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[moodle.git] / lang / en_utf8 / webservice.php
cc93c7da 1<?php
9baf6825 2
5593d2dc 3$string['accessexception'] = 'Access control exception';
3785c9e2 4$string['activatehttps'] = '******************';
cc93c7da 5$string['addfunction'] = 'Add function';
8399c714 6$string['addfunctions'] = 'Add functions';
1d1b17f2 7$string['addfunctionhelp'] = 'Select the function to add to the service.';
bb1dff21 8$string['addrequiredcapability'] = 'Assign/Unassign the required capability';
3b59ba8c 9$string['addservice'] = 'Add a new service: $a->name (id: $a->id)';
a3103a10 10$string['addaservice'] = 'Add service';
cc93c7da 11$string['actwebserviceshhdr'] = 'Active web service protocols';
d4c6ef70 12$string['apiexplorer'] = 'API explorer';
13$string['apiexplorernotavalaible'] = 'API explorer not available yet.';
14$string['arguments'] = 'Arguments';
3785c9e2 15$string['authmethod'] = 'Authentication method';
b24b55eb 16$string['configwebserviceplugins'] = 'For security reasons only protocols that are in used should be enabled .';
5ae9f539 17$string['context'] = 'Context';
15e417fe 18$string['createtoken'] = 'Create token';
3b59ba8c 19$string['deleteservice'] = 'Delete the service: $a->name (id: $a->id)';
a3103a10 20$string['deleteaservice'] = 'Delete service';
cc93c7da 21$string['deleteserviceconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete external service \"$a\"?';
15e417fe 22$string['deletetokenconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete this web service token for <strong>$a->user</strong> on the service <strong>$a->service</strong>?';
cc93c7da 23$string['disabledwarning'] = 'All webs service protocols are disabled, the \Enable web services\" setting can be found in the \"Advanced features\" section.';
3b59ba8c 24$string['editservice'] = 'Edit the service: $a->name (id: $a->id)';
a3103a10 25$string['editaservice'] = 'Edit service';
86c252b4 26$string['enabled'] = 'Enabled';
d4c6ef70 27$string['error'] = 'Error: $a';
abf7dc44 28$string['errorcodes'] = 'Error message';
f5072177 29$string['execute'] = 'Execute';
30$string['executewarnign'] = 'WARNING: if you press execute your database will be modified and changes can not be reverted automatically!';
cc93c7da 31$string['externalservices'] = 'External services';
32$string['externalservice'] = 'External service';
33$string['externalservicefunctions'] = 'External service functions';
34$string['externalserviceusers'] = 'External service users';
35$string['function'] = 'Function';
36$string['functions'] = 'Functions';
abf7dc44 37$string['generalstructure'] = 'General structure';
5ae9f539 38$string['httpswarning'] = 'Token strings are only displayed if your connection is secured (https)';
8399c714 39$string['information'] = 'Information';
3785c9e2 40$string['invalidiptoken'] = 'Invalid token - your IP is not supported';
41$string['invalidtimedtoken'] = 'Invalid token - token expired';
42$string['invalidtoken'] = 'Invalid token - token not found';
bb1dff21 43$string['iprestriction'] = 'IP restriction';
94e90ab7 44$string['key'] = 'Key';
cc93c7da 45$string['manageprotocols'] = 'Manage protocols';
5ae9f539 46$string['managetokens'] = 'Manage tokens';
09179b78 47$string['norequiredcapability'] = 'No required capability';
94e90ab7 48$string['notoken'] = 'The token list is empty.';
5ae9f539 49$string['operation'] = 'Operation';
d4c6ef70 50$string['optional'] = 'Optional';
360e9415 51$string['phpparam'] = 'XML-RPC (PHP structure)';
52$string['phpresponse'] = 'XML-RPC (PHP structure)';
53$string['postrestparam'] = 'PHP code for REST (POST request)';
86c252b4 54$string['potusers'] = 'Not authorised users';
55$string['potusersmatching'] = 'Not authorised users matching';
cdb0bd6a 56$string['print'] = 'Print All';
cc93c7da 57$string['protocol'] = 'Protocol';
58$string['removefunction'] = 'Remove';
59$string['removefunctionconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to remove function \"$a->function\" from service \"$a->service\"?';
d4c6ef70 60$string['requireauthentication'] = 'This method requires authentication with xxx permission.';
61$string['required'] = 'Required';
cc93c7da 62$string['requiredcapability'] = 'Required capability';
94e90ab7 63$string['resettokenconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to reset this web service key for <strong>$a->user</strong> on the service <strong>$a->service</strong>?';
d4c6ef70 64$string['response'] = 'Response';
360e9415 65$string['restcode'] = 'REST';
abf7dc44 66$string['restexception'] = 'REST';
886e3bfb 67$string['restparam'] = 'REST (POST parameters)';
86c252b4 68$string['restrictedusers'] = 'Authorised users only';
94e90ab7 69$string['securitykeys'] = 'Security keys';
d4c6ef70 70$string['selectedcapabilitydoesntexit'] = 'The currently set required capability ($a) doesn\'t exist anymore. Please change it and save the changes.';
09179b78 71$string['selectedcapability'] = 'Selected';
5ae9f539 72$string['service'] = 'Service';
8399c714 73$string['servicehelpexplanation'] = 'A service is a set of functions. A service can be accessed by all users or some specified users. <strong>Custom services</strong> are service that you created. <strong>Default services</strong> are service that were added by default to Moodle. You can not change functions from a <strong>Default service</strong>.';
b5c6b61d 74$string['servicename'] = 'Service name';
cc93c7da 75$string['servicesbuiltin'] = 'Built-in services';
76$string['servicescustom'] = 'Custom services';
86c252b4 77$string['serviceusers'] = 'Authorised users';
78$string['serviceusersmatching'] = 'Authorised users matching';
79$string['serviceuserssettings'] = 'Change settings for the authorised users';
f0dafb3c 80$string['testclient'] = 'Web service test client';
5ae9f539 81$string['token'] = 'Token';
bb1dff21 82$string['validuntil'] = 'Valid until';
cc93c7da 83$string['webservices'] = 'Web services';
5ae9f539 84$string['webservicetokens'] = 'Web service tokens';
d4c6ef70 85$string['wsdocumentation'] = 'Web service documentation';
7886efc4 86$string['wsdocumentationdisable'] = 'Web service documentation is disabled.';
f897719f 87$string['wsdocumentationintro'] = 'Following is a listing of web service functions available for the username <b>$a</b>.<br/>To create a client we advise you to read the <a href=\"\">Moodle documentation</a>';
d4c6ef70 88$string['wsdocumentationlogin'] = 'Enter your web service username and password.';
89$string['wspassword'] = 'Web service password';
90$string['wsusername'] = 'Web service username';
abf7dc44 91