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13534ef7 1<?PHP // $Id$
304d08f0 2 // role.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
4ed70f1b 4
f4acee5d 5$string['addinganewrole'] = 'Adding a new role';
9584965f 6$string['addrole'] = 'Add a new role';
bbdb7070 7$string['addingrolebycopying'] = 'Adding a new role based on $a';
8737be58 8$string['allow'] = 'Allow';
9584965f 9$string['allowassign'] = 'Allow role assignments';
8a8272b0 10$string['allowed'] = 'Allowed';
9584965f 11$string['allowoverride'] = 'Allow role overrides';
587a1ea3 12$string['allowroletoassign'] = 'Allow users with role $a->fromrole to assign the role $a->targetrole';
13$string['allowroletooverride'] = 'Allow users with role $a->fromrole to override the role $a->targetrole';
c468795c 14$string['allowroletoswitch'] = 'Allow users with role $a->fromrole to switch roles to the role $a->targetrole';
91eb445c 15$string['allowswitch'] = 'Allow role switches';
5f9e296a 16$string['allsiteusers'] = 'All site users';
96f1a7a2 17$string['assignanotherrole'] = 'Assign another role';
6cab02ac 18$string['assignerror'] = 'Error while assigning the role $a->role to user $a->user.';
ff493b6b 19$string['assignrolenameincontext'] = 'Assign role \'$a->role\' in $a->context';
304d08f0 20$string['assignroles'] = 'Assign roles';
3a48e3da 21$string['assignrolesin'] = 'Assign roles in $a';
ff493b6b 22$string['assignrolesrelativetothisuser'] = 'Assign roles relative to this user';
8871caf0 23$string['assignglobalroles'] = 'Assign system roles';
b61d8ee5 24$string['assignmentcontext'] = 'Assignment context';
c9f8e118 25$string['assignmentoptions'] = 'Assignment options';
96f1a7a2 26$string['backtoallroles'] = 'Back to the list of all roles';
27$string['backup:backupcourse'] = 'Backup courses';
28$string['backup:downloadfile'] = 'Download files from backup areas';
f6459d12 29$string['backup:userinfo'] = 'Backup user data';
50569ba3 30$string['blog:associatecourse'] = 'Associate blog entries with courses';
31$string['blog:associatemodule'] = 'Associate blog entries with activity modules';
304d08f0 32$string['blog:create'] = 'Create new blog entries';
33$string['blog:manageentries'] = 'Edit and manage entries';
50569ba3 34$string['blog:manageexternal'] = 'Edit and manage external blogs';
304d08f0 35$string['blog:manageofficialtags'] = 'Manage official tags';
36$string['blog:managepersonaltags'] = 'Manage personal tags';
50569ba3 37$string['blog:search'] = 'Search blog entries';
304d08f0 38$string['blog:view'] = 'View blog entries';
50569ba3 39$string['blog:viewdrafts'] = 'View draft blog entries';
d14edf06 40$string['block:edit'] = 'Edit a block\'s settings';
7e874772 41$string['block:view'] = 'View block';
304d08f0 42$string['calendar:manageentries'] = 'Manage any calendar entries';
f63d2922 43$string['calendar:managegroupentries'] = 'Manage group calendar entries';
304d08f0 44$string['calendar:manageownentries'] = 'Manage own calendar entries';
4934c497 45$string['capabilities'] = 'Capabilities';
304d08f0 46$string['capability'] = 'Capability';
47$string['category:create'] = 'Create categories';
48$string['category:delete'] = 'Delete categories';
8ed5dd63 49$string['category:manage'] = 'Manage categories';
304d08f0 50$string['category:update'] = 'Update categories';
8ed5dd63 51$string['category:viewhiddencategories'] = 'See hidden categories';
304d08f0 52$string['category:visibility'] = 'See hidden categories';
8a8272b0 53$string['checkglobalpermissions'] = 'Check system permissions';
54$string['checkpermissions'] = 'Check permissions';
55$string['checkpermissionsin'] = 'Check permissions in $a';
ff493b6b 56$string['checksystempermissionsfor'] = 'Check system permissions for $a->fullname';
57$string['checkuserspermissionshere'] = 'Check permissions for $a->fullname has in this $a->contextlevel';
96f1a7a2 58$string['chooseroletoassign'] = 'Please choose a role to assign';
1bcb7eb5 59$string['comment:delete'] = 'Delete comments';
60$string['comment:post'] = 'Post comments';
61$string['comment:view'] = 'Read comments';
bdff6b85 62$string['context'] = 'Context';
304d08f0 63$string['course:activityvisibility'] = 'Hide/show activities';
64$string['course:bulkmessaging'] = 'Send a message to many people';
f7c0d84b 65$string['course:changefullname'] = 'Change course full name';
