] = 'Must choose something';
961$string['missingurl'] = 'Missing URL';
962$string['missingusername'] = 'Missing username';
963$string['modified'] = 'Modified';
964$string['moduledeleteconfirm'] = 'You are about to completely delete the module \'$a\'. This will completely delete everything in the database associated with this activity module. Are you SURE you want to continue?';
965$string['moduledeletefiles'] = 'All data associated with the module \'$a->module\' has been deleted from the database. To complete the deletion (and prevent the module re-installing itself), you should now delete this directory from your server: $a->directory';
966$string['modulesetup'] = 'Setting up module tables';
967$string['modulesuccess'] = '$a tables have been set up correctly';
996a5f8d 968$string['moodledocs'] = 'Moodle Docs';
1761da15 969$string['moodledocslink'] = 'Moodle Docs for this page';
49aafb90 970$string['moodleversion'] = 'Moodle Version';
971$string['more'] = 'more';
87fa2e3f 972$string['moreinformation'] = 'More information about this error';
f2dcd845 973$string['moreprofileinfoneeded'] = 'Please tell us more about yourself';
49aafb90 974$string['mostrecently'] = 'most recently';
975$string['move'] = 'Move';
976$string['movecategoryto'] = 'Move category to:';
e2b347e9 977$string['movecategorycontentto'] = 'Move into';
49aafb90 978$string['movecourseto'] = 'Move course to:';
979$string['movedown'] = 'Move down';
980$string['movefilestohere'] = 'Move files to here';
981$string['movefull'] = 'Move $a to this location';
982$string['movehere'] = 'Move to here';
983$string['moveleft'] = 'Move left';
984$string['moveright'] = 'Move right';
f7a5b3ad 985$string['movesection'] = 'Move section $a';
49aafb90 986$string['moveselectedcoursesto'] = 'Move selected courses to...';
987$string['movetoanotherfolder'] = 'Move to another folder';
988$string['moveup'] = 'Move up';
989$string['msnid'] = 'MSN ID';
990$string['mustchangepassword'] = 'The new password must be different than the current one';
991$string['mustconfirm'] = 'You need to confirm your login';
992$string['mycourses'] = 'My courses';
993$string['name'] = 'Name';
994$string['namelams'] = 'LAMS';
995$string['namescorm'] = 'SCORM';
996$string['namesocial'] = 'section';
997$string['nametopics'] = 'topic';
998$string['nameweeks'] = 'week';
957aa5b9 999$string['nameweekscss'] = 'week';
49aafb90 1000$string['needed'] = 'Needed';
1001$string['never'] = 'Never';
1002$string['neverdeletelogs'] = 'Never delete logs';
1003$string['new'] = 'New';
1004$string['newaccount'] = 'New account';
1005$string['newcourse'] = 'New course';
1006$string['newpassword'] = 'New password';
1007$string['newpasswordfromlost'] = '<strong>NOTICE:</strong> Your <strong>Current Password</strong> will have been sent to you in the <strong>second</strong> of the two emails sent as part of the lost password recovery process. Make sure you have received your replacement password before continuing with this screen.';
1008$string['newpasswordtext'] = 'Hi $a->firstname,
1010Your account password at \'$a->sitename\' has been reset
1011and you have been issued with a new temporary password.
1013Your current login information is now:
1014 username: $a->username
1015 password: $a->newpassword
1017Please go to this page to change your password:
1018 $a->link
1020In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
1021which you can just click on. If that doesn\'t work,
1022then cut and paste the address into the address
1023line at the top of your web browser window.
1025Cheers from the \'$a->sitename\' administrator,
1027$string['newpicture'] = 'New picture';
1028$string['newsitem'] = 'news item';
1029$string['newsitems'] = 'news items';
1030$string['newsitemsnumber'] = 'News items to show';
1031$string['newuser'] = 'New user';
304d08f0 1032$string['newusernewpasswordsubj'] = 'New user account';
49aafb90 1033$string['newusernewpasswordtext'] = 'Hi $a->firstname,
f07b9627 1035A new account has been created for you at \'$a->sitename\'
49aafb90 1036and you have been issued with a new temporary password.
1038Your current login information is now:
1039 username: $a->username
1040 password: $a->newpassword
f07b9627 1041 (you will have to change your password
49aafb90 1042 when you login for the first time)
f07b9627 1044To start using \'$a->sitename\', login at
49aafb90 1045 $a->link
1047In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link
1048which you can just click on. If that doesn\'t work,
1049then cut and paste the address into the address
1050line at the top of your web browser window.
1052Cheers from the \'$a->sitename\' administrator,
304d08f0 1054$string['newusers'] = 'New users';
c1138797 1055$string['newwindow'] = 'new window';
49aafb90 1056$string['next'] = 'Next';
044beba9 1057$string['nextsection'] = 'Next section';
49aafb90 1058$string['no'] = 'No';
1059$string['nobody'] = 'Nobody';
1060$string['nochange'] = 'No change';
1061$string['nocoursesfound'] = 'No courses were found with the words \'$a\'';
1062$string['nocoursesyet'] = 'No courses in this category';
1063$string['nodstpresets'] = 'The administrator has not enabled Daylight Savings Time support.';
1064$string['noexistingadmins'] = 'No existing admins, this is a serious error and you should never have seen this message.';
1065$string['noexistingcreators'] = 'No existing creators';
1066$string['noexistingstudents'] = 'No existing students';
1067$string['noexistingteachers'] = 'No existing teachers';
1068$string['nofilesselected'] = 'No files have been selected to restore';
1069$string['nofilesyet'] = 'No files have been uploaded to your course yet';
1070$string['nograde'] = 'No grade';
1071$string['noimagesyet'] = 'No images have been uploaded to your course yet';
9cd54788 1072$string['nologsfound'] = 'No logs have been found';
49aafb90 1073$string['nomorecourses'] = 'No more matching courses could be found';
1074$string['nomoreidnumber'] = 'Not using an idnumber to avoid collisions';
1075$string['none'] = 'None';
bbbf2d40 1076$string['noneditingteacher'] = 'Non-editing teacher';
1077$string['noneditingteacherdescription'] = 'Non-editing teachers can teach in courses and grade students, but may not alter activities.';
1e92bb91 1078$string['nonstandard'] = 'Non-standard';
49aafb90 1079$string['nopendingcourses'] = 'There are no courses pending approval';
1080$string['nopotentialadmins'] = 'No potential admins';
1081$string['nopotentialcreators'] = 'No potential course creators';
1082$string['nopotentialstudents'] = 'No potential students';
1083$string['nopotentialteachers'] = 'No potential teachers';
535fc3e9 1084$string['norecentactivity'] = 'No recent activity';
f07b9627 1085$string['noreplybouncemessage'] = 'You have replied to a no-reply email address. If you were attempting to reply to a forum post, please instead reply using the $a forums.
