MDL-14589 sample function for draft area files migration and relinking
[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / repository.php
19add4c0 1<?php //$Id$
5a8ca187 2$string['activerepository'] = 'Active repository plugins';
04bd6d2d 3$string['add'] = 'Add';
a6600395 4$string['addplugin'] = 'Add a repository plugin';
2e4a8e0c 5$string['activaterep'] = 'Active repositories';
a347291c 6$string['attachment'] = 'Attachment';
2e4a8e0c 7$string['back'] = '&lt; Back';
5a8ca187 8$string['cacheexpire'] = 'Cache expire';
2e4a8e0c 9$string['close'] = 'Close';
b82bcbcb 10$string['copying'] = 'Copying';
4f2b9a4f 11$string['configcacheexpire'] = 'Configurate the cache expired time (in minutes).';
4a65c39a 12$string['configsaved'] = 'Configuration saved!';
3c184e14 13$string['confirmdelete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this repository - $a?';
ef259bff 14$string['confirmremove'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove this repository plugin, its options and <strong style=color:red>all of its instances</strong> - $a?';
04bd6d2d 15$string['create'] = 'Create';
a6600395 16$string['createrepository'] = 'Create a repository instance';
4d5948f1 17$string['createinstance'] = 'Create a repository instance';
a347291c 18$string['date'] = 'Date';
4a65c39a 19$string['deleterepository'] = 'Delete this repository';
a6600395 20$string['deleted'] = 'Repository deleted';
64be2d6c 21$string['download'] = 'Download';
3c184e14 22$string['downloadsucc'] = 'The file has been downloaded successfully';
0d099914 23$string['editrepositoryinstance'] = 'Edit repository instance';
a6600395 24$string['emptytype'] = 'Cannot create repository type: type name is empty';
3c184e14 25$string['error'] = 'An unknown error occurred!';
a6600395 26$string['existingrepository'] = 'This repository already exists';
2e4a8e0c 27$string['filename'] = 'Filename';
efd47773 28$string['filenotnull'] = 'You must select a file to upload.';
3c184e14 29$string['filesaved'] = 'The file has been saved';
55b4bb1d 30$string['getfile'] = 'Select this file';
4d5948f1 31$string['hiddenshow'] = 'Hide/Show';
04bd6d2d 32$string['instance'] = 'instance';
a6600395 33$string['instancedeleted'] = 'Instance deleted';
34$string['instances'] = 'Repository instances';
3c184e14 35$string['invalidrepositoryid'] = 'Invalid repository ID';
36$string['invalidplugin'] = 'Invalid repository plug-in';
37$string['invalidjson'] = 'Invalid JSON string';
38$string['listview'] = 'View as list';
a347291c 39$string['logout'] = 'Logout';
40$string['loading'] = 'Loading...';
4a65c39a 41$string['manage'] = 'Manage repositories';
ed2408e1 42$string['manageurl'] = 'Manage';
19add4c0 43$string['manageuserrepository'] = 'Manage individual repository';
2057487c 44$string['nopermissiontoaccess'] = 'No permission to access this repository';
64be2d6c 45$string['noenter'] = 'Nothing entered';
12c79bfd 46$string['notyourinstances'] = 'You can not view/edit repository instances of another user';
04bd6d2d 47$string['operation'] = 'Operation';
d0b5d122 48$string['openpicker'] = 'Choose a file...';
12c79bfd 49$string['personalrepositories'] = 'Personal repositories';
3c184e14 50$string['plugin'] = 'Repository plug-ins';
7c5955f9 51$string['preview'] = 'Preview';
a6600395 52$string['removed'] = 'Repository removed';
a347291c 53$string['repository'] = 'Repository';
faaa613d 54$string['repositorycourse'] = 'Course repositories';
a347291c 55$string['repositories'] = 'Repositories';
56$string['save'] = 'Save';
d0b5d122 57$string['saveas'] = 'Save as';
a347291c 58$string['saved'] = 'Saved';
59$string['saving'] = 'Saving';
19add4c0 60$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
2e4a8e0c 61$string['search'] = 'Search ';
3c184e14 62$string['searching'] = 'What are you searching for?';
4d5948f1 63$string['siteinstances'] = 'Repositories instances of the site';
a347291c 64$string['size'] = 'Size';
2e4a8e0c 65$string['submit'] = 'Submit';
c5704ec6 66$string['sync'] = 'Sync';
3c184e14 67$string['title'] = 'Repository file picker';
d76fa47b 68$string['thumbview'] = 'View as icons';
faaa613d 69$string['typenotvisible'] = 'Type not visible';
48a065f2 70$string['updown'] = 'Display order';
a347291c 71$string['upload'] = 'Upload this file';
72$string['uploading'] = 'Uploading...';