66$string['course:changeshortname'] = 'Change course short name';
67$string['course:changeidnumber'] = 'Change course ID number';
50569ba3 68$string['course:changecategory'] = 'Change course category';
69$string['course:changesummary'] = 'Change course summary';
304d08f0 70$string['course:create'] = 'Create courses';
71$string['course:delete'] = 'Delete courses';
72$string['course:manageactivities'] = 'Manage activities';
73$string['course:managefiles'] = 'Manage files';
304d08f0 74$string['course:managegroups'] = 'Manage groups';
75$string['course:managemetacourse'] = 'Manage metacourse';
76$string['course:managescales'] = 'Manage scales';
e452210a 77$string['course:request'] = 'Request new courses';
304d08f0 78$string['course:reset'] = 'Reset course';
79$string['course:sectionvisibility'] = 'Control section visibility';
80$string['course:setcurrentsection'] = 'Set current section';
81$string['course:update'] = 'Update course settings';
82$string['course:useremail'] = 'Enable/disable email address';
83$string['course:view'] = 'View courses';
304d08f0 84$string['course:viewhiddenactivities'] = 'View hidden activities';
85$string['course:viewhiddencourses'] = 'View hidden courses';
86$string['course:viewhiddensections'] = 'View hidden sections';
87$string['course:viewhiddenuserfields'] = 'View hidden user fields';
88$string['course:viewparticipants'] = 'View participants';
89$string['course:viewscales'] = 'View scales';
90$string['course:visibility'] = 'Hide/show courses';
6cab02ac 91$string['createhiddenassign'] = 'Create hidden role assignments';
bbdb7070 92$string['createrolebycopying'] = 'Create a new role by copying $a';
bed9cec8 93$string['createthisrole'] = 'Create this role';
4ed70f1b 94$string['currentcontext'] = 'Current context';
304d08f0 95$string['currentrole'] = 'Current role';
9e27d596 96$string['defaultrole'] = 'Default role';
bbdb7070 97$string['defaultx'] = 'Default: $a';
996a5f8d 98$string['defineroles'] = 'Define roles';
faf75fe7 99$string['deletecourseoverrides'] = 'Delete all overrides in course';
100$string['deletelocalroles'] = 'Delete all local role assignments';
304d08f0 101$string['deleterolesure'] = 'Are you sure that you want to delete role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\"?</p><p>Currently this role is assigned to $a->count users.';
bbdb7070 102$string['deletexrole'] = 'Delete $a role';
a83addc5 103$string['duplicaterolesure'] = 'Are you sure that you want to duplicate role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\"?</p>';
104$string['duplicaterole'] = 'Duplicate role';
f4acee5d 105$string['editingrolex'] = 'Editing role \'$a\'';
b5959f30 106$string['editrole'] = 'Edit role';
bbdb7070 107$string['editxrole'] = 'Edit $a role';
bed9cec8 108$string['enrolmentoptions'] = 'Enrolment options';
b5959f30 109$string['errorbadrolename'] = 'Incorrect role name';
8fa6c894 110$string['errorbadroleshortname'] = 'Incorrect role short name';
304d08f0 111$string['errorexistsrolename'] = 'Role name already exists';
b5959f30 112$string['errorexistsroleshortname'] = 'Role name already exists';
4ed70f1b 113$string['existingusers'] = '$a existing users';
8a8272b0 114$string['explanation'] = 'Explanation';
115$string['explainpermission'] = 'Explain permission';
b61d8ee5 116$string['explainpermissionsinfo'] = '<p>To use this table:</p><ol><li>First look to see if there are any Prohibits. If there are, has_capability will return false.</li><li>Otherwise, read across the rows, left-to-right, top-to-bottom, and find the first cell where the number of Prevents and Allows are different. If there are more Allows than Prevents in that cell, then has_capability will return true, otherwise it will return false.</li><li>If no cell has different numbers of Prevents and Allows, then has_capability will return false.</li></ol>';
117$string['explainpermissionsdoanything'] = 'Note that this user has the moodle/site:doanything capability, so even though the table above shows that has_capability will return false, this user will actually be deemed to have the capability $a in most circumstances.';
6cab02ac 118$string['extusers'] = 'Existing users';
119$string['extusersmatching'] = 'Existing users matching \'$a\'';
94211250 120$string['filter:manage'] = 'Manage local filter settings';
a58ff115 121$string['globalrole'] = 'System role';