304d08f0 1086
1087Following is the content of your email:';
49aafb90 1088$string['noreplybouncesubject'] = '$a - bounced email.';
304d08f0 1089$string['noreplyname'] = 'Do not reply to this email';
49aafb90 1090$string['noresults'] = 'No results';
1091$string['normal'] = 'Normal';
1092$string['normalfilter'] = 'Normal search';
a9ad3633 1093$string['nosite'] = 'Could not find site-level course';
49aafb90 1094$string['nostudentsfound'] = 'No $a found';
49aafb90 1095$string['nostudentsingroup'] = 'There are no students in this group yet';
304d08f0 1096$string['nostudentsyet'] = 'No students enrolled in this course yet';
49aafb90 1097$string['nosuchemail'] = 'No such email address';
1098$string['notavailable'] = 'Not available';
1099$string['noteachersyet'] = 'No teachers in this course yet';
1100$string['notenrollable'] = 'This course is not enrollable at the moment.';
1101$string['notenrolled'] = '$a is not enrolled in this course.';
499e78b4 1102$string['notenrolledprofile'] = 'This profile is not available because this user is not enrolled in this course.';
49aafb90 1103$string['noteuserschangednonetocourse'] = 'Note: course users need to be restored when restoring user data (in activities, files or messages). This setting has been changed for you.';
1104$string['nothingnew'] = 'Nothing new since your last login';
1105$string['nothingtodisplay'] = 'Nothing to display';
d795bfdb 1106$string['notice'] = 'Notice';
49aafb90 1107$string['noticenewerbackup'] = 'This backup file has been created with Moodle $a->backuprelease ($a->backupversion) and it\'s newer than your currently installed Moodle $a->serverrelease ($a->serverversion). This could cause some inconsistencies because backwards compatibility of backup files cannot be guaranteed.';
3566b97c 1108$string['notifications'] = 'Notifications';
49aafb90 1109$string['notifyloginfailuresmessage'] = '$a->time, IP: $a->ip, User: $a->info';
ec3dac98 1110$string['notify'] = 'Notify';
69f2e553 1111$string['notifyloginfailuresmessageend'] = 'You can view these logs at $a/course/report/log/index.php?id=1&amp;chooselog=1&amp;modid=site_errors.';
304d08f0 1112$string['notifyloginfailuresmessagestart'] = 'Here is a list of failed login attempts at $a since you were last notified';
49aafb90 1113$string['notifyloginfailuressubject'] = '$a :: Failed logins notification';
1114$string['notincluded'] = 'Not included';
1115$string['notingroup'] = 'Sorry, but you need to be part of a group to see this activity.';
1116$string['notpublic'] = 'Not public!';
1117$string['nousersmatching'] = 'No users matching \'$a\' were found';
cd1edf9e 1118$string['nousersfound'] = 'No users found';
49aafb90 1119$string['nousersyet'] = 'There are no users yet';
1120$string['now'] = 'now';
594bb20b 1121$string['novalidcourses'] = 'No valid courses to be shown';
304d08f0 1122$string['numattempts'] = '$a failed login attempt(s)';
49aafb90 1123$string['numberweeks'] = 'Number of weeks/topics';
1124$string['numdays'] = '$a days';
1125$string['numhours'] = '$a hours';
1126$string['numletters'] = '$a letters';
1127$string['numminutes'] = '$a minutes';
304d08f0 1128$string['nummonths'] = '$a months';
49aafb90 1129$string['numseconds'] = '$a seconds';
1130$string['numviews'] = '$a views';
1131$string['numweeks'] = '$a weeks';
49aafb90 1132$string['numwords'] = '$a words';
1133$string['numyears'] = '$a years';
49aafb90 1134$string['ok'] = 'OK';
304d08f0 1135$string['oldpassword'] = 'Current Password';
6ec40178 1136$string['olduserdirectory'] = 'This is the OLD users directory, and is no longer needed. You may safely delete it. The files it contains have been copied to the NEW user directory.';
49aafb90 1137$string['opentoguests'] = 'Guest access';
1138$string['optional'] = 'optional';
1139$string['order'] = 'Order';
1140$string['other'] = 'Other';
1141$string['outline'] = 'Outline';
1142$string['outlinereport'] = 'Outline report';
1143$string['page'] = 'Page';
1144$string['pageheaderconfigablock'] = 'Configuring a block in %%fullname%%';
86830be6 1145$string['parentcategory'] = 'Parent category';
49aafb90 1146$string['parentcoursenotfound'] = 'Parent course not found!';
1147$string['parentcoursenotmetacourse'] = 'Parent course not metacourse!';
1148$string['parentfolder'] = 'Parent folder';
1149$string['participants'] = 'Participants';
1150$string['participationratio'] = 'Participation ratio';
1151$string['participationreport'] = 'Participation report';
1152$string['password'] = 'Password';
1153$string['passwordchanged'] = 'Password has been changed';
1154$string['passwordconfirmchange'] = 'Confirm password change';
1155$string['passwordextlink'] = 'The following link has been provided to recover your lost password. This will take you out of Moodle.';
1156$string['passwordforgotten'] = 'Forgotten password';
edb14e52 1157$string['passwordforgotteninstructions'] = 'Your details must first be found in the user database. Please enter <strong>either</strong> your username or your registered email address in the appropriate box. There is no need to enter both.';
49aafb90 1158$string['passwordnohelp'] = 'No help is available to find your lost password. Please contact your Moodle administrator.';
