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67a87e7d 1<?php
3$string['apikey'] = 'API key (you need to get this from Box.net)';
4$string['err_noapikey'] = 'There is no API Key configured for this plugin. You can get one of these from http://enabled.box.net';
5$string['existingfolder'] = 'Exiting folder to put file(s) into';
6$string['folderclash'] = 'The folder you asked to create already exists!';
7$string['foldercreatefailed'] = 'Failed to create your target folder on box.net';
8$string['folderlistfailed'] = 'Failed to retrieve a folder listing from box.net';
9$string['newfolder'] = 'New folder to put file(s) into';
10$string['noauthtoken'] = 'Could not retrieve an authentication token for use in this session';
11$string['noticket'] = 'Could not retrieve a ticket from box.net to being the authentication session';
12$string['notarget'] = 'You must specify either an existing folder or a new folder to upload into';
13$string['password'] = 'Your box.net password (will not be stored)';
14$string['sharedfolder'] = 'Shared';
15$string['targetfolder'] = 'Target folder';
16$string['username'] = 'Your box.net username (will not be stored)';