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304d08f0 1<?PHP // $Id$
2 // qtype_multichoice.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
307f045f 4
6ac7a65d 5$string['answerhowmany'] = 'One or multiple answers?';
307f045f 6$string['answersingleno'] = 'Multiple answers allowed';
7$string['answersingleyes'] = 'One answer only';
8$string['choiceno'] = 'Choice $a';
9$string['choices'] = 'Available choices';
73ca1421 10$string['clozeaid'] = 'Enter missing word';
307f045f 11$string['editingmultichoice'] = 'Editing a Multiple Choice question';
304d08f0 12$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
307f045f 13$string['fillouttwochoices'] = 'You must fill out at least two choices. Choices left blank will not be used.';
14$string['fractionsaddwrong'] = 'The positive grades you have chosen do not add up to 100%%<br />Instead, they add up to $a%%<br />Do you want to go back and fix this question?';
15$string['fractionsnomax'] = 'One of the answers should be 100%%, so that it is<br />possible to get a full grade for this question.<br />Do you want to go back and fix this question?';
307f045f 16$string['notenoughanswers'] = 'This type of question requires at least $a answers';
17$string['overallcorrectfeedback'] = 'Feedback for any correct answer';
307f045f 18$string['overallincorrectfeedback'] = 'Feedback for any incorrect answer';
304d08f0 19$string['overallpartiallycorrectfeedback'] = 'Feedback for any partially correct answer';
307f045f 20$string['shuffleanswers'] = 'Shuffle answers';
21$string['singleanswer'] = 'Choose one answer.';