1159$string['passwordrecovery'] = 'Yes, help me log in';
1160$string['passwordsdiffer'] = 'These passwords do not match';
1161$string['passwordsent'] = 'Password has been sent';
304d08f0 1162$string['passwordsenttext'] = '<p>An email has been sent to your address at $a->email.</p>
49aafb90 1163 <p><b>Please check your email for your new password</b></p>
1164 <p>The new password was automatically generated, so you might like to
1165 <a href=\"$a->link\">change it to something easier to remember</a>.</p>';
1166$string['pathnotexists'] = 'Path doesn\'t exist in your server!';
1167$string['pathslasherror'] = 'Path can\'t end with a slash!!';
1168$string['paymentinstant'] = 'Use the button below to pay and be enrolled within minutes!';
304d08f0 1169$string['paymentpending'] = '(<small><b><u>$a</u></b> pending</small>)';
49aafb90 1170$string['paymentrequired'] = 'This course requires a payment for entry.';
96a7973e 1171$string['payments'] = 'Payments';
49aafb90 1172$string['paymentsorry'] = 'Thank you for your payment! Unfortunately your payment has not yet been fully processed, and you are not yet registered to enter the course \"$a->fullname\". Please try continuing to the course in a few seconds, but if you continue to have trouble then please alert the $a->teacher or the site administrator';
1173$string['paymentthanks'] = 'Thank you for your payment! You are now enrolled in your course:<br />\"$a\"';
1174$string['people'] = 'People';
1175$string['periodending'] = 'Period ending ($a)';
d4175332 1176$string['personal'] = 'Personal';
49aafb90 1177$string['personalprofile'] = 'Personal profile';
5a86df5e 1178$string['pictureof'] = 'Picture of $a';
49aafb90 1179$string['phone'] = 'Phone';
55ac3d6f 1180$string['phone2'] = 'Mobile Phone';
49aafb90 1181$string['phpinfo'] = 'PHP info';
dfa924cc 1182$string['pleaseclose'] = 'Please close this window now.';
1e92bb91 1183$string['plugincheck'] = 'Plugins check';
1184$string['pluginchecknotice'] = 'The following tables show the modules, blocks and filters that have been detected in your current Moodle installation;
1185They indicate which plugins are standard, and which are not. All non-standard plugins should be checked and upgraded to their most recent versions
1186before continuing with this Moodle upgrade.';
ead29342 1187$string['pluginsetup'] = 'Setting up plugin tables';
18d8136e 1188$string['policyaccept'] = 'I understand and agree';
49aafb90 1189$string['policyagree'] = 'You must agree to this policy to continue using this site. Do you agree?';
1190$string['policyagreement'] = 'Site Policy Agreement';
2fa4427b 1191$string['policyagreementclick'] = 'Link to Site Policy Agreement';
1bdacf27 1192$string['popup'] = 'popup';
1193$string['popupwindowname'] = 'Popup window';
49aafb90 1194$string['popupwindow'] = 'Open file in new window';
1195$string['post'] = 'Post';
1196$string['posts'] = 'Posts';
1197$string['potentialadmins'] = 'Potential admins';
1198$string['potentialcreators'] = 'Potential course creators';
1199$string['potentialstudents'] = 'Potential students';
1200$string['potentialteachers'] = 'Potential teachers';
25a78406 1201$string['preferences'] = 'Preferences';
49aafb90 1202$string['preferredlanguage'] = 'Preferred language';
1203$string['preferredtheme'] = 'Preferred theme';
1204$string['preview'] = 'Preview';
1205$string['previewhtml'] = 'HTML Format Preview';
1206$string['previeworchoose'] = 'Preview or choose a theme';
1207$string['previous'] = 'Previous';
044beba9 1208$string['previoussection'] = 'Previous section';
e2d84bf3 1209$string['primaryadminsetup'] = 'Setup administrator account';
49aafb90 1210$string['profile'] = 'Profile';
1211$string['publicdirectory'] = 'Public directory';
1212$string['publicdirectory0'] = 'Please do not publish this site';
1213$string['publicdirectory1'] = 'Publish the site name only';
1214$string['publicdirectory2'] = 'Publish the site name with a link';
edebb94f 1215$string['publicdirectorytitle'] = 'See the current list of sites';
49aafb90 1216$string['publicsitefileswarning'] = 'Note: files placed here can be accessed by anyone';
1217$string['question'] = 'Question';
1218$string['readinginfofrombackup'] = 'Reading info from backup';
1219$string['readme'] = 'README';
1220$string['recentactivity'] = 'Recent Activity';
1221$string['recentactivityreport'] = 'Full report of recent activity...';
1222$string['recipientslist'] = 'Recipients list';
1223$string['recreatedcategory'] = 'Recreated category $a';
1224$string['refreshingevents'] = 'Refreshing events';
6ee78cee 1225$string['refresh'] = 'Refresh';
49aafb90 1226$string['registration'] = 'Moodle Registration';
1227$string['registrationcontact'] = 'Contact from the public';
1228$string['registrationcontactno'] = 'No, I do not want a contact form in the site listing';
1229$string['registrationcontactyes'] = 'Yes, provide a form for prospective Moodlers to contact me';
1230$string['registrationemail'] = 'Email notifications';
1231$string['registrationinfo'] = '<p>This page allows you to register your Moodle site with Registration is free.
