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13534ef7 1<?PHP // $Id$
304d08f0 2 // role.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
4ed70f1b 4
9584965f 5$string['addrole'] = 'Add a new role';
8737be58 6$string['allow'] = 'Allow';
9584965f 7$string['allowassign'] = 'Allow role assignments';
8$string['allowoverride'] = 'Allow role overrides';
5f9e296a 9$string['allsiteusers'] = 'All site users';
304d08f0 10$string['assignroles'] = 'Assign roles';
3a48e3da 11$string['assignrolesin'] = 'Assign roles in $a';
8871caf0 12$string['assignglobalroles'] = 'Assign system roles';
304d08f0 13$string['blog:create'] = 'Create new blog entries';
14$string['blog:manageentries'] = 'Edit and manage entries';
15$string['blog:manageofficialtags'] = 'Manage official tags';
16$string['blog:managepersonaltags'] = 'Manage personal tags';
17$string['blog:view'] = 'View blog entries';
7e874772 18$string['block:view'] = 'View block';
304d08f0 19$string['calendar:manageentries'] = 'Manage any calendar entries';
f63d2922 20$string['calendar:managegroupentries'] = 'Manage group calendar entries';
304d08f0 21$string['calendar:manageownentries'] = 'Manage own calendar entries';
4934c497 22$string['capabilities'] = 'Capabilities';
304d08f0 23$string['capability'] = 'Capability';
24$string['category:create'] = 'Create categories';
25$string['category:delete'] = 'Delete categories';
26$string['category:update'] = 'Update categories';
27$string['category:visibility'] = 'See hidden categories';
28$string['course:activityvisibility'] = 'Hide/show activities';
29$string['course:bulkmessaging'] = 'Send a message to many people';
30$string['course:create'] = 'Create courses';
31$string['course:delete'] = 'Delete courses';
32$string['course:manageactivities'] = 'Manage activities';
33$string['course:managefiles'] = 'Manage files';
304d08f0 34$string['course:managegroups'] = 'Manage groups';
35$string['course:managemetacourse'] = 'Manage metacourse';
36$string['course:managescales'] = 'Manage scales';
37$string['course:reset'] = 'Reset course';
38$string['course:sectionvisibility'] = 'Control section visibility';
39$string['course:setcurrentsection'] = 'Set current section';
40$string['course:update'] = 'Update course settings';
41$string['course:useremail'] = 'Enable/disable email address';
42$string['course:view'] = 'View courses';
304d08f0 43$string['course:viewhiddenactivities'] = 'View hidden activities';
44$string['course:viewhiddencourses'] = 'View hidden courses';
45$string['course:viewhiddensections'] = 'View hidden sections';
46$string['course:viewhiddenuserfields'] = 'View hidden user fields';
47$string['course:viewparticipants'] = 'View participants';
48$string['course:viewscales'] = 'View scales';
49$string['course:visibility'] = 'Hide/show courses';
0b5a80a1 50$string['deletecourseoverrides'] = 'Delete all overrides in course';
51$string['deletelocalroles'] = 'Delete all local role assignments';
a5b8be62 52$string['grade:edit'] = 'Edit grades';
dd45888a 53$string['grade:export'] = 'Export grades';
54$string['grade:hide'] = 'Hide/unhide grades or items';
55$string['grade:import'] = 'Import grades';
56$string['grade:lock'] = 'Lock grades or items';
57$string['grade:manage'] = 'Manage grade items';
9376f5a6 58$string['grade:manageletters'] = 'Manage letter grades';
68d711f4 59$string['grade:manageoutcomes'] = 'Manage grade outcomes';
dd45888a 60$string['grade:override'] = 'Override grades';
61$string['grade:unlock'] = 'Unlock grades or items';
c71fea59 62$string['grade:view'] = 'View own grades';
63$string['grade:viewall'] = 'View grades of other users';
64$string['grade:viewhidden'] = 'View hidden grades for owner';
4ed70f1b 65$string['currentcontext'] = 'Current context';
304d08f0 66$string['currentrole'] = 'Current role';
9e27d596 67$string['defaultrole'] = 'Default role';
996a5f8d 68$string['defineroles'] = 'Define roles';
304d08f0 69$string['deleterolesure'] = 'Are you sure that you want to delete role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\"?</p><p>Currently this role is assigned to $a->count users.';
a83addc5 70$string['duplicaterolesure'] = 'Are you sure that you want to duplicate role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\"?</p>';
