Added some strings
[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / scorm.php
49aafb90 1<?php // $Id$
4$string['modulename'] = 'SCORM/AICC';
5$string['modulenameplural'] = 'SCORMs/AICCs';
8$string['asset'] = 'Asset';
98baddf7 9$string['assetlaunched'] = 'Asset - Viewed';
49aafb90 10$string['autocontinue'] = 'Auto-Continue';
11$string['browse'] = 'Preview';
12$string['browsed'] = 'Browsed';
13$string['browsemode'] = 'Preview Mode';
14$string['chooseapacket'] = 'Choose or update a package';
431b5cc8 15$string['browserepository'] = 'Browse repository';
49aafb90 16$string['completed'] = 'Completed';
17$string['coursestruct'] = 'Course structure';
18$string['coursepacket'] = 'Course package';
19$string['entercourse'] = 'Enter course';
20$string['failed'] = 'Failed';
21$string['gradeaverage'] = 'Average grade';
22$string['gradehighest'] = 'Highest grade';
23$string['grademethod'] = 'Grading method';
a681c2b0 24$string['gradescoes'] = 'Learning Objects';
49aafb90 25$string['gradesum'] = 'Sum grade';
26$string['incomplete'] = 'Incomplete';
27$string['next'] = 'Continue';
28$string['noreports'] = 'No report to display';
29$string['normal'] = 'Normal';
30$string['notattempted'] = 'Not attempted';
31$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
32$string['organizations'] = 'Organizations';
33$string['organization'] = 'Organization';
34$string['passed'] = 'Passed';
35$string['prev'] = 'Previous';
36$string['report'] = 'Report';
37$string['review'] = 'Review';
38$string['scoes'] = 'Learning Objects';
39$string['score'] = 'Score';
bc28fcd8 40$string['scorm:viewreport'] = 'View reports';
41$string['scorm:savetrack'] = 'Save tracks';
42$string['scorm:viewscores'] = 'View scores';
49aafb90 43$string['viewallreports'] = 'View reports for $a attempts';
44$string['display'] = 'Display package';
45$string['expcoll'] = 'Expand/Collide';
46$string['exit'] = 'Exit from course';
47$string['details'] = 'Track details';
48$string['hidebrowse'] = 'Disable preview mode';
49$string['frameheight'] = 'This preference set the default height for stage frame or window';
50$string['framewidth'] = 'This preference set the default width for stage frame or window';
51$string['stagesize'] = 'Stage size';
52$string['width'] = 'Width';
53$string['height'] = 'Height';
54$string['trackingloose'] = 'WARNING: The tracking data of this package will be lost!';
98baddf7 55$string['confirmloosetracks'] = 'WARNING: The package seems to be changed or modified. If the package structure is changed, some users tracks may be lost during update process.';
49aafb90 56$string['iframe'] = 'Current window';
57$string['iframedisplay'] = 'Open package in the current window';
58$string['popup'] = 'New window';
59$string['popupopen'] = 'Open package in a new window';
60$string['totaltime'] = 'Time';
61$string['noactivity'] = 'Nothing to report';
62$string['firstaccess'] = 'First access';
63$string['lastaccess'] = 'Last access';
64$string['scormcourse'] = 'Learning Course';
a681c2b0 65$string['advanced'] = 'Parameters';
49aafb90 66$string['window'] = 'Window';
67$string['hidetoc'] = 'Course structure display (TOC)';
68$string['hidenav'] = 'Hide navigation buttons';
69$string['noprerequisites'] = 'Sorry but you don\'t reach enough prerequisites to access this learning object';
70$string['element'] = 'Element';
71$string['value'] = 'Value';
72$string['raw'] = 'Raw score';
73$string['min'] = 'Min score';
74$string['max'] = 'Max score';
75$string['status'] = 'Status';
76$string['time'] = 'Time';
77$string['general'] = 'General data';
78$string['identifier'] = 'Question Identifier';
79$string['type'] = 'Type';
80$string['result'] = 'Result';
81$string['student_response'] = 'Response';
82$string['interactions'] = 'Interactions';
83$string['objectives'] = 'Objectives';
84$string['othertracks'] = 'Other Tracks';
85$string['directories'] = 'Show the directory links';
86$string['fullscreen'] = 'Fill the whole screen';
87$string['location'] = 'Show the location bar';
88$string['menubar'] = 'Show the menu bar';
89$string['resizable'] = 'Allow the window to be resized';
90$string['scrollbars'] = 'Allow the window to be scrolled';
91$string['statusbar'] = 'Show the status bar';
92$string['toolbar'] = 'Show the toolbar';
93$string['reviewmode'] = 'Review Mode';
94$string['noscriptnoscorm'] = 'Your browser does not support javascript or it has javascript support disabled. No tracks will recorded.';
95$string['maximumattempts'] = 'Number of attempts';
96$string['newattempt'] = 'Start a new attempt';
97$string['sided'] = 'On the left side';
3ec5d7a6 98$string['popupmenu'] = 'In a drop down menu';
49aafb90 99$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
9314dcdf 100$string['attempt'] = 'attempt';
101$string['attempts'] = 'attempts';
102$string['nolimit'] = 'Unlimited attempts';
103$string['averageattempt'] = 'Average attempts';
104$string['highestattempt'] = 'Highest attempt';
105$string['lastattempt'] = 'Last attempt';
106$string['firstattempt'] = 'First attempt';
107$string['whatgrade'] = 'Attempts grading';
98baddf7 108$string['started'] = 'Started on';
109$string['last'] = 'Last accessed on';
110$string['title'] = 'Title';
111$string['skipview'] = 'Student skip content structure page';
112$string['hidereview'] = 'Hide review button';
113$string['hideexit'] = 'Hide exit link';
114$string['suspended'] = 'Suspended';
49aafb90 115
117// Validation
98baddf7 118$string['badpackage'] ='There are some problems with the given package. Check it and try again.';
49aafb90 119$string['attr_error'] = 'Bad value for attribute ($a->attr) in tag $a->tag.';
120$string['badmanifest'] ='Some manifest errors: see errors log';
121$string['datadir'] = 'Filesystem Error: Can\'t create course data directory';
122$string['errorlogs'] = 'Errors log';
123$string['found'] = 'Manifest found';
124$string['no_attributes'] = 'Tag $a->tag must have attributes';
125$string['no_children'] = 'Tag $a->tag must have children';
126$string['nomanifest'] = 'Manifest not found';
127$string['not_corr_type'] = 'Type mismatch for tag $a->tag';
128$string['missing_attribute'] = 'Missing attribute $a->attr in tag $a->tag';
129$string['missing_tag'] = 'Missing tag $a->tag';
130$string['packagedir'] = 'Filesystem Error: Can\'t create package directory';
131$string['packagefile'] = 'No package file specified';
132$string['php5'] = 'PHP 5 (DOMXML native library)';
133$string['position_error'] = 'The $a->tag tag can\'t be child of $a->parent tag';
134$string['regular'] = 'Regular Manifest';
135$string['syntax'] = 'Syntax error';
136$string['tag_error'] = 'Unknown tag ($a->tag) with this content: $a->value';
137$string['too_many_attributes'] = 'Tag $a->tag has too many attributes';
138$string['too_many_children'] = 'Tag $a->tag has too many children';
139$string['domxml'] = 'DOMXML external library';
140$string['validateascorm'] = 'Validate a package';
141$string['validation'] = 'Validation result';
142$string['validationtype'] = 'This preference set the DOMXML library used for validating SCORM Manifest. If you don\'t know leave the selected choice.';
143$string['versionwarning'] = 'The manifest version is older than 1.3, warning at $a->tag tag';