1232The main benefit of registering is that you will be added to a low-volume mailing list
1233for important notifications such as security alerts and new releases of Moodle.</p>
1234<p>By default, your information will be kept private, and will never be sold or passed on to anyone else. The only
1235 reason for collecting this information is for support purposes, and to help build up a statistical
1236 picture of the Moodle community as a whole.</p>
1237<p>If you choose, you can allow your site name, country and URL to be added to the public list of Moodle Sites.</p>
1238<p>All new registrations are verified manually before they are added to the list, but once you are added you can update your registration (and your entry on the public list) at any time by resubmitting this form.</p>';
1239$string['registrationno'] = 'No, I do not want to receive email';
1240$string['registrationsend'] = 'Send registration information to';
1241$string['registrationyes'] = 'Yes, please notify me about important issues';
1242$string['reject'] = 'Reject';
95f9fa4d 1243$string['reload'] = 'Reload';
0e2bcc6a 1244$string['remotemaharauser'] = 'Remote Mahara User';
ffd0fbb7 1245$string['remove'] = 'Remove';
49aafb90 1246$string['removeadmin'] = 'Remove admin';
1247$string['removecreator'] = 'Remove course creator';
1248$string['removestudent'] = 'Remove student';
1249$string['removeteacher'] = 'Remove teacher';
1250$string['rename'] = 'Rename';
1251$string['renamefileto'] = 'Rename <b>$a</b> to';
1252$string['report'] = 'Report';
1253$string['reports'] = 'Reports';
c5d2d0dd 1254$string['repositories'] = 'Repositories';
1255$string['repositoriesmanage'] = 'Manage Repositories';
49aafb90 1256$string['requestcourse'] = 'Request a course';
1257$string['requestedby'] = 'Requested by';
1258$string['requestreason'] = 'Reason for course request';
1259$string['required'] = 'Required';
1260$string['requireskey'] = 'This course requires an enrolment key';
1261$string['requirespayment'] = 'This course requires payment for access';
ffd0fbb7 1262$string['reset'] = 'Reset';
0b5a80a1 1263$string['resetcomponent'] = 'Component';
1264$string['resettask'] = 'Task';
1265$string['resetnotimplemented'] = 'Reset not implemented';
1266$string['resetstatus'] = 'Status';
ffd0fbb7 1267$string['resetcourse'] = 'Reset course';
1268$string['resetinfo'] = 'This page allows you to empty a course of user data, while retaining the activities and other settings. Please be warned that by choosing items below and submitting this page you will delete your chosen user data from this course forever!';
1269$string['resetstartdate'] = 'Reset start date';
56a031c9 1270$string['resettodefaults'] = 'Reset to defaults';
49aafb90 1271$string['resortcoursesbyname'] = 'Re-sort courses by name';
196fe046 1272$string['resource'] = 'Resource';
49aafb90 1273$string['resources'] = 'Resources';
1274$string['restore'] = 'Restore';
1275$string['restorecancelled'] = 'Restore canceled';
1276$string['restorecoursenow'] = 'Restore this course now!';
1277$string['restorefinished'] = 'Restore completed successfully';
1278$string['restoreto'] = 'Restore to';
93e779c2 1279$string['restricted'] = 'Restricted';
49aafb90 1280$string['restrictmodules'] = 'Restrict activity modules?';
1281$string['returningtosite'] = 'Returning to this web site?';
1282$string['revert'] = 'Revert';
1283$string['role'] = 'Role';
8020a016 1284$string['rolemappings'] = 'Role mappings';
7d2e9a52 1285$string['rolerenaming'] = 'Role renaming';
4ed70f1b 1286$string['roles'] = 'Roles';
49aafb90 1287$string['rss'] = 'RSS';
1288$string['rssarticles'] = 'Number of RSS recent articles';
1289$string['rsserror'] = 'Error reading RSS data';
1290$string['rsstype'] = 'RSS feed for this activity';
1291$string['saveandnext'] = 'Save and show next';
1292$string['savechanges'] = 'Save changes';
a07f0d1b 1293$string['savechangesanddisplay'] = 'Save and display';
1294$string['savechangesandreturntocourse'] = 'Save and return to course';
304d08f0 1295$string['savedat'] = 'Saved at:';
49aafb90 1296$string['savepreferences'] = 'Save preferences';
1297$string['saveto'] = 'Save to';
1298$string['scale'] = 'Scale';
1299$string['scales'] = 'Scales';
1300$string['scalescustom'] = 'Custom scales';
1301$string['scalescustomcreate'] = 'Add a new scale';
1302$string['scalescustomno'] = 'No custom scales have been created yet';
1303$string['scalesstandard'] = 'Standard scales';
173a9d21 1304$string['scalestandard'] = 'Standard scale';
49aafb90 1305$string['scalestip'] = 'To create custom scales, use the \'Scales...\' link in your course administration menu.';
1306$string['schedule'] = 'Schedule';
9cd54788 1307$string['scheduledbackupsinactive'] = 'Scheduled backups haven\'t been enabled by the site admin';
49aafb90 1308$string['scheduledbackupstatus'] = 'Scheduled backup status';
5a86df5e 1309$string['screenreaderuse'] = 'Screen reader';
1310$string['screenreaderno'] = 'No';
1311$string['screenreaderyes'] = 'Yes';
49aafb90 1312$string['screenshot'] = 'Screenshot';
1313$string['search'] = 'Search';
1314$string['searchagain'] = 'Search again';
1315$string['searchcourses'] = 'Search courses';
1316$string['searchhelp'] = 'You can search for multiple words at once.<br /><br />word : find any match of this word within the text.<br />+word : only exact matching words will be found.<br />-word : don\'t include results containing this word.';
1317$string['searchresults'] = 'Search results';
1318$string['sec'] = 'sec';
49aafb90 1319$string['secondstotime172800'] = '2 days';
1320$string['secondstotime259200'] = '3 days';
1321$string['secondstotime345600'] = '4 days';
1322$string['secondstotime432000'] = '5 days';