8871caf0 122$string['globalroleswarning'] = 'WARNING! Any roles you assign from this page will apply to the assigned users throughout the entire system, including the front page and all the courses.';
ff493b6b 123$string['gotoassignroles'] = 'Go to Assign roles for this $a->contextlevel';
124$string['gotoassignsystemroles'] = 'Go to Assign system roles';
faf75fe7 125$string['grade:edit'] = 'Edit grades';
126$string['grade:export'] = 'Export grades';
127$string['grade:hide'] = 'Hide/unhide grades or items';
128$string['grade:import'] = 'Import grades';
129$string['grade:lock'] = 'Lock grades or items';
130$string['grade:manage'] = 'Manage grade items';
131$string['grade:manageletters'] = 'Manage letter grades';
132$string['grade:manageoutcomes'] = 'Manage grade outcomes';
133$string['grade:override'] = 'Override grades';
134$string['grade:unlock'] = 'Unlock grades or items';
135$string['grade:view'] = 'View own grades';
136$string['grade:viewall'] = 'View grades of other users';
137$string['grade:viewhidden'] = 'View hidden grades for owner';
6cab02ac 138$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
bed9cec8 139$string['highlightedcellsshowinherit'] = 'The highlighted cells in the table below show the permission (if any) that will be inherited. Apart from the capabilties whose permission you actually want to alter, you should leave everything set to Inherit.';
140$string['highlightedcellsshowdefault'] = 'The highlighted cells in the table below show the default permission for this type of role, based on the \'Legacy role type above\'.';
faf75fe7 141$string['inactiveformorethan'] = 'inactive for more than $a->timeperiod';
142$string['ingroup'] = 'in the group \"$a->group\"';
8737be58 143$string['inherit'] = 'Inherit';
304d08f0 144$string['legacy:admin'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Administrator';
145$string['legacy:coursecreator'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Course Creator';
146$string['legacy:editingteacher'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Teacher (editing)';
147$string['legacy:guest'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Guest';
148$string['legacy:student'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Student';
149$string['legacy:teacher'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Teacher (non-editing)';
c785d40a 150$string['legacy:user'] = 'LEGACY ROLE: Authenticated user';
d67de0ca 151$string['legacytype'] = 'Legacy role type';
b5959f30 152$string['listallroles'] = 'List all roles';
21090e44 153$string['localroles'] = 'Locally assigned roles';
9584965f 154$string['manageroles'] = 'Manage roles';
01a80f51 155$string['maybeassignedin'] = 'Context types where this role may be assigned';
a14049f1 156$string['metaassignerror'] = 'Can not assign this role to user \"$a\" because Manage metacourse capability is needed.';
157$string['metaunassignerror'] = 'Role of user \"$a\" was automatically reassigned, please unassign the role in child courses instead.';
dcd55b7e 158$string['morethan'] = 'More than $a';
faf75fe7 159$string['multipleroles'] = 'Multiple roles';
282c1695 160$string['my:manageblocks'] = 'Manage myMoodle page blocks';
7654b2bb 161$string['nocapabilitiesincontext'] = 'No capabilities available in this context';
490740d6 162$string['noneinthisx'] = 'None in this $a';
163$string['noneinthisxmatching'] = 'No users matching \'$a->search\' in this $a->contexttype';
ff493b6b 164$string['noroleassignments'] = 'This user does not have any role assignments anywhere in this site.';
01a80f51 165$string['notabletoassignroleshere'] = 'You are not able to assign any roles here';
166$string['notabletooverrideroleshere'] = 'You are not able to override the permissions on any roles here';
ff493b6b 167$string['notes:manage'] = 'Manage notes';
168$string['notes:view'] = 'View notes';
42b5bb64 169$string['notset'] = 'Not set';
faf75fe7 170$string['overrideanotherrole'] = 'Override another role';
b61d8ee5 171$string['overridecontext'] = 'Override context';
faf75fe7 172$string['overridepermissions'] = 'Override permissions';
173$string['overridepermissionsin'] = 'Override permissions in $a';
174$string['overridepermissionsforrole'] = 'Override permissions for role \'$a->role\' in $a->context';
4ed70f1b 175$string['overrideroles'] = 'Override roles';
3a48e3da 176$string['overriderolesin'] = 'Override roles in $a';
