Updated the HEAD build version to 20091213
[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / webservice.php
cc93c7da 1<?php
9baf6825 2
5593d2dc 3$string['accessexception'] = 'Access control exception';
cc93c7da 4$string['addfunction'] = 'Add function';
1d1b17f2 5$string['addfunctionhelp'] = 'Select the function to add to the service.';
bb1dff21 6$string['addrequiredcapability'] = 'Assign/Unassign the required capability';
3b59ba8c 7$string['addservice'] = 'Add a new service: $a->name (id: $a->id)';
cc93c7da 8$string['actwebserviceshhdr'] = 'Active web service protocols';
9$string['configwebserviceplugins'] = 'For security reasons enable only protocols that are used.';
3b59ba8c 10$string['deleteservice'] = 'Delete the service: $a->name (id: $a->id)';
cc93c7da 11$string['deleteserviceconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete external service \"$a\"?';
12$string['disabledwarning'] = 'All webs service protocols are disabled, the \Enable web services\" setting can be found in the \"Advanced features\" section.';
3b59ba8c 13$string['editservice'] = 'Edit the service: $a->name (id: $a->id)';
86c252b4 14$string['enabled'] = 'Enabled';
f5072177 15$string['execute'] = 'Execute';
16$string['executewarnign'] = 'WARNING: if you press execute your database will be modified and changes can not be reverted automatically!';
cc93c7da 17$string['externalservices'] = 'External services';
18$string['externalservice'] = 'External service';
19$string['externalservicefunctions'] = 'External service functions';
20$string['externalserviceusers'] = 'External service users';
21$string['function'] = 'Function';
22$string['functions'] = 'Functions';
bb1dff21 23$string['iprestriction'] = 'IP restriction';
cc93c7da 24$string['manageprotocols'] = 'Manage protocols';
09179b78 25$string['norequiredcapability'] = 'No required capability';
86c252b4 26$string['potusers'] = 'Not authorised users';
27$string['potusersmatching'] = 'Not authorised users matching';
cc93c7da 28$string['protocol'] = 'Protocol';
29$string['removefunction'] = 'Remove';
30$string['removefunctionconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to remove function \"$a->function\" from service \"$a->service\"?';
31$string['requiredcapability'] = 'Required capability';
3b59ba8c 32$string['selectedcapabilitydoesntexit'] = 'The currently set required capability ($a) doesn\'t exist anymore. Please change it and save the changes.';
86c252b4 33$string['restrictedusers'] = 'Authorised users only';
09179b78 34$string['selectedcapability'] = 'Selected';
b5c6b61d 35$string['servicename'] = 'Service name';
cc93c7da 36$string['servicesbuiltin'] = 'Built-in services';
37$string['servicescustom'] = 'Custom services';
86c252b4 38$string['serviceusers'] = 'Authorised users';
39$string['serviceusersmatching'] = 'Authorised users matching';
40$string['serviceuserssettings'] = 'Change settings for the authorised users';
f0dafb3c 41$string['testclient'] = 'Web service test client';
bb1dff21 42$string['validuntil'] = 'Valid until';
cc93c7da 43$string['webservices'] = 'Web services';