1323$string['secondstotime518400'] = '6 days';
1324$string['secondstotime604800'] = '1 Week';
304d08f0 1325$string['secondstotime86400'] = '1 day';
4adc9c4f 1326$string['secretalreadyused'] = 'Change password confirmation link was already used, password was not changed.';
304d08f0 1327$string['secs'] = 'secs';
49aafb90 1328$string['section'] = 'Section';
1329$string['sections'] = 'Sections';
1330$string['seealsostats'] = 'See also: stats';
1331$string['select'] = 'Select';
49aafb90 1332$string['selectacountry'] = 'Select a country';
304d08f0 1333$string['selectall'] = 'Select all';
0b5a80a1 1334$string['selectdefault'] = 'Select default';
49aafb90 1335$string['selectamodule'] = 'Please select an activity module';
4586da47 1336$string['selectednowmove'] = '$a files selected for moving. Now go into the destination folder and press \'Move files to here\'';
49aafb90 1337$string['selectnos'] = 'Select all \'no\'';
304d08f0 1338$string['selectperiod'] = 'Select period';
49aafb90 1339$string['senddetails'] = 'Send my details via email';
ec3dac98 1340$string['separate'] = 'Separate';
49aafb90 1341$string['separateandconnected'] = 'Separate and Connected ways of knowing';
1342$string['serverlocaltime'] = 'Server\'s local time';
a907c540 1343$string['setcategorytheme'] = 'Set Category Theme';
49aafb90 1344$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
1345$string['shortname'] = 'Short name';
d6cc2341 1346$string['shortnamecourse'] = 'Course short name';
1347$string['shortnameuser'] = 'User short name';
304d08f0 1348$string['shortnamecollisionwarning'] = '[*] = This shortname is already in use by a course and will need to be changed upon approval';
49aafb90 1349$string['shortnametaken'] = 'Short name is already used for another course ($a)';
1350$string['shortsitename'] = 'Short name for site (eg single word)';
1351$string['show'] = 'Show';
49aafb90 1352$string['showactions'] = 'Show actions';
304d08f0 1353$string['showadvancedsettings'] = 'Show advanced settings';
49aafb90 1354$string['showall'] = 'Show all $a';
1355$string['showallcourses'] = 'Show all courses';
1356$string['showalltopics'] = 'Show all topics';
1357$string['showallusers'] = 'Show all users';
1358$string['showallweeks'] = 'Show all weeks';
616ad119 1359$string['showblockcourse'] = 'Show list of courses containing block';
49aafb90 1360$string['showgrades'] = 'Show grades';
1361$string['showlistofcourses'] = 'Show list of courses';
616ad119 1362$string['showmodulecourse'] = 'Show list of courses containing activity';
49aafb90 1363$string['showonly'] = 'Show only';
1364$string['showonlytopic'] = 'Show only topic $a';
1365$string['showonlyweek'] = 'Show only week $a';
1366$string['showperpage'] = 'Show $a per page';
1367$string['showrecent'] = 'Show recent activity';
1368$string['showreports'] = 'Show activity reports';
1369$string['showsettings'] = 'Show settings';
3e35ad33 1370$string['showtheselogs'] = 'Show these logs';
49aafb90 1371$string['since'] = 'Since';
304d08f0 1372$string['sincelast'] = 'since last login';
49aafb90 1373$string['site'] = 'Site';
1374$string['sitedefault'] = 'Site Default';
1375$string['siteerrors'] = 'Site errors';
1376$string['sitefiles'] = 'Site files';
3bee1ead 1377$string['sitefilesused'] = 'Site files used in this course';
49aafb90 1378$string['sitelogs'] = 'Site logs';
1379$string['sitenews'] = 'Site news';
8b8db38e 1380$string['sitepartlist'] = 'You do not have the required permissions to view the participants list';
304d08f0 1381$string['sitepartlist0'] = 'You must be a site teacher to be allowed to see the site participants list';
1382$string['sitepartlist1'] = 'You must be a teacher to be allowed to see the site participants list';
49aafb90 1383$string['sites'] = 'Sites';
1384$string['sitesection'] = 'Include a topic section';
1385$string['sitesettings'] = 'Site settings';
1386$string['siteteachers'] = 'Site teachers';
1387$string['size'] = 'Size';
1388$string['sizeb'] = 'bytes';
1389$string['sizegb'] = 'GB';
1390$string['sizekb'] = 'KB';
1391$string['sizemb'] = 'MB';
e3ba25b4 1392$string['skipped'] = 'Skipped';
49aafb90 1393$string['skypeid'] = 'Skype ID';
1394$string['socialheadline'] = 'Social forum - latest topics';
1395$string['someallowguest'] = 'Some courses may allow guest access';
1396$string['someerrorswerefound'] = 'Some information was missing or incorrect. Look below for details.';
1397$string['sortby'] = 'Sort by';
8020a016 1398$string['sourcerole'] = 'Source role';
49aafb90 1399$string['specifyname'] = 'You must specify a name.';
1e92bb91 1400$string['standard'] = 'Standard';
49aafb90 1401$string['starpending'] = '([*] = course pending approval)';
304d08f0 1402$string['startdate'] = 'Course start date';
49aafb90 1403$string['startsignup'] = 'Create new account';
1404$string['state'] = 'State/Province';
304d08f0 1405$string['statistics'] = 'Statistics';
344044b2 1406$string['statisticsgraph'] = 'Statistics graph';
49aafb90 1407$string['stats'] = 'Statistics';
304d08f0 1408$string['statslogins'] = 'Logins';
1409$string['statsmodedetailed'] = 'Detailed (user) view';
1410$string['statsmodegeneral'] = 'General view';
fd81b463 1411$string['statsnodata'] = 'There is no available data for that combination of course and time period.';
49aafb90 1412$string['statsnodatauser'] = 'There is no available data for that combination of course, user and time period.';
173fc40f 1413$string['statsoff'] = 'Statistics is not currently enabled';
304d08f0 1414$string['statsreads'] = 'Views';
49aafb90 1415$string['statsreport1'] = 'Logins';
304d08f0 1416$string['statsreport10'] = 'User activity';
1417$string['statsreport11'] = 'Most active courses';