4934c497 177$string['overrides'] = 'Overrides';
8a8272b0 178$string['overridesbycontext'] = 'Overrides (by context)';
8aee9bcc 179$string['permission'] = 'Permission';
996a5f8d 180$string['permissions'] = 'Permissions';
8a8272b0 181$string['permissionsforuser'] = 'Permissions for user $a';
4ed70f1b 182$string['potentialusers'] = '$a potential users';
6cab02ac 183$string['potusers'] = 'Potential users';
184$string['potusersmatching'] = 'Potential users matching \'$a\'';
8512f577 185$string['portfolio:export'] = 'Export to portfolios';
8737be58 186$string['prevent'] = 'Prevent';
187$string['prohibit'] = 'Prohibit';
13534ef7 188$string['question:add'] = 'Add new questions';
0eb6b04a 189$string['question:config'] = 'Configure question types';
190$string['question:editall'] = 'Edit all questions';
191$string['question:editmine'] = 'Edit your own questions';
62e76c67 192$string['question:flag'] = 'Flag questions while attempting them';
193$string['question:managecategory'] = 'Edit question categories';
194$string['question:moveall'] = 'Move all questions';
195$string['question:movemine'] = 'Move your own questions';
196$string['question:useall'] = 'Use all questions';
197$string['question:usemine'] = 'Use your own questions';
198$string['question:viewall'] = 'View all questions';
199$string['question:viewmine'] = 'View your own questions';
9d200a16 200$string['resetrole'] = 'Reset to defaults';
201$string['resetrolenolegacy'] = 'Clear permissions';
b357ed13 202$string['resetrolesure'] = 'Are you sure that you want to reset role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\" to defaults?<p></p>The defaults are taken from the selected legacy capability ($a->legacytype).';
9d200a16 203$string['resetrolesurenolegacy'] = 'Are you sure that you want to clear all permissions defined in this role \"$a->name ($a->shortname)\"?';
5e934890 204$string['restore:createuser'] = 'Create users on restore';
205$string['restore:restorecourse'] = 'Restore courses';
206$string['restore:restoretargetimport'] = 'Restore from files targeted as import';
207$string['restore:rolldates'] = 'Allowed to roll activity configuration dates on restore';
208$string['restore:uploadfile'] = 'Upload files to backup areas';
f6459d12 209$string['restore:userinfo'] = 'Restore user data';
681729b1 210$string['risks'] = 'Risks';
304d08f0 211$string['role:assign'] = 'Assign roles to users';
212$string['role:manage'] = 'Create and manage roles';
213$string['role:override'] = 'Override permissions for others';
3a0c6cca 214$string['role:safeoverride'] = 'Override safe permissions for others';
304d08f0 215$string['role:switchroles'] = 'Switch to other roles';
216$string['role:unassignself'] = 'Unassign own roles';
217$string['role:viewhiddenassigns'] = 'View hidden role assignments';
f098f122 218$string['roleassignments'] = 'Role assignments';
8a8272b0 219$string['roledefinitions'] = 'Role definitions';
304d08f0 220$string['roles'] = 'Roles';
9250203f 221$string['roletoassign'] = 'Role to assign';
4934c497 222$string['roletooverride'] = 'Role to override';
3a0c6cca 223$string['safeoverridenotice'] = 'Note: Capabilities with higher risks are locked because you are only allowed to override safe capabilities.';
8a8272b0 224$string['selectauser'] = 'Select a user';
225$string['selectanotheruser'] = 'Select another user';
681729b1 226$string['selectrole'] = 'Select a role';
2fdc2b9e 227$string['showallroles'] = 'Show all roles';
8a8272b0 228$string['showthisuserspermissions'] = 'Show this user\'s permissions';
304d08f0 229$string['site:accessallgroups'] = 'Access all groups';
3e28f9bc 230$string['site:approvecourse'] = 'Approve course creation';
304d08f0 231$string['site:backup'] = 'Backup courses';
f9a67ea1 232$string['site:config'] = 'Change site configuration';
304d08f0 233$string['site:doanything'] = 'Allowed to do everything';
234$string['site:doclinks'] = 'Show links to offsite docs';
f9a67ea1 235$string['site:import'] = 'Import other courses into a course';
2a55410b 236$string['site:langeditlocal'] = 'Customize local translation';
237$string['site:langeditmaster'] = 'Edit master language packages';
d14edf06 238$string['site:manageblocks'] = 'Manage blocks on a page';
ff493b6b 239$string['site:mnetlogintoremote'] = 'Roam to a remote Moodle';
240$string['site:mnetloginfromremote'] = 'Login from a remote Moodle';
