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36703ed7 1<?php // $Id$
2// question.php - created with Moodle 1.8 dev
3bee1ead 4$string['adminreport'] = 'Report on possible problems in your question database.';
5$string['broken'] = 'This is a \"broken link\", it points to a nonexistent file.';
6$string['byandon'] = 'by <em>$a->user</em> on <em>$a->time</em>';
36703ed7 7$string['categorydoesnotexist'] = 'This category does not exist';
3bee1ead 8$string['categorycurrent'] = 'Current Category';
9$string['categorycurrentuse'] = 'Use This Category';
10$string['categorymoveto'] = 'Save in Category';
11$string['changepublishstatuscat'] = '<a href=\"$a->caturl\">Category \"$a->name\"</a> in course \"$a->coursename\" will have it\'s sharing status changed from <strong>$a->changefrom to $a->changeto</strong>.';
12$string['cwrqpfs'] = 'Random questions selecting questions from sub categories.';
13$string['cwrqpfsinfo'] = '<p>During the upgrade to Moodle 1.9 we will seperate question categories into
14different contexts. Some question categories and questions on your site will have to have their sharing
15status changed. This is necessary in the rare case that one or more \'random\' questions in a quiz are set up to select from a mixture of
16shared and unshared categories (as is the case on this site). This happens when a \'random\' question is set to select
17from subcategories and one or more subcategories have a different sharing status to the parent category in which
18the random question is created.</p>
19<p>The following question categories, from which \'random\' questions in parent categories select questions from, will have their sharing status changed to the same sharing status as the category with the \'random\' question in on upgrading to Moodle 1.9. The following categories will have their sharing status changed. Questions which are affected will continue to work in all existing quizzes until you remove them from these quizzes.';
20$string['cwrqpfsnoprob'] = 'No question categories in your site are affected by the \'Random questions selecting questions from sub categories\' issue.';
21$string['copy']= 'Copy from $a and change links.';
22$string['created'] = 'Created';
8a3b3e66 23$string['createdmodifiedheader'] = 'Created / Last Saved';
3bee1ead 24$string['defaultfor'] = 'Default for $a';
25$string['defaultinfofor'] = 'The default category for questions shared in context \'$a\'.';
26$string['donothing']= 'Don\'t copy or move files or change links.';
27$string['editingcategory'] = 'Editing a category';
36703ed7 28$string['editingquestion'] = 'Editing a question';
3bee1ead 29$string['erroraccessingcontext'] = 'Cannot access context';
30$string['errorfilecannotbecopied'] = 'Error cannot copy file $a.';
31$string['errorfilecannotbemoved'] = 'Error cannot move file $a.';
32$string['errorfileschanged'] = 'Error files linked to from questions have changed since form was displayed.';
33$string['exportcategory'] = 'Export category';
34$string['filesareasite']= 'the site files area';
35$string['filesareacourse']= 'the course files area';
36$string['filestomove']= 'Move / copy files to $a?';
37$string['fractionsnomax'] = 'One of the answers should have a score of 100%% so it is possible to get full marks for this question.';
38$string['getcategoryfromfile'] = 'Get category from file';
39$string['getcontextfromfile'] = 'Get context from file';
40$string['ignorebroken'] = 'Ignore broken links';
41$string['linkedfiledoesntexist'] = 'Linked file $a doesn\'t exist';
42$string['makechildof'] = "Make Child of '\$a'";
43$string['maketoplevelitem'] = 'Move to top level';
36703ed7 44$string['missingimportantcode'] = 'This question type is missing important code: $a.';
8a3b3e66 45$string['modified'] = 'Last saved';
3bee1ead 46$string['move']= 'Move from $a and change links.';
47$string['movecategory']= 'Move Category';
48$string['movelinksonly']= 'Just change where links point to, do not move or copy files.';
49$string['moveqtoanothercontext']= 'Move question to another context.';
50$string['moveq']= 'Move question(s)';
51$string['movingcategory']= 'Moving Category';
52$string['movingcategoryandfiles']= 'Are you sure you want to move category {$a->name} and all child categories to context for \"{$a->contextto}\"?<br /> We have detected {$a->urlcount} files linked from questions in {$a->fromareaname}, would you like to copy or move these to {$a->toareaname}?';
53$string['movingcategorynofiles']= 'Are you sure you want to move category \"{$a->name}\" and all child categories to context for \"{$a->contextto}\"?';
54$string['movingquestions'] = 'Moving Questions and Any Files';
55$string['movingquestionsandfiles']= 'Are you sure you want to move question(s) {$a->questions} to context for <strong>\"{$a->tocontext}\"</strong>?<br /> We have detected <strong>{$a->urlcount} files</strong> linked from these question(s) in {$a->fromareaname}, would you like to copy or move these to {$a->toareaname}?';
56$string['movingquestionsnofiles']= 'Are you sure you want to move question(s) {$a->questions} to context for <strong>\"{$a->tocontext}\"</strong>?<br /> There are <strong>no files</strong> linked from these question(s) in {$a->fromareaname}.';
57$string['needtochoosecat'] = 'You need to choose a category to move this question to or press \'cancel\'.';
58$string['nopermissionadd'] = 'You don\'t have permission to add questions here.';
59$string['noprobs'] = 'No problems found in your question database.';
36703ed7 60$string['notenoughdatatoeditaquestion'] = 'Neither a question id, nor a category id and question type, was specified.';
3bee1ead 61$string['notenoughdatatomovequestions'] = 'You need to provide the question ids of questions you want to move.';
62$string['permissionedit'] = 'Edit this question';
63$string['permissionmove'] = 'Move this question';
64$string['permissionsaveasnew'] = 'Save this as a new question';
65$string['permissionto'] = 'You have permission to :';
66$string['published'] = 'published';
67$string['questionaffected'] = '<a href=\"$a->qurl\">Question \"$a->name\" ($a->qtype)</a> is in this question category but is also being used in <a href=\"$a->qurl\">quiz \"$a->quizname\"</a> in another course \"$a->coursename\".';
5eb266d8 68$string['questionbank'] = 'Question bank';
3bee1ead 69$string['questioncatsfor'] = 'Question Categories for \'$a\'';
36703ed7 70$string['questiondoesnotexist'] = 'This question does not exist';
3bee1ead 71$string['questionuse'] = 'Use question in this activity';
72$string['shareincontext'] = 'Share in context for $a';
73$string['tofilecategory'] = 'Write category to file';
74$string['tofilecontext'] = 'Write context to file';
75$string['unknown'] = 'Unknown';
36703ed7 76$string['unknownquestiontype'] = 'Unknown question type: $a.';
3bee1ead 77$string['unpublished'] = 'unpublished';
36703ed7 78?>