1418$string['statsreport12'] = 'Most active courses (weighted)';
1419$string['statsreport13'] = 'Most participatory courses (enrolments)';
1420$string['statsreport14'] = 'Most participatory courses (views/posts)';
0f259f63 1421$string['statsreport2'] = 'Views (all roles)';
1422$string['statsreport3'] = 'Posts (all roles)';
1423$string['statsreport4'] = 'All activity (all roles)';
1424$string['statsreport5'] = 'All activity (views and posts)';
49aafb90 1425$string['statsreport7'] = 'User activity (views and posts)';
1426$string['statsreport8'] = 'All User activity';
1427$string['statsreport9'] = 'Logins (site course)';
304d08f0 1428$string['statsreportactivity'] = 'All activity (all roles)';
1429$string['statsreportactivitybyrole'] = 'All activity (views and posts)';
49aafb90 1430$string['statsreportforuser'] = 'for';
304d08f0 1431$string['statsreportlogins'] = 'Logins';
1432$string['statsreportreads'] = 'Views (all roles)';
49aafb90 1433$string['statsreporttype'] = 'Report type';
304d08f0 1434$string['statsreportwrites'] = 'Posts (all roles)';
1435$string['statsstudentactivity'] = 'Student activity';
49aafb90 1436$string['statsstudentreads'] = 'Student views';
1437$string['statsstudentwrites'] = 'Student posts';
304d08f0 1438$string['statsteacheractivity'] = 'Teacher activity';
49aafb90 1439$string['statsteacherreads'] = 'Teacher views';
1440$string['statsteacherwrites'] = 'Teacher posts';
304d08f0 1441$string['statstimeperiod'] = 'Time period - last:';
1442$string['statsuniquelogins'] = 'Unique logins';
49aafb90 1443$string['statsuseractivity'] = 'All activity';
1444$string['statsuserlogins'] = 'Logins';
304d08f0 1445$string['statsuserreads'] = 'Views';
1446$string['statsuserwrites'] = 'Posts';
1447$string['statswrites'] = 'Posts';
49aafb90 1448$string['status'] = 'Status';
1449$string['strftimedate'] = '%%d %%B %%Y';
1450$string['strftimedateshort'] = '%%d %%B';
1451$string['strftimedatetime'] = '%%d %%B %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
00374cc5 1452$string['strftimedatetimeshort'] = '%%d/%%m/%%Y %%H:%%M';
49aafb90 1453$string['strftimedaydate'] = '%%A, %%d %%B %%Y';
1454$string['strftimedaydatetime'] = '%%A, %%d %%B %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
1455$string['strftimedayshort'] = '%%A, %%d %%B';
1456$string['strftimedaytime'] = '%%a, %%H:%%M';
1457$string['strftimemonthyear'] = '%%B %%Y';
1458$string['strftimerecent'] = '%%d %%b, %%H:%%M';
1459$string['strftimerecentfull'] = '%%a, %%d %%b %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
1460$string['strftimetime'] = '%%I:%%M %%p';
1461$string['stringsnotset'] = 'The following strings are not defined in $a';
1462$string['studentnotallowed'] = 'Sorry, but you can not enter this course as \'$a\'';
1463$string['students'] = 'Students';
1464$string['studentsandteachers'] = 'Students and teachers';
304d08f0 1465$string['studentviewoff'] = 'Turn student view off';
721b750f 1466$string['studentviewon'] = 'Turn student view on';
49aafb90 1467$string['subcategories'] = 'Sub-categories';
6ee78cee 1468$string['submit'] = 'Submit';
49aafb90 1469$string['success'] = 'Success';
1470$string['summary'] = 'Summary';
1471$string['summaryof'] = 'Summary of $a';
0e8d6a3e 1472$string['supplyinfo'] = 'More details';
3a52e764 1473$string['switchrolereturn'] = 'Return to my normal role';
1474$string['switchroleto'] = 'Switch role to...';
25a78406 1475$string['tag'] = 'Tag';
f07b9627 1476$string['tagalready'] = 'This tag already exists';
2c0be8da 1477$string['tagmanagement'] = 'Add/delete tags ...';
25a78406 1478$string['tags'] = 'Tags';
8020a016 1479$string['targetrole'] = 'Target role';
49aafb90 1480$string['teacheronly'] = 'for the $a only';
1481$string['teacherroles'] = '$a roles';
1482$string['teachers'] = 'Teachers';
1483$string['textediting'] = 'When editing text';
1484$string['texteditor'] = 'Use standard web forms';
1485$string['textformat'] = 'Plain text format';
1486$string['thanks'] = 'Thanks';
1487$string['theme'] = 'Theme';
1488$string['themes'] = 'Themes';
1489$string['themesaved'] = 'New theme saved';
b1892167 1490$string['thereareno'] = 'There are no $a in this course';
49aafb90 1491$string['thischarset'] = 'UTF-8';
1492$string['thisdirection'] = 'ltr';
1493$string['thislanguage'] = 'English';
1494$string['time'] = 'Time';
1495$string['timezone'] = 'Timezone';
1496$string['to'] = 'To';
1497$string['today'] = 'Today';
1498$string['todaylogs'] = 'Today\'s logs';
1499$string['toeveryone'] = 'to everyone';
1500$string['toomanybounces'] = 'That email address has had too many bounces. You <b>must</b> change it to continue.';
1501$string['toomanytoshow'] = 'There are too many users to show.';
1502$string['toonly'] = 'to $a only';
1503$string['top'] = 'Top';
1504$string['topic'] = 'Topic';
1505$string['topichide'] = 'Hide this topic from $a';
1506$string['topicoutline'] = 'Topic outline';
1507$string['topicshow'] = 'Show this topic to $a';
1508$string['total'] = 'Total';
1509$string['trackforums'] = 'Forum tracking';
1510$string['trackforumsno'] = 'No: don\'t keep track of posts I have seen';
1511$string['trackforumsyes'] = 'Yes: highlight new posts for me';
1512$string['trysearching'] = 'Try searching instead.';
1513$string['turneditingoff'] = 'Turn editing off';
1514$string['turneditingon'] = 'Turn editing on';
1515$string['undecided'] = 'Undecided';
1516$string['unenrol'] = 'Unenrol';
0b5a80a1 1517$string['unenrolroleusers'] = 'Unenrol users';
49aafb90 1518$string['unenrolallstudents'] = 'Unenrol all students';
1519$string['unenrolallstudentssure'] = 'Are you sure you want to completely unenrol all students from this course?';
1520$string['unenrolme'] = 'Unenrol me from $a';