71$string['duplicaterole'] = 'Duplicate role';
b5959f30 72$string['editrole'] = 'Edit role';
73$string['errorbadrolename'] = 'Incorrect role name';
b5959f30 74$string['errorbadroleshortname'] = 'Incorrect role name';
304d08f0 75$string['errorexistsrolename'] = 'Role name already exists';
b5959f30 76$string['errorexistsroleshortname'] = 'Role name already exists';
4ed70f1b 77$string['existingusers'] = '$a existing users';
a58ff115 78$string['globalrole'] = 'System role';
8871caf0 79$string['globalroleswarning'] = 'WARNING! Any roles you assign from this page will apply to the assigned users throughout the entire system, including the front page and all the courses.';
8737be58 80$string['inherit'] = 'Inherit';
304d08f0 81$string['legacy:admin'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Administrator';
82$string['legacy:coursecreator'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Course Creator';
83$string['legacy:editingteacher'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Teacher (editing)';
84$string['legacy:guest'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Guest';
85$string['legacy:student'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Student';
86$string['legacy:teacher'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Teacher (non-editing)';
c785d40a 87$string['legacy:user'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Authenticated user';
d67de0ca 88$string['legacytype'] = 'Legacy role type';
b5959f30 89$string['listallroles'] = 'List all roles';
21090e44 90$string['localroles'] = 'Locally assigned roles';
9584965f 91$string['manageroles'] = 'Manage roles';
a14049f1 92$string['metaassignerror'] = 'Can not assign this role to user \"$a\" because Manage metacourse capability is needed.';
93$string['metaunassignerror'] = 'Role of user \"$a\" was automatically reassigned, please unassign the role in child courses instead.';
e254aa34 94$string['multipleroles'] = 'Multiple roles';
21090e44 95$string['overridepermissions'] = 'Override permissions';
96$string['overridepermissionsin'] = 'Override permissions in $a';
dcd55b7e 97$string['morethan'] = 'More than $a';
282c1695 98$string['my:manageblocks'] = 'Manage myMoodle page blocks';
7654b2bb 99$string['nocapabilitiesincontext'] = 'No capabilities available in this context';
42b5bb64 100$string['notset'] = 'Not set';
4ed70f1b 101$string['overrideroles'] = 'Override roles';
3a48e3da 102$string['overriderolesin'] = 'Override roles in $a';
4934c497 103$string['overrides'] = 'Overrides';
996a5f8d 104$string['permissions'] = 'Permissions';
4ed70f1b 105$string['potentialusers'] = '$a potential users';
8512f577 106$string['portfolio:export'] = 'Export to portfolios';
8737be58 107$string['prevent'] = 'Prevent';
108$string['prohibit'] = 'Prohibit';
13534ef7 109$string['question:add'] = 'Add new questions';
0eb6b04a 110$string['question:config'] = 'Configure question types';
111$string['question:editall'] = 'Edit all questions';
112$string['question:editmine'] = 'Edit your own questions';
62e76c67 113$string['question:flag'] = 'Flag questions while attempting them';
114$string['question:managecategory'] = 'Edit question categories';
115$string['question:moveall'] = 'Move all questions';
116$string['question:movemine'] = 'Move your own questions';
117$string['question:useall'] = 'Use all questions';
118$string['question:usemine'] = 'Use your own questions';
119$string['question:viewall'] = 'View all questions';
120$string['question:viewmine'] = 'View your own questions';
9d200a16 121$string['resetrole'] = 'Reset to defaults';
122$string['resetrolenolegacy'] = 'Clear permissions';
b357ed13 123$string['resetrolesure'] = 'Are you sure that you want to reset role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\" to defaults?<p></p>The defaults are taken from the selected legacy capability ($a->legacytype).';
9d200a16 124$string['resetrolesurenolegacy'] = 'Are you sure that you want to clear all permissions defined in this role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\"?';
681729b1 125$string['risks'] = 'Risks';
304d08f0 126$string['role:assign'] = 'Assign roles to users';