3e28f9bc 241$string['site:readallmessages'] = 'Read all messages on site';
304d08f0 242$string['site:restore'] = 'Restore courses';
576ad290 243$string['site:sendmessage'] = 'Send messages to any user';
681729b1 244$string['site:trustcontent'] = 'Trust submitted content';
bc28fcd8 245$string['site:uploadusers'] = 'Upload new users from file';
304d08f0 246$string['site:viewfullnames'] = 'Always see full names of users';
247$string['site:viewparticipants'] = 'View participants';
248$string['site:viewreports'] = 'View reports';
90b74b55 249$string['tag:manage'] = 'Manage all tags';
250$string['tag:create'] = 'Create new tags';
251$string['tag:edit'] = 'Edit existing tags';
98b5789d 252$string['tag:editblocks'] = 'Edit blocks in tags pages';
ff493b6b 253$string['thisusersroles'] = 'This user\'s role assignments';
6cab02ac 254$string['unassignerror'] = 'Error while unassigning the role $a->role from user $a->user.';
1cb3da36 255$string['user:changeownpassword'] = 'Change own password';
f9a67ea1 256$string['user:create'] = 'Create users';
257$string['user:delete'] = 'Delete users';
ff493b6b 258$string['user:editmessageprofile'] = 'Edit user messaging profile';
259$string['user:editownmessageprofile'] = 'Edit own user messaging profile';
1cb3da36 260$string['user:editownprofile'] = 'Edit own user profile';
304d08f0 261$string['user:editprofile'] = 'Edit user profile';
262$string['user:loginas'] = 'Login as other users';
263$string['user:readuserblogs'] = 'See all user blogs';
264$string['user:readuserposts'] = 'See all user posts';
f9a67ea1 265$string['user:update'] = 'Update user profiles';
266$string['user:viewdetails'] = 'View user profiles';
304d08f0 267$string['user:viewhiddendetails'] = 'View hidden details of users';
83503258 268$string['user:viewuseractivitiesreport'] = 'See user activity reports';
d5e8ae7d 269$string['userhashiddenassignments'] = 'This user has one or more hidden role assignments in this course';
698ae7eb 270$string['usersfrom'] = 'Users from $a';
271$string['usersfrommatching'] = 'Users from $a->contextname matching \'$a->search\'';
490740d6 272$string['usersinthisx'] = 'Users in this $a';
273$string['usersinthisxmatching'] = 'Users in this $a->contexttype matching \'$a->search\'';
96f1a7a2 274$string['userswiththisrole'] = 'Users with role';
5f9e296a 275$string['userswithrole'] = 'All users with a role';
8aee9bcc 276$string['useshowadvancedtochange'] = 'Use \'Show advanced\' to change';
304d08f0 277$string['viewrole'] = 'View role details';
f4acee5d 278$string['viewingdefinitionofrolex'] = 'Viewing the definition of role \'$a\'';
5eacbd4b 279$string['webservice:createtoken'] = 'Create a web service token';
8a8272b0 280$string['whydoesuserhavecap'] = 'Why does $a->fullname have capability $a->capability in context $a->context?';
281$string['whydoesusernothavecap'] = 'Why does $a->fullname not have capability $a->capability in context $a->context?';
ff493b6b 282$string['xroleassignments'] = '$a\'s role assignments';
f642a21a 283$string['xuserswiththerole'] = 'Users with the role \"$a->role\"';
f9a67ea1 284
285// pending new strings for new permission UI
286$string['advancedoverride'] = 'Advanced role override';
287$string['confirmroleunprohibit'] = 'Do you really want to remove <strong>$a->role</strong> from the list of prohibited roles for capability $a->cap in context $a->context?';
288$string['confirmroleprevent'] = 'Do you really want to remove <strong>$a->role</strong> from the list of allowed roles for capability $a->cap in context $a->context?';
289$string['neededroles'] = 'Roles with permission';
290$string['permissionsincontext'] = 'Permissions in $a';
291$string['prohibitedroles'] = 'Prohibited';
292$string['roleallowheader'] = 'Allow role:';
293$string['roleallowinfo'] = 'Select a role to be added to the list of allowed roles in context $a->context, capability $a->cap:';
294$string['roleprohibitheader'] = 'Prohibit role';
295$string['roleprohibitinfo'] = 'Select a role to be added to the list of prohibited roles in context $a->context, capability $a->cap:';
296$string['roleselect'] = 'Select role';
dd45888a 298//OBSOLETED in 1.9!
299$string['course:viewcoursegrades'] = 'View course grades';
300$string['user:viewusergrades'] = 'View user grades';
301$string['course:managegrades'] = 'Manage grades';
3e28f9bc 303?>