1521$string['unenrolsure'] = 'Are you sure you want to unenrol $a from this course?';
1522$string['unfinished'] = 'Unfinished';
1523$string['unknowncategory'] = 'Unknown category';
1524$string['unlimited'] = 'Unlimited';
1525$string['unpacking'] = 'Unpacking $a';
1526$string['unsafepassword'] = 'Unsafe password - try something else';
1527$string['untilcomplete'] = 'Until complete';
1528$string['unusedaccounts'] = 'Accounts unused for more than $a days are automatically unenrolled';
1529$string['unzip'] = 'Unzip';
1530$string['unzippingbackup'] = 'Unzipping backup';
1531$string['up'] = 'Up';
1532$string['update'] = 'Update';
1533$string['updated'] = 'Updated $a';
49aafb90 1534$string['updatemymoodleoff'] = 'Normal mode';
304d08f0 1535$string['updatemymoodleon'] = 'Edit this page';
1536$string['updatemyprofile'] = 'Update profile';
49aafb90 1537$string['updatesevery'] = 'Updates every $a seconds';
1538$string['updatethis'] = 'Update this $a';
1539$string['updatethiscourse'] = 'Update this course';
1540$string['updatinga'] = 'Updating: $a';
1541$string['updatingain'] = 'Updating $a->what in $a->in';
1542$string['upload'] = 'Upload';
1543$string['uploadafile'] = 'Upload a file';
a8e352c5 1544$string['uploadcantwrite'] = 'Failed to write file to disk';
49aafb90 1545$string['uploadedfile'] = 'File uploaded successfully';
1546$string['uploadedfileto'] = 'Uploaded $a->file to $a->directory';
1547$string['uploadedfiletoobig'] = 'Sorry, but that file is too big (limit is $a bytes)';
a8e352c5 1548$string['uploadextension'] = 'File upload stopped by extension';
49aafb90 1549$string['uploadfailednotrecovering'] = 'Your file upload has failed because there was a problem with one of the files, $a->name.<br /> Here is a log of the problems:<br />$a->problem<br />Not recovering.';
1550$string['uploadfilelog'] = 'Upload log for file $a';
1551$string['uploadformlimit'] = 'Uploaded file exceeded the maximum size limit set by the form';
1552$string['uploadlabel'] = 'Title:';
1553$string['uploadnofilefound'] = 'No file was found - are you sure you selected one to upload?';
1554$string['uploadnotallowed'] = 'Uploads are not allowed';
a8e352c5 1555$string['uploadnotempdir'] = 'Missing a temporary folder';
49aafb90 1556$string['uploadoldfilesdeleted'] = 'The old file(s) in your upload area have been deleted';
1557$string['uploadpartialfile'] = 'File was only partially uploaded';
1558$string['uploadproblem'] = 'An unknown problem occurred while uploading the file \'$a\' (perhaps it was too large?)';
1559$string['uploadrenamedchars'] = 'File was renamed from $a->oldname to $a->newname because of invalid characters.';
1560$string['uploadrenamedcollision'] = 'File was renamed from $a->oldname to $a->newname because there was a filename conflict.';
1561$string['uploadserverlimit'] = 'Uploaded file exceeded the maximum size limit set by the server';
1562$string['uploadthisfile'] = 'Upload this file';
1563$string['uploadusers'] = 'Upload users';
85c9ebb9 1564$string['used'] = 'Used';
49aafb90 1565$string['usedinnplaces'] = 'Used in $a places';
1566$string['usemessageform'] = 'or use the form below to send a message to the selected students';
1567$string['user'] = 'User';
1568$string['userconfirmed'] = 'Confirmed $a';
1569$string['userdata'] = 'User Data';
1570$string['userdeleted'] = 'This user account has been deleted';
1571$string['userdescription'] = 'Description';
073af1a6 1572$string['userdetails'] = 'User details';
49aafb90 1573$string['userfiles'] = 'User Files';
1574$string['userlist'] = 'User list';
1575$string['username'] = 'Username';
1576$string['usernameemailmatch'] = 'The username and email address do not relate to the same user';
c57dcb62 1577$string['usernameoremail'] = 'Enter either username or email address';
49aafb90 1578$string['usernameexists'] = 'This username already exists, choose another';
e8e0bb2d 1579$string['usernamelowercase'] = 'Only lowercase letters allowed';
49aafb90 1580$string['usernamenotfound'] = 'The username was not found in the database';
1581$string['usernotconfirmed'] = 'Could not confirm $a';
1d40c70b 1582$string['userpic'] = 'User picture';
49aafb90 1583$string['userprofilefor'] = 'User profile for $a';
1584$string['users'] = 'Users';
1585$string['usersnew'] = 'New users';
04186cd9 1586$string['usersnoaccesssince'] = 'Inactive for more than';
49aafb90 1587$string['userzones'] = 'User zones';
1588$string['usethiscourse'] = 'Use this course';
1589$string['usingexistingcourse'] = 'Using existing course';
1590$string['version'] = 'Version';
1591$string['view'] = 'View';
1592$string['views'] = 'Views';
1593$string['viewsolution'] = 'view solution';
1594$string['virusfound'] = 'Attention administrator! Clam AV has found a virus in a file uploaded by $a->user for the course $a->course. Here is the output of clamscan:';
1595$string['virusfoundlater'] = 'A file you uploaded on $a->date with the filename $a->filename for the course $a->course has since been found to contain a virus. Here is a summary of what has happened to your file:
1599If this was submitted work, you may want to resubmit it so that your tutor can see it.';
1600$string['virusfoundlateradmin'] = 'Attention administrator! A file that was uploaded on $a->date with the filename $a->filename for the course $a->course by the user $a->user has since been found to contain a virus. Here is a summary of what has happened to the file:
1604The user has also been notified.';
1605$string['virusfoundlateradminnolog'] = 'Attention administrator! A file that was uploaded with the filename $a->filename has since been found to contain a virus. Moodle was unable to resolve this file back to the user that originally uploaded it.