127$string['role:manage'] = 'Create and manage roles';
128$string['role:override'] = 'Override permissions for others';
3a0c6cca 129$string['role:safeoverride'] = 'Override safe permissions for others';
304d08f0 130$string['role:switchroles'] = 'Switch to other roles';
131$string['role:unassignself'] = 'Unassign own roles';
132$string['role:viewhiddenassigns'] = 'View hidden role assignments';
f098f122 133$string['roleassignments'] = 'Role assignments';
304d08f0 134$string['roles'] = 'Roles';
9250203f 135$string['roletoassign'] = 'Role to assign';
4934c497 136$string['roletooverride'] = 'Role to override';
3a0c6cca 137$string['safeoverridenotice'] = 'Note: Capabilities with higher risks are locked because you are only allowed to override safe capabilities.';
681729b1 138$string['selectrole'] = 'Select a role';
2fdc2b9e 139$string['showallroles'] = 'Show all roles';
304d08f0 140$string['site:accessallgroups'] = 'Access all groups';
3e28f9bc 141$string['site:approvecourse'] = 'Approve course creation';
304d08f0 142$string['site:backup'] = 'Backup courses';
f9a67ea1 143$string['site:config'] = 'Change site configuration';
304d08f0 144$string['site:doanything'] = 'Allowed to do everything';
145$string['site:doclinks'] = 'Show links to offsite docs';
f9a67ea1 146$string['site:import'] = 'Import other courses into a course';
2a55410b 147$string['site:langeditlocal'] = 'Customize local translation';
148$string['site:langeditmaster'] = 'Edit master language packages';
f9a67ea1 149$string['site:manageblocks'] = 'Manage site-level blocks';
3e28f9bc 150$string['site:readallmessages'] = 'Read all messages on site';
304d08f0 151$string['site:restore'] = 'Restore courses';
576ad290 152$string['site:sendmessage'] = 'Send messages to any user';
681729b1 153$string['site:trustcontent'] = 'Trust submitted content';
bc28fcd8 154$string['site:uploadusers'] = 'Upload new users from file';
304d08f0 155$string['site:viewfullnames'] = 'Always see full names of users';
156$string['site:viewparticipants'] = 'View participants';
157$string['site:viewreports'] = 'View reports';
90b74b55 158$string['tag:manage'] = 'Manage all tags';
159$string['tag:create'] = 'Create new tags';
160$string['tag:edit'] = 'Edit existing tags';
98b5789d 161$string['tag:editblocks'] = 'Edit blocks in tags pages';
1cb3da36 162$string['user:changeownpassword'] = 'Change own password';
f9a67ea1 163$string['user:create'] = 'Create users';
164$string['user:delete'] = 'Delete users';
1cb3da36 165$string['user:editownprofile'] = 'Edit own user profile';
304d08f0 166$string['user:editprofile'] = 'Edit user profile';
167$string['user:loginas'] = 'Login as other users';
168$string['user:readuserblogs'] = 'See all user blogs';
169$string['user:readuserposts'] = 'See all user posts';
f9a67ea1 170$string['user:update'] = 'Update user profiles';
171$string['user:viewdetails'] = 'View user profiles';
304d08f0 172$string['user:viewhiddendetails'] = 'View hidden details of users';
83503258 173$string['user:viewuseractivitiesreport'] = 'See user activity reports';
d5e8ae7d 174$string['userhashiddenassignments'] = 'This user has one or more hidden role assignments in this course';
5f9e296a 175$string['userswithrole'] = 'All users with a role';
304d08f0 176$string['viewrole'] = 'View role details';
f642a21a 177$string['xuserswiththerole'] = 'Users with the role \"$a->role\"';
178$string['ingroup'] = 'in the group \"$a->group\"';
179$string['inactiveformorethan'] = 'inactive for more than $a->timeperiod';
f9a67ea1 180
28f28756 181// MNET
182$string['site:mnetlogintoremote'] = 'Roam to a remote Moodle';
183$string['site:mnetloginfromremote'] = 'Login from a remote Moodle';
eca3af25 185// Notes
186$string['notes:view'] = 'View notes';
187$string['notes:manage'] = 'Manage notes';
dd45888a 189//OBSOLETED in 1.9!
190$string['course:viewcoursegrades'] = 'View course grades';
191$string['user:viewusergrades'] = 'View user grades';
192$string['course:managegrades'] = 'Manage grades';
3b120e46 194//LUIS: new message system
195$string['user:editmessageprofile'] = 'Edit user messaging profile';
196$string['user:editownmessageprofile'] = 'Edit own user messaging profile';
3e28f9bc 199?>