MDL-15860 - add global portfolio enabled switch
[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / portfolio.php
67a87e7d 1<?php
3$string['addnewportfolio'] = 'Add a new portfolio';
4$string['addtoportfolio'] = 'Add to portfolio';
5$string['alreadyexporting'] = 'You already have an active portfolio export in this session. Please complete that first';
6$string['availableformats'] = 'Available export formats';
7$string['callercouldnotpackage'] = 'Failed to package up your data for export';
8$string['cannotsetvisible'] = 'Cannot set this to visible - the plugin has been completely disabled because of a misconfiguration';
9$string['configexport'] = 'Configure exported data';
10$string['configplugin'] = 'Configure portfolio plugin';
11$string['confirmexport'] = 'Please confirm the following export';
12$string['confirmsummary'] = 'Summary of your export';
13$string['configure'] = 'Configure';
14$string['continuetoportfolio'] = 'Continue to your portfolio';
a50ef3d3 15$string['deleteportfolio'] = 'Delete portfolio instance';
a239f01e 16$string['disabled'] = 'Sorry, but portfolio exports are not enabled in this site';
67a87e7d 17$string['dontwait'] = 'Don\'t wait';
18$string['err_uniquename'] = 'Portfolio name must be unique (per plugin)';
a50ef3d3 19$string['enabled'] = 'Enable portfolios';
20$string['enableddesc'] = 'This will allow administrators to configure remote systems for users to export content to';
67a87e7d 21$string['exporting'] = 'Exporting to portfolio';
22$string['exportcomplete'] = 'Portfolio export complete!';
23$string['failedtosendpackage'] = 'Failed to send your data to the selected portfolio system!';
67a87e7d 24$string['format_file'] = 'File';
25$string['format_mbkp'] = 'Moodle Backup';
26$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
27$string['instancedeleted'] = 'Portfolio deleted successfully';
28$string['instanceismisconfigured'] = 'Portfolio instance is misconfigured, skipping. Error was: $a';
29$string['instancenotsaved'] = 'Failed to save portfolio';
30$string['instancenotdelete'] = 'Failed to delete portfolio';
31$string['instancesaved'] = 'Portfolio saved successfully';
5071079c 32$string['invalidformat'] = 'Something is exporting an invalid format, $a';
67a87e7d 33$string['manageportfolios'] = 'Manage portfolios';
34$string['manageyourportfolios'] = 'Manage your portfolios';
35$string['noavailableplugins'] = 'Sorry, but there are no available portfolios for you to export to';
36$string['nocallbackfile'] = 'Something in the module you\'re trying to export from is broken - couldn\'t find a required file ($a)';
37$string['nocommonformats'] = 'No common formats between any available portfolio plugin and the calling location $a';
38$string['nopermissions'] = 'Sorry but you do not have the required permissions to export files from this area';
39$string['nonprimative'] = 'A non primative value was passed as a callback argument to portfolio_add_button. Refusing to continue. The key was $a->key and the value was $a->value';
40$string['notexportable'] = 'Sorry, but the type of content you are trying to export is not exportable';
41$string['nouploaddirectory'] = 'Could not create a temporary directory to package your data into';
42$string['portfolio'] = 'Portfolio';
43$string['portfolios'] = 'Portfolios';
44$string['plugin'] = 'Portfolio Plugin';
45$string['plugincouldnotpackage'] = 'Failed to package up your data for export';
46$string['returntowhereyouwere'] = 'Return to where you were';
47$string['save'] = 'Save';
48$string['selectedformat'] = 'Selected export format';
49$string['selectedwait'] = 'Selected to wait?';
50$string['selectplugin'] = 'Select portfolio plugin to export to';
51$string['someinstancesdisabled'] = 'Some configured plugin instances have been disabled either because they are misconfigured or rely on something else that is';
52$string['somepluginsdisabled'] = 'Some entire plugins have been disabled because they are either misconfigured or rely on something else that is:';
53$string['sure'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete \'$a\'? This cannot be undone.';
54$string['wanttowait_moderate'] = 'Do you want to wait for this transfer? It might take a few minutes';
55$string['wanttowait_high'] = 'It is not recommended that you wait for this transfer to complete, but you can if you\'re sure and know what you\'re doing';
56$string['wait'] = 'Wait';