1607Here is a summary of what has happened to the file:
1610$string['virusfoundsubject'] = '$a: Virus found!';
1611$string['virusfounduser'] = 'The file you have uploaded, $a->filename, has been scanned by a virus checker and found to be infected! Your file upload was NOT successful.';
1612$string['virusplaceholder'] = 'This file that has been uploaded was found to contain a virus and has been moved or delted and the user notified.';
84a2c431 1613$string['visible'] = 'Visible';
304d08f0 1614$string['visibletostudents'] = 'Visible to $a';
1615$string['warningdeleteresource'] = 'Warning: $a is referred in a resource. Would you like to update the resource?';
49aafb90 1616$string['webpage'] = 'Web page';
1617$string['week'] = 'Week';
1618$string['weekhide'] = 'Hide this week from $a';
1619$string['weeklyoutline'] = 'Weekly outline';
1620$string['weekshow'] = 'Show this week to $a';
1621$string['welcometocourse'] = 'Welcome to $a';
1622$string['welcometocoursetext'] = 'Welcome to $a->coursename!
1624If you have not done so already, you should edit your profile page
1625within the course so that we can learn more about you:
1627 $a->profileurl';
1628$string['whattocallzip'] = 'What do you want to call the zip file?';
1629$string['withchosenfiles'] = 'With chosen files';
1630$string['withoutuserdata'] = 'without user data';
49aafb90 1631$string['withselectedusers'] = 'With selected users...';
304d08f0 1632$string['withuserdata'] = 'with user data';
49aafb90 1633$string['wordforstudent'] = 'Your word for Student';
1634$string['wordforstudenteg'] = 'eg Student, Participant etc';
1635$string['wordforstudents'] = 'Your word for Students';
1636$string['wordforstudentseg'] = 'eg Students, Participants etc';
1637$string['wordforteacher'] = 'Your word for Teacher';
1638$string['wordforteachereg'] = 'eg Teacher, Tutor, Facilitator etc';
1639$string['wordforteachers'] = 'Your word for Teachers';
1640$string['wordforteacherseg'] = 'eg Teachers, Tutors, Facilitators etc';
40e07bdd 1641$string['writingblogsinfo'] = 'Writing blogs info';
49aafb90 1642$string['writingcategoriesandquestions'] = 'Writing categories and questions';
1643$string['writingcoursedata'] = 'Writing course data';
1644$string['writingeventsinfo'] = 'Writing events info';
1645$string['writinggeneralinfo'] = 'Writing general info';
1646$string['writinggradebookinfo'] = 'Writing gradebook info';
1647$string['writinggroupsinfo'] = 'Writing groups info';
d8aa3550 1648$string['writinggroupingsinfo'] = 'Writing groupings info';
b0dc3e56 1649$string['writinggroupingsgroupsinfo'] = 'Writing groupings-groups info';
49aafb90 1650$string['writingheader'] = 'Writing header';
1651$string['writingloginfo'] = 'Writing logs info';
1652$string['writingmessagesinfo'] = 'Writing messages info';
1653$string['writingmoduleinfo'] = 'Writing modules info';
1654$string['writingscalesinfo'] = 'Writing scales info';
1655$string['writinguserinfo'] = 'Writing users info';
1656$string['wrongpassword'] = 'Incorrect password for this username';
ab8bfc7e 1657$string['xmldbeditor'] = 'XMLDB editor';
49aafb90 1658$string['yahooid'] = 'Yahoo ID';
5602f7cf 1659$string['year'] = 'year';
1660$string['years'] = 'years';
49aafb90 1661$string['yes'] = 'Yes';
1662$string['youareabouttocreatezip'] = 'You are about to create a zip file containing';
1663$string['youaregoingtorestorefrom'] = 'You are about to start the restore process for';
bd4128e9 1664$string['youneedtoenrol'] = 'To perform that action you need to enrol in this course.';
49aafb90 1665$string['yourlastlogin'] = 'Your last login was';
1666$string['yourself'] = 'yourself';
1667$string['yourteacher'] = 'your $a';
1668$string['zippingbackup'] = 'Zipping backup';
28f28756 1670$string['authenticationplugins'] = 'Authentication Plugins';
1671$string['chooseauthmethod'] = 'Choose authentication plugin';
d6cc2341 1672?>